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Monday, April 21, 2008

emoticon So sorry that I have not been around. When my mother-in-law passed away I had the flu and thought I had it beat shortly after that. BUT the bug had different thoughts and plans. It came back with a vengeance and kicked the old sarge's butt. It hung on for over a month. After finally getting over it I had to take care of my family because I had given it to them. After all that time away--I got lazy and started to feel sorry for myself because I had put on a bunch of weight from laying around so much. Hopefully, I am now back in the kick butt mode and ready to kick some calorie butt. Goin to need all of your support to get back to where I was. Also hope you will let me back into the ranks.
I will see you all in the morning.

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SASSYCHRIS1952 4/26/2008 9:12PM

    Hi! And welcome back my friend! I'm sorry you had alot on you. You were very missed

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91DILIGENCE 4/25/2008 11:01PM

    come on Sarge! get back in the game!! emoticon You can do it!!

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JOANYC 4/23/2008 12:02PM

    Welcome back, We can all kick this together, you have been missed. I kept checking to see if I had missed something. I looked forward to your encouragement each morning. So no more feeling sorry for yourself and get up and dust yourself off and join the ranks before your left behind. emoticon

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TIOGA123 4/22/2008 5:18PM

    Welcome back Sarge, I was getting worried. You're back on track now and you'll be taking names and kicking butt in no time.

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VRCATON 4/21/2008 3:06PM

    Welcome back Shirt! Sorry to hear about your loss. You will perserve soldier .. you will succeed!! We will help! hoooahhh! emoticon

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TOBICAE 4/21/2008 2:10PM

    Welcome Back!

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SHANNONKA 4/21/2008 1:48PM

    Hi sarge,,,,sorry for your loss and your flu. Of course you are welcome back into the ranks. Glad to see you back. Rootin for ya to get back to where you were. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Well, I am back from an extended vacation. I did not mean for it to be this long but that is the way it worked out.
We had a great time in Vegas and thoroughly enjoyed our visit with our son. Did not spend much time in the casinos but did a lot of walking and shopping.
We returned home on Saturday morning and went that afternoon to the nursing home to visit my wife’s mother. She was sick when we arrived and had to call an ambulance to take her to the hospital. Long story short---she passed away at 1:04 AM Sunday morning. They said it was a case of flu that she could not recover from---her body was just too weak to handle the infection. She had been sick a couple of weeks ago and never really got better. At the same time I was coming down with I thought was a cold but it turned out to be the flu. So while we were planning the funeral I was as sick as a dog. I have been in bed for the last week. Some how we got everything done and are well on our way back to a normal household.
I will resume the reveille calls tomorrow morning and begin working on setting up a social team for Team Leaders, so we can gossip and have some fun among ourselves. God Bless You All!!!

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NAOLEE 4/21/2008 12:39PM

I hope everything going great from now on. The best wishes for you. I'll be awol for a week to. Don't send any MPS. I'll go to visit my parents to Vieques. My husband is in Camp Blanding. I wish you the best in your return. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

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TIOGA123 2/29/2008 4:22PM

I'm sorry for your troubles and my best goes out to you and your family. We'll keep you all in our prayers.

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HAPPYDESTINY 2/26/2008 8:19AM

    My condolences to you and your family

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QUEEND1969 2/18/2008 11:37AM

    God Bless You Sarge and your loved ones during this time of mourning. God is good and faithful. I'm happy you're back and your spirit of motivating hasn't left you. The flu as we all know is not nice. BUT GOD! He has a plan for us all. Stay blessed, praying for you and the family.

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NAOLEE 2/17/2008 8:35PM

    Siento mucho la perdida de su suegra y lo de su enfermedad tambien. yo tambien he estado encamada por orden del medico por problemas en la parte lumbo sacral. El martes tengo cita y sabre mejor lo que tengo. Ya llevo 2 semanas en cama. Que DIOS derrame muchas bendiciones en su familia y les ayude a recuperarse pronto de la perdida y de su enfermedad.

