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Whole Lot of Shakin' Goin' On!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Yesterday was Sunday, and that means it is my day off. It was a good day, and I didn't even go over my points! That's because I got busy online and was looking for "just the right fabric". Of course, I didn't find it, but I had fun browsing. My friend is doing a dye studio workshop this summer, and I am trying to find the fabric supplies she needs. I have a wholesale license, but couldn't find any of the usernames and passwords to get in to the sites, so I got to see what a lot of other places are featuring, which is actually more fun that those other places. Anyway, today is another day. I want you to know that I really did a strength workout today! I mean a REAL strength workout. In short, I over did it. My body is now shaking all over as if Jerry Lee Lewis was playing my song. Oh. That's an idea! So I shake myself over to my CD rack and sure enough, there is one with him doing "A Whole Lot of Shakin Goin On". Slip that puppy into the player, and before I know it, I am shaking all the shakes out, or increasing them; who knows? But I am doing the dance with gusto! My cat, YeowLing comes in to see what's up, and when she sees me romping all over the place, hisses, growls, gets her tail all fluffed and then rockets out of the room. Which brings in Winsten, the Golden Retriever. He finds this enormously funny, and starts to jump around himself. Now the room is not all that big for the two of us to be jumping and shaking, and the laughter begins. We are having a ball! I replay the song, Winsten and I are laughing and shaking, the cat is glowering in the doorway, and DH shows up. At first he is amazed to see us cavorting around, but then I ask him to join us in our dance routine. Surprisingly, he does. So now we have the three of us doing a whole lot of shakin, the cat has given up and left us to our madness, and now the real laughter begins. Winsten is trying to jump over the big exercise ball, DH is doing his engineer's frog in the blender dance, and I am twistin the night away! Calories are burning the midnight oil, let me tell you! Hey! Why not a little bit of Elvis? Jailhouse Rock starts blasting away, and DH and I do a bit of twist moves, then get serious about competing against each other with the twist. How LOW can you go?? Because of Coach Nicole and her torturous ways, I can go lower than DH, and I don't even tip over. We try doing a little jitterbug, but that is hard to do on carpet, so we just continue doing our own thing. Winsten has given up on jumping over the ball and is now sitting and giving us "The LOOK". You know the LOOK dogs can give you when they think their lord and master has become completely unhinged? Well, he is showing great concern, so we stop today when the music died. Time for nourishment and water! A great beginning of another day.

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LOULOUBELLE2 6/22/2009 7:44PM

    What a great picture I have in my mind from your blog....You even got poor Winston jumping over the stability ball??? Wow...I'd have never gotten my DH to do that, even on the dance floor.
Can't wait to see what your blog will be tomorrow. It's the highlight of my day. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ROBLAINE1 6/22/2009 4:11PM

  Great blog! Glad to know that I am not the only one who gets the music going and DANCES like the Dancing Queen!! I also have a mini trampoline, which the kitties love me to use, they get on there and grab my ankles and HOLD ON!!
Sounds like you had a good time and a great workout!! Keep on posting..I love them!
Have a great evening.

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PEPCEA 6/22/2009 3:42PM

    Great post! Made me laugh out low (I'm at work so I can't laugh out loud, lol).

Alex emoticon

p.s. Oh, I am on my lunch break but I am considerate of my workmates.

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Endomorphs, Mesomorphs and Me

