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Saturday, September 11, 2010

work stinks!!!

i can't stand it anymore. i seriously need to retire! i am so tired of being responsible for other people and staffing and all that garbage! i just want to be responsible for ME and ME alone. i have been in the restaurant business for 30 years and i am sick and tired of it. everyone just wants to take, take, take and no one will give an inch. employees have absolutely no sense of responsabilty for themselves.. and care about no one but themselves.

what ever happened to job loyalty? back in my day.... we cared about our jobs and our reputations on the job.... our depedability and performance were something to be proud of!!

what happened to the work force in america? the worst part about it... my best employees are from other countries!!! i am venturing to say that the american worker is LAZY, UNMOTIVATABLE, and OUT FOR A FREE RIDE!

gee, why can't i be like that? collect unemployment an just chill all day long doing what I WANT TO DO instead of what i have to do for someone else to pad their pocket?


well, sorry about that but i am just so sick of working. i really need a nice loooooooong vacation, perhaps permanent.

on a happier note:

doing great at the gym
doing great with my food choices
doing great with a consisten loss record (even if it is .50 lb -- it is the right direction)
i love my hubby
i love my puppy
i love my son
i have good friends
i have great bro's and sis'

heck, what else could a person want?


HMMMM i could stand to win the lottery? how 'bout you? lol.

good nite all

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SUSIEMT 9/12/2010 12:24AM

    I'm with Mo! I am glad you were able to look at the rest of your life to see the good side. You are blessed! I have to agree with you on the US thing. I sometimes think there is a mentality of entitlement. (I think that would be what I am trying to say) We have a lot of spoiled people here. I grew up with my folks showing me what a good work ethic is. Somewhere down the line it wasn't passed along to everyone.

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MOCUEVAS 9/11/2010 8:46PM

    You crack me up. When you figure out how to win the lottery, let me know!
On a serious note, sorry work is such a drag right now, I hate that for you.
But I'm glad you are doing so well in all the other areas of your life... and you did a good job looking at that, even in your rant!
Glad you wrote it out, better coping skill than many others.
Smiles, Mo

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where did my day off go?

Sunday, September 05, 2010

darn, i can't believe it is already 8pm.

where did my day off go? it seems like today should just be beginning. i did a bunch of running around today.... so i don't think today should count and i should be able to start my day of rest all over.. don't you all agree?

after all, a day off of work should be a day of relaxation, not running around doing errands.
ho hummm.....

rode my stationary bike this morning, second day in a row --- i'm trying to start a new habit of riding it every morning before work. i had quicker weight loss when i was exercising both in the morning and at night... so i am going to try to start it up again... it used to be with the wii in the am... now i'm using my bike (the arms move too so i get a full body workout!).

still hitting the gym at night on the way home from work... averaging 45-60 minutes cardio a day and doing strength stuff at least 3 times a week. oh yayyy! i do try to skip the gym completely at least one day a week.. after all, no one in their right mind would exercise 7 days a week for their entire life, right? on the days i do not go to the gym..... i do exerise at home either with the wii or now, the bike. i feel so guilty if i do ZERO exercise -- i have to do something.

i like the scale at the gym. lol.. it says that in the middle of the day, i am almost 5lbs lighter fully chothed than my scale at home said in the morning.. when i was buck naked and had nothing to eat so far. gee, i wonder what the gym scale would say if i used that one in the morning, buck naked with nothing to eat! lol...

well, i have a million and one things to still do tonight so i am hitting the road. hope all is well with ya'll...

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CHAOTIC-KITTY 9/5/2010 11:13PM

  Love the part where you say, "you feel guilty if you do zero exercise". I feel the same way!

LOL!! I like the sound of your scale at your gym. I think we all need a scale like that. ;)

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MOCUEVAS 9/5/2010 9:09PM

    You crack me up, I love how you look at things and get to the point of all the work we are doing.
You are so good being able to exercise twice a day, you go girl, you are amazing...
Someday I hope to be where you are... right now I'm just happy I'm moving in that direction.
You inspire me!
Sorry you lost a whole day running around, I agree, you should get another day of rest since this one was taken by errands... who do I need to tell?
Smiles, Mo

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gym time is ME TIME

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

i gotta tell ya,

days like today do something to me.

i went to the gym and did 61 minutes on the elliptical and it felt sooooo darn good i didn't
want to get off!! but, i was there with a friend and couldn't stay all day sooo i did my strength exercises and that was that.

but when i got off the elliptical (heart rate was in the cardio zone the whole time) i was so awake, alive and excited. this happens everytime i spend an hour doing elliptical. it is like a natural high. i just felt soooo good. i love my ME TIME!!!

i had hubby dig out my schwinn aerodyne bike today and i did that this morning for almost a half hour -- only stopped because i was bored.. lol but i'm thinking the bike will be a morning routine for me.... i kinda liked it.

i know i'm not on here as much as i should be, but i don't want to blog boring stuff. my days are so redundant that what i do never changes -- i get up, go to work, go to gym and come home. absolutely no excitement there.