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WANDAH3 2/17/2008 7:51PM

    I'm sorry to hear of your loss. My prayers are with you all as you struggle to come to terms with the loss of your Mom (mother-in-law).

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SPARKLEBELLE 2/17/2008 7:14PM

    Hi, So sorry to hear about your loss. Also, it must have been very difficult to go through it all feeling unwell at the same time.
Glad to hear you are starting to feel better. My condolences to your family.
I will look forward to your upcoming reveille calls. Take care of yourself this week. Give yourself a bit of slack at such a rough time.
(not a military approach, is it?)

Diane (a.k.a. Isabella*Canada)

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Hablar en espanol!!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Todos Mis Amigos de Chispa de Hablar españoles:
Si usted permitirá que yo practique mi español con usted, intentaré mi mejor para dirigirme a usted en su lengua materna. Por favor perdone todos mis errores de gramática cuando no soy tan fluido cuando yo una vez era. ¡¡Por favor avíseme si este es aceptable para usted!!!!


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ALIMZZN 3/4/2009 2:07PM

    No se preocupe que yo entendi lo mas bien lo que dijo. No me habia dado cuenta que Ud. me avia mandado un e-mail de Bienvenidas. Le quiero agradecer por su regalo.

Chequee mi blog... y dejeme saber que piensa!!??

Saludos ... de el estado de Nueva Jersey


Thank you for your Welcoming e-mail .. !! emoticon

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MZUNGU-TEMBO 1/27/2008 10:12PM

    "No Worries My Friend" actually I think it should read wangu, not yangu. It's Swahili...what my bad Spanish turns into when I try to speak it. Sawa, naenda kulala....usiku uwema! Ok, I'm going to slepp. Good Night!

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NAOLEE 1/27/2008 7:09PM

    Gracias sarge. Lo haces muy bien. Ma#nana pienso ir a mi dra privada para que me chequee porque se que las cosas han empeorado demasiado. Se me hace dificil moverme en la cama o levantarme. Yo utilizo phentanyl 100mg y percocet para el dolor, pero a veces tardo demasiado en tomarlas y cuando me las tomo no me hacen nada. Ahora mismo no tengo medicamento para el dolor porque va me da percocet por 5 dias y quieren que yo vaya de cada 5 dias a buscarlas. Yo no voy porque lo que hago es que no me las tomo a no ser que tenga dolor intolerable y por eso tampoco mejoro porque se supone las tome antes de empeorar. Que DIOS lo bendiga mucho. Una vez lei parte de algo que usted escribio y le cogi un poco de miedo porque me regreso al tiempo de militar. No porque no este orgullosa al contrario el haber servido es un orgullo para mi. Pero cuando estuve en basico fue en South Carolina y como no soy blanca pero tampoco negra tuve problemas de racismo con un sargento de color. Tuve suerte que mi platoon sargeant era de Saint Thomas y se dio cuenta y siempre me mantuvo lejos de el y no quiso que el ni siquiera me saludara. Muchas bendiciones para usted y su familia.

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MZUNGU-TEMBO 1/27/2008 6:59PM

    Hakuna Matata Rafiki Yangu!

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Sunday, January 27, 2008


This is something that I have forgotten to complete. I have not laid out an effective battle plan that will keep me on track in the BATTLE OF THE BULGE. I most certainly will be heading for defeat if I do not reevaluate the path that I am taking in my weight loss journey. I had completely forgotten the lessons I was taught in the military:
1. Know your enemy---know your objective.
2. Plan your route and attack strategy.
3. Set a Time Table for the action to be completed (to reach your goal).
4. Rehearse your attack (in this case- in your mind) until you know what to do at every turn.
5. Reevaluate your plan to find weak areas and recalculate your approach if necessary.
6. Make sure everyone involved knows the plan thoroughly (to keep you on track).
7. Mentally prepare yourself and plan for unforeseen obstacles.
8. Execute your plan and follow it as closely as possible.
9. At the appropriate time write an after-action report and formulate answers (not excuses) as to why goals were or were not achieved.
10. Reevaluate and select another objective and start the process over.

