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Back to work

Monday, June 14, 2010

vacation is OVA!

yeah, i really didn't want to go back to work today. it was a good day overall, and i started right back up on my routine and hit the gym on the way home --- did a quick 450 calorie burn on the treadmill then had to get home to my dog, she was ready for the great outdooors and dinner.

my feet hurt though, usually do after a vaca -- on my feet all day at work, but not during vaca.

ok, i'm beat

ready for bed... hope to do more gym time tomorrow.

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ZABINAS 6/16/2010 2:09PM

    The most exhausting part of a vacation is going back to work.

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CHAOTIC-KITTY 6/14/2010 9:30PM

  nice photos that you posted of your vacation. :) thanks for posting them. :)

sweet dreams!

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Weigh in and cruise pt 2

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Monday we ported at Port Canaveral in Florida. We chose to go to Epcot during our stay. I love Epcot! I find that the world showcase is just amazing with all the cultural differences showcased for us (yes, FOOD as well, lol). That pretty much took up all of our day at this port. We went on the Epcot Speedway and the new Mission Space rides. Both were pretty awesome. If you have never been to Disney's Epcot - I strongly recommend it for kids of all ages, although really young folks would be better off at the Magic Kingdom of course.

Tuesday we ported at Great Stirrup Cay. The Norwegian Cruise Line's private island. Here we had a day of fun in the sun. You cold rent jet ski's, snorkel, go diving, parasail, take an island tour, lay out on the beach, go swimming, use the huge water slide, drink - yes, the wait staff followed us onto the island so that they could tend to our every whim here as well. This my friends, is where I lost my ability to reason. My goal was to get some sun on my face and arms. My face mainly so I could avoid make up for a while. It's a thing I have, I'd rather have a summer face than one with make up. Well, I should have learned a long time ago, I have been burned in the Bahamas badly before (to the point I could barely move, looking back I laugh about it, lol) anyhow, I should have known more than 30 minutes in the Carribean sun would fry me (and did I mention I had sun stroke in high school - fell asleep in the sun at our pool -- in bed for 2 weeks and the doctor made house calls!). Well, add swimming in salt water on top of the 30 minutes, laying out for 15, swimming again, lay out for 15 and swimming again... yeah, it was like I was basting myself... (Yes, I did put sunscreen -level 50- on after the first 30 minutes) My back, shoulders, arms, face and top of my feet got the brunt of it. The shoulders and back were the part that hurt - ever try to wear a bra with a huge sunburn? NOT FUNNY. lol.

there was a live band on the island as well as a crew from Nickelodean for the kids (this cruise had Spongebob and Dora the Explorer and their friends on board, with many Nickalodean fun things for the kids going on) and the island barbeque was huge. Burgers, dogs, chicken, a roast beef carving station and a pizza pit were the main attractions here with side dishes up the wazoo! And plenty of fruit for me!!! yayyyyyy.

Wednesday we were at our last port. Nassau in the Bahamas. Nassau is home to Parasdise Island and the ATLANTIS resort. This resort is absolutely amazing. Beautiful, Huge and just absolutely stunning. When the cheapest room is nearly $500 a night, I am sure you can imaging the hotel. Inside the hotel is a "dig" where you can explore the ruins of the lost city of ATLANTIS. It has lots of artifacts and primitive diving gear and it is surrounded by the biggest aquarium you have ever laid eyes on. I have seen stingrays bigger than a man! they have this 'predator alley' which is another part of the aquarium, only this one is all around you and above your head too! You can watch the sharks coming right at you, wayyyy cool. You can also check out the 'dig' from outside and above. You can see the same fish from below, above, including the huge stingrays. All of this is surrounded by ancient ruins that are gorgeous and not to be missed. Of course, like many resorts, it has a casino. I played for a short spin and left $100 richer than when I walked in. Wahoo!! Yeah, too bad I donated that $100 to the casino on the boat. lol. Easy come, easy go.

The next two days were sea days on the way back to NYC. Our days were filled with doing things on my yesterdays blogs and simply RELAXING. I'm pretty sure the best part of a cruise is no phone service, no internet service (unless you want to pay for it), nothing to do but relax and enjoy yourself however you choose.

I have been on 12 cruises and for those of you who have not cruised, try it. You can eat every meal on the ship and just sightsee on the ports of call. No need to spend any money if you don't want to other than your cruise tickets. For one flat rate, you get all the food you can eat, fabulous entertainment, a great cruise staff to keep you entertained and well fed and, if you choose, drunk. lol ok, the drunk part costs money.

ok... its weigh in report time:

i gained 1.6 lbs!!! WAHOOO!!! I am sooooo excited it is not even funny. If I didn't get the sunburn and could have gone to the gym the last 3 days, I may have even lost a pound or two. I guess I just made some good choices during my vaca, even though I thought I was indulging wayyyy more than I should have been.

