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Glucose tolerance test... how it went

Sunday, April 03, 2011

I'll be honest, I'm scared. I had my glucose tolerance test today and it was just bad all around. I'll try to give a rough rundown of what happened. (FYI: glucose levels should be between 65-99 to be a normal range.)

I was taken in back to have my blood drawn (5 or 6 tubes) and was going to be given the glucose before going back out to the waiting room to sit for an hour. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. As she finished drawing my blood, I collapsed to the floor. My brain was just shutting down and my hands went into a seizure-type rigid state and I couldn't even move them - that lasted for probably 5 minutes. They wanted to cancel the test - NO WAY! I need this figured out! They tested my glucose and it was 75. They took me to a room with an exam table so I could lay down. After a few minutes they gave the the glucose drink and then I sat up in a chair to play sudoku (use my brain). I felt the symptoms coming at a little over 30 minutes, and ended up being put back on the exam table to lay back down. At an hour she drew my blood again (2 tubes) and my glucose was 236. Shortly after I went into seizure-like shakes - though I was awake and alert and telling everyone I don't need to be comforted because this is my body (over) reacting, and I'm not freaking out. I pretty much spent the rest of the time laying on the exam table. At an hour and a half I started feeling better, but at 2 hours my glucose was still 236 (3 more tubes of blood drawn). During those first 2 hours I was all over the board from seriously freezing cold to hot, a little hyperactive and talking a LOT to so out of it I could barely talk, shaking uncontrollably to unable to move. At the last blood draw (2 tubes) my glucose was 203. After that draw I all but fell asleep as I could barely move and couldn't really talk. They had to get me to my mother's van with a wheelchair because after 3 hours of this I was in so much pain and could hardly move.

So when I got home, I ate a few things I knew I could digest well. 3 hours after I got home I tested again (they sent me home with a glucose meter to try to get more information before I see my endocrincologist again on the 11th) and I was at 58. Grabbed some dinner at Wendy's then went to Kohls because my mother wanted to get some things. After about 30-40 minutes walking around in there I was really weak so I ended up spending the last hour in the store in a wheelchair. When we got home, I tested again (2 1/2 hours after eating) and got a 116.

This test went completely wrong from anything I was expecting/hoping for. I can't figure this out - and I hate that. I like to have a plan and/or be figuring things out. Now I just don't know what to do, because my body just can't seem to figure out how it is supposed to work, and it really has no clue what to do with food. I am really scared about what is going to happen from this. While they drew like 13 tubes of blood, if they can't find anything, I will be put through another test like this, only more complicated.

Another complication to the test is that while I drank 9 cups of water yesterday, I didn't get much chance to drink water until after the test, so during the final blood draw, my blood was incredibly thick. I didn't think you could go that dehydrated that fast.

Now tomorrow I have to try to figure out how to put my fear aside and go back to forcing my body to function just enough to make it through the hellish days at work. I honestly hate this.

One last thing, my mother said today that she never thought her kids would have more health problems than her, but she's now viewing her diabetes, back surgeries, and breast cancer as easier than what I'm going through. I tried to crack a joke: this isn't a contest... but I'm winning. I definitely don't want to be, but this is apparently just the way it is.

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1STATEOFDENIAL 4/7/2011 3:07PM

    Blood can be thick - mine went from flowing just fine at the beginning, to barely flowing out of my vein by the end so that it took 3+x as long to fill a tube.

I have no problems with my anxiety level - it is normal to be worried about your health when you're in the process of figuring out your 8th diagnosis in a year. I've been going to a therapist because of the horrible health problems I've been dealing with and by now she is incredibly worried for me as well!

Also, I have no other symptoms of diabetes, and not a single risk factor for diabetes. My mother is insulin resistant due to her being obese, not exercising, an alcoholic, having untreated mental issues... etc - I am the opposite of her. Plus, since this test, I've been testing my blood sugar several times a day, and for the most part it has been reacting to what I eat in the way it is supposed to be... just sometimes it is going way too high and others it is going WAY TOO LOW - and no, I'm not taking insulin. This shows this is most likely not diabetes, but something much more difficult to handle.

Lastly, if I start eating a low carb diet, I WILL HAVE TO STOP EATING! I am already on a low fat, low fiber diet - with a lower amount of protein otherwise it will shut down my kidneys. If I start eating low carb, I will not be able to eat even 750-1000 calories a day... which means I will probably lose what little weight I have above being underweight in a very short amount of time... especially since if I'm under 2000 calories a day, I lose 1/2 to 1 lb a day.

Yes, I'm a little upset. It seems you didn't take the time to read any of my other blogs to find out what is really going on, just making a judgement based on 1 blog and the fact that I'm on what is predominetly a weight loss website. That is not what I'm here for though.

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CHARMIAN2 4/7/2011 5:25AM

  Just an FYI-blood doesn't get "thick". If you are super dehydrated your hemoglobin level will be slightly higher than usual but that is a test result (not performed during your GTT) and is not reflected in your blood "thickness". I recommend you see someone about your anxiety level and try to relax and let people who know their job do the rest.Based on your blood test results you probably have diabetes. AFter drinking the loading dose of glucose your glucose went to where it should be-then it is to come down to normal range (about 100) within 3-4 hours. This happens when your body insulin is produced and metabolizes the glucose.Usually due to insulin resistance-means your cells do not allow the insulin to do its job-from years of too many carbs, fats etc-they are just worn out!! If it doesn't happen (as yours did not) it is usually a diagnosis of diabetes. Start eating the ADA diet until your appointment-it won't hurt you-its a perfect diet we should all be on. Look up type 2 diabetes and follow that. A lot of people can totally control type 2 with diet and exercise. Best of luck.