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hey Friends, I have heard from several of you who ALSO know Ms. Smarmy! That chick really gets around, doesn't she. I think she has cloned herself so she can sneak into any of our heads that she wants to. She and little Ms. Goody Twoshoes are sisters, you know. They have the same smugness, but there is a slight difference. Where Ms. Smarmy is always dressed to the nines, hair, nails, clothing and shoes just like she walked off Vogue Magazine, Ms. Goody Twoshoes is all gingham, huge blue eyes and curled blonde hair with ribbons in it, knee socks and white Mary Jane shoes, with her dainty little hands folded so neatly in her lap it makes you want to go over and slap her face off. She is the one who is always doing the perfect thing, subtlely letting everyone know that SHE is doing all the right things, while everyone around her are misbehaving and being very naughty. Well, I have news for HER! At least WE have some FUN! She reminds me of my cousin Diane. Diane has a sister, Janey, whom we would all love, but then there was Diane. Everytime they came to visit, we always had to play with Diane. She was a REAL Ms. Goody Twoshoes, let me tell you. Her pretty frock (she didn't wear dresses; HERS were "FROCKS") was all neatly pressed and perfectly fit, her blonde hair was done in long curls with ribbons to match the frock, and her white knee socks and white Mary Janes looked like they just came out of the box. And she always had this closed lip smile on her face. Like she was too good to come right out and say that she thought we were all inferiors and didn't know it. We lived in the country then, and had cows. I really hated playing with Diane, so one day came up with a grand plan to teach her a lesson, or perhaps, even better, to get her to stop coming over at all. I told her all about this beautiful place by the stream that had the most beautiful flowers growing by it you have ever seen. She was so taken with her own beauty she failed to see the devilish gleam in my eye. When I said the flowers would be really nice with her hair, her pride couldn't resist. Of course I would show her those flowers!! Yes, indeedy. So off we go, hand in hand, her with her halo and me with my horns. We get down to the stream, and sure enough, there were flowers. She started picking the flowers when I found what I had been looking for. Sure enough, she finally moved to the right area, right in front of a cow pie. Now how can she blame me when I "slipped", bumped in to her and she went flying butt down on that cowpie?? It was perfect. Horrified, she ran all the way back, screaming for her mother. I got over my laughter, then ran to catch up to her, yelling "Hey, Diane! Wait up!" I didn't catch her, but when I got back, I sure caught something else! Once her mother cleaned her up best as she could, in the car they went. Now my Dad was laughing so hard he had tears running down his face, and my Mom grabbed me and was spanking me, telling me how naughty I was. But by dinner time, even she was laughing. Diane never came to visit again. So THIS Ms. Goody Twoshoes better watch out! I don't have cows, but I still have those horns somewhere around. Today I did my weigh in and measurement thing. No weight lost, but no weight GAINED, either! Amazing after all those cookies and the apple pie with ice cream! I can only chalk it up to the exercise and workouts I did that I didn't gain at least 50 pounds of tonnage. I had quite a week. Lots of "acting out". There were minor changes in the measurements, but not enough to brag about. So anyway, I am on the site, and decide that I will read an article or two. I stumble upon this article that talks about how much I should weigh, and how to tell. It is several pages long, but oh, so worth reading!! It teaches about body types. DH is and Endomorph. He is tall, lanky, and can eat like a horse and not gain weight. I, on the other hand, am a Mesomorph. Short, stocky, strong. Endomorphs can actually burn calories sitting and watching TV! Mesos can look at food in a magazine and gain. Now I ask you. Is this FAIR?? I don't think so. I mean, it's like God likes HIM better than he likes ME. I have this God box, where I put all my questions that have no answers through this little slot in the top. Long ago, I painted the words "Answer me THIS one, God!" on the top of the box. Whenever I have a question that has no answer, like "why do kids get cancer while bad adults live forever", and "why can't I be as nice as my dog is?" I am sure you know those kinds of questions, and have some of your own. Well, anyway, now I have another. "Why did you make me a Mesomorph??" I actually put that in my God box. Now what are my plans for my box, you ask? Well, it's simple. The way I figure it, one of the following must be right. Group No. 1 is the Christians. The belief here is that we can either wind up in heaven or hell. Now, if they are right, then I don't think I have much to worry about, except that little episode with Diane. Group No. 2 are the Renicarnationists. You keep coming back until you get it right, or something like that. Well, not much to worry about there, either, cuz I will just keep spinning until I get it right. Group No. 3 are the Atheists, who believe in nothing. No problem there, because nothing feels nothing, does nothing, and doesn't even know or care about it. So! Looking over my lifetime, I can see where I have definitely made some major, much needed changes in myself. I am kinder now that I have ever been, and more in tune to other people's feelings and needs. Here is my plan for my box. When I get to the pearly gates, and St. Peter looks over the tablet and invites me in, I will hesitate and ask him to bring out God, because I have some questions for Him. St. Peter will be astounded, get God, and when He comes out, I will lift up my box to Him, and say "Answer me THIS one, God". Once I get all my answers, I will then tell Him how I feel about being a Mesomorph. If He can take it, I will go in. If He can't take it, then I will go looking for Diane and the cowpies.

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LOVESCAMPING 6/22/2009 3:59PM

    LOL! Very good. I think it's always good to keep our horns around somewhere, just in case.

