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Boot Camp Day Seven

Saturday, May 30, 2009

emoticon I have finished one full week of Boot Camp. I want to report that Heather is still living, which is a good thing. Today's workout was good, other than my ball rolling all over the place and out of reach. I think I spent more time chasing that ball on my knees than any other kind of exercise, and a few of her movements were out of the question for me to try due to previous back surgeries and rods. I gamely went for it today, knowing that this was the last of the boot camp stuff. I am going to get the rest of my exercising in today via cleaning house. All the usual.......dusting, vac., bathrooms and mopping. I will time myself fairly and add the appropriate points to my fitness report. I have a big house with lots of stairs, so the workout will be an honest one. Now is the time for confession. I was doing so well all day long yesterday...........UNTIL I got a craving for the potato chips in the pantry. While in the pantry, I spy the unopened Oreo box. Not a moment's hesitation, I grab them both. I get the Oreo box open, cut open a sleeve and proceed to down 5 Oreos with more milk. I also serve myself up a larger than necessary supply of chips. Now get this. I KNEW I was sabotaging, and I knew a vague, distant sense of guilt and shame. I also recognized the thought of "I am really blowing it tonight, and tomorrow is weigh in day!". But I shrugged all those messages off and had a good time doing some "fatty eating" exercises. I mean, isn't chewing a good exercise for our jaws?? Okay, so I know my actions were not stellar, but it felt good to rebel for once a week. I did lose weight, even though the Oreos and potato chips haven't taken the time to show up yet, and today will be a more disciplined day. I have to get the shovel and start cleaning my house. Bye for now!

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KAROUSELL46 5/31/2009 11:01AM

    Wow. I impressed you finished the bootcamp. WAY TO GO!! You know, I do the same thing eating and knowing exactly what I'm doing when it comes to sabotaging myself. But I seem to do it more than once a week. I deal with alot of depression but still aware of what I'm doing. I really need to get control. You are doing great so once in awhile isn't too bad. Take care......Karen

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Boot Camp Day SIx

Friday, May 29, 2009

emoticonI am encouraged that I have one more day of Boot Camp. The encouragement comes from working out with that evil robot, Heather. She decided today to wreck me with weights. I kept up with her though. I am strong....I am WOMAN! My body is letting me know that we have been moving in a most untypical way. Body wants a day off. Mind says "Hey, Sucker, you take one day off and you know you'll be cooked!" And that is even without Bossy Daughter. It would be so easy and comfy to fall back in to my sabotage and "I'll do it later" mode. Tomorrow I get to weigh in. I'm looking forward to that, because if, after all these workouts and watching what I put in my mouth (I know, I know.....I also need to watch what comes OUT of my mouth) I haven't lost any weight, I will definitely figure out how to kill Heather. After the Boot Camp, I did a cardio workout with ......Guess who! Today she had springs on her feet and in her knees. I am sure she was loaded to the gils with caffiene. I mean, all that hopping and jumping and running across an imaginary line???? I did weight shifting across the line, but I did it fairly fast. Women my age should not be expected to HOP, JUMP or RUN across anything, including an imaginary line. After the "cool down" part of her monstrously evil program, I could still breathe, so she didn't win all that much today. I really do like the cool down parts of the workouts. I can keep up. Today a friend is going to save me from more damage because she is coming over to quilt with me. She says we will go out for Honey Prawns at the local Chinese joint, but I don't think Honey Prawns and other Chinese food does well with the calorie count. Actually, one would think that, with all those vegetables, Chinese food would be good and healthy for you. I mean, you hardly ever see an overweight Chinese person. But to me, all the stuff that is good for you to eat.........all those vegetable platters......sorta taste the same. It's when I get in to the stuff that has been deep fried that taste begins to happen. So maybe I will have some cantaloupe and yogurt for lunch today. Of course, if she threatens me with bodily harm, I just might HAVE to go with her to the restaurant and eat. After all, I don't want to be rude, right??

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NOTFATCAT 5/29/2009 5:20PM

    Portion control is the key.
Chinese food is terrible for calorie and fat trackers, even the veggie plates. It's the oils and thickeners they use. Look some up on the nutrition tracker to get a sense of what will hurt you the least.

