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Life since DH retired!

Monday, August 04, 2014

The thing about my husband being retired is that every day is the weekend! Love it! Wish he could have done it sooner!

We are terrifically busy and I rarely find time to Spark! We went on a great vacation and visited all our children and saw all the grand kids but one who was not available when we were in his area. With twelve kids and 36 grand kids this was a major project! Also saw most of the great grandkids and there are ten of those.

Now that we are back home, we are having the visits from family. We have two families visiting now although not all are actually staying in our home-- just four people.

I have not been able to stay on any sort of a good eating plan since retirement started. Hard to follow any plan while traveling and being a guest in someone elses home. Also hard to have guests and not feed them well. When there is food available I find it hard to resist the goodies so have put on three pounds. I am not happy about it, but I will get back to the lower weight and good habits just as soon as the current guests leave. I know what to do it is just very hard to folow through with the program when the normal routein is broken.

Good wishes for successful weight control to all of you. I do try to read blogs when I have time, but so far, haven,t managed to find a good schedule that works for retirement and vacations and guest schedules. Just want to say hi to all my Spark friemds and assure you that I have not fallen off the edge of the earth!

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MILLISMA 8/4/2014 10:07PM

    Glad to hear that you've been enjoying DH's retirement. I know you will get back on track and yes, it is hard to stay on track while traveling and also having guests.
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LOPEYP 8/4/2014 3:15PM

    Sounds like an awesome retirement so far!! May it continue.

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ARNETTELEE 8/4/2014 2:21PM

  Congratulations on DH's retirement! My hubby is retired too! He has been since 2013.

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Great Vacation!

Friday, June 27, 2014

We are enjoying a fun vacation. We are traveling to visit all our kids. They live in several western states. We have stayed with the kid we are visiting and we go site seeing in the area where they live. Between visits to kids we have been camping. The scenery has been beautiful! We went to several National Parks and Monuments. There is a lot to see and enjoy.
It is amazing how much our grandkids have grown since last we saw them! Several are taller than me now, which makes them happy! i'm not as happy about it!
We will be back home in a couple of weeks and I will have more time to Spark.

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1BEACHWALKER 6/27/2014 6:22PM

    Sounds great! Maybe you can share some photos when you get back. Safe and fun trip!!

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Retirement is very busy!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

I am amazed how busy we are now that my husband has retired. We are really enjoying our time. I am so busy that I often forget to get on Spark for several days. Sorry about that, but I will try to keep up when I have time.

At first I gained a little weight because we were eating out way more than I was used to. Now I seem to have that under a little better control and today I was actually down half a pound from my last weigh-in (now at 135 1/2). I hope that is not just a one day occurence as I plan to be at 130 for my birthday in Sept. We are leaving soon for a visit with our children who are spread all over the western US. I will have to check back in when I get back home as several of my kids do not have Wifi access.

I hope all of you a successful summer of healthy eating. I will be reading your blogs when I have time, and may leave one or two of my own.

Hugs to all my Sparkie Friends!

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1BEACHWALKER 6/5/2014 4:11PM

    Glad it is keeping you busy, but I hope it is a fun busy sometimes!! I know about that eating out...we do to much of it too. So we cut back a bit and only do it once or twice a week. The sodium and fat is the bad thing about those restaurants. Check in when you can! Keep sparking and moving right along! emoticon emoticon

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Found a Tasty New Restaurant

Friday, April 18, 2014

It is so much harder eating right now that my husband is retired. He loves to go out for meals and so do I. Today we had to drive to the post office and decided to try the Asian Buffet in the area. It was great and we both loved it. I tried not to over eat, but wanted to try all the new foods. They were very tasty. I limited myself to one plate, but have to admit that it was piled high! I love Asian food and this was a good buffet!
We have found a tasty new restaurant! Is this a good thing or a bad one?

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JANET552 4/20/2014 7:55AM

    Good question!! It is easy to eat lots at a buffet but each time you go, you'll probably learn how to be more moderate in your choices.

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JUSTME9898 4/18/2014 10:04PM

    Laughing - probably both - now that you have tried everything maybe next time you can choose your 3 favorites. rotate and make that a smaller plate.

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Retirement is Fattening!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

I am really enjoying my husband's retirement. He is home and doing a lot of deferred maintenance around the house.
We also take a nice long walk every morning that we can. We both are enjoying the walks and we notice that the more we walk the better our stamina. We can now walk longer and farther without getting as tired. I know that is good for us and that as we get more stamina we will be able to walk to even more places.
Some of our favorite places to walk are to places we like to eat at. Then we can sit down and enjoy a meal or a snack before we have to walk home. Now the trick is to learn how much we can eat and not gain weight.
I have been gaining about a pound a month since he retired. I know that is not a lot of weight to gain, but it is sure a lot of weight to try to lose. It is 3 pounds since January! That is not good. I know I am having more exercise, but the weight seems to be sneaking up on me. Yesterday was the start of the new month and I am trying to figure out a way of eating that will not cause the weight gain. My diet has not really changed a lot since his retirement, but eating out just a little extra seems to be a problem for me.

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JANET552 4/3/2014 11:01AM

    It is funny how stubbornly a few pounds can cling on us. I hope the weight evens out as you adjust to your DH's retirement!

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SOPHIEDO13 4/2/2014 12:58PM

    It's either extra weight from muscle due to walking or the eating out. It sure is a worry and bother when those extra pounds creep in. I would go with caution it might be eating out ?!?!

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