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BIZEEMOMTO3 6/20/2009 9:48PM

    Good for you on not gaining! You made progress. And thanks ever so much for passing on those fabulous genes!

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ROBLAINE1 6/20/2009 9:12PM

  Oh my, you had me laughing until I cried! I wish I would have lived around cows when I was young...I had a friend like Diane....we lived way out in the country, so all we had was lots of nitecrawlers in the grass at night, so we would get her involved in a game of Red Rover...and when she ran...we would just let her go........usually she fell in the wet grass and got all icky and we loved it!!

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Tired, Cookies and Ms. Smarmy

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yesterday was a whole lot of fun, and a whole lot of tiring. I taught a painting quilt class to absolutely terrificly talented students. See my new photos for the first part of a series for this class. The students were enthusiastic, imaginative and eager to learn something new. We all brought a whole bunch of leaves, ferns, and other growing things, and painted them. Now I have to tell you "the REST of the story!". I think I already confessed to you about buying those Costco cookies. In case I didn't, here it is. I wanted to get some cookies "for the students" of the class, so I get one of those boxes of 24 cookies baked at Costco. Hmm. Maybe, with 15 students, I should get TWO boxes. I get home and take one of them in to the house "to share with DH". We had some cookies that night, and the next day was the class. I pack a lunch of salad and watermelon while eating a banana, made my coffee and notice that I am doing all the right things. I get to the class, and hide the box of cookies from the other members of the quilt club so they can't have our class cookies. I sit with the students, we eat our lunches and then set up for the class. Not before I get our cookies out, and have a half one. We are all set up, I give the "how to" lecture, and release the students to their paints, leaves, ferns, and fabrics. Then I can't find my coffee cup. I look all over the place for it, getting louder and louder about not finding my cup. This goes on for about 1/2 hour, then I finally spy it under a table, right where I put it when we were covering the tables with newspaper. Ok. My feathers are all smoothed down again. I work through the students, giving encouragement and help where needed, then I spy those cookies sitting on the counter. I only had a half one; I wonder if the other half is there? No. Ok. So I will just break another one in half. The white chocolate madacamia one, like before. There is a good supply of cookies left, because the students are getting their hands all covered with paint and don't want to go wash it off just to have a cookie. What control!!! I keep up my teaching responsibilities, and have a wonderful time seeing what these ladies are turning out. Truly, they have no idea yet just how terrific their works of art are going to be when finished! I, having taught this class many times, do know what the results will be, and there is no expressing to the artists just how wonderful their piece will be. We meet again next week to begin doing the quilting, and that will really produce lots of ooooohs and aaaaahs from them, once they see it coming together. I can't wait to post the next session of photos on this site so you can all see them! All will be one of a kind masterpieces! As I look back today, I can see that I kept a pretty good watch over those cookies. The supply seemed to be holding up, and I am content with that. So content that whenever I see someone near them, I go break off another half of a cookie. I AM watching my fat intake, you know, so I only eat a half cookie at a time. Of course, I ignore those OTHER halves I have already had. By the time the class is over, and we get all cleaned up, the students are gone and it is time for me to get packed up. I load my stuff in the car, always remembering that I have to get the left over cookies to "take to Ted". When I am all lpacked up and ready to go, I go back inside, and can't find the cookies. I ask "Where are the rest of the cookies?" and one of the students says "They're all gone. I just ate the last half cookie that was left". I hide the feeling of being deprived. Home I go. I get in the house, and look for the other box of cookies. THERE it is!! I grab two more (whole) cookies and stuff them down. Then after eating chili, a half bagel and glass of milk for dinner (I AM watching my fat intake, remember?), enter my points and am blown away that I stayed within the ranges EXCEPT for the fat intake. Well, that's pretty good, isn't it? So I eat two more cookies before I go to bed. Today, I awaken tired. I am not going to work out today. I did too much yesterday. Today will be a day off. A day of REST. I con myself into thinking this is all justified, and that I am tired from all the walking and teaching, NOT the overload of sugar ingested. Then that "PERSON" who is emerging within me says "You know, you need to do your workouts and cardio today". I ignore her and start to read my emails. I have no intention of even logging in to SP today. Then she nudges me. I hate being nudged. I tell her to leave me alone, but she won't. She says "YOU ARE IGNORING THE TRUTH THAT YOU NEED TO DO YOUR WORKOUTS AND CARDIO. GO LOG IN". I tell her to shut up and leave me alone. Then I send out a couple important emails and make my play in the online scrabble game Bossy Daughter and I have going. Nudge, nudge. "REMEMBER ALL THOSE COOKIES?" says Ms. Smarmy. She smirks at me when I try to concentrate on something else. Ms. Smarmy is developing quite a smirk these past few days. By now I am cognizant that what I am really going through is a sugar withdrawal from the damned cookies, and regret eating them all. Ms. Smarmy makes me log on "just to see if any emails or comments have been made on your web site". I fall for it. I do NOT intend to do any workouts or cardio today! I am too Tired!!! Smirk, smirk. So I spend too much time uploading photos from yesterday's class, fiddle around, and finally cave in "just to look at what I have scheduled in fitness today". Oh, man. I don't feel like doing THOSE! I know, I can CHEAT. I will just put in that I did exercise, get my points and be on to the rest of my day. I mean, who would know that I really did not do those workouts?! "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ARE ACTUALLY THINKING OF CHEATING ON YOUR WORKOUTS"! I tell her to shut up and leave me alone. I am getting ready to cheat on the first workout, and "YOU KNOW, DON'T YOU, THAT IF YOU CHEAT, YOU ARE ONLY CHEATING YOURSELF". Sanctimonious creep! Why can't she just take it easy and relax? Ok. Ok. I will go to my fitness page and LOOK at one or two of the exercises scheduled. Oh, I like those two. I will just do THEM. Smirk. smirk. 'AND JUST WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE REST OF THEM"? Ok, ok. I will do just those othe two. I click that I did (honestly) those four exercises, and I kind of like the points I get for them. Well, I will just take another peek at that list. Oh, I only have those to go. I can do them easy peasy. Click on for more points. Ok. That's enough for the day. Then Ms. Smarmy, whom I thought had probably left to go get her crown, appears again. "REMEMBER ALL THOSE COOKIES YOU ATE YESTERDAY, MS. LARDO?" That's IT. I have had it with her and her smirks and smarmy attitude. MISS LARDO, INDEED! Who does she think she is talking to???? I will show HER! Ok, Ms. Smarmy, see if you can keep up with THIS! I proceed to do a very rigourous cardio dance video, and don't even stop when I get all tangled up and lose my place and can't do what is on the screen. I keep doing these workout breaths, and pumping my arms. I pump my legs, push with my arms, try to hop, do marching, to all kinds of strenuous motions, and then my time is up. Not one peep out of Ms. Smarmy. I KNEW I could shut her up!! Now, I will continue to ignore her and go about my day. After all, I have a lot to get done.

