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My Ultimate Reset Journey Begins Day 1...

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Ok! I gave you the quickest run down HA - I know it was a long read but hey giving you my take and personal dealing with shopping thus far.

Day 1 I was to amped I was anxious to get the ball rolling.
I got up took my 3 supplements thats required from your UR Kit; Mineralize, Optimize, and Oxygenize. Not going into too deep if you need info let me know and I can explain each simply.

Then you have to wait 30 min prior to your first meal "Breakfast" which was 2 large eggs, steamed kale or spinach, with 2 slices of whole grain toast! It was all good to go until I ate my spinach LOL I almost gagged! WTH Man, I love spinach but first thing in the Morning my stomach was like "Hold the Heck up Angie" haah But i managed to eat the rest

Then around lunch supplments 30 min prior to eating again. And lunch was a Baby mixed salad with our own made dressing. All recieps for EVERYTHING is in your book. Thats why I love this so far FOOL PROOF.

Then like 2 hrs after lunch you have the drink "Alkaline" its a powdered form that you mix in water I had already knew it may taste weird. So I was ready, I bought my shot glass to work and Chug the hell of it. OMG! Ya'll it was so thick becuase it was not in larger glass w/ tons water but I managed to get it down. Smelt like rabbit food or like the stuff you put at the bottom of their cage. LOL

FYI - all the supplements are NATURAL no additives or artificial ingredients.
Also you are drinking tons of distilled water ALL DAY Aim for my 1/2 my weight in ounces to drink.

Dinner was great a baked salmon with asparagus, lemon, and baby potatoes. I have never felt so happy to see this i had been waiting for it all damn day to devour like a ravage. Dont judge. LOL

I did experience some slight headache around 11am but as I kept drinking water I was good to go and it went away. I contribute this to not have my daily caffefine or sweets. But it wasn't too serious to cry about.

Oh i did have a snack later apple with 12 almonds. there are certain snacks you can have in Phase 1. Because we are gradually moving from dairy/meat in Phase 1 then Phase 2 Phase 3 we go more veggies etc..

I did have to go to bathroom with the tons of water I am drinking.

Stay Tuned Day 2....

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SABLENESS 1/5/2013 8:58PM

    Spinach for breakfast, hmm. Maybe a green smoothie would help? Thanks for the welcome to SparkStreaks! Lose 2 Lbs a week! I set myself a 2 lb a week goal for six weeks and went looking for a team to match my goal; of course there was one! Wishing you success with your Ultimate Reset.

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EUEK098 1/4/2013 12:33PM

    Good Luck, emoticon

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TXHRT4U 1/3/2013 4:22PM

    emoticon Great job on the blog! I started mine on the 1st! emoticon emoticon

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My Ultimate Reset Prep

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Ok I have totally taken the leap and going to LEARN how to eat clean for the next 21 days using this Ultimate Reset. Its about Detoxing your body but no like the detox you probably think this is about. STOP - This is cleaning your body from the inside and proving it nutrients/minerals we don't get much these days because we have gotten away from organic foods w/o pumped chemicals and such. This is not a weight loss program either that is an added benefit from changing your diet from meat/dairy gradually into Vegan Lifestyle.

I am doing this to get a handle on my eathing habits like never before. I can PUSH PLAY daily without any problems its like second nature. But sometimes my nutrition can be good for 1 week and off another week or day. I need to be consistent in this area. So YES I need this program for me. I need this layed out plan to guide me along. Coudl I do this alone and figure it out. Probably. But this Works for me, I know my strengths and weakness. And just reading a book is not going to help me I gradually need to learn this not cold turkey or just cook stuff. I like to know why I'm eating romaine heart instead of iceberg lettuce, why himalayan salt is better than Sea Salt etc... I need meaning behind the doing in a little more depth thats me and my mind.

