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Week 1 to 2

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I have been doing pretty well with all this. I have maintained my exercise and continue to record my food. I had a rough weekend with eating on the high end of my calorie bracket but I also think that had to do with people visiting and the move to my new apartment.

I have also seen that if I do not eat enough protein in a day, I tend to have a much higher fat count.... so, it seems I need to be more mindful on getting enough protein to avoid that fat.

I also am having trouble getting 8 hours of sleep each night. It seems I always have so much to do in the day and then at night, I'm not tired enough to go to sleep. I bought some tea to drink at night. Hopefully, that will aid in getting the number of hours sleeping a litter higher.

I also have not weight myself since the beginning of this life style change. Each time I go to the gym, the scale is out of service. I also don't know if, while I am here in Spain, I should keep my weight in kilograms or convert it over to pounds...

That's all for now

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MEGSAMAMA 12/5/2008 7:05PM

    I will tell you the sleep thing is definitely important. I have been having the same problem this week, it's the only thing that has changed, and I'm gaining weight! I would love to hear how the teas work out for you!

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    I agree with the others. Don't worry about not weighing or that you are eating the high-end of your range.

The high-end is still in your range and your clothes will tell you what you need to know.


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CRTSANG 12/3/2008 4:09PM

    Congratulations on finishing your first week! It sounds as if you're making a lot of progress with the lifestyle change. I wouldn't worry about converting kilos to pounds. For the time being, what matters is that it's going down. And that doesn't even matter as much as how your clothes fit.

Don't worry at all about eating at the high end of your bracket. As long as you stay within it, you should be fine. Even if you go over, you can just re-commit and begin again at once. Don't expect perfection from yourself, just resilience and resolve.

A belated welcome to SP!

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DINA:-) 12/2/2008 8:47PM

    you are doing a great job! keep up all the hard work! i think getting lots of protein is really important- it will keep you satisfied for longer and your body really needs it since you are active. also- i wouldn't worry too much about not weighing yourself- there are other ways to measure- bust out the tape measure, how do your clothes fit, how do you feel?

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First Day

Monday, November 24, 2008

I signed up with Spark People again. I have done about a week of simply recording my dietary choices in a small journal. I figured after not recording Saturday and Sunday, I need to make this a little more fun. I have tried Spark People before and I think I can stick with them

I really want to lose the pounds. I know that I will feel 10 times better and I know that I will look a lot better.
who knows, maybe it will help my dating scene.... that hasn't gone anywhere.

Well, I hopefully will keep up with this and be able to utilize all the tools that this website offers and it will keep me on track.

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RAYLINSTEPHENS 11/27/2008 4:07AM

    Wonderful blog!

I did the journal bit with tracking my foods and found I was more successful using the Nutrition Tracker here at SparkPeople. You might need to enter a lot of your foods yourself but it is worth the effort. If you follow the recommended calorie range you will be successful with your weight loss. Most of us eat fewer calories than we need to sustain our bodies and this will lead to binging.

I know you are going to make this happen and I am just so happy for you!


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