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BEA-N-ME 6/24/2009 5:06PM

    Way to go again! I've often wonderd what "her" name was. Fits "her " perfectly! I only wish my over-eating/under-exercising days were he only thing she pestered about! Keep at it, well rub her face in it yet1

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BOOPSTER69 6/20/2009 4:18PM

    Thanks for adding a laugh to my day - I sometimes want to "choke" Ms. Smarmy myself. Keep up the great work.

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SUZY6281 6/19/2009 11:51PM

    You know, I can justify eating most anything and i love your half cookie plan. Ha! I have a half a piece of pizza plan that works out just about the same way. The only difference with my plan is when I fall like that, Ms Smarmy doesn't usually have that much power the next day. Fortunately, SP makes her much more powerful.

Good for you for getting on there and being accountable. You are awesome.

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NOTFATCAT 6/19/2009 1:15PM

    You should leave your 'friends' at home and the cookies at the store!
And, log in and record your intended food intake for the day BEFORE you start eating.
Today is another day, though, so get back on the low calorie/fat horse.

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LOULOUBELLE2 6/18/2009 6:11PM

    Two things about your blog: well maybe more!!!
1. Where do you teach the leaf painting? Is it to late to sign up for class? It sounds like something I'd like to try.
2. Wait I have to get a kleenex to dry my tears at giggling at your blog!!!! I know it's not a laughing matter, but the way you wrote it, it was.
Okay, so you had almost as bad a break down yesterday as I did, but both of us have the same outcome. And both of us are now doing something about it.
3. Don't you just love Sparks where you can tell Ms. Smarmy to shut up...then go about getting her to!!!! Glad you didn't cheat!!!!
4. Must close and take a look at your pictures.
emoticonLouAnne emoticon

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DARCEYOH 6/18/2009 4:29PM

    ah yes, only we know when we've cheated, and darn it if that little voice inside won't shut up.

