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Just one of 'those' days.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

When I have a hard time sleeping during the week I want nothing more than to sleep in on the weekend. Though sometimes, like today, no matter how much I try to wake up, it just doesn't happen. So even though I fell asleep on the couch at about 1230am, had my alarm go off at 2 to go crawl into bed, did wake up at 8 just long enough to go downstairs to bed, set my alarm for 1030 and never even heard it go off, I didn't actually wake up until after 1pm. Honestly, this constant exhaustion is terrible.

So by the time I got upstairs, had some breakfast, did some things online while watching a movie, had lunch, showered, and was ready to do my errands (running to target and cub) it was already 8pm. I always expect it will only take an hour or so, but it always takes much longer. I was finally finished and had things put away after 11pm. I just finished dinner - which was cereal. It is still too hot to cook.

MN has been bombarded with awful weather lately (as has many other places I'm sure). Today was the first day of a heat wave that will last at least 5 days, possibly longer, that is accompanied by severe humidity (any time I walk outside my glasses are so fogged I can hardly see!). Our heat and humidity during the 10pm news was worse than Miami! This is following rain that lasted all day yesterday and into this morning so that some areas received as much as 4.5" of rain in about 3 hours. Thus, several areas in the Twin Cities are completely flooded out. MN has had some part of the state flooded like 5 times since the fall - and each one has so much damage. This time a train carrying corn collapsed a bridge and fell into a river. The news said they expect 3 days of non-stop cleanup work and a few months to repair the bridge.

Today just feels like a fail day to me. Usually my Saturdays are for laying on the couch and watching movies. It is my day to relax and do nothing after a long, stressful week at work. But since I didn't get around to shopping last weekend and I had appointments or worked overtime every day this week, this was my only chance to use some of these coupons. Now I'm hoping I can somehow wake up at a decent time tomorrow so I can look through the sunday coupons and relax for the whole day.

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MOM2ACAT 7/17/2011 4:03PM

    We are just starting a heat wave too.

Hope today is much better for you, and you are able to do all the things you want to do!

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Still more work stress and why you should NOT make your bed

Thursday, July 14, 2011

In order to attempt to meet the work project deadline that I've been putting a ton of overtime in to try to get done, I ended up not stopping to take a break or lunch until 3:20 today at work (I'm supposed to be done at 4). By the time I finished and went to eat, I nearly blacked out. I am supposed to eat 6-10x/day so because my eating schedule was so messed up, I'm several hundred calories under my usual ~2000 a day. But I got the project done - only 3 hours late. But considering I've put in over 10 hours of overtime between last week and this week (4 hours yesterday alow, which also messed up my eating schedule), if they say anything about it being late, they had better first dicipline everyone else who took vacation over the past 2 weeks and didn't finish on time. Seriously, they really have got to stop piling so much extra work on me when I already can't do everything they've given me. Others have less work than I do and can get it done while taking days off for vacations, fake 'sick' days, and waste so much time while I'm working overtime every week just to attempt to be close to being caught up.

I'm sorry for complaining so much lately in my blogs, but considering I don't have friends, I don't have family I can (or will) talk to, and complaining at work is not going to help me at all. So I just need to blow this crap off. Plus this stress is messing with my gastroparesis, so my stomach has been hurting lately... which also means I might not be taking up the nutrients from what I'm eating. Lack of nutrients means my mind, attitude, and everything else is all over the place.

So I don't know if I'm going to the races tomorrow. People are saying I should go to hang out with coworkers, but I've already had my meal schedule screwed up every day this week, I'm totally exhausted, and tomorrow is going to be the start of a heat wave with major humidity. Being outside at a racetrack with coworkers when I can't eat anything they offer is a bad idea. Thus, if I go, it will be for only an hour or so. If I don't, oh freaking well.

