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Appendix Removed & I Am At The Mercy Of My Man :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

So after having my appendix removed Monday night, and coming home Tuesday, I have had to give up my normal perfectionist and controlling ways! It's so hard! My man has been a Superman though and his love for me is amazing and I am grateful. I was a tad bit worried that there was clean laundry all around our livingroom, dishes all over the kitchen counter and the floor was a bit too fluffy looking...we had guests arriving today from the North Island and I like things to be just right...so yesterday I just took a deep breath, grabbed a cup of tea and walked past the chaos and by 10 PM the house was perfect...at least for him...and it was good enough for me! People would know that I wasn't able to do much like wash floors, etc....so I have been proud of myself and have fallen in more love with my man during this process.
Tomorrow is my man's 40th Birthday Party and I may attend for an hour or so...but this sucks! I was the one that was suppose to do everything and I had to give up control for that too! LOL Tonight his birth family met the family that raised him and I missed out on that as well.

I am however a work addict...I can't help it! When you love what you do, it comes out of every pore and you can't shut it off, so in the hospital, and even from bed, my clients text me orders, they text me hurdles and things they need help with and I do whatever I can to help them. My man will get orders together and the clients can pick up. I have made copies, written cards and emailed/text/FB'd them answers and support during their weight loss journey since I can't see them. They don't get an easy out because I lost an appendix! They may not be weighing in...but I'll know when they do and I am still here! I haven't died. My man keeps telling me to turn my brain off...my business is my heart...:)

I do have to share that I had great satisfaction when at least 4 different doctors asked me if I had fish N chips, KFC, or Takeaways when I started feeling pain Sunday! I replied...I had 6 oz of grilled skinless chicken breast, 2 tomatoes, 2 large slices of red onion, a wholemeal tortilla, 1/2 cup refried beans, 1 cucumber, and garlic and lime juice. The look on their faces was priceless!!! Next question: What do you do? "I'm a weight Loss and Nutrition Consultant"....smirk....wink....he he he he
I have never drank, did drugs, or smoked and never had or want kids! It's fun to do this by the way! I just giggle and giggle on the inside!

Okay...I'm rambling...better get back to getting my Sparkpoints in :) Have a great weekend! xoxox

Thank you for all your lovely messages and sparkgoodies! I am itching to get back to normal!!!

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TRACYZABELLE 4/18/2011 5:02AM

    emoticon Feel better~~

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CAROLIAN 4/16/2011 2:42PM

    Glad you bare feeling better tell your man to have a great birthday don't over do it lol carol emoticon

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JULIEANNCAN 4/15/2011 9:49AM

    I'm sorry that you're having to miss things, but glad you are feeling a bit better and your husband it taking good care of you. :) Enjoy your weekend! emoticon

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CASSIECAT 4/15/2011 8:59AM

    I love your attitude - rest up!

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MEWIEGELE 4/15/2011 8:27AM

    Glad you're starting to feel better!! Hope it continues on to a speedy recovery. I had an appendectomy a million years ago when I was in high school lol. Dont worry, you wont miss it emoticon

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Surprise Surgery....so when can I work out again?!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

So I had an amazingly healthy day and dinner on Saturday and an hour later, I was grabbing my side and abdomen in pain and feeling really ill. Then I asked my man to make me a peppermint tea...he made me "Be Regular" tea....which contains Peppermint but also milk thistle which helps you poo...LOL....anywho....a couple more hours of extreme pain, and I finally threw up heaps! Then I felt actually okay except the pain in my abdomen...well...it didn't go away yesterday so finally my man talked me into going to the doctor. and I was admitted to the hospital. Have lived on Jello, Broth, water, and essence of Orange juice. Had Ultrasound this morning and they found gall stones, but they aren't inflamed but they decided to go in and remove my gallbladder and look around to see if my appendix is a worry too...due to my pain being in both areas but nothing showing on the ultrasound.

So my man got me internet access from the gift shop here...knows the way to my heart :) And he is trying to get product ready and out for clients to collect as I text him when I get orders. LOL There's so much time to sit around here and it's SO NOT like America. It's bright, noisey...they assume you want to be bothered, talked to, and social. None of which I do...not even when I'm healthy! LOL INTROVERT! Love the dark...and cool air. I am in a room with 5 other people...all men...and we can all see each other unless we have our little curtains drawn! LOL No tvs...we have to walk down the hall to go to the bathroom....etc. Seriously! Vanity and privacy does NOT exist! It's a bit odd and I seriously sit here and wonder when the last time the curtains were washed....my OCD and CSI-ness! :) Grab the orange goggles and Luminal! I think we'd be horrified!!!

Ahhh...well...so now I am in line for surgery and not even allowed water. I logged all my Jello and broth from yesterday! I knew it was normal jello...not sugar free...so heaps more carbs! LOL Ahhh....I want surgery to be over and I want pringles and a grilled chicken breast! LOL

So...to any of my teams ...I have no idea when I'll be working out again!! But I will as soon as I can! :) SO I will go and adjust my workout times so my calories drop back down to minimal.
Have a great week everyone!