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Boot Camp Day 5

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh God!! Is it only Day 5?? It seems like months that I have been doing this boot camp. Heather, the leader, is NOT my friend. Today she had me on the floor, promising that it would "be an easier day because we are working with only our bodies and the mat". Well, I already have the more than ample body, I have a floor and I have a mat, which I don't get out because that means I would have to get up off the floor again, an then back down. I will just use my carpet. We begin with doing some bridging,.....I remember how to do those, but then she starts getting sneaky on me by saying we will now do bridging with one leg at a time, holding the other one up in the air.................this woman has no mercy. While I have one leg in the air, and am doing the bridging moves, I get cramps in the back of my legs. ARRRgh!! She happily keeps chatting while I am in serious medical shape. My legs are cramping, I am trying to massage the cramps away while trying to keep up with her inane counting. Ha. Finally she says to switch legs. Cramped Leg goes on the floor to rest. Raise up on left leg, stick right leg in the air (so much for resting it) and start pumping all over again. Now left leg is cramping. I mean, my legs are seriously rebelling at this. And all the while, Heather continues to blather on about how well I am doing, and how good this feels. If I make it up off the floor, I am going to reach in to my computer and choke her. Oh. Okay. She has called off the bridging stuff. Perhaps she will live after all. We do some "inner thigh" work, and I don't think my thighs participated. I mean, I wasn't in absolute agony, which makes me suspect I am not doing Heather's punishment correct. But I stay down for the count, whirling my legs in the air like a blimp with appendages flying around. Finally, the whirling stops, Heather bids a cheery good bye (I don't smile back at her) and I am on my way. Darling Husband (otherwise known as "He who thinks he must be obeyed) decides to give Winsten, our 90 pound Golden Retriever who rolled in the neighbor's horse poop yesterday) a shower. Ok. So I am to run to the bathroom when the whistle blows, signifying that the shower is over, and it is now time to dry Winsten. That sounds so pleasant and easy, doesn't it. Well, if you have, or ever have had, a Golden Retriever, you know better. Winsten leaps out of the shower, shakes all over and throws himself down on the floor so he can roll around and get everything as wet as he is. Including me. I am holding the hair dryer and wondering if I will be electrocuted while the dog is going spastic. He finally exhausts himself, DH and me, and decdes to lie down quietly and allow me to blow dry all his flying hair. Golden Retirievers do not shed their hair, they let it fly all over the place. So there I am, kneeling on the wet bathroom carpet, hair dyrer in hand and aiming it at a bezerk dog, and DH is telling me that I am not doing it right. I let him know that his demise is imminent unless he gets out of the bathroom, which he does in a hurry. He knows "The LOOK" after all these years of marriage. I wonder while I am drying and brushing Winsten if this counts as exercise points. Winsten is finally dry, all his towels and bedding are in the washer, and I come in to do the rowing machine for 11 minutes. I put on some great blues jazz, and row row row, way up the river..............oh, that's right. That's the words of an old song. Back to my day. I finish up the rowing, try to put the correct time points in the correct spot (they don't have my kind of rower listed) and realize I am not getting accredited the amount of points I think I deserve. But then I catch myself, and remember that I am not doing this for the points (well, not ONLY the points!), but I am also doing this so Bossy Daughter can go on my page and see that I am being a good little mommy and don't need a lecture. Actually, she gives me all kinds of encouraging words, and even sends me cyber gifts. But I dare not quit the program. THAT is not allowed in her rule book. So now I shall take my quivering body that feels quite abused after all this, and I am going to eat cantaloupe. I will think about the chocolate later.

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DARCEYOH 5/28/2009 7:37PM

    Careful not to over do it with the boot camp. I have a habit of looking at something and saying "That, I can do! it's easy!" Only to be cursing the tv, the trainer, the dvd, the floor, the whatever that is involved in the workout. Sometimes though, we all have to work up to that moment of no more cursing and wondering if the trainers are robots.

Good luck though!