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LOVESCAMPING 6/18/2009 3:41PM

    (chuckles) You are just too cute! emoticon


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Have you ever exercised by default? I did, today. I was busy surfing through the Spark pages when DH came in and needed the computer. He has his own computer downstairs, but hasn't hooked it up yet.....groan. It's only been sitting there for two years now, and all he has to do is set it up. Simple, huh! Not to a pack rat! He would have to move three tons of stuff in front of the computer in order to even get to it. But that is another story. So here he comes, needing MY computer. I ask if it is important (I am thinking "is it important enough to get me off Spark?") and he says "Yes. I need to reply to an Ebay seller's email ". Now I ask you. Is Ebay more important than finding out what everybody is doing on SparkPeople???? But I am a gracious person, so I surrender my computer. Now, for DH to write an email, it can take a full day or more. He has been known to draft his emails and work on them for a week or more before he deems them correct enough to send. He always has me read them first, and when I correct his sentence structure or punctuations, it is always a major insult to him. And he doesn't take major insults well at all. He argues with me that the punctuation is correct, or that the sentence structure MEANS.................... This is always followed by me saying "then why don't you just say THAT?", to which he again takes as a major insult. So today I tell him that I don't have time to read his email before he sends it. I mean, I want to get back to playing with you guys! So he agrees, then proceeds to write his email. I think if I workout while he is trying to get the email finished, he will hurry and do it. I figure he is good for about 15 minutes of me romping around with my music blaring. But no. He is calmly sitting there, typing away. So I re-set my timer, and continue to work out. Music is louder, and I am getting a real workout, let me tell you. I am also getting angry that he hasn't noticed the music or the fact that I am bouncing around, so I work harder. And bounce louder. And breathe louder. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW??? type, type, type, click, click, click. Another 15 minutes has passed, and he is still at it. So I very ostentatiously set ANOTHER 15 minutes, set the timer right by his arm, and turn the music up. This time it is marching band music, played by the U.S. Marine Band. I figure it is time to send in the Marines. Before I know it, I am marching around the house, FAST, and break into a house jog. Sometimes I throw in a jumping jack or two, sometimes a side kick or three, sometimes I try to skip (with not much success). I am waving my arms around, and I feel a bead of SWEAT roll down my chest. SWEAT!!! Women don't SWEAT! We GLISTEN! But Glisten doesn't roll down your body! I have to get a grip on this before I lose complete composure. So I change my workout. Have you ever done Tai Chi to marching band music played by the Marines? As I am doing all my moves, I begin to imagine I am on Okinawa and it is during WWII, and the Marines are coming to storm the beach AND my exercise mat!! I better work out really fast so I can get out of their way. But Tai Chi isn't done fast. It is done deliberately, with great concentration. So I concentrate greatly, imagining I am on white sand next to Caribbean-blue water. How very peacefully the palm trees sway! I am getting in to this when DH says "Aren't you supposed to be marching in time to the music or something?" There goes my reverie. I snap out of my dream world, hear the music blaring and yell to him "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!" He turns off the music, and then asks "Can you hear me now?" My timer goes off, it is time to stop. I guess exercise under duress is still exercise, right? Oh, I almost forgot! I read a sp article this morning explaining that, yep, I can lose inches and gain weight, because muscle really DOES weigh more than fat! So now I am building muscles and gaining weight, but that is because I am getting healthier. My inches keep going down. I will worry about the scale reports later. Right now, I am on a roll!! Bring on the Marines! emoticon

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BEA-N-ME 6/17/2009 11:24AM

    I can't tell you enough how much I love your blogs! You make life seem so much more fun! I dont want to burst your bubble but you were right before, a pound is a pound. The difference between a pound of fat and a pound of muscle is the space it takes up. Muscle is lean and compact, where as fat is bulky and out of control, it just has NO dicipline. Not only does muscle behave better, look better, I've bee told it also helps us "attack" the enemy, just like the Marines.So, yeah, bring 'em on. The Marines (for me the Army) the muscles, the inch loss with no weight loss (although that is getting old for me at least), at least our clothes fit better! Take care! Lynn

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KAROUSELL46 6/17/2009 12:32AM

    LOL He's really taken in by you and your exercising. Maybe he's taking his time b/c he enjoys watching you. I know you might miss a good blog or an interesting story on SP. You can learn so much on here. Great friends here too.....Karen
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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IMADAREDEVIL 6/16/2009 10:09PM

    Oh, good heavens you had me laughing out loud with this blog!!
Well, you worked out, and you worked out hard.
Maybe tomorrow he'll need to send another e-mail.....
Thanks for making me laugh.

