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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Well...I can happily put 2010 behind me now! The last 2 weeks of it was a bit ridiculous...I feel down stairs, cried lots, and burned my hand in the oven so it blistered...and my ouches take FOREVER to heal and go away!!! Grrrrrr.....

But on the positive side...here are some positive things that happened in 2010:

1. I paid off my BMW!!!

2. I fit into my goal jeans and now they're getting too big.

3. We got 3 Himalayan Persian Cats who melt my heart and make me late for everything now because I could watch them forever!

4. I am exercising at least 5 days a week, and off days, I still take the dog out or Wii! :)

5. My body loves healthy food! I met my goal of how to cook with NZ food and find things I love...none of which a restaurant makes! SWEET!

6. I found a job I love, with a boss who appreciates me and values my advice and opinion and experience....and I see big things! Plus I work for myself basically which I have wanted to do as well.

7. I have a man who loves me heaps and I feel it and know it in every ounce of my being...we've been through so many bad things since I moved here for him, I thought we would never get here, but we have!!!!

8. We moved to a new place this year and it has made it through the big earthquake and all the aftershocks without a glitch. We never lost power or water or had anything more than a picture frame break.

9. I really focused on myself this year and getting the Real Patty back...and she is! :) I missed myself. I miss people like me in the USA though! I miss laughing so hard I snort milk out my nose and giggling so loud with a great friend that people stare. People here are drier and more serious and I miss Americans! :) I have regained my strength in knowing I am different and I love it. I got 2 new tattoos and I have a big "f-You" attitude to all the snotty, conservative, judgmental serious English snobs that are here...I don't need to share time or space with you...I'm too much fun and way too happy....you wouldn't understand! LOL

10. I have finally come to peace with living in New Zealand...do I like it? Not really. But I love my man and he has a daughter and elderly mother....so...here's where we are. But from what I hear, moving to the states would be hard....the starting over part...but maybe one day Aussie. I HAVE FRIENDS there!!! And better shopping :)

Now...2011...for the first year...weight loss isn't part of my goals!!!! What a cool feeling!

The most important thing is to have lots more sex with my man!!! :) We've been through so much as I have said!!! This year...playtime is a priority!

Second...take all the weight loss and all my new lifestyle habits and go from feeling great, to being a bit more ripped and firm! LIKE P!NK! :) And more tattoos like her too! :) HA HA

Third...get my diploma in nutrition and really start working with writing for magazines, etc and more work with weight loss and nutrition.

Fourth...50 clients in my business. Even 40 would be sweet....but 50 would be 10 a day and that would be nice. :)

So...that's where I stand now...what are you going to accomplish this year!? Did you know that 80% of what you put on a goal poster/vision board comes true!! It's been proven and it has always been true for me too!!! So start dreaming big, reaching high, writing it down, sharing it with someone you trust who will encourage you and hold you accountable, and look at it every single day!!!

Have an amazing year!

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RUSSELLORAMA 1/3/2011 8:07PM

    It's amazing how much you've done when you list it all that that. Congrats!

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UUCEEJAY 1/1/2011 4:41PM

    Wow! You have accomplished so much last year! I too am happy not to have weight loss on my list of resolutions. Have a great 2011!

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The Switch has Been Flipped!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Today I realized that I am in a place I have waited so long to be in....for SO long!!! I am working out 5-6 days a week and working my butt off...not just taking a stroll for 20-30 minutes and doing the minimum! I am making healthy food choices BY CHOICE!!! NOT BY FORCE!!! This happened after Christmas day....I felt the change in my brain....after the headache I got from a sugar overload from Pavlova! WHOA! It was intense...since then...it seems easy to do the right thing!!! MAGIC!

I have been focused, untempted, and looking forward to each healthy meal. I spent the whole day yesterday designing my workout routine from Jillian Michaels book...which I read in one night! Reading the next one now and designing my menus for next week! I wish I could work menus out further out than a week on the food tracker! It would help me to do it further in advance while I have the time! I am signing my clients up for Sparkpeople and helping them take charge of their choices! I can't hold their hands forever! People sit on Facebook for hours and hours and hours...and yet they have the nerve to say they don't have time to log their food...what a load of crap! I am a SP and FB addict! I actually said it to a friend once when she said she didn't have time anymore for SP...I said...how long have you been working on your stupid virtual farm on FB today?! POINT MADE!