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ANDREWS_MOM 4/4/2011 3:33PM

    I am so sorry for all that you are going through.
I agree w/ MOM2ACAT & hope that the doctors can now figure out what's going on and how to proceed to get you on the path to health & wellness.
You're in my thoughts & prayers.

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MOM2ACAT 4/3/2011 4:03PM

    emoticon I hope the answers can be found from that test so that you do not have to go through that again.

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Quick note before bed

Friday, April 01, 2011

So my mother is coming up to take me to my test on Saturday. And I get to leave work early tomorrow after putting in extra time the past 2 days - 1 3/4 hours extra. Good thing, since I have to stop eating at 8pm it will be nice to be able to get home early to shove food into my face to try to get enough calories. UGH!

Hope everyone has a good April Fool's Day tomorrow! Play some fun pranks, nothing destructive or hurtful please. I'd love to hear what pranks y'all pull and/or have pulled on you!

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MOM2ACAT 4/1/2011 4:40PM

    I hope your tests go well!

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ANDREWS_MOM 4/1/2011 8:40AM

    Wishing you lots of luck w/ your tests tomorrow!
So glad your mom is going with you; those things are almost always easier when you have someone there for support.
You'll be in my thoughts.

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How I will celebrate April Fool's Day

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just 1 more day left until April Fool's Day! For those of you who like some good laughs, check out one of my favorite websites on Friday: www.thinkgeek.com

Some of last year's AFD prank items were canned unicorn meat - 100% of your daily recommended allowance of sparkles!, the plush talking bacon, and the icade - turn your ipad into an arcade game! The best part of thinkgeek is that the more people who click on a fake item to buy it (it will tell you it is a prank if you try to buy it), the better chance they will make the product! All 3 of those products are now real items you can buy (the unicorn meat is actually pieces of a plush unicorn haha). Check out other items that were pranks - some of which were made real: http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/looflirpa/i

I suck at pranks so instead this is my fun for AFD. Anyone out there planning any good pranks?

And just so no one thinks this is a weird ad or something (I just really love thinkgeek - where else can you get caffeinated everything and weird bacon-flavored products and cube warfare and binary clocks and etc)... Work today sucked; I stayed an extra hour and a half because the boss was so insistent about me doing something before I left. The good thing about that is now I get to leave early on Friday - which will help me out as I will have to pound a lot of food early Friday evening since I will be fasting as of 8pm for the tests on Saturday.


Cancelled my gym membership today

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Continuing the tradition that pretty much everything that is good and healthy for everyone else is totally bad and unhealthy for me, I cancelled my gym membership this afternoon. I haven't been able to work out for weeks so I've been paying for pretty much nothing (I did get some help with stretching from a trainer a few times last month). The guy who signed me up last summer happened to see me and came over and said if I had something from one of my doctors he would put me on medical hold for next month so I wouldn't get charged (it is a 30 day cancel, so I would've gotten charged for 1 more month). I had my blood test results from 2 weeks ago showing my absurdly low blood sugar, and he said he thought he could make it work.

Even though I got a massage yesterday that felt great and toned down my GP, my upper back and shoulders are killing me! My masseuse said my trapezius muscles are seriously tight - and that's what's hurting so bad (just to be clear, I knew they were tight and painful, but she said they are even worse than normal).

Plus, now that the GP is toned back down, my hypoglycemia is coming back. This morning I had very mild crashes, but they've been getting a little worse all day. Hopefully by Saturday I will be back to full on blackout crashes so I can get the most out of the glucose tolerance test.

I'm also a little worried about what's happening while I'm asleep. Last night my cat woke me up several times. Usually when he wakes me up he wants food, but I filled his dish before bed, and if he wants food he keeps trying to wake me up until I either really yell at him or lock him out of the room. Last night (and a few other times in the past few weeks) he dramatically woke me up then once I rolled over and looked at the clock, he left me alone. Some animals can sense different medical conditions in their owners like seizures or high blood sugar - I wonder if my cat is sensing a hypoglycemic crash while I'm asleep and waking me up. Considering he didn't wake me up the several nights before while I was having a GP flare and thus my crashes were really dulled... I just don't know.

Still debating on if I want my mother to come up to take my to the appointment on Saturday (or even a few days before).

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ANDREWS_MOM 3/31/2011 8:40AM

    Hoping & praying everything works out & that you get some real answers from your glucose test.
Sometimes not knowing what's wrong is scaries than knowing. Once you find out, you'll be able to take the steps neccessary to hopefully get you feeling better.
I am so sorry you are going through all of these different things at once and praying that the doctors will be able to find what they need to get you some peace that you certainly need.
Hang in there & it will get better :)

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Today is over, 4 days until my tests

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bad day - what's new? Annoying coworkers getting pissed at me for no reason whatsoever - can some people do anything but? Idiot drivers wanting to hurt someone or wreck someone just to get ahead of you to go slow - one of these times I will let them slam into me then I'll just lay on the steering wheel (literally) and let them think they killed me.

Did get a massage though, which should help but also is so much pain! She is excellent - it's my body that sucks majorly! haha I'll see tomorrow if it helped. Otherwise I'm going back again before my tests on Saturday.


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