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Not Journaling...but watching what I eat.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

No, I am not journaling. I just find that I don't want to take the time and I have a hard time figuring out how many calories...I can do it on paper, but to actually put it in my journal here, it doesn't work. Because if I make a sauce without a recipe, I don't have any way to .....oh bother. I don't need to explain myself. It is my choice. I AM being careful what I eat. I measure what I am eating so know if I am getting too much meat or too much pasta or whatever.

The idea is, I am being careful. I am eating correctly. I am not filling up on bread or other junk. I am eating lots of veggies. I am not eating sweets and if I do, I am careful to have only a small piece.

Have I lost weight? I don't know. Yes, I weighed myself a while ago, although I said I wouldn't....and I got discouraged for a minute but this is about eating healthy NOT about diet. IF I lose weight, that will be a plus.

I am going to continue eating healthy. I will continue measuring as it keeps me aware of what I am eating. I will NOT stress myself out about counting every calorie. Or worry if I am not getting enough calories. I will be careful of portions but I am not going to spend a large part of my day thinking of food. What I can eat, what I can't. What I will cook. If I put sauce on it, how can I count those calories when I am only going to actually eat a couple of teaspoons of the sauce. I have done that for too long and that is NOT what I want to do. My world should not revolve around food...eating too much of it is bad and stressing about what I can eat is bad, also. I won't do it. I will buy healthy and eat healthy.


Still not hungry!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Huh...I am eating well...staying at the lower end of my calories...and still doing ok. I was off Island one day...those days can be difficult and I don't journal because trying to keep track is not easy...you eat when you can and I am ALWAYS hungry when travelling although I don't always feed that hunger.

I don't find it easy to keep track when I do an "off the cuff" meal, either. I often make a marinade/sauce for certain cuts of meat. I don't use a recipe. I just dump stuff in. If a cut is tough, it gets cut up, then it gets a marinade of yogurt, bbq sauces, Worcestershire sauce, and other things I find in the fridge. I don't measure, I dump. I add onions, garlic and other veggies...then put it in a slow cooker and let it cook. How on earth do you figure out the calories in that? Let alone the servings? Answer is..you don't. You just make a guesstimate on the amount of calories you eat.

Too bad there wasn't a scanner out there that you could pass over a plate of food and it would tell you how many calories you had on your plate. It might not be so good in a fast food place, though!


Ice Cream!!!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Yeah. I had Ice Cream tonight. A regular scoop. There was probably 1.5 cups on that cone...LOADS of calories. BUT, I had enough calories that, even though I thought it would take me WAY over the top, it didn't. I didn't plan on Ice Cream. My husband suggested it and me, being me and thinking Ice Cream makes EVERYTHING better, even if nothing is wrong, said yes. And ate it without guilt even though I though it might mean too many calories today. And now I can be really happy knowing I didn't "blow it". Doesn't get any better than that.

Last night I turned down the chance at a chocolate bar. For some that might not be much...for me, it isn't so much the chocolate as the sweetness...and I turned it down anyway. That is a step in the right direction. I CAN do it when I choose to.

Where am I going with this blog? I don't know. lol. I guess I am just glad that, even though I didn't give it a second thought, I didn't mess up, either. I know, I could start over again tomorrow and do better, but that is exactly why I am the size I am to begin with...because there is always tomorrow...but I never do any better. At least not enough to make a difference. And tonight, I don't have to worry about that. :)

I think this calorie counting is going to work for me. I am going to ask my husband to give me a bit more notice about going out for Ice Cream, though. I would like to be able to "budget" my calories rather than eat and hope for the best.


Still positive

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Yeah, I know it is only day three, but I am positive and not thinking "I can't do this! I am hungry ALL the time"! Fact is, there have been times that I HAVE been hungry all the time due to cutting back and cutting things out of my diet. So obviously, I have learned how to eat enough to fill me up but not so much that I am going over my calorie intake. This is a GOOD thing. And if I am hungry, I know that grabbing junk food isn't going to make it better. I will just want more junk food.

Instead, I grab a cup of tea (I love my tea) or sometimes a cup of coffee...but coffee is only once or twice a week if that...it is too hard on my stomach. And I grab a couple of rice cakes...maybe add peanut butter...or maybe not. Or I grab a granola bar. Or a banana. Not the container of cheese balls (which I count out into a container when I do choose to have some.) I also swig some water. I am not in the habit of drinking loads of water, but if I feel hunger pains, I grab a bit of water and it helps.

No hunger pains. Eating correctly...and I didn't have to clean junk out of the house because we don't have a lot of junk food around the house. No chips. I don't bake sweets very often, no candy. Mostly healthy foods. My downfall is meals when I don't take time to prepare veggies and eat way too much of the main meal rather than filling up on the low calorie stuff. We quit eating bread ages ago. We MIGHT buy a loaf once every month...if that. And I make blended soups to eat before meals...Eggplant, cauliflower, broccoli or squash soups. YUMMY. Filling yet not fattening. We don't put any sauces on veggies, either. And salads are often eaten without salad dressing. You know, veggies don't have to taste like ranch dressing! They have flavours all their own! lol

I am happy. I am not hungry. And hopefully soon I can say my pants aren't too tight. :)


Day two...

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I told myself I wouldn't title according to days...yet I did. lol What else do you call the second day of trying to change your life--again?

I did good yesterday. Of course, I had Diet Pepsi...and I know it isn't good for me. I know I should get rid of it completely. I know that if I go without it for a month, chances are I will not drink it again. Yet I drink it anyway. Not every day like I used to, but every few days. And I have to say that right now I have absolutely no intention of getting rid of it. Stubborn? Yep. On this one thing. It is my "comfort food" if you will. Given a choice between Ice Cream (which is the best food ever invented and will make pretty well any day better...) and Diet Pepsi, I will take the Diet Pepsi. Given a choice of chocolate or DP, I will take the DP. So for now, it stays.


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