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1DRWOMAN 4/12/2011 5:41PM

    Thanks everyone! It actually ended up being my appendix after they went in and had a good look around! Will write more later :) Sore sore sore! Be back soon! xoxoxox

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KAZINMICH 4/12/2011 1:20PM

    Can they do your surgery using the Laparoscopic method? That's how mine was done - it was an outpatient and after a few days I was good to go. They made a little hole above my belly button and another one on my side. I hope your appendix is ok and it's only your gallbladder! Surgery is no fun. I could not imagine the lack of privacy there either!!! That's insane! As much as I am an outgoing fun person, I like my privacy and to be alone too, and when I'm not feeling well, I really just want to be left alone. I hope this surgery is done quickly and you can get back to your life soon. Best wishes!

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FRAN0426 4/11/2011 9:50PM

    Goodness, that came on suddenly, thank goodness you still have a sense of humor about the situation. It took me by surprize that a room has both sexes together, never here in America would that be the norm. I had my gall bladder removed after having off anf on pain for over a year( but not pain in normal location). They did laproscopic surgery. I couldn't exercise for at least six weeks and then not at full pace when starting back. All the best to you and you'll will fell so much better within a couple days after surgery.

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KARLA_PHX 4/11/2011 1:30PM

    Wow...just came across your blog, so sorry to hear about that! I hope all goes well for you. I'm sure your doctor will let you know when you can exercise again. When my sister had her gall bladder out last year, the doctor told her she could resume walking as soon as she felt up to it, but not to do anything more strenuous than that for 6 weeks. With your attitude I'm sure you'll be back to normal in no time!


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ELIZABETH_SKY 4/11/2011 12:02PM

    I hope it's not too serious and you feel better soon!

I'm guessing you're still in New Zealand? It sounds a lot like Latin America - no peace at all! I'm a mega introvert (and proud of it! Love people, just need lots of quiet time), and not only is LA very, very group oriented, but my future mother in law in particular is the most intense extrovert I've ever met. For good or ill, there are no secrets there!

Anyway, I hope you have a quick recovery!

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JULIEANNCAN 4/11/2011 12:53AM

    I'm so sorry to hear that you're in pain and having surgery. I wish you a very speedy recovery and am sending positive healing thoughts your way! emoticon

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TUBLADY 4/10/2011 8:22PM

    You didn't say where you were, but it sounds like some third world country.
I had illness strike me in Italy. I did not encounter your sitution.
I hope you are better soon.
At least you have access to the internet.
Take care.

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PORTIA31982 4/10/2011 7:24PM

    Feel better soon!! You're in pretty good spirits - if I was waiting in line for surgery I'd be begging for anti anxiety drugs!

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3rd of April - Soothing Sunday

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Had a great sleep in "Thanks to the end of daylight savings" :) Basically just chilled and did computer worked, watched NCIS past seasons on DVD and made a VERY yummy dinner off the cuff. More of my lovely "freestyle cooking" adventures!!! I was inspired by a Biggest Loser Episode of last season. Elizabeth made a scrambled egg pizza.

So here's my pic:

736 Calories -
1 AZKA Wholemeal Pita
3 Egg Whites
2 Eggs
1 Rashon of bacon
50 grams of Low fat Mozzerella Cheese
20 Grams of Tasty Cheese (cheddar)
pinch of Parmesean cheese
Chopped red bell pepper and green onions
Herbs & spices
Tabasco sauce
NY Pepper

SO...all is good...Monday comes tomorrow, so off to bed now.
Good night!

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GWENAEL 4/6/2011 7:47PM

  That looks pretty good!

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TRACYZABELLE 4/5/2011 4:41AM

    looks awesome

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KAZINMICH 4/4/2011 10:11PM

    That looks yummy!!! Delish! I hope you had a good MOnday too!

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JULIEANNCAN 4/3/2011 5:14PM

    Glad you had a good Sunday! Your scrambled egg pizza looks good. I've never heard of something like that before.

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April 2nd - Slam Dunk!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

So today I worked at the gym....made a new recipe from Spark recipes - Cornflake Salmon....YUMMMM!!!! With Asparagus and some indian rice. Had another day of EA Active 2 and actually had to take a wee break to catch my breath....this program/game is insane! Thank you Wii for kicking my butt once again!

Drinking my green tea and off to bed! Daylight savings end today and I am SOOOO happy! I get my hour of sleep back and more darkness in the day is coming! WHOO HOO!!!!! I am one of those weirdos that hate summer and usually gain weight in summer because I hate being warm....but in Winter I drop weight because I love going outside and even working out at home with the doors and windows open! :)

okay..off to bed...sorry it wasn't very exciting! :)

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JULIEANNCAN 4/3/2011 12:26AM

    Sounds like a good day. Keep up the hard work! Just because summer used to be hard in the past doesn't mean it has to be now. You still make the choices! emoticon

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RIDLEYRIDER 4/2/2011 6:25AM

  Your efforts are paying off, I'm sure! Keep up the good work! emoticon

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Happy April 1st 2011

Friday, April 01, 2011

I have made a new chart to track my weight, sticking to calorie range, moving my body, and loss...with a comment column as well. Like taking meds, etc. I have been doing this for a couple months and you can see by the little stickers in each column that you complete something everyday...why or why you aren't where you want to be! Again..me and my stickers and tracking...But this is a nice computer chart...lol

Hope you all avoid being an April Fool and make your dreams and goals happen...or at least get a great start to achieving them! xoxo

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GWENAEL 4/3/2011 6:36PM

  I should probably do the same! emoticon

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JULIEANNCAN 4/1/2011 7:08AM

    Your chart sounds fun. :)

I will probably fall for at least one April Fool's joke. *sigh* I kind of dislike the day. LOL.

Have a great weekend! emoticon

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