Time for promised Pics:

these are of the chocolate buffet: FOR MORE PICS, CHECK OUT MY PICTURE SECTION.

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ZABINAS 6/15/2010 5:24AM

    Great job! 1.6 pounds gained on a cruise is quite an accomplishment. It could have easily been much worse. Congrats!

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RUBIA_LIZ 6/13/2010 6:18PM

    Sounds like you had a great time!! And only gaining 1.6 lbs is awesome! That definitely took some will power!! And well, the chocolate palace, really just is one of the most beautiful things I've seen all week...


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CHAOTIC-KITTY 6/13/2010 3:42PM

  that is so great that you only gained 1.6 pounds on your cruise!! :) love the photos :) glad you are back. :)

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    Gaining 1.6 pounds on a cruise is terrific. In 1989, I went on a two week vacation including a week on the Sovereign of the Seas and came home ten pounds heavier. Thankfully I brought my bathrobe so I had something that fit when we got off the boat that last Sunday morning. LOL

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Home is where the heart is.....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

hi kids,

home from vaca... the cruise was awesome! not exactly sure what it did to my shrinking waistline yet, those results will WEIGH IN tomorrow AM and i will let you all know the damage. i will either be smiling tomorrow or crying... lol

we set sail saturday afternoon and were at sea all day sunday, but not to far, there are lots of things to do on the ship:

-EAT lol -- there is food everywhere!!! i avoided snacking in between meals for the most part because i knew my dinners were going to be way out of calorie range. generally i did great for breakfast (omelet w veggies, whole wheat toast, coffee and fruit, lots of fruit) lunch was usually salad or grilled chicken and, you guessed it, more fruit. dinner found us in specailty restaurants like (steakhouse, a teppanyaki grill, italian, and a french bistro) -- absolutely no way to behave in those places, lol.

-Drink lol --- bars everywhere you go and people who want to wait on your every whim. easy to get sucked in, but i have mastered the art of carrying water around and just sipping (ok ok, sharing) hubby's margarita's. only ordered my own once.

- ping pong, shuffleboard, basketball, hot tubs, ( done)(NOT done ) golf teeing off, life size chess/checkers, tennis, volleyball, swimming, jogging, gym lessons of all kinds -- i could go on for hours -- but i will end with this -- I WENT TO THE GYM ONLY 2x due the sunburn I GOT on tuesday. yeah, pretty much limited me for a spell, lol (i will NEVER learn)

- go to the SHOWS on board. Lots of different ones. Musical, Entertainment by Jugglers and comedians (2nd city), Variety type shows, Cirque bijou (like Cirque du soleil - acrobatic and musical), talent shows, game shows with guests, trivia games, pub crawls, poker crawls, BINGO, watch NBA playoffs on the huge screen in the crystal atrium of the ship..... and more and more.....

-- CASINO!!! Can't forget the casino. i seri0usly think i am addicted to slot machines. it is like they just keep calling my name. although we spent a bit of time in the casino, we did not lose anywhere near what hubby thought we did -- i did the math out because i thought it was more too... but the $100 i won at ATLANTIS on PARADISE ISLAND on NASSAU certainly helped.

-- they also have live music going in about a dozen places on the ship all day long, live art auctions, beer tasting events, wine tasting events, irish liquor tasting events as well as margarita and martini tastings.

every night when we returned to our cabin, our stewards left an animal of some kind created out of towels on our bed (or as in the monkeys case, hanging from the ceiling). these folks are really talented in this area.

to be continued tomorrow with pics and the places we visited.

and, yes, i will be checking the damage on the scale first thing in the am!!!

good night all!!

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CHAOTIC-KITTY 6/13/2010 3:40PM

  welcome back! :)

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ZABINAS 6/13/2010 7:15AM

    Welcome home! I'm so glad you had a great time on your trip!

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Busy Busy Busy Week...

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

what a week...

monday -- end of the month -- worked late, had to count everything in the store -- all food and paper products.... yeah, NOT my favorite time of the month.

tuesday -- left work early for absolutely no reason... just wanted to get to the gym and workout... and had to start packing -- but i guess i played hooky from packing too. lol.

wednesday -- had to help out in another restaurant this morning, got out around noon, went home and spent over 2 hours ironing and packing and NO, I AM NOT DONE YET.

i took a break and met my friend at the gym, did an hour on the treadmill, 10 incline and burned a whopping 700 calories!! i was at 675 and I extended my cooldown and increased the levels to hit 700, i had to hit that milestone. lol, that's just me competing with myself. go figure.

i also did my strength exercises for 30 minutes. all in all, i am a little sore but i feel fabulous. i bought a pair of shorts on sunday.... today they are a little loose fitting... i'm loving this.

