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Monday Mail :)

Monday, September 05, 2011

Today was a pretty average day but when I got home, My Bodybugg had finally arrived! I have waited and waited! I think it took a little while to get through customs here. I not only tell my clients they should know how many calories are in the food they are eating, but EXACTLY how much they are burning! The only tool I have found so far that helps me know exactly is the Wii EA Active 2 program and Bodybugg. What people think they burn and what they actually burn is REALLY different! Even on SP I think the calories aren't very accurate. Don't get me wrong...all movement is FABULOUS! I am a TYPE A personality and I don't want to leave things to chance for being lazy and "winging it". YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SUCCESS!!! So...arm yourself with the best tools you can. Bodybugg seems logical to me...and plain in your face numbers that either show why you haven't or have lost weight....OR to motivate you to "get your burn" as they say on The Biggest Loser! :) I may walk extra flights of stairs on lunch or do extra cleaning, or walk further...etc. I love setting a goal and reaching it and that is what this is all about. I have heard mixed things about it. I don't really do pedometers...I hear alot of people say it's a glorified pedometer, but I do karate, gym, walking, weights, etc.....I could care less about "steps"...I want numbers in vs numbers out. I am VERY VERY excited. I know I am still not allowed to work out like my normal self, but it'll make me move more I'm sure. I will keep you posted.

This weekend I started taking pics for my book/tool...it will be about weight loss, nutrition, and making it simple...but I tried some new recipes and took pics...and posted calories on my Facebook page. I still need to put them on my Weight loss Girl Patty Wunder FB page though...I love to freestyle cook and some things turn out REALLY pretty! :)

I may jot down my food here everyday now since I am tracking on paper and in Bodybugg (as of tomorrow) LOL

125g Lite Greek Yoghurt
50g Countdown Alpine Toasted Muesli
25g Chocolate Sculpt Protein Powder
1 cup Trim/Skim milk

String cheese

2 slices Balance bread
1 TBS Lite Mayo
75g Tegel Smoked shaved Chicken
A salad with: 1/2 avocado, 1/2 red bell bepper, 1/2 yellow bell pepper, 2 cups of mixed greens, sprouts, and a thin slice of red onion

Horley's Carbless Deluxe Raspberry Cupcake Protein Bar

Fry's Vegetarian Chicken Strips (100g)
4 cups of sauteed mushrooms

I ALWAYS drink 2+ liters of Alkaline water daily - I get it in by 4 PM before I leave work. I always take my vitamins and I always finish my day with a cup of green tea.

So...there's a glance at my Monday!
Off to take my face off and head towards the bedroom! Good night!

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DOGMOMMY 9/5/2011 8:20PM

    let me know how it works and if you like it? i wasn't sure if it would bother me to wear it all the time. looks bulky to go under clothes.

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KASEYCOFF 9/5/2011 2:20PM

    Sounds like a great nutrition plan, really well-rounded! I never heard of a BodyBugg either, but I've been thinking along the lines of wanting a gizmo that will give me info on heart-rate and so forth. Do you have some kind of link as to where to find one of these?

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JULIEANNCAN 9/5/2011 1:02PM

    I have also not heard of the bodybugg. I wish you all the best! emoticon

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IAM_HIS2 9/5/2011 11:02AM

    Thank you for this blog. I am going to have to look up the bodybugg--never hear of it. I am especially concerned about burn calories after my hip surgery, which is scheduled for 9/12.

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CLWALDRO 9/5/2011 5:47AM

    Your comment that you are responsible for your own success is very powerful and I find it to be true for me as well.
I have not heard of the bodybugg so I will definitely check it out.
I wish you well on your journey to better health and please let us know how you like the bodybugg now that you have it.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Checking In :)

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Hey everyone!
Just checking in to say hello and that I am still here. Since my surgery, I have had to get use to eating...basically all I ate for 3 weeks were saltine crackers and juice! That's all I really wanted :) And peppermint ice cream once in awhile!

This past week was my first day back to eating normal again. I did pretty good. :) Except sometimes I'm just not hungry. Like today! And I have found out that having my gallbladder out has been positive in other ways. I think something was wrong with me for a long time and now, I seem "normal". I even ate something "fatty" this week to see if it would make me instantly run to the toilet like everyone warns, but NO! :) However...after really healthy food I do and I am heading to the toilet more often during the day which is a great thing! This might be too much info for you, but I have had runny poo for as long as I can remember and since they removed my gallbladder 3 weeks ago and my appendix 4 months ago, I don't have this problem anymore and it's really cool! :) LOL

I have also discovered that as much as I preach to people to know what they are eating and to know calories, when I watch the Biggest Loser they KNOW their calories in food. Sparkpeople does all the work for you...I don't actually remember the calories and stuff after I enter it in. So this week I have been using TBL food journal and doing it all by hand and with a calculator. It's alot harder and takes longer, but I know I am someone that when I write something down a couple of times, I will remember it and I can easily look back from previous days...etc. So...I'm giving it a whirl and so far it's been really good.

