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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Have you ever exercised by default? I did, today. I was busy surfing through the Spark pages when DH came in and needed the computer. He has his own computer downstairs, but hasn't hooked it up yet.....groan. It's only been sitting there for two years now, and all he has to do is set it up. Simple, huh! Not to a pack rat! He would have to move three tons of stuff in front of the computer in order to even get to it. But that is another story. So here he comes, needing MY computer. I ask if it is important (I am thinking "is it important enough to get me off Spark?") and he says "Yes. I need to reply to an Ebay seller's email ". Now I ask you. Is Ebay more important than finding out what everybody is doing on SparkPeople???? But I am a gracious person, so I surrender my computer. Now, for DH to write an email, it can take a full day or more. He has been known to draft his emails and work on them for a week or more before he deems them correct enough to send. He always has me read them first, and when I correct his sentence structure or punctuations, it is always a major insult to him. And he doesn't take major insults well at all. He argues with me that the punctuation is correct, or that the sentence structure MEANS.................... This is always followed by me saying "then why don't you just say THAT?", to which he again takes as a major insult. So today I tell him that I don't have time to read his email before he sends it. I mean, I want to get back to playing with you guys! So he agrees, then proceeds to write his email. I think if I workout while he is trying to get the email finished, he will hurry and do it. I figure he is good for about 15 minutes of me romping around with my music blaring. But no. He is calmly sitting there, typing away. So I re-set my timer, and continue to work out. Music is louder, and I am getting a real workout, let me tell you. I am also getting angry that he hasn't noticed the music or the fact that I am bouncing around, so I work harder. And bounce louder. And breathe louder. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW??? type, type, type, click, click, click. Another 15 minutes has passed, and he is still at it. So I very ostentatiously set ANOTHER 15 minutes, set the timer right by his arm, and turn the music up. This time it is marching band music, played by the U.S. Marine Band. I figure it is time to send in the Marines. Before I know it, I am marching around the house, FAST, and break into a house jog. Sometimes I throw in a jumping jack or two, sometimes a side kick or three, sometimes I try to skip (with not much success). I am waving my arms around, and I feel a bead of SWEAT roll down my chest. SWEAT!!! Women don't SWEAT! We GLISTEN! But Glisten doesn't roll down your body! I have to get a grip on this before I lose complete composure. So I change my workout. Have you ever done Tai Chi to marching band music played by the Marines? As I am doing all my moves, I begin to imagine I am on Okinawa and it is during WWII, and the Marines are coming to storm the beach AND my exercise mat!! I better work out really fast so I can get out of their way. But Tai Chi isn't done fast. It is done deliberately, with great concentration. So I concentrate greatly, imagining I am on white sand next to Caribbean-blue water. How very peacefully the palm trees sway! I am getting in to this when DH says "Aren't you supposed to be marching in time to the music or something?" There goes my reverie. I snap out of my dream world, hear the music blaring and yell to him "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!" He turns off the music, and then asks "Can you hear me now?" My timer goes off, it is time to stop. I guess exercise under duress is still exercise, right? Oh, I almost forgot! I read a sp article this morning explaining that, yep, I can lose inches and gain weight, because muscle really DOES weigh more than fat! So now I am building muscles and gaining weight, but that is because I am getting healthier. My inches keep going down. I will worry about the scale reports later. Right now, I am on a roll!! Bring on the Marines! emoticon

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BEA-N-ME 6/17/2009 11:24AM

    I can't tell you enough how much I love your blogs! You make life seem so much more fun! I dont want to burst your bubble but you were right before, a pound is a pound. The difference between a pound of fat and a pound of muscle is the space it takes up. Muscle is lean and compact, where as fat is bulky and out of control, it just has NO dicipline. Not only does muscle behave better, look better, I've bee told it also helps us "attack" the enemy, just like the Marines.So, yeah, bring 'em on. The Marines (for me the Army) the muscles, the inch loss with no weight loss (although that is getting old for me at least), at least our clothes fit better! Take care! Lynn

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KAROUSELL46 6/17/2009 12:32AM

    LOL He's really taken in by you and your exercising. Maybe he's taking his time b/c he enjoys watching you. I know you might miss a good blog or an interesting story on SP. You can learn so much on here. Great friends here too.....Karen
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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IMADAREDEVIL 6/16/2009 10:09PM

    Oh, good heavens you had me laughing out loud with this blog!!
Well, you worked out, and you worked out hard.
Maybe tomorrow he'll need to send another e-mail.....
Thanks for making me laugh.

