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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Well...my 100 days challlenge is coming to an end...and I didn't reach what I wanted to reach so far, however, I busted through so many plateaus my body had just by switching my protein to pasteuruzed egg whites 1-2 times a day that I am so proud. This past couple of weeks I sort of went back a bit and then forward a bit...based on medication, pain, lack of sleep, and other female factors! Again, the patience I learn while my spirit and mind are ready but my body is saying - nope - sit your butt down! Drives me crazy but I have learned to respect it......a little. :)

In the process of trying to move more, and being on blood thinners I actually caused trauma and bruising in my recivering foot/ankle from doing Wii Zumba...so soaking and elevating...then lots of nerve pain and lack of sleep and more meds...it's been a bit of a roller coaster for me the last year with organs and injuries, but I do what I can when I can and eat clean but treat myself every no and again to my favourite treats. It truly is a journey.

In the last 75 days I have lost 14.4 lbs and 18 inches....seriously...I AM happy with that! I know there is more success to come...the more my body heals, the more my body will change and allow me to do what I REALLY want!!! :)

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PATTYCAKE17 5/22/2012 12:26PM

    We always need to be grateful for our progress even if it doesn't meet our expectations. Sometimes it's better to adjust those than torture ourselves. It's all relative: I used to be disappointed with a one pound loss, now I've learned to be thankful because it was the best I could do and IT WASN'T A GAIN!!! emoticon

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CANDOK1260 5/21/2012 12:20PM

    you are inspiration to us all emoticon emoticon

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KIMMYWIZZIE1 5/21/2012 11:44AM

    You have overcome sooo much! I know you'll make it happen! I'm so proud for you!

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JULIEANNCAN 5/21/2012 10:44AM

    Congratulations on your wonderful progress! emoticon I hope you heal soon. emoticon

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COACHKRYSTIE 5/21/2012 8:35AM

    Amazing honey!! Keep going!!

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CAROLIAN 5/21/2012 1:52AM

    Well done you sure have been doing something right Hope you foot feels better soon HUGS Carol xxx emoticon

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I am still amazed when I hear people trying to lose weight and not taking vitamins. You are restricing your calories and your body of specific things...even fit people do...and the only way to make your body work it's best, is to give it what it lacks. Trust me...you can't everything your body needs on calorie restriction by just the foods you eat!

I'm quite fortunate. I work next to Dr. Patterson Stark, and antiaging specialist Doctor and he makes you get a FULL BLOOD workup...LIKE EVERYTHING your normal doctors don't and then some! Then has you fill out a 16 page quetionaire about you, your family, your lifestyle, etc. Then when the results come back, he sees what your body is doing, what it's lacking, and what you may have excess of...and then prescribes Nutri-west Supplements...they are American and high quality. He actually helps and consults people all over the world by skype and is am amazing man...seriously. Blows my mind.

So some of you have asked what I take...first of course, I would suggest you see a doctor that actually cares about the healthy changes you are trying to make and not just the problems and how to get you through his door and barely examine you. But I think, personally, I tell my family, friends, and clients, these should be your minimum daily vitamins...and please stay away from crap! Like Centrum and those all in 1 things...most of those have been discovered in many portapottys...your body doesn't absorb them...you just crap them out...money wasted...nothing gained!

I think (my opinion remember...not a doctor) you need a high quality multivitamin, Omegas, and maybe calcium and or Vitamin C...depends on your Multi, etc.

What do I take...LOL...it seems like alot but it's like clockwork and you don't really notice things until you STOP taking them...whoa does my body work differently. Dr. Stark makes you get bloodwork every 3 months to track the progress...so it DOES help! The proof is that my heart isn't working so hard now and my energy levels are higher...hormones are leveling out because oddly I had a lot of testosterone,etc.

NutriWest Core Reserve Multivitamin
Nutriwest B Complex
Nutriwest Protect
Nutriwest Omegas
CLA (from health food/body building store)

Nutriwest Core Reserve Multivitamin
Nutriwest B Complex
Nutriwest Omegas

Nutriwest B Complex
Nutriwest Omegas

Nutriwest Protect
Nutriwest Immuno D3
Nutriwest Total Cort

So...I know that vitamins are an investments but like eating clean healthy and fresh...it's an investment in your health, your futures, being around for your family, more energy at work, etc

LIVE your life...don't just exist.

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CHAD8510 5/8/2012 10:17PM

    Ugh I just watched a video the other day about a doctor trashing vitamin supplements and I got so angry that I had to click away. I take a plant-based MV without any sort of artificial colors, I take a digestive enzyme, and I take some omegas. I think the brand of my enzymes is "Now".

