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Staying Focus

Saturday, May 25, 2013

It feels great after each workout that's what keeps me focus. The feeling of sweat emoticon dripping off your body then a shower after the cool down.

but motivation is always needed especially on days where the mind is willing but the body weak. on days like those it motivates me to read or watch a video of people who have lose the weight and testify of their success. these people truly motivates me to get moving and continue to move.

i must confess it's not easy especially these days where i am unemployed (pray I find a job soon). it is hard to eat healthy. however instead of seeing the glass 1/2 empty i try to focus that it is possible to stay focus and see this experience as 1/2 full. if the glass is 1/2 full, stay focus more time to have better and longer workouts. therefore i'm able to burn calories and not lag on the internet or lie in bed.

Examinations are over until next semester. Trying to focus on a topic for my thesis can anyone share any ideas? Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Management.


2013.03.08 Present and Active

Friday, March 08, 2013

I cannot believe it's the third month of 2013 already. The days are moving swiftly by as projects and mid semester exams are approaching.

I haven't logged anything in my tracker lately but I am still ACTIVE emoticon . I enjoy the feeling of the sweat emoticon during and after each workout. I get motivated to continue even on days that I don't feel like working, because listening,or reading about people who have workout and lose the weight is truly inspiring. I continue to push because they are people who are bigger than me, have lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle emoticon . Or, feeling sore after sitting for a while (listening to lectures) and then standing to move reminds me that's I should continue to push. emoticon

I have come to far to quit. emoticon

I am determine to loose these "love hangs" that's why I continue to do cardio it can be very intense at times but it's worth it. I am worth it. We are worth it.

Trying to drink more water each day. Some days I drink more than others. I try to drink water instead of snacking on junkie foods. I restarted my life time change of eating more fruits and veg.

I'm PRESENT and ACTIVE!!!! What about you emoticon

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PENNYSAVER2 3/8/2013 2:31PM

    Glad to hear about the positive changes you are making. I'm currently focusing more on my food intake. I exercise at least once a week. This week I got in exercise three times. So, I do plan to get more consistent with the exercising. I'll be more active when the weather is warmer. Keep Sparking!! emoticon

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Follow Up

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hi I am back

I like the smartphone schedule I'll try it.

No luck on the Caribbean Recipes as yet. Still looking emoticon . Found some recipes to try emoticon from SparkPeople recipes. I created a cookbook to save the recipes in. emoticon .

My workout today was emoticon and enjoyable, with my smartphone I'll try to schedule my workout times so I can do more exercises. Love SparkPeople exercises ideas the times are like 7 to 10 minutes, so I can do 2 workouts (depends on the time I have). Even, after one workout you can really feel emoticon and energized and motivated to do more.

Plan for March - burn more calories track what I eat starting NOW, TODAY..... emoticon . Write and read more blogs emoticon


Balance = Successful Time Management

Thursday, January 31, 2013


Today is the end of my birth month....Happy belated birthday to ALL January borns emoticon

....journey continues

I need to find my balance now that school has started emoticon. I am aware of the benefits of exercise and studying, BUT the reality is, management of time is required.



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SQUIRRELLYONE 1/31/2013 11:07AM

    I have a smartphone for one reason, and really one reason only: the calendar function. I schedule every day and have it beep to tell me what I need to know. Deadline to sign up for summer sports? Beep! Plans to go climbing? Beep! Going skating with a friend? Beep! If you schedule it in and have the phone remind you, it's harder to say no!

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Patience Required

Monday, January 21, 2013

If anyone have gotten to know me personally; beside all the nice things; they would probable say I'm impatient.

Change is apart of life and my life is changing in many ways - including physical change. My brain knows where it needs or wants to get but there are obstacles in the way of making progress. However, I refuse to give up, I refuse to give in. I continue to press on, I continue to press through with the grace of God. I must stay focus, not side traced by hear say or gossip by others, because personal emoticon it's time for change.

Patience is a virtue that is tested by change and change is apart of life emoticon therefore patience is required emoticon


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