Lastly, I had a reminder why it really is so bad to make your bed as soon as you get up. Everybody sweats and releases oils during the night while they're asleep. If you make the bed, then that doesn't dry out and it breeds bacteria like crazy. Well, last night I woke up around 4am completely drenched in sweat. When I stood up it was actually dripping off of me. I changed my pajamas, tossed the soaked ones at the end of the bed, and went back to sleep. At 830pm when I went to grab them to put on after I got out of the shower, they were still wet! Obviously I grabbed a different pair and tossed those in the washer. But this just goes to show why it is important to let your bed air dry and wash your sheets often!


Who do I need to flirt with to get a friend around here?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yesterday sucked bad (I could give a few more colorful words, but if you read last night's blog, you'll understand). Today wasn't all that much better. 7.5 hours of sleep, but I'm always tired no matter how much sleep I get. One of these days I'm going to throw up from stress at work. Every day there are new problems, new issues, and more work that I just can't get done, even when I put in several hours of overtime a week. No one expected the workload I was going to have, and some people don't seem to believe it. I'm trying not to complain, but when I try to tell the boss how bad it is, she doesn't seem to understand. Whatever. I'm the only person in the team that doesn't have kids and/or a significant other to go home to, so I guess if someone has to put in a ton of overtime I'm probably the logical choice. So what if the stress can flare my gastroparesis, which flares my GERD, which flares my eosinophilic esophagitis, and all of which doesn't help my reactive hypoglycemia or type 2 diabetes.

In other news, I posted last week about the race my company's sponsored winged sprint car will be in on Fri. I wasn't going to go, but then I was going to take a friend so she can network to try to get a job in the company. Well, as I should've expected because I don't have any friends I can count on for anything, when I texted her today to say I needed to talk to her about it, she said she forgot to tell me she's not coming anymore. She's going to paint her grandma's house instead. Seriously?!?! In a few days you were told you have to do this for your grandma, you can't take a few hours to do this to try to get a job, and you just 'forgot' to tell me? So now either I go alone (yeah right) or I don't go.

(Disclaimer: the following is about people physically near me, and excludes my fellow sparkers.)

I don't get it - why is it impossible for me to find any friends I can actually count on?!?! When I was seriously ill and probably should've died from not being able to eat or drink more than the tiniest bit for a month and lost 15 lbs before my body just stopped losing weight where were all the people who said they were my friend - I don't know but none of them wanted anything to do with me. I guess me almost losing my life was too much stress for them. When I try to help someone out, I get shafted. When I ask for help, they say they will then conveniently have anything else to do, or just don't want to. And people wonder why I haven't had a best friend in over 10 years, haven't had a boyfriend in 11 years, haven't had a date in 6 years, and don't trust people... because apparently I'm not good enough for these people to care whatsoever about me. (Sarcasm - just in case you didn't catch that.) Of course, my family isn't any better.

This is also why I'd rather spend my nights at home by myself than being out with fake friends or trying to find new friends just to be burned all over again. At least I won't let myself down or use myself. And I don't have to pretend to be someone I'm not in order to spend time with myself.

Bed time. I might get 6 hours tonight so I can attempt to not fall apart under the major stress coming through the rest of the week.

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CDGOLDILOCKS 7/13/2011 1:14AM

    It sounds you are in desperate need of some self care. I have been in that place you are in. When you over give over yourself, nothing good comes from it. It often goes unappreciated. Maybe it's time to rethink your boundaries and rethink the friends you have. What is it that YOU want? What do YOU need? Literally make a list of some things to decrease your stress. what would it take? what would that look like? What would be different for your life to have no chaos in it? That should be your next blog.... The Magic Wand. Write a blog about what would be happening in your life if you could just wave a wand. Who would your friends be? What would you be doing? What would you NOT be doing?

