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Just checking in....

Friday, June 25, 2010

i hope you all are on track for a fabulous weekend.

i think we are going to the movies -- been a while since we did that.

i skipped weighing myself this morning -- usually do it every day... it's like an obsession.

we'll see what happens tomorrow morning.

got home really late so this is really short -- did an hour on the treadmill, came home and had a light dinner -- and heading to bed.

i gotta be out of the house by 6 am -- i have company coming to my store tomorrow and it needs to be perfecto!!

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CHAOTIC-KITTY 6/27/2010 10:56AM

  an hour on the treadmill is fantastic!! :)

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MOCUEVAS 6/26/2010 7:51AM

    You are AWESOME! SO much time on the treadmill, you rock!
Hope the day goes well with the visitors!
Smiles, Mo

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BAYBELIEVER 6/25/2010 10:40PM

    As hour on the treadmill! Awesome!! Heading to bed? Awesome too! That is what I am lacking now I think. Adequate sleep! Have a great weekend!

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Ruts got me down

Thursday, June 24, 2010

well, it finally happened.

my plateau has gotten to me. i felt it coming and now it is here.

i skipped the gym today, which, probably is not a horrible thing since i have gone the last 6 days in a row. but still, i just didn't feel like going so i didn't.

i will certainly go tomorrow, saturday and sunday -- those are an absolute given, i love going to the gym on those days. it's not busy and i have my choice of treadmills and other things.

i am still under in calorie range -- how can this happen when i am full most of the time. maybe i eat too much fruit and veggies. is that even possible? cantelope, strawberries, grapes, apples, watermelon, cukes, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, green beans and broccoli make up 40% or more of my food. is that a bad thing?

i just feel like i am going through motions. it's like being on a treadmill and trying to actually get someplace. it feels sooooo futile right now.

i realize it won't be this way forever, but i feel sooooo defeated it is not even funny.

you know what is funny? yesterday i was thinking about going all out --- pizza or chinese --- and it wasn't even tempting. i wanted my fruits and veggies, albeit i ate too many of them and i was stuffed beyond belief (yah, even though i didn't hit my calorie range yesterday either)

i usually have about 350 cal for breakfast - with 2 servings of fruit -- sometimes eggs and sometimes muffin/p'nut butter and v8 juice
............................... 350 cal for lunch - chicken wrap w/lettuce, onions, chz
............................... 100+ cal snack - fruit
............................... 400+ cal dinner -- 2 servings of veggies minimum

and i am usually pretty stuffed, especially at night and at breakfast.

i think part of my problem is i don't have dinner until 8:30 pm on nights when i go to the gym (and that is 4 of the 5 weeknights). i am usually in bed between 10:00 and 11:00 pm and up by 5 am.

i don't know. maybe i'll try to sleep off my attitude tonight. but, that won't work because the sox game is just starting. love my RED SOX.

well, i hope you all are doing fabulous. you are all such wonderful peeps you deserve to reach your goals and i hope you are well on your way.

good nite!

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CHAOTIC-KITTY 6/25/2010 10:55AM

  I'm sorry that you are stuck on a plateau. I am the queen of plateauing... so don't steal my title girlie. ;) *giggle*

You don't eat until 8:30pm? Then your in bed at 10-11pm? And, wake up at 5am? Do you feel like you get enough sleep? My kitchen closes at 8pm.. no matter what happens. If I am out until 8pm... and, get home 8:01pm - tough cookies. I better make sure I eat something outside then .. because I am serious about closing my kitchen. LOL! I am not saying that you need to do that.. that is what *I* do. ;) Eating late could be messing with you.

I LOVE going to the GYM on the weekends.. my GYM is empty on the weekends and friday nights! :)

I'm sure you won't be on your plateau for long.. you are doing everything right... and, your love for fruits & veggies is fantastic!! :)

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ZABINAS 6/25/2010 5:23AM

    I'm sorry this plateau has you feeling so discouraged. You have been doing so well don't let it ruin it for you.

