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The Scale and I are Friends Today

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Today is weigh in and measurement day. This day is usually met with gloomy thoughts and a bad attitude. Today was different.

I could feel that my clothes were fitting a bit looser this past week, and rightly so!

I tossed out 2 3/4 pounds and 6 inches. emoticon

It must be the walking, eating correctly, watching portions, drinking water and remaining concious of my goals. Ya Think??!!

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DARCEYOH 10/17/2009 8:38PM

    That's great! 6 inches?! That's absolutely wonderful!

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NOTFATCAT 10/17/2009 1:28PM

    There you go! Good choices this week really worked for you. Keep it up.

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BIZEEMOMTO3 10/17/2009 12:31PM

    way to go!! so proud of you! now reward yourself with something nice, or something you like to do.

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KWITT63 10/17/2009 12:28PM

    Great job! Congratulations!

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Charity Scam

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


A potential scam ...
we should all be aware.

I just had a call from a Charity asking me to

donate some of my clothes

to the starving people throughout the world.

I told them to get lost!!

Anybody who fits into

my clothes isn't starving!

Have a Great Day!

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LOULOUBELLE2 10/14/2009 11:26PM

    Love that humor...if that charity calls me I'll use the same reply. emoticon emoticon

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MIMAWELIZABETH 10/14/2009 7:53AM

    I am all-too-ready to be cynical and skeptical when it comes to charity pitches - how to know if they can truly be trusted?

BUT this one: you said it, lady!!! emoticon

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STOPPEDSMOKIN 10/13/2009 7:18PM

    My sides hurt from laughing

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KAROUSELL46 10/13/2009 4:48PM

    OMGOSH! LOL WAY TOO FUNNY!! emoticon

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BARBARASDIET 10/13/2009 4:06PM


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DARCEYOH 10/13/2009 4:00PM

    hahaha! That's great!

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CUTIEDOOTS 10/13/2009 2:30PM

    Good one!

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Face Stuffing Observations

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Today I tried my knee out again, and did quite well for 2 1/2 miles.

My neighbor joined me in our walk, so I heard all about her kid's football game. It kept my mind off my knee, and kept me walking pretty fast.

Not that I care about her kid's football games, but it is nice to have someone chatting away like a magpie, and all I have to do is stay vertical and keep walking. And she is a real magpie, let me tell you! A magpie, but a friendly, outgoing magpie who is proud of her off spring.

it is a beautiful day here on the Olympic Peninsula. Too beautiful to stay indoors. I just had to get out side and feel the clean, crisp air and get my body moving.

I wrote before that I was slacking up on my program. Just getting outside and moving the past two days has made significant changes in my attitude again.

Today I am tracking my food, water, and even sneaking in a few extra strength work ups every now and then during the day. It feels good to be back on track.

Attitude is everything for me. I can convince myself to stall exercise with a myriad of excuses. I can sit on the pity pot and complain about my aches and pains. I can justify that I can't do work outs because of health limitations. I can sit on the sofa, watch old movies and stuff my face with too much food.

The stuffing of my face is a thing to behold. Since I joined SP, I have once again become more concious of what I am putting in my mouth. I am eating healthier for the most part.

But that is not the whole picture. Even though I am eating more healthfully, it is the quantity of what I am eating that can really mess me up.

Once I get in to the attitude of face stuffing, I really go for it. I mean, how many apples do YOU eat at one setting? Yesterday I did six, to BEGIN with. Now I ask you; is that being healthy or just pigging out?!

Then I got out the peanut butter...crunchy, of course.........and had apples with peanut butter. Three more apples later, I decide apples and cheese make wonderful snacks, so how would apples, peanut butter AND cheese go? The answer is................wonderful!

Munch, stuff, drink water.

Let's see how many ounces of cheese I can stuff in with those apples and peanut butter! Better yet, why weigh the cheese as it will only bring on guilt and shame?

Guilt and shame do not belong on Face Stuffing Days. I require total mindless eating on those days.

Stuff, stuff, stuff and drink water.

Oh, hey! I've also got some Asian pears on the trees! Get some in, add peanut butter and cheese to them, too! They are not all that good with peanut butter, and the best cheese is bleu cheese with the pears.

How do I know this? Because I tried pears with Monterey Jack, Medium Cheddar, Extra Sharp cheddar, and finally bleu cheese. And I didn't weigh any of it.

Stuff, stuff, stuff and drink more water..

My jaws were getting tired by now, and the movie is over.

I drink another glass of water. After all, I need to stay healthy, right?!

DH comes in and asks what are we having for dinner. WHAT??!! DINNER???? I just finished breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert for the entire week! Who needs DINNER??

Being the good wife I am, I do bake some chicken, a baked potato and some brocolli. And I stuff that down, too.

Stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, and drink a glass of milk.

Take my nightime medications and drink more water.

There! I got all my fresh fruits and veggies in, drank all my water, and didn't track any of it besides the water, three apples, 1 tbsp peanut butter and made myself look good on the chart.

However, I cheated myself. I was dishonest as the day is long!

I wonder why we think we are getting away with stuff when we are only cheating ourselves?? How long does THAT take to set in??!!

I'm waiting.

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DARCEYOH 10/12/2009 6:45PM

    It happens. I think the key to it is knowing when it's happened, or happening and change it.