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PATTYCAKE17 4/28/2012 7:12PM

    Thanks for the reminder. I believe in vitamins and need to find a good nutritionist nearby to work with. I do the best I can but I think as i get older and lose weight I need something better for me personally. I know I'm lacking something something because the skin on my forearms is perpetually purple with skin hemorages, and no doctor that I asked can tell me anything except that my skin is thin because I'm older!(60'S, NOT ANCIENT!) An intern in the ER suggested vitamin K so I've been eating bunches of kale with no results. No accident that I visited this blog team that I rarely come to even though I'm a member. Just a little wake-up call. I think many of us via the internet know as much or more than some doctors these days! emoticon

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Ch Ch Changes are coming

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wow...haven't written a blog for WAY too long! I miss my SP time but Life has been busy in a VERY positive way! I just need to spark a bit more...have to schedule sparktime I think. :)

On The 9th of April I started a "Stripped In 6 Weeks" Challenge through a New Zealand Company called EggCel (www.eggcel.co.nz) who sell pasteurized liquid egg whites...and I started incorporating them into my daily diet before the contest...and LOVE THEM!!! So much better than all the egg separating and tossing the yolks and because they are pasteurized, you can just drink 'em! Add them to smoothies, etc as a protein base and they don't taste or smell like anything! I am hooked.

The first week on the Challenge - you have to do the whole before picture trying to look as terrible as you can while holding a newspaper to prove the date. The only different thing I did the first week was add EggCel to my day instead of protein powder and extra chicken....etc. I lost 7.2 lbs / 3.26 kgs the first week and broke through the plateau that I have been sitting at!!! How exciting and how cool! :)

Week 2 had several life challenges that came up and clutzy me fell down a big curb in Kaikoura New Zealand while walking (attempting to walk LOL) in town on our way to the baby seals and waterfall! Yup...just call me grace! :) So ended up in pain and had to take some meds which sucks and didn't eat enough...so of course...that effects the scale...and I lost 1 lb / .50 kgs this past week! Saying that..i feel so much better since using Eggcel and since I struggle to eat enough food sometimes, the smoothies make it so easy...there's one that taste like Chai that I love! :)

So week three approaching today and I have popped my BodyBugg on again since breaking my ankle in November...need to move more this week and this always helps motivate me :)

I forgot to mention that the winner of the challenge gets an all expense trip for 2 to Samoa and that is my motivation...me and my man in Samoa at a resort. We haven't went anywhere together since I moved her 5 1/2 years ago! It would be an amazing gift/celebration/achievement...And doing something I love doing - eating healthy and eating clean!

My healthy eating invention seems to possibly have an investor :) YEA! and my new Stampin' Up business and IonWays business are also growing...looking forward to my 40th Birthday on June 3rd (I'll be flying back from Aussie that day) and skydiving before the month (june) is over! I'll be off my blood thinners at the end of May and can get back to Karate, Derby, Tattoos, and life my way! :) WHOO HOO!

Have a great week!

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JULIEANNCAN 4/23/2012 4:40PM


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KIMMYWIZZIE1 4/22/2012 8:11PM

    Cool! I didn't know you sold Stampin' Up! I love that stuff.

Glad your ankle is finally getting better!

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Squeaky clean and feelin' keen to be 40!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Since starting the 100 days challenge in the Power Of P!nk team here on Sparkpeople it has given me a new motivation. Turning 40 on June 3rd and finally being off my bloodthinners so I can re-enter my fun life (karate, roller derby, tattoos. etc) is so exciting. I have just purchased a skydiving day for myself as well, and my 40th Birthday party will be held at TimeZone...which is an arcade here in New Zealand and I will have a Jem & The Holograms cake and we will have fun. I can't wait. there will be ZERO alcohol sonce I have never drank alcohol...and it just makes people embarrassing...it's MY party...I'm naturally loopy...you can be too!

