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A new twist...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I was out and about today and had cause to be at best buy.. checking out the wii products I strolled across a 3" addition for the wii balance board. Giving you a 3" step to step UP TO when doing the free step exercise.... I bought it... figuring it could help me.

I decided to practice with the basic step exercise and what a disaster!! Well, it wasn't a disaster until the side steps came into play. I was doing fine with the forward and backward steps... but the sideways ones FORGET IT!!! Tomorrow night I am going to try 10 minutes of the free step with the 3" extension... lifting my legs has always been an issue and I am hoping this will help build my muscles and relieve me of this issue.

So then we dropped in at K-mart. I was looking for some light weights to add to my stepping exercise as well. HHAHAHAHAHA... I got some 3lb hand weights. You should have seen this, it was rather funny. I started my 30 minute free step with my weights in hand... the weights put me soooo of balance it wasn't funny - well, ok, it was hilarious! I could not coordinate my hand movements with the added 3lbs with my feet movements. I was dumbfounded about this since I usually have the wii remote in one hand and my IPOD in the other anyhow. 10 minutes later I finally had it down (for the most part anyhow) and started to get creative. I added some of the dumb bell weight training exercises into my free stepping and VOILA! I had a new and interesting exercise circuit to play with... AND A CHALLENGE!

Needless to say after the 30 minutes of combined weights and stepping, I was done for the day! But it was truly an eye opener on balance, coordination and keeping pace all at the same time. Looks like I have some work to do. I will incorporate the weights and added height into my evening routine and keep my AM routine the same until I am sure I can do it without overextending my abilities.

Hubby got a pedometer today!!! He is going to track his steps too. The more he gets involved the more excited I GET... I love my hubby and I want him around for ever and ever!!

It's the last week of February kiddies... so we need to kick butt to reach the goals we set ending next Sunday. Let's rock and roll!!

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MOCUEVAS 2/22/2010 9:48AM

    What fun adding new things to your workout, and SO cool your DH is joining you!
Well done!
You are an inspiration!
Smiles, mo

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Another late blogging and everything night...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Out of all the things I have accomplished.... I am sad and disheartened to say that I still finish my dinner in a restaurant 100% I ate out with hubby tonight and when I left the restaurant I was sooo full. I should have known better!!! I should have stopped sooner and left SOMETHING on the plate!!! GRRRRRRR!

The strange thing is.... I got the same grilled chicken and broccoli dinner I always get... but this time, I was soo stuffed afterwards I felt like I CHEATED!!! But I did not. I stayed in calorie range and everything....

I come from a large family and we always cleaned our plates.... I vow to myself to conquer this weakness of mine!! I will!! I will! I will! I know I can do it --- so that is that....

Have an awesome Sunday my friends. Relax and Enjoy!!!

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KIM1911 2/21/2010 2:10PM

    wow... emoticon by staying within your calorie range. and, well done with all the progress you have made. you are doing fantastic girl... keep it up. :)

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SOLSTICECHILD 2/21/2010 11:01AM

    My husband's family was insistent on eating everything on your plate. It's a hard thing to move past. Even today he will get nervous if I have food left on my plate!

You're making changes! Congrats!!!!


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MOCUEVAS 2/21/2010 10:09AM

    What a success! You have gotten to where your old behaviors don't work for you anymore, you should celebrate that. Now it means your new ways of eating are becming your "norm." Woo Hoo!
Well done!
Smiles, Mo

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ROCKLAND2010 2/21/2010 9:14AM

    I know what you mean. We were all taught to clean our plates. Restaurant portions are crazy sometimes.


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Friday already... easy come, easy go!

Friday, February 19, 2010

I can't believe it is already Friday.. well, for me almost Saturday.. it is 11 pm and I am just getting to logging all my food and exercise and the like.. My son came over and I visited with him --- so, needless to say, I didn't even start my workout or dinner until nearly 9:30!!