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NOTFATCAT 6/16/2009 6:33PM

    Hey, whatever works, right?
Next you'll be moving all his junk for him so he can use his computer.

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Heavy schedule and work out too??

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hey Fellow Sparks! Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Or something like that. I can never figure that saying out because it always seems like our yesterdays are nothing. I don't feel that way about yesterdays at all. I mean, how would we ever have such wonderful memories if we didn't acknowledge yesterday with love and attention?? Especially yesterday's nap! I loved that nap! Sunday afternoons are a good time for naps. The gentle breeze was flowing over my face, I had dropped the book I was reading, Meng Tsu Kitty was curled up by me............ah, it was a good thing! Today I have a very heavy schedule, and it was time to get back to workouts. So I did the strength training stuff, which I am actually seeing a marked improvement in myself, including balance. I can do one exercise with my left leg up. But when I put my weight on my "ignorant side", and lift my right leg, I have to grab the door knob. Ignorant Side just doesn't want to learn. I do my appropriate stretches, and go to the stationery bike. I set a timer for 15 minutes. I go into the quilt room and get a different quilt book to read while pedaling, put on some piano boogie-woogie so I won't peddle too slowly, and begin. I begin reading my morning meditation book so I know what to watch for in my attitude today. Then I get the quilt book. The book is "15 Two Block Quilts". I'm reading it from the very beginning, something I rarely do with my quilt books, because I either jump right in with them, or put them on the shelf "for later". I am reading along, not quite grasping everything I am reading, but I know I can re-read it several times while on the bike, and should get most of it by then. The timer goes off. Hey! Wait a minute!! It can't have been 15 minutes already!! I am still having a good time with the book! Ok. Set the timer for another 15 minutes, and continue with the book. This time when the alarm sounds, I am ready to write this blog to you so I can get on with my day. Today is going to be a very busy day for me, as is Tuesday and Wednesday. Today I have to get all quilt width measurements tallied for the art quilt show, and then get those tallies off to the rest of the Art Quilt Sue Show committee. Then I have to get together with Sue, who is going to be my class helper on Wednesday for the Painted Leaves Quilt class I am teaching to make sure she is aware of what I might need help with, and what her duties will be. Doesn't that sound impressive? HER DUTIES. Ha. We will go over some of the areas I will need her help, and that will be that. I have to get all the stuff organized for the Art Quilt Sue's show design meeting tomorrow, as well as get all my STUFF together for the class I am teaching on Wednesday. AND I need to color my hair. I always love the texture and body of my hair after I color it. But I hate the process of doing the coloring. It doesn't take long...maybe ten minutes, and then all I have to do is wait 45 minutes and shower it out. I know it isn't any real work, but it always seems to be such an imposition! I keep telling DH that I am going to just let the white grow out, and he says "OK, but you will sure look OLD". That does it. I tear into the bathroom, get all the stuff out and show HIM! I won't look OLD when I am finished! What does HE know anyway? Well, besides almost anything and everything, I mean. He really is a smart guy. A bona fide genius. With all the social skills of bona fide geniuses. These people don't have a clue about appropriate social conversations or behavior. At leat my DH doesn't. He will either be totally silent, or start a lecture on some topic that no one else in the room has a clue about. He doesn't know he monopolizes the entire conversation until I smack him. SOME times, that works. Others, I just have to tell him, "You are monopolizing and lecturing. Stop yourself." Then he goes into the quiet phase again. Now why am I telling you all this about DH? Beats me. It must be because he annoyed me by making that comment about me looking OLD. We have a house FULL of antiques (Including DH), so I don't know what would be so bad about me looking OLD, too. I have to get the coloring stuff out.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KAROUSELL46 6/15/2009 2:41PM

    emoticonWe aren't old. We just have alot of wisdom and knowledge about us. I really enjoy your blogs....Karen emoticon

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