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Plagiarism is hurtful, disrespectful, and just plain wrong!

Saturday, May 03, 2014

No, this has nothing to do with SP, but I'm angry and hurt that I've been plagiarized elsewhere. I want to say something about it here because maybe someone who's plagiarized in the past or might consider it in the future (even on a small scale) will read this and realize how hurtful and disrespectful it is, and choose to correct the wrong or never do it.

I wrote this review on Amazon back in January. Read it two or three times so it sort of sticks in your head.

(EDIT: they deleted a significant portion of the review to remove my words.)
Now read this review that was just posted yesterday. (I've asked for the post to be removed, so if the link is broken that's why.)

Do you see the blatant plagiarism? Several sentences reversed and multiple distinct phrases are taken directly from my review. The significant portions of my review were stolen and put on tumblr then tweeted about to the movie's twitter, as well as the main people involved in the film, looking for recognition for words that aren't even theirs! It's wholly disrespectful to everyone involved in the movie to steal someone else's review then beg for attention for it instead of taking the time to put in real effort to create an original review with unique thoughts.

I responded on twitter, including the people the tweet was originally sent to, in hopes they will see it and give no further attention to this reviewer. I've commented on Tumblr and asked for an apology to me, and another should go to the writer/director/actors/crew also. If this phony reviewer can't so much as apologize and delete/rewrite the review, then they deserve to be discredited. I also sent an email to Tumblr to get involved due to their rules being broken. If the poster doesn't remove and/or rewrite the post, they should be removed from Tumblr. Of course, other parts of the review seem familiar, as if they may have taken sections from other reviews also. So disgusting!

What is wrong with some people that they think this is okay and that they won't get called out over it? Have they not learned anything from the Shia LeBeoff fiasco?

EDIT: As I said above, they deleted a large portion of the review to remove my words. It's a much thinner and simplistic post now! They also deleted the comment I left shaming them. Either they saw that my posting about it was going to get too much attention to escape (both on Twitter and my comment on Tumblr) or my complaint to Tumblr put pressure on them. While it feels better to have them give in and remove my words from their review, I believe it would be better for them to admit the wrong and apologize for the theft. There's no point in pushing for more, as it's doubtful I'll get an apology, so I have to forget it and move on. But I did screen print their original post should I ever need it. I'm also trying to remember the saying "imitation is the greatest form of flattery", though it's hard to feel flattered when they begged for attention after stealing my words.

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SOFT_VAL67 8/10/2014 10:17AM

    I am not sure I have ever been plagurized, however, I did add some pictures to my facebook of my recent vacation, pictures that I myself took.
and they were of a beautiful sunrise over the beach, so many other people took those pics, I seen them on someone elses page, but at least a few of the people asked me if it was ok to share.
so i have decided anytime from now on when i add new pics, i am going to go to pizap first and add at least my initials if not my name and date.
it might sound somewhat petty, but at least one of those pics was so beautiful, it looked like an artists painting instead of having been taken on a cellphone.
but then again, someone can always edit my name off.
nothing we post online, words or pics are ever really only ours after we post them.
nothing is safe online.

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 8/10/2014 10:07AM


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MISSCUS 5/3/2014 3:12PM

    It's unfortunate, but many people these days are so devoid of writing skills, that they often steal from Amazon reviewers reviews. I've seen it on the reviews themselves, darn near a duplicate review.

You have a right to be angry. Plagiarism is a disgusting thing for someone to do. Totally unscrupulous! I do hope you are able to get some satisfaction from this ordeal. I know I would be hurt if I were in your shoes, and the common decency would have been the writer at the very least, give credit to your words.

UGH UGH and UGH! emoticon

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MOM2ACAT 5/3/2014 1:09PM

    I agree with you, and I've bet all their other reviews were stolen from other reviewers too!

Aside from that, I thought your review was great!

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NPA4LOSS 5/3/2014 11:39AM

    emoticon I hope that there is some resolution to your issue.

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RASPBERRY56 5/3/2014 7:35AM

    I am so sorry you have to deal with this nonsense........I've always enjoyed writing (though I don't do so for pay - just a few Spark blogs at the most for now ;) ) - and I can't even begin to imagine myself stooping so low - this is just another sad example of just how low this society and world has gone.......

I hope you get justice, satisfaction, vindication and validation - sorry for the overuse of words, but I think you get what I mean.........may karma have its way with the responsible party ASAP!