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Today was beyond a bad day. Exhausted, stressed-out ramblings ahead.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Today has been TERRIBLE. There were severe storms in the area last night, so I couldn't even get to bed until 1am. After laying in bed for an hour not being able to fall asleep, I went upstairs to sleep on the couch. 4 hours later and I had to get up for work. So I turn on the tv and my dish isn't working. I call in and after 10 minutes on hold their phone system hangs up on me! I get online and attempt to chat but the chat is down! I call back and still no one will answer the phone! Apparently dish network's customer service didn't feel the need to actually serve any customers this morning. About a half hour later it suddenly starts working again (after I've sent a scathing email giving them the reasons they're about to lose me as a customer). Then I go downstairs to put on my makeup to leave for work and my bathroom lights aren't working again. There's some grounding issue in the electrical fixtures in the bathroom and the main light switch will randomly stop working - usually for just a few flips of the switch, but today it completely stopped working. So I had to make do with minimal light (and since I do the same thing every day I didn't end up looking like a clown). I get to work only a few minutes late, but within the first hour I've come across the first major issue of the day - IT hasn't been doing their job and a database I must have updated to do my job hasn't been updated at all in July, and I later found out they skipped several days in June also. The entire day was problem after problem, delay after delay, due to other people I count on not doing their job properly. I am under strict deadlines (that's what accounts payable is all about after all!) and I've been putting in a lot of overtime, but I still can't keep up. Yet several coworkers have been taking vacation time (I haven't had a full day off besides holidays since I started 7 months ago). One even had the gall to spend 10 minutes complaining about her vacation! I'm sorry that you got to take time off and had to spend it with your family at your own choice while I sat at work putting in overtime and I'm still farther behind than you! But I bit my tongue instead of saying something. I am not going to complain and have her act like I'm just trying to one-up her. She's not worth it.

Then, at the end of the day I got a text from someone I really want to punch. Last spring a friend asked to borrow money to pay rent for his family so they wouldn't get kicked out of their apartment. I had him sign loan papers but shortly after they filed for bankruptcy and said they weren't going to pay me back. But in the meantime they lied to my face saying they cared, I was going to be their new baby's godmother ("we don't know how we will afford another baby, but we figure we'll have it then figure it out."), and that they would help me while I was sick. LIES ALL LIES! A few months later they unfriended me on facebook (that wasn't the issue, it was just the final straw proving they were using me) and I texted him and they lied again, including that they didn't have the keyfob I gave them for my house (that thing costs $15, but at least I could reprogram the lock so it doesn't work anymore). Well, they've apparently had their baby and must be in trouble again, as he texted me: "I need to sit down with you and talk to you. Let me know what will work for you." With as exhausted, stressed, and frustrated as I am today I had to fight the urge to text back some choice words and say that the only thing I will talk to him about is when and where he will be handing me the money - in cash - that he owes me for the unpaid loan and a years worth of interest. But I shouldn't be arguing or talking about anything serious when I just want to curl up in a corner and cry.

So then after work I went to my endocrinologist's office. I got a call on Fri to come in for a blood draw after fasting, so I fasted Fri night and Sat late morning I went in for the draw. They didn't have orders from the doctor! I was supposed to make an appt to get the results, but since by then I wasn't sure they did anything right I went in today to find out if it was correct and set up the follow up. I get there and just get told he wanted to check my fasting blood sugar and it was fine. I could've told him that! When I don't eat, my blood sugars are fine. When you give me pure glucose I show type 2 diabetes. When I eat normal food I have reactive hypoglycemia. Hello, my name is Zebra, not Horse. Well, whatever. At least I won't have to pay for a follow up appt.

I had an appt with my therapist after that and once again, she's seriously dumbfounded with everything I go through. She's never met anyone who has as many things go wrong all at once like I do. She was overwhelmed just hearing it! Of course, it doesn't help that with the lack of sleep my mind and talking is a little on the wild side.