THere was alot of prep for this program. Why? Because I had to shop like I have never shopped before. There were no staple foods on this list that we normally eat besides a few veggies, we are a meat eathing family. So It took me 1.5hr in 1 store and another 1hr in another to find everything to be set for 1 week. Was it hard to do, NO! It was just a eye opener to actually purchase foods I never wanted to buy here I am now buying them and seeing the recipes they will be used in for the next 21 days. Some new things I never heard of like Jicama! What is that? Something delish :) I'm making my own dressing, and found out inthe process how to make my own baby rice cereal for Mason. WHAT - just in time he's about to try rice cereal out for first time :)

Ok, needless to say give yourself like 1 week to read over everything and PLAN PLAN your grocery shopping experience without ANY distractions (Kids, spouse, phone) You will need it to find everything on your list. There is alot to purchase at first but not bad. OH stock up on Distilled Water very cheap purchase from any store especially Walmart .88cents :)

It helps to have a layout of your grocery store in hand. We have a Wegmans, Shoppers, Safeway, and Whole Foods store. So I had plenty to choose from. I stuck with the first 2 stores.

Once you get home KNOW how to store your veggies and fruits. You will need this for 1 whole week so you dont want spoilage. Just dont throw everything into your fridge in plastic bags and/or mixed your veggies and fruits together - LEARN how to store your produce people. I'm saving you money!!

GO over your booklet/kit - Know what you can prep now and use later in the week. Also veyr important if you work outside the home its not bad but you dont' want to be scrambling around in A.M. with prepping breakfast and lunch. When you could have cooked your lunch and storage to grab in the morning.

OH!! You dod have a few different supplements to do throughout your day. Nothing to bad ...

I'll do my beest to post daily here. I'm trying ot stick to youtube for these quick updates/progress.
Wish me Luck
Stay Tuned.. Day 1 - Day 21

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1HOTTIEBODY 1/3/2013 9:26PM

    yes prepping is your best friend thru this entire 21 days. I am certain of it. I prep my lunches the night before when Icook dinner. So its been a success.

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TXHRT4U 1/3/2013 4:40PM

    My wife & I spent about the same amount of time at the grocery store. We should have done the prep work. For the past 2 mornings I have prepared our foods for us. Hopefully this weekend we can get the prep work done for week 2.

emoticon emoticon

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Its been a Minute... Turbofire

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Just realizing I haven't made a blog in a HOT MINUTE.

I've been on my grind with TURBOFIRE like no other. Im in midst of week 6 and loving every second of it. I've been also on Instagram and Chalene Johnson "Queen Social Media" been showing this chick some love on a few of my pictures!!

Turbofire is a girl girls program if you love upbeat music, bubbly trainer, and just overall good ass time working out without feeling like one. I have seen my endurance building with each workouts. Last night I did Fire 30 - OH MAN, was that one a serious workout - Good Lord, 30 mintures of serious punch/kick combos. Thighs were-a-burning and the booty was on FIYA.

THere is also more Tone and Scuplt in this 4 week series witht he resistance band and sculpt band. Each of those are 30 minutes long but goes by very fast. I keep forgetting to touch on Strectch 40, its similar to Yoga in ways but its the greatest stretch to do unlike Yoga X from P90X - you know what I mean if you have done that. Its more fluid and not too much 'talking'. Dont get me wrong I really dont like slowly down at all in workout but this Stretch 40 is perfectly positioned during your weeks for your body - so I really do welcome it.

nothing much else to say or add. Ya'll know I love this program!

I will be putting Turbofire on hold Week 7 Day3 to begin the Ultimate Reset with a crew of people - Can't wait I'll blog about that later as it nears Jan 2nd.

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EUEK098 12/27/2012 10:40PM

    Glad you're enjoying the FIYA.

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DUCKIJO 12/27/2012 2:03PM

    I still use my Turbo Jam from 7 years ago... Just watched the video based on your blog. i amy have to add this to my DVD collection!

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NIKKICOLE83 12/27/2012 1:58PM

    I have heard a lot about Turbo Fire. I am not a home DVD type of person. My mom just ordered me P90X and it should be arriving next week so I will start there. You sound like you know what you are talking about though so I should probably research TurboFire.

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Who says Workouts can't be FUN!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

If you are one to dread your workouts - i will say you are doing the wrong one and need to find something that keeps you engaged and makes you return each and everyday! As you know I am doing Turbofire the funnest workout you can do in the comfort of your own home! Forget a gym membership, and gas money!