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Got my SSDI backpay! But my housing situation is a nightmare.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Well, a little more good news. Tip: if you sign up for EFT (direct deposit) right away when applying for SSDI, your payment will come pretty quickly. I called the SSDI office today to ask some questions, and it turns out that they deposited my back pay on the 6th! I didn't even think to be watching my bank account. So I got my year and a half of back pay (they don't pay you for the first 6 months, for those who don't know) and I found out my monthly checks will start next month and it's several hundred dollars more than I expected to get. Also, medicare will start in July.

I also talked with my county worker. My food support will drop considerably, but that's fine with me. I'll have a year to pay back the cash assistance I've gotten. Since I have a CADI waiver (which is totally based on being disabled, not on income), even though MA won't cover everything anymore (because of my income) CADI will still cover in-home services and that counts towards the monthly 'deductable' I'll now have with MA, so that should help with medical costs until medicare kicks in, which will change the dynamic of everything.

The bad news is they STILL haven't figured out my housing situation. I have 1 week until I'm supposed to be out and they don't know what to do! Today they told me they were thinking about putting me and my cat up in a hotel. STUPID! First, the cheapest hotels cost minimum $60 per night. Second, with a pet deposit and having a location that's safe, it'll be more expensive. Third, I can't live off fast food for 1-2 months because I have gastroparesis, which means I need a microwave, stove, and fridge so I can have at least 1 decent meal a day - which means I need an extended-stay hotel that will cost even more. Fourth, they would have to pay to keep everything I own in storage. Fifth, they would have to pay movers twice, not just once. This means that it could cost several thousand dollars to keep me there until they find a place for me to live. Yet the ridiculously stupid moron CADI worker refuses to look outside of the county for housing and absolutely is against having the county pay maybe $1000-1200 per month to rent my house from the bank until they have a place set up! Yet he talks up how freaky intelligent he is, bragged about mensa (if mensa recruited him then their standards must have fallen below 'average' or he was seriously scammed!), and shames me every chance he can. He should NOT be in this field of work.

How about more reasons why this hotel idea is ridiculous? Sixth, I keep at least 14 medications on hand at all times - some are OTC but others should not be left where a random housekeeper can get to them. This means I would have to carry all of those medications with me everywhere I went and risk being attacked/assaulted by someone who wants them. There aren't any that would typically be sold (I don't take narcotics), but no one would know that until they read the drug names and looked them up. Seventh, I faint/fall frequently so is having a hotel room really that safe? If I call 911 how long will it take for them to find me? The county won't be sending any workers in, so if I trip and fall and get another concussion, how long will I lay there before someone finds me? Eighth, let's be honest: hotel rooms are not clean. They are disgusting. The floors get a quick once-over or spot-cleaning so you should never walk barefoot on hotel room floors. The bedspreads and pillows are rarely cleaned thoroughly. The tv remotes, phones, and lightswitches are rarely cleaned (or cleaned well) and can be covered in fecal matter and bodily fluids. Ninth, has anyone ever had a hotel room shower that worked well? I have a hard enough time showering in my shower; putting me in a hotel room with a crappy shower just won't be safe/sanitary/sane. Tenth, what hotel would be willing to give up a handicapped room for a month or two when most hotels only have 1-3 handicapped rooms.

So, I'm going to go to my bank and see if there is any chance they would be willing to give me a mortgage with a cosigner to try to keep my house. It's a massive long shot, but I have to try. I also called 211 - United Way - and asked if they had some places to call that I could have a place to stay for a month or two while the idiots get their crap toether. They gave me a couple places, so I passed that info on to the CADI worker (I can only do so much of his job for him!). Heck, if I like another place better I might just stay there.

The most heartwrenching thing is if this decision and payment had come in just 1 month earlier I could've saved my house! I could've stayed here as long as needed while I find the right place to move to and then hire a company to rent this place out for me so I don't have to deal with it. Just 1 month separated me from having everything work out and living this nightmare. JUST 1 MONTH! I'm so disgusted and I blame the jerk of a lawyer who failed my case!

Also, getting this backpay doesn't make up for all the time I went without any income. It's a huge number, but I'm even further in debt and if you count how far behind I was in my mortgage, my debt is nearly twice as much as that payment. I really hope LTD comes through sometime this year to make a bigger dent in this mess.