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NOTFATCAT 6/16/2009 6:33PM

    Hey, whatever works, right?
Next you'll be moving all his junk for him so he can use his computer.

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Heavy schedule and work out too??

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hey Fellow Sparks! Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Or something like that. I can never figure that saying out because it always seems like our yesterdays are nothing. I don't feel that way about yesterdays at all. I mean, how would we ever have such wonderful memories if we didn't acknowledge yesterday with love and attention?? Especially yesterday's nap! I loved that nap! Sunday afternoons are a good time for naps. The gentle breeze was flowing over my face, I had dropped the book I was reading, Meng Tsu Kitty was curled up by me............ah, it was a good thing! Today I have a very heavy schedule, and it was time to get back to workouts. So I did the strength training stuff, which I am actually seeing a marked improvement in myself, including balance. I can do one exercise with my left leg up. But when I put my weight on my "ignorant side", and lift my right leg, I have to grab the door knob. Ignorant Side just doesn't want to learn. I do my appropriate stretches, and go to the stationery bike. I set a timer for 15 minutes. I go into the quilt room and get a different quilt book to read while pedaling, put on some piano boogie-woogie so I won't peddle too slowly, and begin. I begin reading my morning meditation book so I know what to watch for in my attitude today. Then I get the quilt book. The book is "15 Two Block Quilts". I'm reading it from the very beginning, something I rarely do with my quilt books, because I either jump right in with them, or put them on the shelf "for later". I am reading along, not quite grasping everything I am reading, but I know I can re-read it several times while on the bike, and should get most of it by then. The timer goes off. Hey! Wait a minute!! It can't have been 15 minutes already!! I am still having a good time with the book! Ok. Set the timer for another 15 minutes, and continue with the book. This time when the alarm sounds, I am ready to write this blog to you so I can get on with my day. Today is going to be a very busy day for me, as is Tuesday and Wednesday. Today I have to get all quilt width measurements tallied for the art quilt show, and then get those tallies off to the rest of the Art Quilt Sue Show committee. Then I have to get together with Sue, who is going to be my class helper on Wednesday for the Painted Leaves Quilt class I am teaching to make sure she is aware of what I might need help with, and what her duties will be. Doesn't that sound impressive? HER DUTIES. Ha. We will go over some of the areas I will need her help, and that will be that. I have to get all the stuff organized for the Art Quilt Sue's show design meeting tomorrow, as well as get all my STUFF together for the class I am teaching on Wednesday. AND I need to color my hair. I always love the texture and body of my hair after I color it. But I hate the process of doing the coloring. It doesn't take long...maybe ten minutes, and then all I have to do is wait 45 minutes and shower it out. I know it isn't any real work, but it always seems to be such an imposition! I keep telling DH that I am going to just let the white grow out, and he says "OK, but you will sure look OLD". That does it. I tear into the bathroom, get all the stuff out and show HIM! I won't look OLD when I am finished! What does HE know anyway? Well, besides almost anything and everything, I mean. He really is a smart guy. A bona fide genius. With all the social skills of bona fide geniuses. These people don't have a clue about appropriate social conversations or behavior. At leat my DH doesn't. He will either be totally silent, or start a lecture on some topic that no one else in the room has a clue about. He doesn't know he monopolizes the entire conversation until I smack him. SOME times, that works. Others, I just have to tell him, "You are monopolizing and lecturing. Stop yourself." Then he goes into the quiet phase again. Now why am I telling you all this about DH? Beats me. It must be because he annoyed me by making that comment about me looking OLD. We have a house FULL of antiques (Including DH), so I don't know what would be so bad about me looking OLD, too. I have to get the coloring stuff out.