It's been 1 year since the big Quake here in Christchurch and 10 years since 9/11. I hope everyone has a great day and takes time to tell people you love them and are grateful for what you have. Amazing what can happen in 1 day. :)
Have a great week!

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JULIEANNCAN 9/4/2011 4:18PM

    I'm glad to hear you're feeling a bit better! emoticon

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GIRLINMOTION 9/4/2011 11:11AM

    Patty glad to hear that you are "feeling' normal now. The gallbladder journey may have been rough, but the rewards were worth it.

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PUDLECRAZY 9/4/2011 10:46AM

    Oh yes! My chiropractor was not in favor of me getting my gallbladder surgery - the one place we disagreed. It was SO the right decision to make. Once it started failing, I was in pain 24/7, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep.etc. Once it was out, it was a whole new life outlook.

Surgeons downplay the effects of surgery, though. Even if it is laparoscopic surgery, it is still invasive, tissue is damaged, and you have been pumped up like a basketball. It takes weeks to fully get the anesthesia. I am saying this because it is important to take it easy for a while, be gentle with yourself, and drink lots of water to flush out the chemicals.

Happy, healthy healing to you!


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KASEYCOFF 9/4/2011 5:51AM

    By the time I gave in and said 'yes, take it out, I've had enough,' I could almost (almost, mind you, lol) have let them operate without anaesthesia, as the gall bladder had gotten that inflamed and painful that it was constant and growing worse.

Afterwards, RELIEF was the dominant feeling! All I remember is more or less sleeping around the clock for about three days, and when I woke up - well, no trouble since, no matter what I've eaten.

Re manually tracking nutrition: anything that helps you to be more aware of what you're eating and it's nutritional content is a good way to go, to my mind. Like you, I find it to easy to tick the little boxes but not really pay attention to them. Plus I find that if I don't use the calculator and figure out some things every now and then, I have to really struggle to *remember* how to go about it!

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

This Monday morning I woke up and was unmotivated...you see I thought I would be going back to work today, but after my doctor's visit yesterday, he said NO! I hate it when people tell me NO! I tried to get him to "OK" 1/2 days at work...but no. He continued to describe exactly how many layers of MUSCLE and TISSUE they had to cut through to to this surgery and in 4 different areas and how I need to allow it to heal. I asked when I could get back to working out and Karate...at least 6 weeks! REALLY! Are you kidding me?! Good lord! He says I can start walking slowly everyday. And I can do some NON-Hardcore stuff. Basically my core is sort of off limits since that's where all my cuts are! Ain't that just swell!? :) So...I sheepishly tell me bosses and apologize and offer to do anything they need from home!! LOL I can't help it! This is week 3 off work! So I felt sort of sad and defeated last night...another week of pushing back my goals and making progress in MY way. Another week of eating saltine crackers every 4 hours with my codeine and panadol and laxatives! Yup...Patty the control freak has to suck it up and just eat what gets her through the week and medication. Grrrr....

So...you can only imagine how it felt to wake up and check my emails and see this weirdness of like 40 emails about all my blog comments and sparkpage comments and sparkgoodies that I had received. What the heck was going on!? I started looking and saw M.O.D and WHOO HOO Congrats....what the heck is M.O.D!?!?!?! I have been on this site and part of this amazing community for what feels like forever and I don't know what M.O.D. stands for!!!! SO I keep making way through the comments and support and finally I see Motivator Of The Day! WHAT!?!? REALLY!?!?! TODAY!?!?! SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Then I realize HOW MANY people actually took the time to say hi and congratulate me...I just had tears come down my cheeks. WOW. I felt humbled, touched, honoured, and so overcome with positive vibes...I can't explain how much it means to me. ESPECIALLY on days like these when I feel like a useless turd! My mind and spirit are always ready and willing, but my body is a bit of a glitch in the progress at the moment. But as I always told my grandfather after his strokes and health issues....get your head straight and the rest will fall into place. Today's news did that for me. People who aren't part of SP won't understand...but those of you in this amazing community DO Understand...not only what this title means but everything we all go through...ups and downs...set backs and success...WE get it! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to congratulate me and this special day in my journey! xoxo I appreciate it more than you can ever know. xoo

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GWENAEL 8/23/2011 4:50PM

  emoticon Wish you the best!

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JULIEANNCAN 8/22/2011 7:32PM

    I am also late, but I saw that. emoticon Keep on swimming! :)

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KASEYCOFF 8/22/2011 3:03AM

    I'm a little late with this, but congrats, kiddo - the MoD is well-deserved. You affect and encourage more people than you will ever know...

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GIRLINMOTION 8/21/2011 8:27PM

    Patty I wish you a speedy recovery. I hope that you survive another week of eating saltine crackers every 4 hours with my codeine and panadol and laxatives. That codeine can be so harsh on your body, but you got to do what you have to do.


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Another Organ Removed!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Almost 4 months ago to the day I had my appendix removed. This week I had my gallbladder removed. It's truly trying my patience and irritating me. I have so much I need to accomplish and I keep getting sidetracked. Grrr...

