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P90x - Phase 1 Recovery Week

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I am really proud to say that these last 3 weeks I have seen a totally energy transformation.

I can really hang with the gang in some of dvd's, Ab Ripper X I thought I would never be able to even do 3 out of the 11 sets, but here I am doing all 11 sets well within 20/25 reps required each exercise. I am digging Ab Ripper X!

My favorite DVD is Plyometrics, I really killed this earlier this week, and went in 120% and getting tired the last 20 minutes of the dvd! "WINNING"

This week I will not take for granted, although its REcovery Week, Yoga X is still a workout! Who knew? Core Synergistics - I don't even know what that is but anything with Core in it makes it that more serious - OUCH!

In addititon to Kenpo X - my second fav dvd. I used to do Kickboxing & Tae Bo in college so this is a great strength dvd.

I hope to come out of week 4 with a new refreshed attitude to enter Phase 2.

Goals for Phase 2:
*Drink more water
*Continue making healthy eating choices - cut back on "cheat meals"
*Invest in new Resistance Bands
*Stay Focused &
*Keep pressing Play

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JOEBEASLEY40 10/5/2011 1:51AM

    emoticon Good Job.

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TACONES 10/4/2011 10:34PM

    Your goals for Phase 2 is excellent. You are already in week 4? Time flies when you are having fun. emoticon Way to go. You are doing a beautiful job. When you go hard, you really go hard. I miss our work out sessions. I hope to get back there soon. Keep pushing play.

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BRITTERS23 10/4/2011 8:11PM

    Woo-HOO you made it to recovery week.

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Do More Get More Out of It!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm in week3 of my P90X Journey. I must admit I was really skeptical as to being able to lose weight/inches doing this program, it was slow pace and not as intense as I expected.

I started with Insanity and its intensity was a definite grueling challenging but fun workout. I knew I was working out because I was dripping in sweat EVERY single workout. In week 1 of P90x I was barely breaking a sweat, and was somewhat upset that I was not really "feeling" the workout.

So in Week 2 I told myself to go all in as-if it was Insanity, step up my Reps, run a little faster, exert more energy in every single exercise! By doing so I felt better, I started sweating I was sore, tired every night! It felt great I must say.

I recall from Chalene Johnson, Turbo Jam, the more you put into your workout the more you get out of it. This rings so true with everything in life! I expect more out of myself and want to do more every single time. Yea, i still hit the pause button for an extra 10-15 seconds to catch my breathe, but I am go all out everytime! I can't just commit to 90 days without working my ass off - whats the point of doing it half-ass?

I am ready for my 90 days to be complete, but I am going to love the journey even more!

Thus far I have lost 5lbs in first 2 weeks, I'll weigh in next Tuesday for update and also will take measurements again.

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1HOTTIEBODY 9/29/2011 9:56PM

    Thanks guys. I really have my head and heart in this round!
I am even crazy enough to redo Insanity afterwards. Calling on Tacones beginning of new year, lol.

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BRITTERS23 9/29/2011 7:50PM

    Awesome! "you get out what you put in" Is what I tell myself when i'm jogging and tired. Keep it up!

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TACONES 9/29/2011 4:22PM

    Congrats...way to go on the 5 pounds in 2 weeks. That's motivation. You did Insanity, I know you can do P90X. I'm going to give my all on my 10 minutes when I start oct. 1st. :-)

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BEANIE926 9/29/2011 3:53PM

    Wow, congratulations! I'm a firm believer of "you will get back whatever you put in", about all aspects of life. I am glad that you are seeing results and hope that each program you are doing/will do in your future only brings you closer to your fitness goals!


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Why do you sometimes gain weight when starting a new exercise program?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why do you sometimes gain weight when starting a new exercise program?
- By Chalene Johnson

Probably the most common question I get when I release a new exercise program is, "Help! I'm gaining weight! Am I doing something wrong?" This is a common phenomenon with any new exercise program, Turbo Kick, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Hustle, you name it! It's especially common (and temporary) with intense strength training programs like ChaLEAN Extreme or Tony Horton's P90X.