So....It may not be monumental or earth shattering, but it's the feeling of control and freedom that has happened to me BEFORE I reached my goal weight!!!! It's as good as done and I know everyone can do this. GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!!!! CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK AND ACT...Not drastically...not all at once...but step by step...it isn't easy, but it's SUPER DUPER WORTH IT! Learn to be the leader...not the follower in life....especially when it comes to your body...stop trying to please everyone...or be prepared to have your butt at the gym for hours to work off all the "POLITE - I DIDN"T WANNA BE RUDE - I COULDN'T SAY NO CALORIES" that you seem to rack up.
They won't pay your hospital bills, they don't cry when dressing you in the morning, they don't make you hide behind the camera instead of being in front of it and actually being a part of your family's memories....IT"S ALL UP TO YOU! I personally have been brought up to not care if I offend you if I am sticking up for myself and what's best for me...so trying to teach this is often difficult! LOL DO IT! Promise yourself to MAKE YOU HAPPY FIRST!

Speaking of...I am off to my pedicure and tomorrow to Quail Island for a couple hours. :) Have a great night - Enjoy your last day of 2010 and make it count!

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DOGMOMMY 12/30/2010 4:18PM

    happy new year my sassy friend :) love ya!

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ROSIE777 12/30/2010 11:20AM

    This is so true my sweet friend here is to getting fit & no excuses. emoticon
..*) ♥.*) Many Blessings, Rosie
(. .♥ (. .♥ (.*`* ♥☆.*`*♥☆

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UUCEEJAY 12/30/2010 10:19AM

    emoticon emoticonHave a wonderful 2011!

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CHARANN3 12/30/2010 5:41AM

  emoticon emoticon emoticon

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VICTORY-LEE 12/30/2010 4:33AM

    Hey Hey!!

Luv the devotion! I need that! I am definitely adding you as a friend because you gave me a real kick with what you said..."Promise to Make Yourself Happy First"!

So True!

Luv ya
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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OSTUFFNFLUFF 12/30/2010 3:12AM

    I love the attitude! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DORIAN4182 12/30/2010 2:27AM

  great job and good advice

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Sometimes You Gotta Work Hard For It!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I didn't have a lot to say today...I'm feeling confident in everything I do and I have made the plan to change up my workouts starting Monday as well. So....More reflection, more rest, and more planning. This song always makes me work out a bit harder....Hope you enjoy it!


Have a great night!

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DOGMOMMY 12/30/2010 4:21PM

    :( I can't see the link... not available in my country!

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HEALTHYGRACE 12/29/2010 10:06AM

    emoticon Keep at it :)

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FIREBIRD3423 12/29/2010 12:22AM

    emoticon Sounds like you are doing great!

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A Monday Off....

Monday, December 27, 2010

So weird having a Monday off...usually its my busiest day...I felt sort of lost all day and even got sad for some reason...sometimes when you stop moving, you feel more I think. In another country - warm weather - without my family and friends - aftershocks giving me headaches and allergies making me really tired!!!! Bring back work! :)

I couldn't even make it through my cardio at the gym....I tanked 1/2 way through and now will do the rest with the dog so he can get outside too. I'm also struggling with eating enough today! Earl ust asked me to get an ice cream and I said sure...I have calories to use up!

So...that's me today....lost! LOL



Sunday, December 26, 2010

For the last 24 hours we have had HEAPS of aftershocks! Oh my goodness. Booms, rumbles, shakes, and things falling off shelves. Went on through the night and throughout the day...pretty constant. Oddly, I enjoy the ride...although the booms are new and I'm not sure what to think of them. They startle me!

Outside of that, I got my closet cleaned out which was on my checklist today and finished the final day of bootcamp! Thank goodness. It was great. I completed 28 days and created a new passion and habit that I am proud of.