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KAROUSELL46 6/15/2009 2:41PM

    emoticonWe aren't old. We just have alot of wisdom and knowledge about us. I really enjoy your blogs....Karen emoticon

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Gain Weight & Lose 6.2 inches??? Woo Hoo has turned into Doo doo

Saturday, June 13, 2009

So okay. I know I went over my allotments a couple of times.....three, to be exact.....but did my workouts. I moved up to Stage 2. I thought this was a good thing. Now I am not too sure. I get on the scale today and sure enough, I have gained 2 pounds. Then I get out the measuring tape, do my measurements, and see that I have LOST 6.2 INCHES. Now will somebody please explain that??!! Several years ago I had a WW instructor who used to always say "well, you know! Muscle weighs more than FAT". I was taught that 16 oz is a pound, no matter what it is of. My engineer husband says "not necessarily." Then he goes into the lecture mode about weights and measures, volumne and other stuff that I can't hear. I can see his mouth moving, but I don't hear his words. I just try to remember to blink once in a while when looking at him, pretending to follow his course. I don't have much of a clue what he is talking about, so I begin doing my own head talk. Let's see. Should I just bag this whole thing now? I mean, I am tired of moving in my sleep and having my abs remind me they have been overworked. They keep screaming "Hey YOU! Watch it!! I am trying to relax, and you rolling around isn't doing me any good. WHY don't you just lie still and SLEEP already?!" The whole groin area is even a bit sore and it is evident even when I pee. My arms complain about being all stretched out constantly and would like to return to their previous no exercise, flabby selves, but my legs say "Hey, guys, let's do this again!". The legs, even though they are coated with cottage cheese right under the skin, are the strongest part of my body. They got that way from working with horses and climbing really steep hills twice a day to do feeding. Moving from the ranch stopped all that workout stuff, and my body just grew, and grew............and grew.............till Bossy Daughter had enough and forced me to do this. Speaking of Bossy Daughter, she and the family are off to the Relay for Life weekend in Massachusetts. Both Bossy Daughter and Ally walk with the Survivors as well as just doing "regular" walks. One of these years I just might fly out there and do their Relay with them. I do ours here on the Peninsula, and love it. Especially the candle ceremony. Any way, back to my dilemna. Today I do the crunchless ab workout with........yep! HEATHER!! Now don't let this one fool you. It is not nearly as easy as she presents it to be. I stay with her for the first part, then start to fall behind again. I mean, the woman is KILLING me. She just keeps moving, and then says "OK, a little FARTHER BACK NOW. I am back as far as I can get without screaming for mercy, and she wants me to go back more??? She steps up the agony with increased glee and different moves, and my hatred is coming to the front. This is supposed to last for 10 minutes. It has already been 5 1/2 hours, and she still comes up with new stuff. Finally, toward the end of the 15th hour, I cave in and just lie there like a beached manatee. She prattles on more, then says "THERE! We are finished with our 10 minute workout. If you want, you can replay this video and do it again." Her face disappears just as my hands, formed in the "choke hold" position, touch the monitor screen. She's quite the escape artist, that one! My attitude isn't improving yet, so I know I need to do the cardio. Instead of doing the fun R&R dancing, I chose to go to Demand Fitness and find a cardio video. I get this one that is mid-range, and it is really good! UNTIL a new move is presented. I am supposed to do this step, tap, reach, stretch, over my head, and in front of me and repeat???????? Repeat which one?? You want me to do ALL of them at one TIME??? I don't think it is possible. I am not an octopus. I don't have that many hands and feet. I try, fall over, pick myself up and try again. As usual, right side gets it. OK. Now switch to left side. The IGNORANT side. It doesn't have a clue as to what it is supposed to do, so it just does the frog in the blender thing. I try really hard to control it, but that is causing me to curse, so I just jiggle around, stretching once in a while, always on the left side. Then we get down on our hands and knees. Oh, I like this! We do some stretchy things that are good, then we are supposed to do this balancing act where right arm is up and extended, left leg is up and extended. And balance ourselves. Right. I can balance myself if my arm and leg can move, but to keep it still..............another tip over. I don't fall; I TIP OVER. Getting back into position, once again I tip over. Now my brain has gone, because I am singing (outloud) "I'm a little tea pot, short and stout........" and tip over because I am laughing so hard. I have no idea what is going on with the video, because I have tears in my eyes from laughing and singing at the same time. Suddenly, in rushes DH and Winsten, both afraid of what is going on in the room. Winsten is barking and licking my face, DH has a horrified look on his face and is yelling "Are You OKAY?? WHAT are you DOING??" Party poopers, both of them. I gather my wits about me, and go back to the video. Ok. She is on the cool down portion, which is good, because I am done for anyway. I think the doo-doo has become a woo hoo after all.

