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Sleep In Saturday

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nothing super exciting to report today. Just a normal lazy Saturday where I catch up on sleep...which I love. And since Tuesday have lost 5.8 lbs! I think the vitamins I have added and the rule that I try to eat any carbs and fruit before 3 PM has really helped.

I read it so many places, but finally thought I'd try it! Even when I have a snack or a treat...usually I do it before 3 PM now so I can still work it off and not storing it as fat at night. So now usually protein and veggies for dinner. Sometimes a carb in Vegetable form like corn or kumara or parsnip fries etc. And it has obviously worked very well.

I am watching 25 Years Of Halloween tonight while my man is away watching the Rugby game. This is a 2 DVD set and I am REALLY enjoying it! Very cool to get the scoop! If you love horror movies and/or the Halloween movies, I highly recommend!

Have a great night!

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KMWESLEY 6/27/2011 10:48AM

    Glad to hear things are going well!

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JULIEANNCAN 6/26/2011 2:52PM

    Congrats on your progress! :)

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HOTPINKCAMARO49 6/25/2011 4:51AM

  emoticon You go, girl! emoticon

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Jelly Bean FREE & Botox

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wow...I did it! I set a goal this week...NOT ONE STINKIN' JELLY BEAN WILL PASS MY LIPS THIS WEEK! And I did it! The first 2 days were really hard. I had to move the bowl to dust the table. The dust from the quakes, etc gets over everything and we have to dust everyday! It's crazy! But I just kept telling myself I could do it! I told the other people in the clinic my goal too...which always helps me stick to things...but I didn't even think of sneaking one when they were away! LOL

I started on new vitamins and supplements this week too and so far I have lost over 4 lbs...I can tell my body feels really differently with these additions. So another happy thing for me that's working in my favour.

And finally...today, I got my very first Botox treatment! I now work full time at a Cosmetic and beauty clinic and see weight loss clients at night. Since the quakes keep hitting us, people are finding it REALLY REALLY hard to stay on track. But I love my job and the whole reason I wanted to work there was I believe in what they do. I am 39 but most people think I am 28-30 years old. Botox isn't always to make people look freaky! LOL It's a preventative measure as well - it prevent wrinkles too!

No! Were not touching my eyes or lips. Happy with them. Just the big vertical line in-between my eyebrows and some forehead that will allow my eyes to raise a smidge since they have fallen like 7 years ago! Been bugging me!!! As a makeup artist you notice these things when you look forward to doing your makeup every morning and realize you can't do them the same way!

It Wasn't scary! Hurt a little but it's not permanent! Trying to do prevention of more wrinkles! He said I had great skin and like no wrinkles which is awesome at almost 40 years old!!!! :) Have a wee bit of a headache still...but nothing serious.

Basically wrinkles are caused when you eat salt and sugar and alcohol and don't use good skin care from your teens and smoke and stress etc. Salt n sugar make your skin puff up and down and after awhile... It creates a wrinkle. Like tugging on your eyes etc. What you do to yourself and your skin in your 20' will reflect in your 30's n 40's! So invest and take time to take care of it now so you don't look like an old dried up haggard woman that only wears sunscreen! (that's very kiwi...it's not a priority and you can usually tell. I do know some kiwi women that do "get it" though! Love them!)

You would be surprised who gets work done where I work!!! Lots of people I know! Didn't know until I started working there!!! Most people try and hide it! I'm taking the Dolly Parton approach and telling people! It's not forever like a tattoo yet people accept them more! That's messed up. Or birth... That thing doesn't go away for years and can embarass and age the hell outta ya!

Side note...I think Dolly Parton or Joan Rivers is my real mother. :)

I get my treatments for free! :) Today would have cost me about $700 if I were a typical client. One of the things in my interview was "Do you believe in what we do?"...I responded "HELL YEA! We fight ugly and aging like the plague!" Most people already find it hard to believe I'm almost 40. I have a plastic surgeon's list for my entire body but the clinic where I work, doesn't do surgery! Have to make that my next career move! LMAO! I never work anywhere that I don't benefit from!! Plus it's great advertisement for Dr. Frost...so he HAS TO do a great job! A lot of women in Christchurch get "tweeked" and pay cash so NOBODY will know. It's funny and awesome! Christchurch is VERY small so now I have leverage. Insert evil laugh!

Anyway...off to bed. Sleep In Saturday tomorrow! YEA!!!!!
Good night!

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MSPRIS3 6/24/2011 3:00PM

    I took excellent care of my skin in my teens and tweenties, then over the last few years, I've really slacked off when it came to washing my make up off before bed. I'm getting back into it, but man, have I ever noticed a difference and I'm kicking my butt for it, hopefully, what I did when I was younger and what I do now will help me look young forever, otherwise, I might have to get a job in a cosmetic place too! emoticon

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CLWALDRO 6/24/2011 6:15AM

    emoticon on your first week of being jelly bean free.
I wish you well on your journey.