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 8/10/2014 10:09AM


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MISSCUS 3/3/2014 6:02PM

    WOW, a month!! That mensa guy is a total jerk! If he was THAT smart, he'd know enough to not treat you like crap!
So sorry I'm late to your blogs. I've had the flu for days and finally beginning to get out of bed.
I'm happy to hear about your SSDI decision and back pay. I know what that's like, I went through that a few years ago. The wait is horrendous and depressing. Oh, if you have bipolar, SSDI don't recheck you for 5-7 years. So you might want to catch bipolar disorder too. Why not? I'm sure I'd get bipolar disorder too if I had to deal with all you've had to deal with.
The housing situation you're in really sucks! What moron decided a hotel would be the "fix" for you? I get it, on all the points you made in your blog. WOW. I am constantly amazed at all the crap you've been dealing with these past years. Amazed. I wonder if the bank would work with you on keeping your house? The cosigner idea might work. Please keep us posted.
Despite my not being a regular SparkFriend, I've continued to pray for you, and I think of you often. Please don't be a stranger!! emoticon emoticon

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LIVINHEALTHY9 2/13/2014 7:12AM

    It's a shame this couldn't have happened a little sooner so you could keep your house, but good that you are getting that back pay.
Maybe the Bank will work with you on renting your house back. Good Luck!

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    Well, even though there is still a mess to deal with, getting more positive news is a good thing and maybe, just maybe this isn't the last of it. Hope there is more coming and hopefully, the bank will work with you. Maybe you will talk to a reasonable human being. Sure, it's a long shot but sometimes, long shots hit the mark.:)

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MOM2ACAT 2/11/2014 4:57PM

    I am happy for the good news you got, and I hope the bank will work with you to be able to keep the house, at least long enough to find something that you like, and a place where Tane can stay with you too.

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Surprise, surprise: my SSDI decision is in.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

I'm exhausted after spending the day doing... just doing. It's 3 am and I still have to shower before going to sleep and getting to an appointment at 2 pm to work on my advance directive again. But...

I got a letter from SSDI today. The judge gave me a fully favorable decision (the judge agrees I'm fully disabled) going back to the day I stopped working, Jan 11, 2012. I'm absolutely shocked I didn't have to go through another hearing and 6 more months of waiting. But since they ignored my most serious and incurable conditions and instead focused on my mental health conditions, I have to go through a review in a year. So I need to keep going to doctors, gathering information and records, and getting that sent into SSDI to prove the conditions they ignored in this determination so I don't have to waste time every year in the reviews.

This is just the decision. I have to wait 2-3 months to get my back pay and my monthly payments processed. I have no idea what the payments will be, but I know it won't be enough long-term. So much is still up in the air, but this is a GIANT step forward. My LTD lawyer is going to work on my appeal over the rest of the week and the weekend, so hopefully that'll finally get done and sent in; then I have to wait 3-6 months for their decision and possibily litigation or mediation after that.

But hey, gotta take a win, right? At least I got a lot done today. I have more to do tomorrow, but it's far less and I plan on resting as much as I can because today took a lot out of me.

Still don't know where I'm going to be living. The county workers are apparently having a big problem finding anywhere to put me. I'm supposed to be out of my house (which was sold by sheriff's sale on Jan 14th) within 2 weeks and they can't find anywhere for me to live and get the services that I was approved for in mid Nov (and should have been set up already).

I'll try to update more when I have time, energy, and focus to write out more.

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MISSCUS 3/3/2014 6:06PM

    Oh DUH, I should have read your blogs in order. House sold. Sorry. I'll try to be better next time. I'm still happy you won the SSDI and got all the back pay. Usually disability is what your SS retirement benefit amount would be at age 62, from SS statement.

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    :) A step in the right direction is really good but I know you still have lots to deal with. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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MOM2ACAT 2/4/2014 4:18PM

    I'm so glad you won! It was a hard fought battle, one that went on for way too long, and I'm so glad you got the decision in your favor finally, no matter how it came about. emoticon

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LIVINHEALTHY9 2/4/2014 6:27AM

    Glad you got some good news. emoticon

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Talked to my neurologist today

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Called my neurologist's office today. I wanted to mention the concussion while I asked if I can keep increasing the gabapentin now that the side effects have stabilized at 200mg 3x/day. Strangely, he and his nurse are the first people to care at all when I mention 'concussion symptoms'. Every other time I've had my head hit into something and had these symptoms no one believed me or cared. I've learned to just live with these types of symptoms for a few days/weeks until they go away or just fade in with the rest of my symptoms. Well, when I finally had a chance to talk to my doctor he wanted to talk about the concussion not the medication. Ugh. They're symptoms of a MILD concussion, not a severe concussion. Yes, if they get worse I'll go be seen by someone. If the symptoms become very serious I'll get to the ER. I know all that can be done is to let the body heal it on its own and there's no medications or treatments that can make it better. So I finally go him to stop with that and get onto the reason I wanted to talk to him: can we increase my meds? The side effects have gone down and I'm feeling more overall pain (and a heck of a lot of pain in my head) so I want to slowly increase it more. He said it was okay. Yay. But OMG it drives me crazy that no one has ever cared about these types of symptoms before, but suddenly they're important to talk about? But why does no one realize I am always going to have fainting/loss of consciousness issues because I've had them for nearly 20 years on and off, so let's put in the effort to give me a safe place to live so there's less chance of severely hitting my head when it would be days/weeks before anyone would even think to check on me to find if I did serious damage and didn't wake up instead of suddenly making a big deal of symptoms no one has ever believed or cared about in the past?