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DARCEYOH 6/15/2009 12:21AM

    The important thing is that you are seeing result... even if it is in measuring and not the weight.

It's always a joy to read your blogs! Keep up the good work!

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BEA-N-ME 6/13/2009 9:57PM

    That was the funniest thing I have read in a long time! That is Patsy Clairmont (author) caliber! Any way you can at least say you had fun while trying to exercise! And you did move around alot, gotta count for something! Seriously, I'm sure there are very few people who can do an exercise video the first or tenth time right, but each time gets easier. Soon the person on the video even starts speaking English! Don't forget walking is a great exercise to! Did you know that a 20 minute normal paced walk on asphalt burns 102 calories if you weigh 140 (i wish!) and 138 calories if you weigh 190 (thats more like it!). Five times a week would be one pound gone! Keep up the great work! And keep laughing! (us too!) Oh I too have experienced inch loss with no weight loss and vice versa. I'm not sure which is worse. I hate both!

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NOTFATCAT 6/13/2009 7:47PM

    You are making the effort and it is showing with your measurements. Keep up the exercising.

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KACER12 6/13/2009 6:47PM

    thanks for keeping it real! You can do it.

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1BEARWIFE 6/13/2009 5:25PM

    Lisaban1: I can't find your sparkpeople page. It comes up with a message that they "couldn't find that user". Let me know if you get it worked out. Thanks so much for the explanation. You are the voice of reason.

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LISABAN1 6/13/2009 4:09PM

  Sounds like you are doing good. As far as inch loss and weight gain, I have read that when you are getting more muscle this will sometimes happen. Muscle takes up less space than fat, so your fat is probably disappearing (inch loss) and good muscle is taking it's place. don't read so much into the scales. I have always said I would be happy if I weighed 300 pounds, was all muscle and a size 10. In other words, the scale is not the end all and be all... keep losing those inches and getting smaller and the scale will take care of itself :-)
Good luck

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Dumbells, weights and balls

Friday, June 12, 2009

This morning I am scheduled to quilt with my neighbor, Cindy. She comes here around ten, but this morning there is no answer on her phone, and she has not returned my message either. So I might be on my own. I did a different strength training today, consisting of weights and balls. I used the ball to do my wall squats, which I am getting really GOOD at! I can go lower and lower each time I do it. Then I did my killer wall pushups. The regular ones aren't so bad, but when I put my hands where my fingers are making this diamond shape.....ooooooo ouch yikes oh man is it nearly over comes out of my mouth. Those things are real killers! I used my weights and did shoulder shrugs, reverse flies, over heads, and a number of others. All in all, it was a good workout. I did get my heart beat up, but have chosen to do my cardio workout later in the day. So. this is what else is going on. I have only gone over my allotted food points twice this week, have done very well with the cardio workouts and strength training stuff, but my scale today says I am up 1 1/2 pounds. Bet it was the Mexican food! Tomorrow is OFFICIAL weigh in day, so who knows? I have another dilemna. I have been scheduling quilt days, but haven't even turned my machine on, or spent more than 15 minutes in the sewing or quilt room all week. I am in a slump. I can't afford to be in a slump, as I need to finish three quilts for our local quilt show mid July, and have gotten three Ally Cat Quilts by Krackers requests to fill. What's going on with me?? I really would rather be outside in the garden and doing summery kind of things, like hiking some trails in our area. Basically I have accomplished nothing this week, other than be on Spark People pages. I think this is addictive. It's right up there with online Scrabble with Bossy Daughter. It's a good thing I don't have to number all my addictions. I have boxes, closets and chests full of addictions. Most of which I will never return to, I am sure. I keep thinking I want to go to the Sr. Center in town and learn how to knit socks for Christmas gifts. But with this beautiful weather, who wants to make warm socks and quilts?? I need a motivator to rescue me and get me out of this slump!