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Boot Camp Day Four

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Okay. So I did Boot Camp Day Four, and felt pretty full of myself. I mean, this one seemed easy! Then I decided I would do the 15 minute office video. Uh, shouldn't this one be easy peasy? Well, I must admit that it actually was pretty easy for the post part. I think I am getting a better grip on my balance already! I am beginning to suspect that the girl leading the workouts just might be a human after all. She wasn't nearly as daunting today as the previous days. I do think, though, that next time I need to have some loose pants on so I can do those lifty things better. Today I got out my size 12 stretch capris, got them up and half zipped before I had to lay down on the bed to get them buttoned and finish zipped. I kept them on all day, and I don't think they stretched much. But at least I wore them. Of course, I put on my favorite Walt Disney long blouse over them so the fat roll above the waist of the jeans wouldn't show so much. Off to quilt club I went, feeling pretty good. My attitude is changing with all this exercise; I am getting happier and much more cheerful. I think I am able to think better, too. I will now get in to my "soft clothes" and give my butt and belly a break and let them just hang out. That is my reward for the day.

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DARCEYOH 5/28/2009 11:52AM

    It's odd to think that you go through all this exercise torture and it makes you feel better later. Taking all your stress and frustrations out on the workout is actually great therapy! I know makes me feel happier and better. And when I don't do it, I feel run-down and crabby for that day. Odd complex.

Great job!

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SUZY6281 5/28/2009 10:32AM

    Good for you for getting into the size 12 capris! Even if they were tight, they still count in my book. Actually, I read somewhere that the best way not to overdo it in a restaurant is to wear tight pants. There's no room for extra food. :)

Hope you are having a great day.


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KAROUSELL46 5/28/2009 1:26AM

    Your writing brings laughter. Not at you but the way you word things. Actually its enjoyable to read. Oh what a feeling to get those smaller clothes on. I put on a pair of jeans the other day and it felt good. But I couldn't wait to get home and take them off. Just don't fit like I would like....yet. Will soon though. Keep up the bootcamp and you'll be so happy with yourself--you won't be able to pass a mirror without glancing at yourself....Karen

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Boot Camp Day 3

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Okay. I got through Boot Camp Day 3, and like the others, it was good. My body feels like there is a fresh breeze flowing through it. I also did exercises with the big ball and 5 pound weights. That was pretty easy. Now my arms feel like quivering masses of jello, but I do think I might have burst one or two of the "cottage cheese" bumps in them. I wonder: Do quivering arms count as an exercise?? Then we got into these lunge things. It all went downhill from there. I still don't believe the so-in-shape coordinated person on the video is real. I mean, how can she move like that, all fluid and everything? She makes it look so easy. I am the frog in the blender. But I don't give up. Oh no. Bossy Daughter would find out if I quit, and that would not be a good thing! Speaking of Bossy Daughter, she has already let me know that she did 25 minutes of vigorous exercise, and is now planning the raised vegetable beds. I am sure she will get her wonderful husband (who basically approves of everything I do!) to help her build it, but knowing her, she will be definitely in the middle of the process. I mean, this is a woman with three teenagers in the house! How she finds time to do everything she does, PLUS exercise, is beyond me. Last week she lost 4 pounds. That sounds to me like "what an order! I can't go through with it"!! But I weigh in again on the 30th, so we will see. Actually, while I grump and groan, I really am enjoying this. My body already seems to be responding to the workouts and careful eating. I am thinking "contour". I did get the quilt finished yesterday, and am sending it off to Bountiful Utah today. Then I will work on finishing up the quilts for our local quilt show. I best get off the computer if I want to accomplish anything. Huffing and puffing, away I go!

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KAROUSELL46 5/27/2009 10:20AM

    Good for you. Sounds like you are busy also. Where do we find the time. I really enjoyed the bootcamp that I joined before. The stability ball has me a lil' worried though. Can't imagine a rubber ball holding this weight. It would just be too funny if I get on that thing and roll right off. Probably end up in the ER. How would I explain that one. Sat on a ball and fell off. Have a great day....Karen

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NOTFATCAT 5/26/2009 4:17PM

    Good 'stick-to-it-ness'.
Didn't know quilts could be made so quickly.

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