You might want to try calorie cycling. I know people who swear by it. Here it is in a nutshell: 3 days a week eat at the top of your calorie range. 3 days a week eat at the bottom of your calorie range. 1 day a week eat in the middle of your calorie range. The theory is the constant up and down of the calories causes your body to not realize you are attempting to lose weight. Therefore, your body doesn't try to "hold on" to the weight.

You should also review the plateau buster section of the SP articles. They may have just the trick you need to get things going again for you.

Let us know how you are doing. Don't give up!

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BIGFOOT88 6/24/2010 10:03PM

    Kathy,,, U started this and you were the reason I have done what I have done.

No pizza and Sinapore... I will not let you have it XOXOXO

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

let me start by saying i used to hate change.

at work, i definitely still do. i like things to run smooth and automatically, like a well oiled machine.

in my life, however, i have come to welcome change.

my eating habits.

my exercise, and the fact that i actually do it regularly.

my clothes, yes, perhaps the style is changing since i can actually buy clothes at a local store instead of just online.

and now, i am contemplating a huge hair change. i have wanted to do this for years and get rid of the curly perm, but have always chickened out. i originally got this hairstyle because i had no time to do fancy stuff with my hair, and heaven forbid i should use a hairdryer or curling iron, that is just not me.

i went to barnes and noble today, got 4 hairstyle magazines and am ready to take the plunge. the burning question is i have absolutely no clue what to do that would look good. i need to have a solution to this indecision before tuesday -- my appointment for a perm.

i have been asking my hairdresser, who is also my cousin, and i think she is afraid to give me a strong answer in case i don't like the end result. lol. bare in mind: she has been cutting my hair since i was born. yeah, that is quite a long time. (no old timer jokes, please, lol)

problem is i have no idea what would look good with my face shape and with my thick and currently short and curly hair. am i going to have to wait until this perm grows out? what do i do with it in the meantime?

i'm afraid if i don't have a decision by tuesday i am going to chicken out agian. options. i need options before then. so yes, i am soliciting help from every avenue i can. i realize one's hair is a personal choice, but understand, i have had this same hair thing going on for over 20 years! yes, you heard corrrectly. so when i say i have absolutely no clue -- i mean I HAVE NO CLUE! i don't even know what types of do's i should be looking at in the magazines i got. pretty sad huh?

my sister couldn't even give me advice. how bad is that. lol.

hope you all are having a fantastic week and staying on track with your goals. thanks for letting me vent about my hair issue and please, if you have any ideas, do not hesitate to speak up. you can check out my curls in my posted pics. the best view is probably the one in the white shirt.

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ZABINAS 6/24/2010 5:35AM

    I haven't changed my hair style in many years myself. Anytime I did change it I always went back to my current look of long and straight.

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SMILESWITH7KIDS 6/23/2010 9:40PM

    I like the hair style you had in the 80s. Really! The soft curls flatter your face and I bet there natural and would still be there. Have you grown out the perm yet? I'm pushing 50 and my hair is still wavy and I still have the same hairstyle I had when I was 16 because it works.....kind of a dorothy hamel but a little longer and without the bowl thing going on. A lot of women around here our age have that style. My hair is a good deal thinner, but it still works. Hope you find something that appeals to you soon.

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MOCUEVAS 6/23/2010 9:19PM

    Hope the magazines help and you are able to find something that you like. Maybe you should promise your cousin that you won't hold her responsible if you don't like what she does, but that you'd like to do something new... just a thought.
And I'm excited that you are ready for a chage! Enjoy the feeling!
Smiles, Mo

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CHAOTIC-KITTY 6/23/2010 7:13PM

  maybe you should just tell her (your cousin) that you value her opinion and just wonder what kind of hairstyle you should get. if you don't like what she suggests to you - don't have it done! ;)

when I was younger and spent a LOT of time at the hair salons... I would look at magazines with people who had the same kind of shape of face as I had... so, when I went to the hairdressers .. all I had to do was point to the picture.

you *so* deserve this change. hopefully you won't chicken out.. and you'll find something that you will want.

best of luck! i'm sure whatever you do choose.. it will be beautiful. :)

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I love my spark friends!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I am so upset. I just had this perfect blog all done and I thought I was clicking the post button and lost it!!!

