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Phase 3 - DOUBLES *Amp It Up

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ok, I have been really stepping up and showing out! I started P90X Classic, now in my final Phase I have decided to switch to DOUBLES! And its a KILLER

So far its been great, I am waking up more sore than EVER!! I decided this version last week bc I wanted to amp up my strength that i have gained in Phase 1 and 2! Unfortunately Tony Horton has it scheduled as 1 workout in A.M. and 1 in P.M. but there is no way i can wake up earlier than 5 am and workout to then get the whole house ready to go to work. So my p.m. workouts are more brutal if I was able to separate them. In any case, Toot Toot my horn. I am bringing it every workout, and of course I a tried as all hell, but nevertheless I am giving it my ALL!!

I would suggest those doing P90X switch up their version in Phase 2 or 3 to amp up their workouts and really push yourself past the comfort zone! I mean, we are working out to make a change in our appearance whether it be losing weight, toning, or bulkig up! Once you feel comfortable you must change it up immediately to avoid a plateau! Steady pace does NOT win this race, Change of Pace does. Take it up a notch and see what you are made of!

Ok, I'm pumped right now. Need to cool down and hit the shower and off to a good nights rest!!! :)

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1HOTTIEBODY 11/17/2011 5:50PM

    Thanks! I am really pumped, b/c its all coming together
1. Doinng my best to eat right
2. Working out
3. Getting goodnight rest
4. No unnecessary junk food - Cooco. Shakeology takes care of that LOL
5. My Pix tell the story - post them at end of P90x!

I will be there to cheer you and I both on!! TF we are goig to enjoy b/c of Chalene's bubbly personality. I did TurboJam back in the day it was sooo much fun.

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TACONES 11/17/2011 5:32PM

    emoticon Please bring that energy when we start Turbo Fire because I am going to need it. I am ready to see results but kinda been lazy with wanting to put in the work. I hope I get that high again. I want to be on a mission to drop more weight than I did with Insanity. You are really doing a great job. Keep it up.

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Fitness Plan similar to Cell Phone Plan?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wow, what an amazing journey thus far! I can't wrap my mind around the fact I have almost completed P90X. At the beginning of the program I was really determined to successfully complete the program, but had always had in my mind "90Days is a long committment". Then I thought, if I could sign a 2 yr term contract with cell phone service and be content then this fitness committment is POSSIBLE! LOL

So week 1 of Phase 3 going great I am seeing the results and endurance to keep up with the "Kids", I try not to modify at all. Getting the most out of the exercise carries over into MAXIMUM RESULTS we are all looking for. In the same thought, I do modify near the end when I have pushed myself so hard that I am almost exhausted.

I am happy to have come this far and going to get to my desired goals shortly. What I have learnt is that 30-60-90 days of any workout program or reaching a goal is possible if you WANT IT! Find a way to make a way, if not you'll also be stuck with your current status, unhappy, unfit, or just plainly alone. There are many going thru challenges to lose weight or get fit, eatiing healthier, but the difference is the ones who stay committed NEVER GIVE UP!

So, COMMIT to your fitness journey like a "Short Contract" and you'll get to your goals in no time! But if you bow-out, you're going to pay the remainding cost of your contract-Being Unhealthy for an extended time and develop additional unnecessary "charges"-heart disease, high cholesetrol, and numerous other fatal health problems.

Pick a workout plan and stick to it like the latest gadget on the market! You'll reap the greater benefits that no one could have offered you that is not an on the shelf product or for Sale. Its a bundle package of PERSEVERANCE, DEDICATION, SELF GRATIFICATION and LIVING THE GOOD LIFE! And at the end of your contract you are just required to maintain your current Healthy Habits.

Good Luck on your journey!

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INTHOSEJEANS 11/15/2011 4:57PM

    Great blog! You are rockin' it out...I have the DVD set but have never attempted the workouts (bought it for my boys); however, I was thinking about mixing it up with my other workouts. Kudos to you for sticking with the program!!


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TACONES 11/12/2011 11:25AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1HOTTIEBODY 11/12/2011 10:08AM

Its not a bad as you really think it is.
It's slow pace so you can really focus on isolating the working muscles.

