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Motivating Monday

Monday, January 17, 2011

Today was a really nice day!! I had a full day of clients and a new one who I love to pieces! She's awesome!

Stayed on track and worked out....week 2 of Winning By Losing Workout by Jillian Michaels! I will forever be a circuit girl! I can see the changes in my body after the first week and so can my man. The scale isn't budging...but my shape is reshaping. :)

I had a really good looking fit muscley guy pull be aside at the gym tonight to tell me how much I looked like P!NK and that he loves my accent...lol...Never get tired of hearing how I look like P!NK...just trying to aspire to her body! :)

I also had a male client today....who is very sarcastic...never quite sure what'll come out of his mouth....tell me my smile and personality are too big for a normal sized room! They have a male friend who needs to loose weight, but he suggested we find a bigger venue because he is the male version of me and our bright personalities would be too big! How sweet is that!?!?!?

I am trying to get my 100 points now and it's 9:33 PM....so cutting this short as I am very sleepy! :)
Have a great week everyone!

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KID-AT-HEART 1/17/2011 12:37PM

    Letting yourself hear and feel all the good things people notice about your can make any old day a spectacular day. Depending on what's happening on any given day, it's sometimes easier said than done, right? Keep listening -- the good stuff is always there!


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Steamy Sunday

Sunday, January 16, 2011

It was 91 degrees here today...YUCK. I was so happy to have a rest day from the gym. Did well with my food and took the dog for a 15 minute walk to the mailbox several blocks away....after the temp dropped to 68 degrees.

I had salmon and avocado for lunch which pretty much left me with 3 fat grams left for the day so I had a protein shake with berries and honey to finish off my numbers and it was cold and awesome and filling....now...a shower and a busy day awaits me tomorrow. Thank goodness! :)
Have a great week everyone!

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DOGMOMMY 1/16/2011 11:00PM

    Ooohhhh. I miss warm weather!!!

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NDORRIS 1/16/2011 9:29PM

    What a wonderful, peaceful day. Reading your blogs and being in the midst of 27 degree temperatures here, I'm starting to long for warmer temperatures. Have a great week. Kick Jillian Michael's a**.


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Sleepy Saturday

Friday, January 14, 2011

Had to get up and call a potential client....who happily is now a NEW client! :) Whoo hoo! Then I made a nice breakfast and then it started to get really warm out and I could feel myself getting sleepy. So, I got moving and went to the gym...then to the grocery store. I am trying 2 new recipes today and I LOVE trying new recipes. Had the lunch one - Hummus Pita...and it was super yummy! The more meat-free meals I find that I love, the happier I get! LOL Dinner is chicken and Broccoli Casserole, but it sounds basic and yummy and the man should like it too. :)

It's about 86 degrees out today...YAWN!!!!!!!!! Hate summer! Bring on Fall!!! So...I am sleepy...I was yawning while I was working out as well...hate it when that happens. So...I am looking forward to my rest day tomorrow and I am loving the Jillian Michaels workout...can't wait for week 2! :)

Have a great weekend!

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NDORRIS 1/15/2011 7:30AM

    I love that you are a day ahead so on Friday I'm reading about Sleepy Saturday. I wish it were warm here. It's 27 degrees. But the truth is, I hate summer, too and fall is my favorite time. It always makes me sad how short it is here. You have my complete admiration for doing Jillian Michaels.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

So it's on;y 4:15 PM on Friday but I am sooooo stoked at what I did today. To most of you, it's probably no big deal at all...but to me...it was a huge deal!

Elliptical trainers have been my VOLTAMORT if you will. I have attempted them time and time again...after 2 minutes I felt like my legs were on fire and I was gonna die...so I avoided them. I'd walk on the treadmill and watch people double my size and half my size stay on there for amazing amounts of time...what the hell was wrong with me!?!?!?! I just didn't get it! I told people and they said I must have the settings too hard...ummm...no....I don't think that was it...it was me!!!!

Today the gym was slow when I went...first I did my day 5 of Jillian Michael's Winning By Losing circuit (which this week I have officially fallen in love with circuits...if you are bored on the cardio machines...do circuits!) and then I timidly walked over to my nemesis! I hoped on and just tested the waters...I was 2 minutes in and I felt okay...hmmmm....could it be?! So I plugged my headphones in, docked my iPod and watched The Biggest Loser while I pumped out 30 minutes of elliptical! I couldn't believe it! I felt like screaming with joy...but I just smiled and walked out of the gym and got in the car and called my man to tell him!

It has always been the 1 single piece of gym equipment I sucked at....I can't wait to use it again next week!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!

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NDORRIS 1/14/2011 11:39AM

    Whoo Hoo! I love the elliptical. It is hard. But it is also rewarding. Good for you! And good for your body, too. And can I just say, big Kudos for doing Jillian Michaels. It sounds like a beotch.


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FYREDANCER13 1/14/2011 9:41AM

    I emoticon my elliptical trainer! It's my favorite piece of gym equipment out there!

Good job on tackling it!

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RUSSELLORAMA 1/13/2011 11:27PM

    Oh my gosh - it just occurred to me that your posts are from the future!! It's still Thursday here. LOL! Cheers on conquering the elliptical!

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FULLOFFAITH 1/13/2011 10:28PM

    emoticon doesn't it feel great when you conquer something you feared for so long?

I am like that with running. I have tried and tried but I am slowly working my way up to running for 30 min. Not a biggie to most but it's my dream to run.



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Full Of Thoughts on Thursday

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today I had my first EFT appointment to help me with my new year's resolution and it was funny and hard and cool and weird, and I made several discoveries about myself...and I know myself pretty damn well! So that was great. It's a personal subject otherwise I'd be telling you everything. :)

After like 8 years, I had to replace my food scale...it took me longer to decide on which one I wanted of those than to move to New Zealand for a boy! What the heck is that about!? LOL

I have new leads coming in for my business and my Nutrition studies are under way...I'm not AS sore as I was and I have a nice workout tonight...should be interesting...but I am tired and hungry...had to take some meds last night to sleep due to my muscles being so sore! Jillian Michaels is kicking my ass through a book! I can't even imagine in person! YIKES!

SO...I hope everyone os making a dent in their mew year's resolutions and making your life into what you want it to be!


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