So why not prime myself well for my 40's?! I am excited. Nobody thinks I'm this old...maybe it's because I still buy crayons and use them in colouring books...I find it soothing and relaxing. maybe it's because I love watching hannah Montana...who Ive been told is the modern day Jem by a 12 year old :) Who I have hooked on Jem now! Maybe it's because I have Finding Nemo tattoos and my 1/2 sleeve that will be my B-day gift to myself will be of Jem, scooby do, wonder woman, and all things bright and fun! I tend to get bored with people my age...most...not all...want to talk about their kids, have coffee, eat out, and drink wine...none of which I want to do. :) Don't get me wrong...I am a home body and a scrapbooker...but my "subjects" are usually a bit different than most of the other "ladies" at the workshop! LOL

My passion is nutrition and muscles as well. Seeing a muscle "pop" excites me! I have started exercising again FINALLY since my injury and it feels great. I am eating even cleaner than I was before...and I eat pretty clean...but now...it even impresses me. I have all the Oxygen magazines from 2006-now and I have been going through them all creating a clean cookbook based on their recipes...they are usually higher in protein which I have been trying to help me heap faster and build muscle quicker while getting leaner. I love it. I love how I feel. There just isn't anything that ever tastes as yummy as my own clean cooking. I really hate restaurants now unless they are Japanese...but we don't have proper mexican here thank god! I'm always left disappointed and now I just eat before we go and order a salad when I'm there and a green tea. Nothing ever tastes "worth it" to not eat clean. Saying that, I have allowed myself 1 can of pringles a month if I feel like something naughty...but so far...I haven't even wanted them!!

I can't wait to see all the changes at the finish line - June 3rd - My 40th Birthday! BRING IT ON!!!!

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TAZCOCO72 3/28/2012 8:53PM

    Girl, you make me so proud to be your sister!! I love you so very much and wish we could be together to bring in 40 together...You have such a great attitude...(so much better than mine...I was doing really good about turning 40, which is in six days....but the last few days have just been BLAH)...but anyway...I love you and am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished!! xoxo emoticon emoticon

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JULIEANNCAN 3/27/2012 3:22PM

    Yay for all your accomplishments! Your birthday party sounds like it will be a blast! I love Jem. :)

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NON-Scale Victories

Sunday, March 04, 2012

How do I reward myself with non-scale victories and what are those victories? This is our homework from the SP LIVE meeting.

I have to say, being laid up recovering from surgery or broken bones, etc I do use scale victories a bit more as it comes off easily on the scale when I'm not active. I am good with my food...I prefer to eat clean, it's automatic and easy at this point. This past weekend, my man and I went to the spa for a couple hours and had facials, sauna, etc...we also went and saw a movie, and then I decided I hadn't had a splurgy day in awhile, so I just ordered off the menu what I would want. I had a BLT with Fries (not too many) and I killed a small Oreo Cookie Shake...that went down WAY too easy, but I felt SOOOOOO ill until last night (a day later!) I just thought...well...that wasn't even yummy enough to warrant feeling this gross and tummy upset. It's just easier to eat clean and healthy. To me this is one of my NSV. I remember the day I felt the switch...it was luiterally like a light switch...I wanted good food instead of junk and it was automatic...not forced. That's huge!

When I am not recovering from injury or surgery, I love the gym...however, I build muscle easily and the scale stops moving...but the NSV is the tape measure...it always shrinks! :) I get smaller clothes, smaller undies, smaller bras (ribcage...boobies stay the same)...better jeans...etc. I LOVE to see my muscles pop up and bulge...It motivates me and makes me proud and happy!

I think anytime you're put into a situation where you are being social and you stick to your guns...that is a NSV. You've heard me say it before...I don't care if offend people...it's my body and my booty...I'll eat it if I want...it's not about making them feel good for gods sake! LOL Do they need to feel that feeling of people eating their food in order to feel loved and accepted? They have bigger problems....ooohh I'm getting a little passionate! LOL I have never drank alcohol and people use to pressure me growing up obviously...I think I have something about me, that when I say no, they don't keep bugging me. Like having kids...NO! Not for the right man, not that "it's different when it's your own"...blah blah blah...NO MEANS NO...with every situation! :) HA HA HA I feel extra happy though when you go to someone's house and they actually have healthy food!!!! I wanna hug and kiss their feet. I bring protein bars and stuff along incase, and in the rare occasion I haven't had to use it, it's been awesome!!!

Not sure if this blog is what they wanted, but I think after you hit a certain point in your journey, you run into less pressure because you know your goals, and most people that know you, know they shouldn't mess with ya! :) You are on a mission!

I still weigh myself everyday...especially with the meds I'm taking and my swollen ankle and leg...interesting...measuring them too! :) Still can't wear 2 shoes except Crocs sadly...but it's getting there!

Have a great week!!!
OH...and I found an amazing thing and had to order one. I LOVE IT...NO EXCUSE to stop anywhere on the way home, get crap from the vending machines, etc. If you are prepared you should be sweet!!!
I got the pink/grey one and it's AWESOME!!!!!!

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JULIEANNCAN 3/5/2012 10:39PM

    Great non-scale victories!

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