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4 miles again in less than an hour

Friday, October 19, 2007

Well I did the damn thing :) I got up at 5 am wanted to get online and waste some time but made a deal with myself that if i did not do that and got out and walked my butt then I could waste some time later today. So the walk took me less than an hour and I was not tired in the least. So it does look like that I will attempt to do this for the rest of the weekend and then will see if I can keep it up next week. I just will have to leave an hour earlier to get to the office by 6am.

I think I am going to a see a few films today I think No reservations romantic comedy and British comedy called Death at a Funeral.

So hopefully full day will keep me from overeating and negating all the good that my 4 miles did today.
Had a great breakfast of 300 calories less than 5 carbs.
11am appointment at the consigners to get rid of clothing over size 14. Will just keep me honest if I don't have any fall back clothing.

Favorite shorts are currently sz 36 eddie bauer. I cannot wait to get back into 30 inch jeans WOW.

I think 10 years ago I actually wore size 28 jeans will that ever happen again?

So off to check out blogs and offer support maybe find someone to walk with for the rest of the week.

Can I bump it up and get out of 200 by the end of the month??

One can only hope I am not going to weigh again until NOV 1.

Almost 12 days. Well maybe what I will do is see if I can go 2 weeks without weighing.

Hope that I am better about blogging as well.

See you tomorrow hope to report that I walked again.

I can do this daily as the weather is currently great.



Sunday, October 07, 2007

Yep I saw that earlier this week. Then I had to leave for a trip. So I am mid trip and just went to a function and several people who had not seen me for a year were going on and on about how it looked like I had lost 30 lbs... I LOVED IT. It kept me away from sweets and many other bad things. I still have about 10 more days of travelling and one more major event and I am going to do all that I can. Just keep water close at hand and pray for the best. I probably not be able to weigh on my scale at home until November so I am not going to sweat it ;)

Yes I wanted to lose ALOT of weight for these events and that did not happen but I am not stressed about it the good comments today were really what I needed to hear,

So... hoping to be out of 200 by November shooting for a goal of 188 for the New Year


September song

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

So far I am starting a habit :) I have walked 4 miles this morning and yesterday morning. Today was a chore I almost doubled back and got the car and drove to the walk path but I powered on. I have to get up earlier to avoid the traffic so I will. :)

I am happy to be under 215 but unhappy that I will more than likely still be over 200 in 6 weeks for a photo that I have known I will be taking for over a year . Oh well I made my bed. Now I can just power on and hope to be thinner and shot to my goal by summer of 2008.

I cannot believe that I have been 30 lbs thinner in the last 3 years and did nothing to complete my goal seems like I am starting over but I have decided to look at this a different way.

I have gained 5 pounds per year that I have been married so currently I am 8 years into the marriage and by loosing my most recent 5 lbs I only have 7 more years to get my body back but I will do it in 4 months

August 219
Sept 209
Oct 199
Nov 189 I was 188 when I got married
Dec 179
Jan 169
Feb 159
Mar 149
Apr 139
May 129 went all through college weighing less than 130

in time for summer again looking forward to that Memorial Day in the skimpys swimsuit that I feel comfortable and going to Hawaii at least 3 times that year.

Best friend going back to Italy for her 10 anniversary which is 6 months after our tenth so will be svelte and totally in shape for that.

Lots of hiking and taking photos Italy will be great .

So photo ops that are coming up
2 huge functions in October.... well I am going to walk 4 miles plus everyday until then so I have about 6 weeks. While I am at these functions I will keep up the health mantra so I will be on track or ahead of the game for the holidays... I will see myself through the holidays just because it will finally be cool enough to exercise pretty much any part of the day that I wish and then I will be heading into the finally stretch after the New Year gearing up for the summer again.

Sounds so easy doesn't it. :) It did last year too. At least I have not gained. I cannot wait to get out of the 200s again this time for good. Just 3 years and I am out of the 200s yippee....

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EFUBA1975 9/5/2007 11:58AM

  Walking 4 miles a day is fantastic! Do you walk inside or out??

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Too much travel too little blogging

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Well, I have been to CA about 5 times and PA about 2 times since the last entry and you can see why I have not fulfilled my desire to blog daily.

I am very happy with the amount of activity I have been able to achieve though.

Walking at least every other day.

Depending on the time of day and what I am wearing I can be almost 10 pound less than when I started spark so we shall see.

I am still trying to hit a goal for May31 to keep me on track with my other long term goals.

Off to weigh myself and start the day.



MAY 1st

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

First Day of the month..... I have got to buckle down.

I am definitely going to try to eat right for my blood type.

Glueten free etc. Can have a lot of fruit just limit on the bread thing.

Good for the carbs.

I have to rush for a flight.

Just want to try and a blog entry a day for this month and drink my water.

Go for it :)


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MJPATRI 5/2/2007 10:27PM

    Thanks for your encouraging words you wrote me on my first blog. Its always nice to know one is not alone in struggling to lose weight.

You mentioned that you are eating right for my blood type, my brother is on the blood type diet. I reallly haven't looked into it. There are so many diets (life style changes) to chose from.

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