Even if you dislike dance but love music this one is sure to turn your opinion around. Its a dancey kickboxing cardio workout that I love to the core.So much I am Turbokick certified and will be working on a Fitness Resume to apply to our local recreation centers and i may propose to our neighborhood clubhouse to teach 1x a week to us residents for fun and FREE - I dont care to get paid but more so to show workout can be fun if you want it to be and find that soulmate workout!

I'm so into this lifestyle I can't go a day missing any of them even on my rest day I put something into my dvd player to do!

Whatever workout u do, if its a hassle or more like a chore to do everyday you may need to find something else that suites you and your needs. Ain't nothing wrong with that. It will be more rewarding and produce great results if you have one you love vs one you just do because the one you LOVE you will put more effort it and sweat it out more!!

How about it! Have you or Or you doing a workout that you LOVE or just doing because you told yourself and others that you are doing blah blah?? No judgement Zone - the moment you realize it - make some changes if necessary!

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KSTYLEFITNESS 12/10/2012 9:32AM

    Love, Love, Love Turbo Fire. Just got it and thought I would be able to stick with it. Now with my otherwise busy schedule and teaching Turbo Kick, I cannot fully commit to the 90 days, but just do it when I can.

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EUEK098 12/9/2012 8:14PM

    Loving and enjoying your workout routine is so important, that keeps you coming back each and every day.
Loving Shaun T, he keeps me panting but boy do I love it.

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2week Turbofire Update

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Nothing to really say!
I LOVE TF and Chalene! I am a music freak of all genres so this is the perfect mix of music and dancey kickboxing its like Heaven i'm sure.

The HIIT workouts are killer shorter but killer! Your heartrate is on full overdrive even hours after the workout.

The schedule is you workout for 6 days your 3rd day is your REST Day. You have the option of wearing weighted gloves for more intense workout (as if u need more) but it will help you burn more calories and tone up those chicken wigs if you have any.mI have to get new ones i think mine are 3lbs and too large. I need to get smaller ones and possibly 2lb gloves.

You will enjoy this workout to no end. You will not have a problem pressing play daily. You will learn which DVDs has yoru fav combo and songs!!I love 45 and 45ez. Crazy music and combos.

I mean seriously this workout is hella fun!! Invite a friend over to do it with you will be even more hyped with their company. I have a few ppl on Facebook that we check in on each other daily and we are all on same page loving this workout. There is nothing bad I can say, other than it kicks your booty but you wont even know it because you are having that much fun.

I blare our theatre system with my workouts it sounds like a house party every night.
Tonight was my REst Day didnt know it till after i got dressed to workout. So I popped in Shaun T's "Fast & Furious" DVD and did that crazy arse workout then popped in TF Greatest HIITs dvd. I was rolling ya'll. No sense in getting dressed to do nothing. I made it count for something.

I was snorting my sweat AND my eyes were burning from the sweat! What else can i say.haha THIS is my soulmate workout.I am in week 3 but had to fill ya'll in. :)

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CGREEN9310 12/7/2012 8:52PM

  I love your energy!! You are definitely a motivator emoticon Is the Greatest HIITS part of the Deluxe package? I only have the basic TurboFire. Is this something that I can get alone? I LOVE TF!

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1HOTTIEBODY 12/7/2012 6:25PM

    THanks!! I'm all IN and making it count!
2013 is going be just right!

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EUEK098 12/6/2012 10:10PM

    Love me some Chalean also, keep it up, you're doing good

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-ADRIENNE- 12/6/2012 12:38PM

    woohoo! Glad you're loving it too, don't really know anyone that doesnt! I have weighted gloves and I think they're 1lb each and they make my shoulders ache after a workout so be wary of not going small enough, remember that it's only bonus and that there are upper body workouts for really building those muscles. Best of luck figuring out what works for you, just letting you know from my experience. :)

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TACONES 12/6/2012 6:22AM

    Way to keep going with getting that baby weight off. You are on roll. WooHoo!!!

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