Also alot of women are intimidated by weights. I can guarantee you its not HARD at all, he allows you to MODIFY moves for your comfort level, or go Xtreme, or do the Mid-level fitness. Lifting weights dvd You lift what you can and do more reps to feel the burn. Weight lifting does burn more calories than a short cardio workout!

I hope you guys will try it out it really is for anyone at any fitness level!

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HAWKTHREE 11/12/2011 9:11AM

    This is a workout that has intimidated me. Cpongratulations on nearing its completion!

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GOOSIEMOON 11/12/2011 9:00AM

    Wise words, well-spoken!

How impressive that you are nearing the end of your P90X program!
Although I've built a much better fitness level, I've always been a bit intimidated by P90X...

Have a great day!

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When You give it your all you can't lose!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wow, I am still doing P90X! Feels great.
Tonights workout signified alot on this Get Fit for Health journey.

I gave it my all.I got words from a passionate fitness lady yesterday.

"you know that part of the video where they tell you "you can modify this to make it easier" DONT! Make it as hard as your can... the worse thing that happens is you have to go back to the "easier" way - the best thing... YOU GET FASTER RESULTS! HELLO!!!!!

It spoke LOUD tonight, I burnt over 733 calories tonight, usually I'm in the 600-630 range. So I can now imagine if I can give 150% each night, this flab will be gone sooner than planned! I'm in it to win it, y'all.

As I stated before, what you put in is what you get out. I can now put in more in now than what I started. I am physically more stronger and capable of surpassing my previous accomplishiments.

I am anticipating tomorrow's workout, my Friday nights aren't going out but more as getting ready to sweat it out.

I can't wait till New Year's while everyone re-claiming their "get fit" resolutions for summer. I'll be there already and just maintaining my weight and lean muscles!!!

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SGILBER6 10/28/2011 9:02PM

    Those extra efforts make your workout so much more worth it! Keep at it, sounds like you're doing great!

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Making Progress!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am loving P90X, as much as I complained about the slow pace of the workouts, I have gotten used to it, finally!

Just about 1 month ago, I bought a new pants from Old Navy, and there are literally falling off my waist, I had to use my belt to tighten them up, my loops are no where near the edge of the belt! emoticon.

My weight is steadily decreasing. I have finally paired eating well and consistent exercise and seeing RESULTS!

I have added BeachBody Shakeology - Chocolate as my morning breakfast for almost 2 weeks. I must saw, I was a true skeptic but I have seen youtube videos and nothing but praises bout this stuff. SO, I had a few $$ to spare to give it a try - plus the Money Back Guarantee was a bonus, even if I finished the ENTIRE Bag. After 3 days, i started to feel the efforts of more energy than usual - I sleep well every night, was not really stressed. So I immediately realized this change. I have only had 1 shake a day- breakfast, and its helped me a great deal. Lunch and Dinners are simple, but Breakfast definitely was my Vice.

I am a fan of BB workouts, but now this Shake! I am not ashamed- Im getting results with a healthy product AND my continuous workout program.

I hope to continue toward my weight loss goal before the year is up.

Goal Update:
Cut more Carbs out of my diet - I LOOOOVVVE bread, rice, pasta etc...
Work harder on Increasing H20

Oh I just might be participating in a 5k - Walk or Run for Autism this weekend. If I cant make it I'll be participating in Ft. Belvoir Turkey Trot on Nov. 19!!

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1HOTTIEBODY 10/19/2011 9:41PM

    Girl I have picked on some suggestions to do half scoops and still get same affects. I tried it today, it was pretty good! 30days to possible 60 day use.

I may have to try to get in to get discount but that's where they get you monthly fees. I'm ok for now we'll see how it goes this first 30days of using it.

It's delicious it's a Real Pick Me up shake. Cant believe it actual does enhance your mood. Makes going to work in the morning a little more pleasant. Lol

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TACONES 10/19/2011 9:25PM

You are right, shakeology works but so dang gone expensive. I used to split one pack in two. It lasted longer. I had to make it last long, I just did not want to spend that much again. Now you are making me think about getting it again. It was a really pick me up in the morning.
emoticon on your results. You are really doing good. Oh, and love the background.

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5k My Way or NOT- WTH was I thinking???