But, I kept my routine going.. It was kind of funny... my hubby was showing us how his pants bulge in the back (from less of a waist! -- I got him hooked!!) My son was going through his exercise routines and how he is working on slimming down a little, and of course I was jumping in with my accomplishments. I never thought the three of us would have that conversation before in my entire life! We are all very very very self conscious about our weight and are very embarrassed and just DO NOT or NEVER HAVE had full blown talks about it... but, we did. It was nice. It was casual and it was honest. School and work keep the kid busy so I don't get to see him much (lots of text messages though, lol) and I enjoyed the fact that we were all talking about the same thing.. getting HEALTHY!

It felt good, too, when he said he could definitely NOTICE I had lost weight. I just LOVE my baby!!! He's the best son EVER!

Well, I had a late everything today... so I am going to bed... I am sorry I didn't get to check out all of your progress today.. but I will definitely catch up with you all tomorrow night... after I go PAINT shopping for my bedroom (HA! We are replacing the carpet too!!) WAHOO!!

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KIM1911 2/20/2010 2:33PM

    wow...that was fantastic that all three of you were finally able to talk about things :) i am the same with my brother now.. i never was able to talk to him.. and now things have gotten so much better with him :) so, that's great for you!! :)

so! what color did you choose to do the walls and what is the color of your new carpet? and, how did you get your husband to change his mind about replacing the carpet? ;)

have a great day!

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-FEMALE- 2/20/2010 11:15AM


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MOCUEVAS 2/20/2010 9:30AM

    What a great blog, thanks for sharing that awesome success! You're on a roll!
Smiles, Mo

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I'm enjoying my journey!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I really am enjoying my journey. I am having fun exercising. I am having fun eating healthy - very tasty nutritious foods. I am having fun with all of you, too!!

I am up to chapter 6 in my book and I have already done the fast break items. I have moved onto the next step --- habits, I think. I have actually been at this since December, so I'm thinking it takes 21 days to form a new habit.. well, I have formed many new habits and I love 'em.

I find that I exercise a lot more when the hubby is out of town... so I have gotten my share in this week for sure! lol.

My mini goal was to be under 300lbs by March 1st. I'm thinking it might be the first week of March judging by how things are going... That will still be a great accomplishment. I have dropped 40lbs since the end of November. When I gained 10 lbs on our cruise I said... THIS IS IT! I AM DONE WITH THIS LIFESTYLE!

The best part of the whole thing is I STILL WANT TO KEEP GOING. I don't even think about straying off course. It is really weird. I am so much more aware of what I eat and do.... It amazes me how I was living before... I was literally a couch potato in every sense of the word.


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MOCUEVAS 2/18/2010 9:26PM

    You are AMAZING! Well done, what an inspiration you are... thanks for sharing all your successes...
Thanks for that!
Smiles, Mo emoticon

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Wednesday part 2

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I actually did it! I reached my goal on the bedroom that I set for myself today!!! I even threw in a few extra things... I had a great day.

Why are there so many carbs in food? It is very difficult to stay in range with the carbs-well, maybe staying in range isn't the problem.... it is the percentage of carbs vs protein vs fiber. You all know that little pie chart... my carbs always take up wayyyyy too much room and I can't seem to fix it.

Question for wii people here, why does my wii say that I burned 601 calories today and sparkpeople says it is only like 384? That is a HUGE difference and I would like to know which one is more accurate but do not quite know how to find that answer.

I don't remember if I asked anyone this yet, but what color walls go with a pink carpet in a bedroom.... ??? I am faced with this dilemma since hubby doesn't want to recarpet... lol.

Gotta run... the dog needs to go outside and I wouldn't want to keep her waiting too long... lol

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KIM1911 2/18/2010 11:57AM

    hahaha at tserandos comment! :) i would've said a lighter shade of pink.. but, i don't think your husband wants to be in a totally pink room. does he have any suggestions as to what color to paint it? after all, he's the one who doesn't want to recarpet. *giggle* :)

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TIKITAMI 2/17/2010 10:13PM

    Giving him a choice of hot pink or ultra hot pink on the walls so bring out the colour of the carpet won't change his mind? emoticon

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