Anyway, that's why I haven't been around much...but hope to get back on the wagon soon. Right now I am taking pain meds and laxatives, so not really think it'll matter. I'll just worry about mending and getting back on track. I am starting to feel better and hope to go to work Monday. :) So my goal is to start back on plan then...I am trying to eat healthy, I'm just eating more carbs (saltine crackers) every 4 hours with my meds so they kick in. Here's a pic of my stones they found. The NZ 10 cent piece is to give you a size comparison...like a nickel. :)

See you all soon! Have a great week! xoxoxox

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DANCINCAJUN1 8/21/2011 2:43PM

    OWEEEEE emoticon

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GRETEL1128 8/21/2011 1:30PM

    Good Luck on your recovery! I am sure you will be getting back on track!

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LARRI2010 8/21/2011 12:41PM

    I trust by now you feel 1000% better than you did before the operation. Heal fast!

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FUSCHIA6 8/21/2011 12:16PM

    Wow, I thought they were wasabi peas & lentils.
Get well soon!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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STORMYKAT1 8/21/2011 12:03PM

    Wow huge stones! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

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HSMOM2FOUR 8/21/2011 7:11AM

    Wow! Those are some big stones!!! Hope you are feeling better & stronger each day!!

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LYNMEINDERS 8/21/2011 5:32AM

    I truly trust that you are feeling better by now....
I love your pics....they are superb....
I so love your hairstyle as well...it is awesome....

I saw in one of your pics that maybe you are living in Christchurch????
I am in Dunedin

Comment edited on: 8/21/2011 5:34:14 AM

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JULIEANNCAN 8/20/2011 1:12PM

    I hope you feel better soon! emoticon

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SAMI199 8/19/2011 3:24AM

    Get well soon.


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FRAN0426 8/18/2011 10:53PM

    Focusing on the mending is the best for your recovery, everything else will fall into place when you get your doctor approval.
People told me that I would have certain foods that would be a bother after having my gall bladder out, luckily for me I haven't had that experience---since it's been three years ago I think I'll be fine and I wish the same for you. Take care.

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PANBOOKS 8/18/2011 8:43AM

    I am glad you are feeling better. You are not only blogging but being supportive too! How cool is that? You will be back to feeling your self in no time.

BTW - You are rocking that color and that cut! Very Cute!!!

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SUZIEQS65 8/18/2011 7:45AM

    Who knew stones could be so large!

Do some searches on how your diet must change now that you are without a gall bladder, I know that certain food can now cause you difficulties.

Good luck on your recovery & keep on Sparkin'!

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SHAWFAN 8/18/2011 7:40AM

    Hoping you're up and about soon! You'll be back on track before you know it!

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WALIDGAZALA 8/18/2011 7:16AM

    It usually don't take long. Was it done by scope, if so you will be well very soon.
I know.
I have done it to so many people and it get well soon.

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CAM2438 8/18/2011 6:53AM

    I hope each day finds you feeling a little better and this is the end of your surgeries!

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DOGMOMMY 8/18/2011 6:47AM

    Glad it went well and you are feeling good enough to consider work already :)

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Been Busy!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Feel like I haven't "blogged" for awhile! Work has been crazy busy and we are planning our Women's expo so I haven't been able to get on SP as much.

I have decided to leave the Weight Loss Girls due to lack of business and promotion and I have a weird feeling it won't be around much longer. So now I can concentrate more on my invention/book, my nutrition studies, and my karate and own fitness. It has suffered since my surgery a couple months ago...and then a groin pull...now I am back on track and want that 1000 minutes trophy this month! Been sore though...but in a good way.

My allergies have been insane but Dr. Patterson Stark gave me a nasal spray that has brought me back to life and since it's natural...by NutriWest from Wyoming....it doesn't cause deterioration of my nasal passages and giving me headaches like normal sprays! It's the only way I can avoid the flu and Bronchitis since I moved to Christchurch! THANK YOU DR. STARK! I decided to also take my health a notch further. Dr. Stark does complete health analysis including full blood workups and supplements and helps MANY people close to death and those trying not to be one of them! He is from California but works in Christchurch New Zealand, however he consults people all over the world and lots of TOP athletes! He was given 2 weeks to live about 20 years ago I think and then went in search of how to fight it and has won! You can find him on www.starkhealth.com. I know there is something "off" with me, but not sure what and one day I left work with a headache and he told my boss that there's something wrong with my hormone levels....just by my appearance. So, on the 23rd...hopefully I find out how to be the best I can be! Very excited.

I also got my ATHENA IONWAYS water machine finally!!! Another thing checked off my vision board!! WHOO HOO!!!! I wish I was Oprah and give everyone one!!! :)

Well, It's Sunday night and I am going to go to bed early...Good night ya'll!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JULIEANNCAN 8/7/2011 2:35AM

    I'm glad that you will be able to focus more on yourself and are doing what you think is best. Take good care of yourself!

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