The motivation to start a new exercise program is almost always to lose weight loss. However, what most personal trainers know and most at-home exercisers do not, is that a new exercise program often can cause an immediate (and temporary) increase on the scale. (Notice I didn't say weight gain! I'll explain.) This common increase in the scale is also the reason why perhaps millions of people start and then quickly quit their resolution to get fit.

emoticonThe temporary weight gain explained: emoticon

When someone starts a new exercise program, they often experience muscle soreness. The more intense and "unfamiliar" the program, the more intense the muscle soreness. This soreness is most prevalent 24 to 48 hours after each workout. In the first few weeks of a new program, soreness is the body trying to

"protect and defend" the effected or targeted tissue. Exercise physiologists refer to this as delayed-onset muscle soreness, or DOMS.

This type of soreness is thought to be caused by tissue breakdown or microscopic tears in muscle tissue. When this happens the body protects the tissue. The muscle becomes inflamed and slightly swollen with fluid retention. This temporary retention of fluid can result in a 3- to 4-pound weight gain within a few weeks of a new program. Keep in mind that muscle soreness is not necessarily a reflection of how hard you worked. In fact, some people feel no signs of muscle soreness, yet will experience the muscle protection mechanisms of water retention and slight swelling.

Most people are motivated enough to put up with this temporary muscle soreness. Yet, many, especially those who really need immediate weight loss to keep them motivated in those first couple of weeks become discouraged and quit!

When I worked with a group of 70 test participants during the development stages of ChaLEAN Extreme, this happened. Who was the most upset and discouraged? You guessed it... the women! I'm happy to report with absolutely every single woman (and man) in our group, the weight increase was temporary and never lasted more than 2 weeks before they started to see a major drop in the scale. However, these people had the advantage of working with someone who was able to explain to them why this was happening and assure them the weight would come off if they stuck to the nutrition plan and stayed true to the program.

For those of you who are following the ChaLEAN Extreme phase plan, keep in mind that when you start each phase, your body will be "in shock" again. Don't be surprised or discouraged if you experience a temporary gain on the scale the first week of each phase.

My own personal example of this is running 10K's. I don't do it very often, maybe 1 or 2x a year. Even though I run on a regular basis, when you run a race you push much harder. It's natural for me to be "insanely" sore the next day. Its also very common for me to see the scale jump 4 pounds the next day from forcing fluids post race and the resulting DOMS. Even though I know the cause of it, it's still a bummer. We're all human and hard work should mean "results". Hard work equals results, but our bodies are amazing machines and they know how to protect us from hurting our selves. Soreness forces you to give those muscles a break :) Ultimately you will lose the weight and you will change your metabolism in the process.

The key is understanding that this is a normal and temporary and stick with the program!!

emoticonWhen to be concerned: emoticon

If you experience a significant weight gain (exceeding 5 pounds) which does not begin to decrease rapidly after the second week, guess what it is??? I'll give you one hint... you put it in your mouth and chew it. You know it! You're food (or calorie laden beverages). Newsflash friends.. exercise doesn't make you gain weight. Consuming more food than you burn makes you gain weight!

So if after two weeks you are not losing weight, have gained weight that's not coming off, it's time to take a close and honest look at your food intake. It's time to find out what you're burning in calories each day. Have your RMR or BMR tested. This can be done for less than $50 and the information is invaluable. It takes out the guess work. Google "hydrostatic body fat testing _______ " and insert the name of the big city you're closest too. Companies that do HBFT also do BMR testing. Knowledge is king.