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LINDAJ111 6/12/2009 4:36PM

    TA DA!!! Motivator to the rescue!! You call we haul......yup, we haul your ass out of the slump!! Opps maybe I wasn't suppose to say that!! Wow you sure are working hard with that work out. I haven't touched the ball since I hurt my neck on it but will start it again Monday when I can concentrate on how NOT to hurt myself. Here I am feeling guilty cause I "have" been working so much on my quilting and you want to get motivated to get back to it. I will trade you even up....now you get in there and turn on the sewing machine and I am on my way out the door to plant some flowers! Deal? Deal! emoticon

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SUZY6281 6/12/2009 3:52PM

    You'll find as the weight comes off, you have more and more energy. Just keep on doing the great things you are doing and eventually you might be able to fit more in.


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FLUSTERED 6/12/2009 2:19PM

    I'm so on the same page with you as far as neglecting my poor sewing machine and sewing room. Isn't it just so addictive to Spark! I was in this mode last year when I joined and it's what I attribute to my 8 lbs lost at that time. I have to stay connected or I don't do so well, so I guess it's not a bad thing.


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Rock & Roll, Sexy videos and Water

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Here I now sit, drinking another glass of water. I have already logged three glasses, but today's workout brought a bit of sweat.......oh wait a minute.........I am a WOMAN, therefore, do not SWEAT. Women glisten! (Are you listening, Peg?) So glistening along with the video of Sexy Striptease (on this sight) with the sound turned off and the music of my choice blaring away, I worked up a thirst. Good for me. You know, I was watching some of the moves that chick on the video was doing, and I realized that if she speeded things up, she could be doing rock and roll, too. So basically I used her video to remind me of different moves to make. I concentrated whenever I thought of it to keep my butt tucked in. Makes a big difference in the workout! Speaking of tucking the butt, have any of your done the butt tucking video? It is Heather again. It started out good; I could do those moves. But then she picks it up again, switching from movement to movement. I am still fairly okay. She does the exercise which is "like a dog peeing" (her words, not mine, but it is an accurate description), and we are doing these side leg raises. Then she says "don't forget to breathe!". I realize my breathing has been very shallow. Okay so I will breathe. Oh wait a minute. That throws my timing off. I mean, how can one breathe properly AND do the dog peeing on a hydrant in time with Heather?? It is a mystery I have no answer for. So I figure I have the choice of falling over while breathing properly or lifting my leg to her time. By the time I reach this conclusion, she is changing the routine. Have you noticed that whenever I come to a great awakening she always changes the moves on me? She's a sneaky sadistic one, that Heather is! Now we are doing the dog pee move AND kicking our leg out! And she is going faster. This is okay at the first three kicks, but then gets pretty difficult. She doesn't care, and she doesn't stop. "Okay, now HOLD IT!" We are then supposed to begin pulsing our legs in this weird postion. Are you kidding? Lift that 2 ton leg up and pulse it??? For HOW long??? I am getting ready to slam dunk her when she says to quickly switch to the other side. Another learning curve. You are probably familiar by now with the fact that I am not good at "switching sides" (see Hop posting), so now I have to learn a whole new thing for me. Left leg begins to cooperate, then the terrorist gives the order to speed it up, kick that leg out, hold it in the air, pulse it..............I am developing evil thoughts here. This leg just doesn't want to PULSE, let alone faster and higher! She mercifully ends the video after six minutes that lasted a whole week. Yes, this video is only six minutes. Oh. ok. Didn't think it was over that quickly. I will do a repeat of it. But this time I get waaay off track, mixing up the workout into something of my own. Every now and then I get back to where the class is and do those moves. All in all, I got them all done, but I must admit I cheated on the Pulse things. I am very happy to claim the points for that workout, but more happy to turn Heather off. I realize I forgot to tell you about the Bora Bora bars yesterday. They actually taste really good, and are good for us! A real good way to satisfy the sweet craze too. There are three different kinds in the box you can get at Costco. According to the WW tools, they are either 5, 4 or 3 points each. I am going to the sewing room for a nice long sit at the machine and quilt!

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SUZY6281 6/12/2009 3:51PM

    Women don't fart either. We fluff.


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DARCEYOH 6/11/2009 7:29PM

    Boy, I don't just glisten... I shimmer, gleam, sparkle, glimmer, shine, glint and glow!

Keep up the good work!

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