Yes, I'm really annoyed by this. And it bothers me more that it normally would because anger is my go-to emotion since I hit my head. But really, if it is such a big deal, wouldn't someone at some point in my life asked how many times I've had concussion symptoms before?

And now my throat is burning like I've swallowed acid. I haven't left my house since Friday afternoon and no one has been here, so how the heck am I getting sick? GRRRRR *headdesk*

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NPA4LOSS 1/11/2014 8:50PM


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    Sometimes, a lot of stress and anxiety can weaken our immune systems and that could be the cause of your sore throat.

I am glad the neurologist is going to increase your medicine. That is at least one positive. :)

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IMAVISION 1/9/2014 9:59PM


God bless!

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MOM2ACAT 1/9/2014 7:17PM


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GHOSTFLAMES 1/9/2014 5:04AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DRLMAZ 1/9/2014 4:35AM

  I hope you get better soon. Our health is so important. It is good to find someone who cares.

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Concussion & nonstop problems causing too much stress

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

A week ago, on New Year's Eve, I got a concussion and it's really made everything else so much more difficult. With my conditions, as my dysautonomia specialist said, no matter how much they try to treat me, I will always be prone to fainting, losing consciousness, falling, etc. I avoid the triggers as much as I can, but sometimes I forget or it just happens before I realize it. On NYE, I stood up and stretched, forgetting that's a major trigger. My body collapsed and when I fell backwards, instead of landing harmlessly on the couch like I usually do, my head hit the arm of the couch, with the force pushing the padding out of the way so the base of my skull hit on the edge of the wood that makes up the frame. Even through the fog of not having adequate blood flow to my brain I could hear and feel the crack as it hit. For the past week I've had symptoms of a mild concussion from it, but I know there's nothing they can do about a mild concussion (just rest, relax, be extra careful, and be seen immediately if the symptoms become severe) and I've had my head slammed against so many things in my life (floors, walls, lockers, etc) that this really isn't different.

Unfortunately, on top of everything else, these symptoms are making my life far more difficult than the awful it already is. Turning my head causes explosions of pain, my body is working a little worse, my tinnitis is worse while my (already dang near superhuman) hearing is even better, etc. Ironically, even though I'm nauseous all the time, having EDS related GP has taught me how to fight my stomach's threats to vomit, so no matter how bad my stomach wants to throw up, it probably won't happen.

In a way, it's good timing. I got a letter from social security disability (SSDI) saying they want me to be evaluated by a psychiatrist/psychologist about my physical conditions. Yes, they want me to see a psych doctor about physical conditions. My lawyer couldn't convince my doctors and I to lie and say all my symptoms were somatic (I so desperately believe I'm sick that I made my body become sick), so now the judge is sending me to a doctor they pay to say there's nothing wrong with me. I went to the same place (I'm pretty sure) a year ago, and they said there was nothing wrong with me at all and I wasn't disabled. The doctor who spoke against me (impartial my rear end!) at my SSDI hearing was a joke, as he couldn't pronounce several conditions, disagreed with the doctors who are treating me about the diagnoses I have been given, and no one in that room (including my own lawyer) believes my symptoms, apparently. So I get to go to this evaluation and deal with someone who has no idea what these conditions are so he can say I'm faking, making it up, I'm overstating my symptoms, etc. But now that I have these concussion symptoms, it might make an impact.

Part of the symptoms I have includes a personality change. Sure, I have issues (no one with this many severe, rare, and misunderstood conditions who has wasted decades of battling the medical system to find the right doctors to get the proper diagnoses won't have some issues), but lately I've noticed I go from calm and rational to outrageously furious in seconds and I have very little focus so I can barely play games I usually play online or watch a tv show without getting horribly distracted or completely forgetting what I'm doing. So I have a feeling while I'm in this evaluation I'm going to lose my patience when I can't focus on what's happening and my anger explodes. Maybe that'll make an impression about why I can't work.