So then I stop at Arby's for a cheap dinner that's easy to eat. And before anyone tells me how bad fast food is, I spent a half hour staring at their nutritional info a few months ago to find what my body would accept (due to my gastroparesis) and as long as that's pretty much the last thing I eat for the day, I can deal with it. But if I came home and tried to make something I probably would've fallen asleep without eating anything at all. After I ate I laid down on the couch for a quick doze (though I was half awake still). I went downstairs to get in the shower just to be reminded that the bathroom lights don't work! I can barely stand, but what else am I going to do - I have to fix it. So out to the garage to start popping breakers, take apart the switch, move the wires around, reattach the wires and put it back in the wall, flip the breakers back, and it works again. Well, for now anyways. Got my shower in and back upstairs to finish off my night on SP while watching the news. I'll be in bed in a few minutes (or asleep on the living room floor if I can't make it down the stairs).

Yes, I realize that is one helluva rambling monologue. If you've made it this far, wow and thank you. And if anyone thinks getting enough sleep isn't important, reread all that again and know that a lack of sleep and extreme stress tends to make you ramble somewhat incoherently.

I wish I had the time, money, patience, and someone to go on vacation with me. But since I don't... good night.

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ANDREWS_MOM 7/12/2011 6:59PM

    I just read this from yesterday; I hope & pray that today went much better for you. You have so much going on right now & sound so stressed, I really wish your work would calm down so you could take a much needed (and DESERVED!) break.
emoticon emoticon

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MOM2ACAT 7/12/2011 5:42PM

    I know I don't do well at all if I get less than 6 hours of sleep; it makes all my aches and pains worse, and I feel kind of "sick" all day. And with my fatigue from the chemo, I'm often tired with 8 hours of sleep, but 6 hours is absolutely the minimum I can tolerate.

Hope you can get some good sleep tonight and have a much better tomorrow!

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How Doctors Think

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I just finished reading the book How Doctors Think by Jerome Groopman, M.D. I suggest everyone read it, as it takes a layman's approach to how modern medicine is approached by the gatekeepers. It explains how easy it is for doctors to make errors, and how patients can ask questions that will help avoid these errors. There are also plenty of examples of doctors getting things right and those who got it wrong.

Considering I've been having weird symptoms my whole life and could never seem to find a doctor to take me serious or do anything but attempt to drug me to shut me up, this really showed me why so many doctors didn't seem to care or listen to me. The more problems you have, the harder it is to find a doctor who will put in the time and effort you need. Also, once one doctor has made a diagnosis, no matter how wrong it might be, many other doctors will not question it or take the time to keep looking. Therefore, as your records travel from doctor to doctor to doctor they all read them and can either choose the easy way (assume the diagnosis is correct) or they can choose the harder way (start over and see if they have the same conclusion). Since health insurance companies drive our healthcare and tell doctors they only get to spend so much time with each patient to maximize profits, they probably will go the easy route. Which leaves it up to us patients to ask questions, research what we are told and decide if it fits or not, and find ways to help doctors slow down long enough to really THINK, not act on pure instant instinct.

I spent 29 years not knowing I had gastroparesis. It wasn't until I lost the ability to eat more than the tiniest bit of food or drink only sips of water for a month that I found a doctor to take me serious (even though they wouldn't put me in the hospital as I lost 15 lbs that month). Since then I've been seeing more specialists who are also taking me seriously (as opposed to primary care doctors who hear me walk in and only see a horse, refusing to realize that I'm a zebra). Now my diagnoses are racking up quickly. If this had been caught when I was younger, I might not have the problems I have now. Knowing what I know now, I have always had suspicious symptoms that match gastroparesis.

I'm thinking about buying a copy of this book and taking it with me to see certain doctors, specifically my primary. I want them to know that I'm not some idiot looking for attention or a hypochondriac who will take up their time for nothing. I'm smarter than they give me credit for and obviously I'm not a 'typical' case, so to figure out what's going on we must work as a team.

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SUNNYBUNNY112 7/12/2011 10:07PM

    wow...totally going to look into that book! Invisible diseases suck...I swear I was gonna kill the next doctor that said it was MENTAL or stress related...um, no...dude, I can't eat or poop...and YOU HAVE the medical degree? wow

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