Since I joined SparkPeople in August of 07, I have been attacking my weight issues with an illogical approach. I have allowed myself to use many excuses for not reaching my goals and even more excuses for the yo-yo weight loss-gain cycles. All of this has become incredibly apparent in the last couple of months. Since I accepted the responsibility of becoming a co-leader on one of my teams I have noticed the problems that I myself have created. Everyday, I receive somewhere between 50 and 75 e-mails informing me that my team has a new member and I marvel at those numbers. All of these people have the same aspirations that I have: TO LOSE WEIGHT AND BE HEALTHY. Each day as I am looking at the e-mail list, I ask myself “How can I lead and motivate these people if I don’t follow the path to wellness?” and I have been asking myself that question for weeks now. The answer is “I CAN’T!!!” So I ask if I should quit the leader position and then I realize that I am offering myself another excuse for failure. I will not let this happen again!! I am going to follow the lessons that I have learned over the years and I am going to beat this enemy once and forever. I WILL NOT QUIT; I WILL NOT BACK OFF; I WILL NOT FAIL MY FAMILY, MY SPARK FRIENDS, OR MYSELF!!!

I have found a way to force myself into following my own plan: I am going to follow the JUMP MASTER’S AIRCRAFT COMMANDS (excuse the military analogies—but they work for me):
1. GET READY-----put your mind in the right mode---decide to do this.
2. IN BOARD PERSONNEL STAND UP---make sure you are medically ready for this journey—go see your doctor to be sure---I have very recently done this.
3. OUT BOARD PERSONNEL STAND UP--- Stretch and loosen up those muscles, start with light activity and work yourself up.
4. HOOK UP---find someone to keep you accountable—not someone to criticize you but to gently but firmly push you down your path. Try to find someone to exercise with you.
5. CHECK EQUIPMENT---Make sure you are READY –have your plan in mind, know your goals and the reasons you will succeed.
6. SOUND OFF FOR EQUIPMENT CHECK---Let everyone know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Be proud of yourself.
7. STAND IN THE DOOR---There is no backing down now---hold your head up and be proud---this is where you begin to get healthy---you are ready to love yourself and to finally take care of yourself.
8. GO-GO-GO---make that jump-you have started your journey---feel the wind in your face—that is you moving towards a healthier, better YOU! SHOUT IT TO THE WORLD---“AS YOU ARE MY WITNESSES, I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!!

I know that this has been long winded but I have now made myself accountable to all of you and to me and I feel much better----like I can really win this battle and that you can and will also win!!!!! UNITED WE WILL BEAT THESE DAMN CALORIES!!!!!!!

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ELLENNORTH 2/22/2008 11:04AM

    Hi After reading your blog post it has my mind and thoughts rethinking out my steps and goals. I am new with Sparks and guess I am still floundering around like a beach whale lol. I wanted to let you know your words came to me when I needed them and have given me food for thought. Thank-you

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QUEEND1969 1/28/2008 7:53AM

    AMEN Sarge. Now that you have it writing, you better not delete the blog. This way, you're out there for all the Spark world to see. I know you will keep up the good work and gain momemtum as you go.

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Monday, January 07, 2008


I know that this will sound like I am whining but December was a very CRAPPY month for me. First my computer crashed—thanks to a virus. Second, I had a big birthday---I turned 60---damn that’s a big number. Third; Two days after my birthday we had an ice storm and we lost power. I had to go buy a couple of small generators, which cut into my Christmas money. Our power was out for 16 days. We finally got it back on at around 5:00PM Christmas day. Fourth: My Blazer broker down and we had to be towed to the dealer on Christmas Eve. They said it would cost around $2,000.00 to fix the problems. It was not worth fixing it because I already had over 150,000 miles on it. My wife got mad and traded the old thing in for a new car. Not something I really wanted to do at this time but what are you going to do. Next –the day after Christmas we had to have my mother-in-law put into the hospital. Her kidneys had quit working and she was dehydrated, plus her Alzheimer’s was getting worse. They did not know if she was going to pull out of it or not, so it was another tough week (especially for my wife). They finally sent her back to the nursing home the day after New Years. I am just now getting back to normal and I am trying to catch-up with everything. The worst thing in all of this was the eating out for every meal---not only did it cost a lot but I also gained 10 pounds. So I am going to need you all to holler at me and kick me in the rear to get me back down. I want to start this year off right and get back on track, this will be the year that I reach my goal!!!!! Sorry for not being around!!!