every day it seems someone at work, customers a lot, are coming up to me and telling me how awesome i look and to keep up the great work. and i mean EVERY DAY!! people i do not even remember seeing before have complimented me... it is truly amazing. sometimes it is overkill though and i wish people would just back off!! is that mean? i mean, seriously, i am running out of things to say back... other than 'thank you for noticing' i do not know these people well enough to jump into a meaningful conversation with them... and it bothers me that out of nowhere, i get put on the spot like that! does that make any sense?

in laws coming up from florida next month - kinda can't wait to see them. last time they saw me i was 111 pounds heavier!! they know i've lost that much, but have not seen me, or hubby is over a hundred lbs down too. and sorry to say, pictures just do not say the same thing and a real live face to face does. so that will be pretty exciting.

also, hubby, off the cuff, decided we should go on a cruise next month. going to canada this time... quebec and several other ports. not sure if he actually booked it yet... if he wants to go he'd better get his tail moving.. lol

i have a meeting tomorrow afternoon so i should make it to the gym by 6pm the latest. that is good... that means i'll get home at the time i am usually arriving at the gym. 8 ish. yayyy!

have a great night -- chat more later.

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MSANITAL 9/1/2010 8:00PM

    I am impressed you can stay on that long, 15 20 mins is top for me, cuz I also do other machines.. keep up the good work.. your doing great

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CHAOTIC-KITTY 9/1/2010 5:54PM

  wow.. 61 minutes is great on the elliptical. :) but you deserve to be in the spotlight.. you've done so great on your journey....but I totally can understand where you're coming from.. feeling frustrated and stuff.

keep up the amazing work kat!!


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Another day at the mill...

Monday, August 30, 2010

nothing much to report today....

tomorrow is wi day... oh yayyyy i always feel ansy the night before wi day... probably because i'm afraid of what my friend - the scale - is going to say.

question: what is it with men and howard stern? my hubby listens to him... i think stern is a jerk. any opinions out there? stern is crass, rude and foul mouthed and i just don't understand what men like about him.... he's creepy

not ready for fall/winter. i like fall, but it never lasts very long... i like the 70's weather wise. i hate winter, cold, snow brrrrrrr

oh well, might not be able to go to the gym tomorrow. it is the end of the month and i need to count everything in the store. BORING!! REDUNDANT!! and TIME CONSUMING!! not my favorite job at all. i'm sure i'll get some kind of exercise in at some point.

hope all is well with y'all

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TRACYLYNN38 8/30/2010 9:31PM

    im not looking forward to winter, but I'm going to try and buy be some winter running clothes and continue to jog outside! looking forward to the challenge. Howard is confusing to me, lol.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

not sure why, but i feel rejuvenated. not in the sense of massive amounts of energy, but just kinda like things are working well.

twice this week i hit 60 minutes on the elliptical and both times i super upped the resistance. it was really hard at first and it was sloooow going... but the longer i did it, the easier it got. so, like, after the first 30 minutes which were wicked hard, it was easy!!!

twice this week i also skipped the gym and worked out on my wii. i found it rather boring, but i was sweating by the time i was done. i was never able to do 30 minutes on the wii using the 6" riser platform i have for it -- heck, i could barely do 5 minutes with the riser. i was soooo excited and i was sweating soooooo much it wasn't even funny. but it was FUN!!

have you ever tried frozen blueberries mixed into yogurt? MMMM MMMM YUMMY!!

i am not loving going to work lately. i was really spoiled staying home and doing WHATEVER during my last vacation a few weeks ago. now i just do not want to work ANYMORE.

is this not really bad. after 2 weeks you'd think this feeling would go away, but it is not going anywhere and it is really bothering me... i want to retire NOW!!

so i had my car checked out the other day. ever since we had these flash floods in boston about a month or so ago, my car looses the power steering when it rains and i hit the slightest of puddles. have you ever tried to steer a car with power steering WITHOUT the power steering? it is not easy. and when it just happens whenever it feels like it, without warning, it is downright SCARY!! well, they didn't find anything wrong with the car. it didn't matter that this never happened before i was forced to drive through water over my tires-there was nothing wrong. this bothers me. i am already weary about driving in the rain and now it is even worse.

oh well, getting ready to go to bed. i have to be up for work in the morning. ho hum.

i hope all is well with all my sparkfriends here in sparkland. wishing you all the best and hoping you have a fabulous weekend.


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CHAOTIC-KITTY 8/28/2010 2:14PM

  never tried frozen blueberries in yogurt before.. sounds yummy though! :)

icky that you work on saturdays. emoticon

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MOCUEVAS 8/28/2010 10:37AM

    you are wonderful, listen to you talk about exercise being fun! How cool!
And I'm glad you have found some more energy to focus on the goal.
Sounds to me like you are living the process and that inspires me.
Sorry abobut your car, that does sound scary!
Hang in there!
Smiles, Mo

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