The next day my house is being sold in a foreclosure sheriff's sale. I'll then have about a month to be out. I don't know where I'm going. The people being paid to help me are playing stupid games and acting like I'm normal. They told me to pack up my house and be ready to move it. I CAN'T YOU IDIOTS! THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT! So I might have to just leave a lot of my belongings behind. I was hoping to sell everything in the house than be taken out (the fridge and dishwasher are brand new after all), but I can't deal with that, so the money I could've gotten from that, or at least taking them with me in the hopes of using them again someday, is gone because no one will help me.

The county approved me for lots of services, everything from housekeeping to someone coming by to help take care of me every day, but the worker being paid to do it is refusing to do so. I was approved over a month ago, but he said he won't even try to set that up until after I'm already moved in and settled at wherever they're going to put me. But so far what they've shown me is only fit for rent-by-the-hour, and would be a SERIOUS danger for me (you can't put someone who uses a walker into a place that requires getting up like 8 dangerous stairs with a single railing that is not made being used to pull a body up stairs - in amongst dozens of other issues). Then they're telling me I have to go out more and do things and be social. Some people are so completely clueless and disinterested in doing their jobs well.

After I found out about my sister's cancer, I talked to her again the next day and found out that awhile back my mother had a stent put in her heart because she had an artery very blocked (I think she said about 86%) and was soon going to have a heart attack. Neither of us are surprised, since she's been obese my entire life and refuses to eat healthy or exercise at all like the doctors keep telling her to do. She also refuses to admit she has serious mental health issues, let alone even consider getting help for them. I'm estranged from my parents (which is why I didn't know) and a large part of that is because my mother has such serious issues she refuses to even attempt to address, and I have far to many issues myself that having her problems severely affecting me, instead of having both of them helping me the way parents are supposed to help their children, is far more than anyone should ever have to take on. So I'm not as sympathetic towards her as most people would be to their mother, and for very good reasons.

I'm trying to figure out what to do about my cat. I've had him over 8 years, since he was 2 1/2 months old. I've become allergic to him and I'm having a hard time taking care of him. Since I don't know where I'm going to be living, let alone how bad it will be on him, I've been thinking it's probably best to give him up, at least for now. It hurts so much to think about not having my little boy with me, but it's probably the best decision. I'm thinking about asking a friend to take him in, but I'm not sure if she'll be willing/able. Another friend might be able to, but she lives in another state and I don't know when she'll even be around. But the thought of giving him to a shelter where he might not be taken in and could be put down is unbearable. He's a little troublemaker, but he's so smart. If there was a way to eventually get into suitable housing maybe I could get him back, but I don't know.

I also don't know what to do about my car. It's 15 years old and has issues, but works enough for short trips around town. Disability transportation sucks, as they like to strand me or just not even pick me up, so having my car means I can get to appointments when they screw up, and allows me to run errands a thousand times easier. With my conditions, I can't sit around waiting to be picked up, it's hard to know exactly how long it'll take me at each place (and at places like the library it only takes about 5 minutes, but disability transporation won't allow a stop that short), and running several errands in an hour by driving myself is easier than running 1-3 errands in 2-3 hours then having to go out again the next day or the day after for a few more. But I don't have the money to pay my car insurance (which is due in 4 days) and if anything breaks I definitely can't afford to fix it. Both my credit cards are maxed out, my bank accounts are nearly empty, I'm almost out of cash, and I still owe money to my LTD lawyer. Plus whatever crappy place they shove me probably won't have a garage, so my car will be damaged by the elements, if not broken into, and I can't just clean off snow from my car in the winter without risking seriously hurting myself.

I feel so broken and hopeless. One month is not enough time for even a miracle to step in and help. I can't take care of myself, I'm not getting help to take care of me, I have no idea what's going to happen to me in less than a month... How could anyone have hope in my shoes?

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WICKFORD64 3/26/2014 10:17PM

  What are some key things to be aware of that could increase your chances of a concussion? http://www.pazoo.com/uncategorized/

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MOM2ACAT 1/8/2014 5:14PM

    Sheri, my heart is breaking with all you are going through, and having to give up Tane. My hope is that a friend near you can take him, so that you can at least visit him, even if he won't be able to live with you.

I wish I had some wise words of wisdom to help, but I don't.. All I can do is let you know that I care. I hope that the concussion symptoms will help your case, but I'm sorry they are making you feel worse also. emoticon

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