I also got scolded from Coach Jen today for a post I put in the SP Community team forum. As part of that role, you are suppose to go to the "Introduce Yourself" section of the Community Message Boards and welcome 2 new members a week. I find great joy in doing so. I read a bit about them and decide which ones I think i could help or have something in common with, etc. And then I write from my heart...I personalize it to what the person wrote....doesn't that make sense?! Well...usually there are 2-3 other community people who just copy and paste the SAME EXACT THING in everyone's forum! It's good information...don't get me wrong...and yes, it's positive and informational usually...but c'mon...no personalization or feeling. It's like me saying. Hi...I'm Patty and I need help and I have been really struggling...and you respond with...hey...you can find some answers on how to declaw a cat on page 36 of this book! GRRRR....so...I wrote a "harsh" as coach Nicole put it...letter...saying it was rude and unthoughtful and that we're not stupid. That we want to be someone special just not another place to copy and paste to! If they would copy and paste and still add some personal touches that pertain to what the new members said, that would be GREAT! But they don't and it chaps my hide! I REALLY care about everyone I write to and want them to succeed at this journey because I know the pain, frustration, and feelings that go along with this...and If you don't really care....don't act like you do. PERIOD! I feel bad for some of the new members because I scroll up and read responses and see the copy pasters and my heart sinks...This person deserves honesty, empathy, passion, feeling, and yes...information to help along the way! okay...I wrote Coach Nicole back...because it was written from my heart and from my passion for caring for people and wanting the best service and support....we'll see what happens. Didn't know I couldn't speak my mind and that I would be removed and censored...I thought SP was American...LOL...ahhh...well...political it is then. This is SOOO not me...I speak the truth from my heart...so if you want someone who'll be honest and blunt with you but REALLY cares about your success...let me know! :)

What else....amazing what can happen in a day! LOL I have 300 calories left to eat and I'm trying to think of what we have in the house. With all the aftershocks malls and stores were crazy with Boxing Day sales today...and hysteria! So I stayed away...but we need some serious groceries. I bought this cool calender where you plan your meals for the week and hang it in the kitchen...will plan on here and then transfer to there for ease! Need to work on that tomorrow! :)

Finished my end of week paperwork and now going to relax I think.
Have a great rest of your Christmas if you are in the states! xoxoxo
Much love,

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1DRWOMAN 12/26/2010 3:24PM


I belong to teams and log my activities that I choose to log, but the community team leader status, I believe is an important one and an honour. If I wouldn't have the time to give individual attention, I wouldn't have accepted the responsibility. So thank you for understanding! :)

I did get a letter from Coach Jen as well stating that I could repost but stay away from the border-line name-calling...lol...I called them rude and heartless! LOL So...maybe when I calm down, I can write something more politically correct and make then see the error of their ways. :)

Thank you again everyone! I wish I could hug you all!!! xoxoxox

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FITJEANS 12/26/2010 2:45PM

    all though i do paste holiday stuff, I do input something personal and I am a believer in posting from the heart. Glad we have something in commong thats awesome.

nOw I am in need of grocery shopping too, just ready to start this new year off right and make healthier choices than i have the past few days.
Thanks for sharing have a emoticon day.

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MOBEANZ 12/26/2010 1:50PM

    I definitely agree with you. I love Spark because people are genuine in their efforts to help each other. We are all struggling with the same thing and if a new person comes on and sees copied and pasted sentiments just like any other website "advertising" weight loss, it defeats the purpose of community. You rock, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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1GR8FULGAL 12/26/2010 1:50PM

    Oh, I'm sorry for your challenges! It's ironic, as I , too, am right now going through and shedding a bunch of inactive teams off my list. I had WAY too many, like the last poster. You take good care!

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ALOFA0509 12/26/2010 9:28AM

Thank You for this.. I recently went thru and removed myself from a bunch of TEAMS, for this exact same reason.. Cut and Paste Welcome Wagons, or Reply All Message that reads: C'Mon everyone, sign up for team challenges etc... Fk I got enuff sh*t goin on in my life, I dont want to chk in every day to note how many Sit Ups I've done.. Grrrrrrrr-- If I got a heart felt email from any of these team leaders expressing what you did, I'd be extreamly greatful.. Keep up the amazing work, your truly Inspiring..


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