I'm gaining weight, but I'm sure it's muscle:

Possibly, but if you're following ChaLEAN Extreme correctly, you should be losing fat and gaining muscle and the fat loss should be much more substantial than the rate at which you can physically put on muscle. This is even true for they guys. Of the 70 plus people in my test group, every single one of them lost body fat and gained muscle and not one of them gained weight. I believe the average weight loss after 4 months was 28 pounds with many people losing 40 plus pounds. Even the men, who as you can see put on a lot of muscle, were seeing huge drops in the scale. We tested their muscle composition at the beginning and at the end and 100% of the participants maintained or gained muscle while achieving substantial weight loss. That's the key to keeping weight off long term, i.e. muscle. Muscle burns fat. But you've heard me say that before.

Moral of the story:

Be patient young grass hopper. You'll be lean and mean in no time! emoticon

And by the way, you should "LIKE" Chalene on Facebook - she is amazing!! http://www.facebook.com/chalene

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BRITTERS23 9/29/2011 7:53PM

    Great info! Thanks!

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TACONES 9/29/2011 4:16PM

    I needed this information...since I'm about start Mr. Horton's new program(my new man). Thanks for sharing.

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Week 3 - P90X

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Alright I have entered Week3! Can't wait to Recovery Week.

I must say although I had my reservations about the pace of P90X I still do feel the workout intensity. I must say I do enjoy the Ab Ripper X. I have actually started to get thru at least half of the exercises - 25reps in each set! I love Ab workout bc I know my gut will be gone one day!

I do need to get hard resistance bands this weekend. i find myself doing more reps in order to tire out my muscles. Yoga X is no joke - I sweat! I cant believe it. Its a lovely workout, it allows me to clear my mind and really focus 'in' on my body and calmness.

Week 4 can't come soon enough - that would be the end of Phase 1 of P90X. Phase 2 I have no idea what to expect. I do not plan on peeking at those workouts until then.

My eating habits have been in tune, I have my moments but I am in a stronger mindset to resist most of my cravings! But I am very proud of my accomplishments thus far. I haven't weighed-in yet, its that time of the month. Next Tuesday I'll weigh-in!

"Do your best, and forget the rest"
Nite Nite

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1HOTTIEBODY 9/29/2011 9:04AM

    No I didn't get the blocks. I use without.
If you want just use a few stacks of books from home to save money, LOL. Tony is always saying "MODIFY", so dont go broke with every equipment they use, be creative! LOL

Yes, Tacones I can ease into some of my shirts from last summer, still snug but not as before! I'm getting there :)

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TACONES 9/28/2011 10:19PM

    emoticon I'm sure once you do get on the scale, you will get great results or even in your clothes. Good job hanging there. emoticon

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BITIFULBYGOD 9/28/2011 10:06AM

    Did you get the yoga blocks for the yoga workout? Or are they even needed?

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Gearing up for Week 2 of P90X

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Last week went well.
I only missed 1 workout day - Kenpo! I'm sure I will be surprised with this DVD.

I love the Plyometrics. I think because of Insanity Plyo which was VERY grueling. This time around it was a little slow pace as I expected, all the dvds seem to be this way Phase 1. I have customized my ITouch to give me more upbeat music to workout too, so its more enjoyable to just watch Tony H. I still have yet to do a REAL pullup. BUt I will Toot my own horn to say pushups are my new bragging point - thanks Shaun T!!!!

Week 2 is the same as week 1. So now that I know what is expected I plan on amping up the intensity! Doing more reps and exorting more energy throughout! I love a good sweat at the end of my dvd. Oh lets not forget AB Ripper X, OMG! What a workout! For the life of me - I can't do Reverse Bicycles. WTH? LOL. Great DVD here, however it would be nice to add the resistance bands in this ABX dvd, for certain exercises (TurboFire has a really great Ab DVD).

I am eating very healthy. I do allow myself 1 cheat meal for the week. It usually is a Saturday, so hard to not enjoy food with company over. With that being said I did lose 2 lbs this past week. I hope to carry this over into Week 4, after that I hope to be losing a little more every once in a while.

Doing my best and forgetting the rest!
Bring It Tony H.!!

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SPMOM2 9/20/2011 4:17PM

    enjoy, it's a great workout.

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