QUESTION: Can anyone tell me why the machines at the gym tell me how many calories i burn and sometimes when i enter them on sparkpeople the number is drastically lower?

today they were within 7lbs.

back to the packing. i have tons of cloths in my suitcase and you know what? i have lots of room left. my cloths take up so much less space it is amazing. i am soooo thrilled you can't even imagine. i'm sure once i add the incidentals (shoes, make-up, sandals, toiletries etc) it will be full, but usually i need a second bag to tag all that stuff along. i can't wait to get on a plane in december, i am dying to fly without an extension for the seatbelt and to see how much more comfy i am in the seats.

well, i hope you are all kicking butt with your goals. i have to go finish packing and stuff. leaving friday night for NYC and hitting the boat saturday in the am. i'll be onboard by noon and sailing away at 4pm. oh, yeah, my cabin got upgraded to a mini-suite! how cool is that? it added almost 80 sq feet to my living space for the cruise. i am destined to have an awesome time.

when we port in florida, we are going to take one of the excursions to either disney or universal studios and hubby's mom and sister are going to meet us there and spend the day with us. they live on the gulf coast and it will be a few hour drive for them, but hey, we don't get to see each other but once a year (3 times last year, they came on a cruise with us and we visited them before we went to the florida keys - hubby won a trip with his job). we are going to have a blast. i can feel it in my bones.

i may not be in touch much next week, but, i am sure you will understand.... and yes, i plan on watching what i eat and exercising daily.. and YES.. i am going to AVOID the midnight CHOCOLATE BUFFET!

it is absolutely amazing. everything you can ever think of made of chocolate. champagne and chocolate everywhere. one can literally get high off all of the chocolate in the dining room and the line is enormous. they let you in an hour early just to take pictures. it really is a work of art.

ok, i'm rambling now.. gotta go.

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MOCUEVAS 6/3/2010 12:18AM

    Kat, You so deserve this! I am so excited for you! Have a great time and enjoy all the great experiences you have... been missing you, so we should catch up when you get back!
Smiles, Mo

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RUBIA_LIZ 6/2/2010 9:45PM

    Wow!! This is so cool!! Room in the suitcase, shorts that actually feel loose!! You are WELL on your way girl!! Yes, you are destined to have a great time!! Can't wait to see the pics - and man, that description of the chocolate buffet sounds outta this world! Be strong and don't give in to temptation! Get you "high" from the smell! Have a FAB time and enjoy every second of your trip!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CHAOTIC-KITTY 6/2/2010 7:21PM

  you *have* to take a photo of all the chocolate, and blog about it once you get back. ;) have an awesome trip. congrats on reaching your pre-cruise goal. :) you are amazing!!


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Ta Da!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


i still have 4lbs and 5 days to meet my goal... i was hoping to be a tad closer than this by now. bummer.

have been playing on treadmill at gym... incline wise... usually do most of my workout now between 7-10 incline. Huge calorie burner, just make sure you hold on tight.. lol. My friend had hers up to 12.5 today... holy crap that was steep!!

did tons and tons of shopping for the cruise. needed cloths that looked good and not bagggggggy. down to a 1x shirt, or 22-24 and, depending on the brand, a 24 or 26 (mostly 24).

i started at a 3x or 4x top ---- and a 32 or 34 pants.

my goal is a 14/16 by december..... i still have a long way to go, but working it little by little every day. what do you think..... is that do-able?

i was supposed to pack today since i am working all week and friday i am leaving work early (only 4pm, don't get too excited) to come home grab my luggage and my hubby and head out the door for the drive to NYC. it is going to be a looooong night driving... ok.... 3.5 hours... but put it this way..

i leave work at 4
get home about 6 or 6:30 (traffic)
leave by 7 (hopefully)
get to hotel by about 11pm (we will need to stop for bathroom breaks)

and that is after me getting up at 5am to go to work by 8am.

the killer:::::: hubby has friday off (and tomorrow, but not me) so he will be ready and roaring to go.

blasphemy i say!!


ok gotta go

stuff to do

hope you all had an absolutely awesome weekend.

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CHAOTIC-KITTY 6/1/2010 10:22AM

  i think you'll be able to do that goal that you have set by december girl! you have done *so* amazing so far... and, come a long way. :) as I've said before... you are so lucky to go on your cruise.. have an awesome time.. lucky girl! and, congrats on going down the sizes in clothing! :)

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ZABINAS 5/31/2010 10:43AM

    Wow! What a great drop in clothes sizes! emoticon

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RUBIA_LIZ 5/30/2010 11:42PM

    Yay!! So exciting!! Don't forget to stop and smell the roses on your way to NY with your hubby - no stress, no rush - the first part of your journey may be just as fun! Enjoy each other's company and share some love and laughter. Can't wait for some pics!! emoticon

Comment edited on: 5/30/2010 11:48:21 PM

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SUSSYSUE 5/30/2010 10:31PM

    Wow, look at you. I saw your sparkpage and I can't wait to get down like you did.

Keep up the good job

Sussy emoticon

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GALSAL59 5/30/2010 8:43PM

    sounds like you've been working quite hard. enjoy now!

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