I wanted to thank all of you for your wonderful ideas and comments yesterday. I was definitely having a minor meltdown and you came to my rescue.

I ate tons of fruit today, went to the gym and didn't think about my lack of progress.

Thanks to you folks, I thought about the fact that my new work pants (the smaller of the 2 sizes I got) fit well and are actually getting a tad loose. Perhaps I am loosing fat weight and gaining muscle weight.

And my gym workouts -- the 10% incline is easy now and I am up to 15% incline. And I started crunches on the ball and did 100 of them!! Not too tiring either. I guess I gotta do more of them. That should help in flattening my stomache.

I never would have considered those things without all of you and your comments. I don't know how anyone can take on huge weight losses alone. You are all so important to me. I know I don't get to catch up with you as much as I would like and I apologize for that. My long commute takes a lot away from things I want to do.

I appreciate each and every one of you !!! Thanks for pulling me out of the gutter!

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MOCUEVAS 6/22/2010 8:04PM

    Glad you are doing better and can look at all the victories you have had rather than the scales being quirky! You are doing this and you inspire me!
Smiles, Mo

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CHAOTIC-KITTY 6/22/2010 4:37PM

  that's why i love SP so much. :) the support on here is amazing. :)


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ZABINAS 6/22/2010 5:24AM

    I'm so glad you are feeling better today! emoticon

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BAYBELIEVER 6/21/2010 10:18PM

    I second that sister! I don't know how anyone ever does this alone! It is great to have a community of like-minded people! You go!

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No Progress is a BUMMER

Sunday, June 20, 2010

yes i am getting bummed.

i have not lost any weight in almost 3 weeks. i even thought my scale was playing tricks on me so i went and got another one... nope. no tricks.

i need a jolt of some kind. maybe i just need a better combinations of food. i overstocked on fruits and veggies today. i am going to kick some serious weight loss butt this week.

well, that is my goal anyway. if i fail -- i am going to be seriously depressed.

although i guess i should be happy. i have not gained anything either. must be those 600+ calorie burns daily at the gym.

i do not want to be at a plateau!! NOOOOO!!! it is too depressing. maybe i'll take tomorrow off from the gym and recoup myself. but then again... i took a day off last week and it got me nowhere at all.

hope all the daddy's out there had a great father's day. you deserve it and much much more.... !!

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CHAOTIC-KITTY 6/21/2010 5:05PM

  whenever i hit a plateau (and, i've hit a lot of them).. i try to change the calories i eat... one day, i'll eat 1,400 .. the next 1,250 .. etc. that sometimes does work. plateaus are not fun at all... you just feel like you want to SCREAM at the scale... and, i often do... LOL!!

you will get past this... :)

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MOCUEVAS 6/21/2010 1:06PM

    Hang on, it will all balance out soon. You are doing so well, don't worry about the scale as much as how you are feeling and realizing all the great work you are doing at the gym! You can do this! I know you can!
Smiles, Mo

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ZABINAS 6/21/2010 5:17AM

    Have you ever tried calorie cycling? It is supposed to be good for preventing plateaus. Maybe it could help end one too.

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AMETHYST_FAIRY 6/20/2010 10:36PM

    Many times we don't lose weight for various reasons. Sometimes we have hit a new set point or plateu. Sometimes we have built more muscles. Sometimes we have bloating and water weight. The important thing is to think of it in some positive light. And just keep going. You can do it. emoticon

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GAYLE-G-63 6/20/2010 9:53PM

    I know not losing is disappointing, but as you said, you didn't gain anything either. And remember, muscles weighs more than fat. You're building your muscles up. Hang in there!!!

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THOMS1 6/20/2010 9:27PM

    I've hit a plateau also but, we can't give up so I guess we have to shake it up. Don't quite know how I am going to do that but will have to try something different this week. Good luck to you this week also. emoticon

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-FEMALE- 6/20/2010 9:03PM

    I've plateaued too, so I'm getting bummed. I just keep reminding myself that every time I plateau for how ever long, I eventually have a great loss. Most of the time it means we need to step it up and change our work out. We'll get past this.


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