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ok, here I was sitting at home Monday when I got the bright idea to go out running without pushing baby girl in a stroller.

So, i get dressed, put on my fresh kicks, warmup and stretch, Ipod Tunes for motivation, and had my planned 5k route in mind. So off I go!!! Whew, this is going great till I hit .45miles, I slowed down to fast walk, thinking damn I really got to stay on pace. So I picked up to a jog again at .75mile, I literally said WTH was I thinking- where in the hell is my 1.5mi marker, I can't even see it from here. So I started walking again for 2 minutes. 1mi marker came up and I walked for a good 3-5 minutes, then at 1.25 I saw my 1.5 mile marker to know to turn back around and run back home.

Ok, here is where the shyt hit the fan! i started out walking and then jogged for a few, until both of my feet went numb! WTH? I immediately starting thinking OMG, I think I'm about to have a heart attack/stroke, do I have a blood clot in my leg. My mind was going crazy for 10 minutes, but I kept walking for about 10 minutes till the tingling senssation went away. It was nearly impossible to walk straight, I mean seriously my feet were freaking numb - i didnt know if I was walking or unless I saw my legs moving.

Long story short 1.5 miles back to house was not as productive with feet thingy. However, I did finish it in 50 minutes! LMBO. I have never been so out of shape - seriously I danced since I was 9 yrs old, I loved short fast runs, but never liked long runs!!!

Lesson: Just because I go hard/full blast in almost everything I do does not mean I can go all ballz out in running without any training. One small step at a time, needless to say!

I think my run will definitely count as my Virtual 5k Halloween Challenge! Will I attempt to run again, hmm... Yes, but I will go about it the smart way and stick to the 5k training program that was setup for a reason - for folks like me!

Although it was a eventful crazy run - I am still proud of myself.

You have permission to laugh, shake your head, joke at my expense! I am.

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DRAGONFLY126 10/26/2011 6:53PM

    O-k i was with you, good job. But then the feet thingy you were thinking stroke, I thought oh please don't let her look down and see she has her kicks on the wrong feet!!! Sorry but that was my first thought. Not that I've ever done that. But yeah that's why they have training guides for people like us. lol But hey you gave it a shot good for you. Next time take it slower.

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1HOTTIEBODY 10/12/2011 9:00AM

    You guys are awesome!
Re-reading my blog this morning, and I am just in totally disbelief that I "tried" to runk 5k w/o really training - smdh! For some reason I ignored the fact that I'm not racing against time or myself, I just need to pace myself to enjoy my run (walk/run). I don't have to run the whole thing to say I did a 5k. There is alot more time in my life to attempt it.

Yes, next time I will use the music from my cell instead Ipod, so at least if I'm dying on the side of the road I can call home.

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VYVIENN 10/12/2011 1:26AM

    Hey lady!! Good for you for getting out there! Definitely agree though, work up slowly... I get that numb foot thing sometimes, usually it means I accidentally tied my shoes too tight.

Just remember: even Jeff Galloway says, a smart runner will start taking walk breaks early in order to finish with consistent effort. Getting out of breath and killing yourself along the way is a sure-fire method of quitting running fast.


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TACONES 10/11/2011 9:16PM

    OK superwoman...I see you know better on what to do next time. It wasn't funny but I had to laugh because I could imagine the whole scene. I think Insanity make us think we can do anything but it actually took all of our energy. Yes, please practice before jumping right into a 5k and take a cell phone next time for someone to come and pick you up.

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1HOTTIEBODY 10/11/2011 7:41PM

    Thanks you guys!
I swear if I knew this wasn't my normal approach to BIG challenges, I would start to believe I was crazy. But going full steam ahead in new terrority seems to be my approach regardless the consequences. LOL

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SJACK06S 10/11/2011 7:23PM

  I can relate... sometimes I barrel ahead without taking the experts' advice (or plan). It's the thought that counts, right?!

Keep it up - you'll meet your goals!

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SEMPRE_VIVACE 10/11/2011 6:06PM

    hey that is awesome you are trying.. I guess when I started running I use to run, then walk when I was exhausted (prob for about 1 min, just till I could breathe again) then force myself to get running/jogging again... didn't take too long till I could run for way longer without stopping to walk

must be hard pushing a stroller too...

keep it up!

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