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MAURIZIA 1/15/2008 7:12AM

    Sarge, glad you are back in full form! December was a crappy month for me, too, so am happy to be in January and a new year! Forgot some of the things I learned in 2007 - especially fitness - so am happy to have you reminding me! We can do this! We are TOUGH! See you at reveille! ~~ Maurizia

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LMSW55 1/11/2008 7:20AM

    I just joined this message board and I keep reading these messages asking where you are. I see now that you have had quite a few challenges december to january. I hope all is well now. Welcome back!

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THREEE 1/9/2008 2:04AM

    SIR, YESSIR,...IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU ARE TELLING THE STORY OF A LITTLE BOY THAT YOU HAD TO BREAK AT BASIC TRAINING, SIR...WAS HE IN DIAPERS, SIR? DID YOU TAKE HIM TO TASK, SIR? DID YOU LET HIM CRY FOR LONG, SIR? YESSIR...you know i really like trying to be a basic training sargeant but i want you to know that we really did miss your reveille...it was fun and it didn't help me get up in the least as i usually read it about 8 p.m. BUT i loved your enthusiasm in trying to help others...and to hear how many people DID get up and out before 6a.m....THAT made me feel like a slacker...anyway, with what happened in DECEMBER you must know JANUARY is going to be better...so that should minimize the stress?
...good luck, see you on the boards...karen3

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BAMAG06 1/8/2008 8:22AM

    Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your january I was just checking out some threads on my teams and saw your wake up call and really enjoyed it. Goodl luck with starting 2008 off in a great way! Have a great day Sarge!

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WANDAH3 1/7/2008 9:18PM

    You did have the bird of paradise fly right on by in the month of December. But hey, this is a new year, a fresh start and a kick in the hinny to get you going. So strap on that positive attitude, except no excuses from yourself, and claim your future. You are the creator of your own reality...so it's up to you what you want your reality to be!
Life happens, and you did okay...you are back on track now and I'm sure that your wife really appreciated you being there for her. It's hard to watch your parent decend beyond your reach. My mother also suffered from alzheimers and I was her legal guardian.
Now it's time to take time for your health, you are worthy it, and worth more to your family alive than not.
Til later sarge,

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VW4LIF 1/7/2008 3:24PM


It definitely sounds like you have had your share of challenges. I have to admit, I am glad to see you back in here. It had been very quiet the last few days. Keep your chin up and everything will make sense. When I have a series of things like you happen, I normally get some sort of inspirational reading to help me through it. Right now I am reading Joel Osteen's first book. Sometimes we just need that outsider's perspective to help us though... take care!

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MARTYDIET 1/7/2008 2:32PM

    Ehi Serge! This is the New Year.. And everything should still change...
Think step by step.. Your first goal to reach? The smallest one! And the most important for you! Find the relax.. Find the time to ask your self.. What I need to restart this year with courage, with fun, with joy?
Step by step.. with small goal you will reach the biggest one... Everyday, everything will take its right shape...

And we are here with you.. the reach the Heverest together ;)

WE ARE ALL WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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MARLA7 1/7/2008 11:46AM

    Oh Sarge...you've certainly had your share of trials lately. No power? That had to have been awful! I'm glad you're back...you'll get back on track. You've already shown us how disciplined you are (morning bugle calls for example!) I know some have missed that...I'm usually up early anyway though. A great big welcome back & don't be so hard on yourself for that weight gain. You've gone through a lot of stress. Now it's behind you & so are WE!

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