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BIGDOG18 6/24/2011 6:08AM


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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well...with a big gulp I take my weight tracker and move it back a bit. That didn't feel good at all. I have been struggling lots lately. Not sure what's going on, but I don't like it. The earthquakes last week and this week have been giving me migraines and it's like someone waves a magic wand and I am sleepy...like REALLY sleepy. It's bizarre! But thanks to the Ash clouds over our country due to Chili's volcano issues, and the dust all over Christchurch due to the dust from the continual quaking my allergy to dust is off the charts...making me even more tired!!!! I have always been someone who needs and usually gets 8-10 hours of sleep a night...and even though I seem to sleep through a lot of aftershocks, I think I'm not sleeping soundly. So short story is TIRED PATTY = CRAVINGS FOR SWEETS! I never crave sweets...salt yes...but not sweets.

So..I have done the pissed off and angry and sad loop of feelings when hopping on the scale, but I also did my "Patty Attitude Adjustment" time too and made some new goal posters. I have got some new vitamins and supplements. I have made a plan. And I will also be patient with myself like I suggest to others. Mother Nature has not been kind the last 10 months and everyone...EVERYONE...is trying to cope and not O.D. on Chocolate, Wine, and fish n chips....LOL My clients usually struggle. Now I am...so all I can do is be honest and do the best I can.

So if this was really whiney...Just frustrated and also looking forward to moving my weight tracker forward again! :)
Good night! I am headed to bed tonight at 8 PM...with codeine due to my back pain (forgot to mention that)....and sleep well...mother nature permitting :) We had 14 quakes last night just to give you an idea! LOL

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LITTLE_ASTARTE 6/23/2011 9:59AM

    I've had to move mine back, too. I've been having struggles and ups and downs. And I have to remember to be patient with myself and forgive my own transgressions.
Thank you for sharing! I wish you strength and will and all the brightest blessings!

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AANGEL3 6/22/2011 6:09PM


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JULIEANNCAN 6/22/2011 6:03PM

    emoticon emoticon

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KMWESLEY 6/22/2011 9:34AM

    emoticon emoticon
Take care of yourself! Remember: this, too, shall pass

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911CHPGIRL 6/22/2011 4:06AM

    By blogging about your struggles you are encouraging me. Thank you.

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Jelly Beans

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who knew Jelly Beans could be addicting!? Yes, I know...Sugar...but I am really not a sugar addict...salt yes...sugar no. So when I started working at this place, they have these little jelly beans on the table in the waiting area for patients and my god...it's ridiculous. It's like I can't walk past the tables without taking 5! Maybe I am part Easter bunny! Who knows. I have tried to break the cycle today by drinking green tea everytime I want some...but the tea takes time to cool...LOL GRRRRRRR. Maybe I need to eat bags and bags of them so I get physically ill and never want to see them again! OR MAYBE...I should get a grip and realize they aren't worth the drama! LOL

Thank god I have had about 5 servings of Veggies and a fruit serving already and it's only 3 oclock and I have my water almost done too!! :) Screw the Jelly beans...wait...they're beans...That's a vegetable isn't it?

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JULIEANNCAN 6/15/2011 4:09PM

    Best wishes to you! emoticon

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ERIKO1908 6/14/2011 11:23PM

    Thanks for the laugh on the last paragraph!! Good luck to you on this one!!

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Shaking Things Up...Literally!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Okay...so I was doing great...then we had an earthquake. Then I ended up having my appendix out. Then it took me forever to get back on track. Due to all the quakes, my business went downhill a bit and I had to look for a full time job. I found the perfect one! I am an office manager for Face Value in Christchurch. We do beauty treatments as well as Medical cosmedic treaments like Botox and fillers...no suregery...and I get free treatments! BONUS! It is located in Ferrymead..close to where the major quakes have been. I am seeing weight loss clients at night after work still. :) And now...I am back and doing fab...and today we got hit with some MAJOR quakes!!! Like I actually fell over at work and got a boo boo on my wrist and ankle and my back is a bit sore today...but it's all fine. Our home is fine and again, we were very lucky :) My man is shaken up...he doesn't handle these well at all. So much for my big strong man! LOL

But the grocery stores are closed businesses are closed, but I am thankful I planned my entire week over the weekend so I have pretty much everything I need for the next couple days! I had clients text me today saying they wanted junk food...everyone does after a quake but I am gonna do my damnest to stay on track. It can be done darn it all!!!

So..not sure if I work tomorrow or not. We'll wait and see. I think buildings have to be assessed before we can go in. I had to get out of the parking lot because it was flooding with liquifaction. Bubbling up through new and old cracks! Traffic lights, power, etc all out which made traffic annoying on the way home...but again...all is fine and I don't really mind the excitement of it all. I don't get traumatised like a lot of people.

So...onwards and upwards and moving closer to my goal. Life may through me down side streets but I will always find my way back to the highway! :)
Have a great week!

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PTBEAST 6/15/2011 1:50AM

    Glad to hear that you and your home are okay.

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KMWESLEY 6/14/2011 4:28PM

    Glad you are okay! In spite of everything, you have maintain positive outlook and high energy. Best of luck to you!!


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JULIEANNCAN 6/13/2011 5:30PM

    Wow. I'm glad you're okay! Best wishes to you.

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FRAN0426 6/13/2011 5:18PM

    My goodness more quakes, hoped that wasa all behind all of you already. Glad you are again doing fine after the quake, and your surgery. emoticonjob with getting back on track and stickng with it again.

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AANGEL3 6/13/2011 3:26PM

    Glad you OK. emoticon

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