I still have my cravings and rampages. I was craving something sweet this morning (rare thing... normally it's salty). So I bought a carrot cake. The problem was- this carrot cake was about 3 inches tall, wide, and long, with cream cheese icing and little bits of cocanut shavings. It was so good. but I ate it. And ate it quickly. Stuffed my face, my stomach, and I think my jeans are little tighter today.

In the end, it happens sometimes. Just have to pick our stuffed faces back up, and move forward.

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MIMAWELIZABETH 10/11/2009 11:22PM

    The biggest "AHA" moment for me was when I realized that, even if my DH doesn't see me eat something, the food-binge will still cause me to gain weight.

To most people this sounds like "DUH," but I think YOU understand. Of course I "knew" it, but I didn't "GET" it. Every time DH would leave the house, some deep, unrealized trigger would send me into hunting mode...

I'd search for ANYthing, as long as it was sugar and fat, and I could hide my eating it from DH when he returned. Even if I didn't eat, my mind would be reeling.

I SO "get" what you're talking about! I STILL feel that trigger, but as I spend more time on Spark I can usually stop myself - I remember to remember my "AHA"!

I'm just living "One Day (or meal, or hour, or minute!) at a Time." ~ emoticon

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KAROUSELL46 10/11/2009 10:07PM

    Those apples do sound good. Think I'm going to go find some applesauce...Karen

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SCOUTHARPS 10/11/2009 7:30PM

  I hear you! After all, bread is complex carbs, rifght! And butter does not have trans fats, as well as having vit. D. And chocolate is full of antioxidents!

Don't we wish.

Alas, I too have sometimes done that.

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Our Painted Leaves Oktoberfest Quilt Show

Friday, October 09, 2009

Remember when I put all those photos of the leaf painting class? Well yesterday was our day to "SHINE" by having our own little quilt show and hosting an Oktoberfest.

The photos of some of the quilts are on my photo page. I couldn't get all of them, because for a variety of reasons, some of the students didn't come to club or send their quilts with friends.

We has a terrific time......at least that's what a whole lot of people said. I know I did!

I began the day before with having to clean out DH's car, because I need to drive that now that the transmission in MY car is totally lunched.

Just ask Bossy Daughter what a herculean task I had in getting his car all cleaned up. I could have called Dempsey Dumpsters, but you know how he gets when I have something to throw away!

I not only got rid of his trash, but I vaccumed, dusted and even applied Lexol to the leather seats.............only after I CLEANED them!! You cannot begin to imagine the color of his beige seats. This is because they were so filthy with dirt AND grease!

Let me tell you, I think we ought to be able to get Spark Fitness Points for doing jobs for our husbands like this one! You know, a category that says "elbow grease". By the time I finished cleaning all the dirt and grease, my arms were shaking. And all the while, he was inside, surfing through the channels!

The car is all nicely cleaned now, so I began to load my stuff for the quilt show the next day. I walked all over the house, upstairs and downstairs, packing stuff needed for the day, and then I realized I had not timed myself OR wore the pedometer. Geez LOUISE!!!

I retrieved two large boxes from the basement which held Autumn decorations. I hauled them upstairs and out to the car, thinking to put them in the trunk. How very foolish of me to even fantasize that one!

The trunk was worse than the interior of a garbage truck. Another hour or more, and have a clean trunk.

Only to find that the big boxes won't fit in the stupid trunk anyway. GRRRRR

So I haul the boxes back inside, empty the contents into large plastic garbage bags, drag them out to the car, and plop them into the trunk, closing the hatch rather quickly.

So now I have to get the Apple Cider, the pot to heat it up, and get the Kuchen out of the oven and into the insulated bag. All off to the car again.

Back inside, I gather up the five quilts I am taking to our little show. Now this seems like it would be a simple thing, right? Now think for a minute.....................have you EVER known me to do anything simple?????

The big quilt I painted for this class...The Bird's Nest one on my home page..........was still being blocked and I didn't want it to get out of shape. So I have this 49x60 piece of plastic kind of stuff that I found at Home Depot to make my design boards, and have to get that into the car, too. Hmmmmmmmm

I flash on to an idea and drape the other four quilts over this one, and haul the whole mess out to the car. It doesn't seem to understand my thinking, because it doesn't want to fit.

OK. Time to ponder the situation. Get the coffee urn and apple cider out of the back seat area, and move them to the front passenger side area. Now sliiiiiiiiiiiide the design wall, loaded with quilts through to the other side in back.

AHA! I amaze myself for such good problem solving! Wait a minute. What are those two other big bags that are sitting outside the car??

Good grief, it is the club Education bag and the bigger bag which carries all the sample quilts for next week's class. And they HAVE to go to club!!

I move the casserole carrier (once again!) and SHOVE the bags on the seat in the back, giving just enough room for the design wall to fit. The casserole carrier HAS to fit in the front now. I place it on the floor, and hope it doesn't run all over the mat.

I am off!!

I drive to club, getting there early since I have to do all the setting up, quilt hangings, decorating, food tables set up before the quilters show up and need my attention about paying for upcoming classes. And of course, all their needs are certainly more important than mine are, or for that matter, ANY one else's.

By 9:00, the area where I set up Education is packed, and I still don't have the quilts up, the cider started, the tables decorated. Here's where my Big Sister, Sharon, comes to the rescue.

She walks up to me and says "You look like you are on over load. Carolyn and I will hang the quilts" What a savior!

I ignore the people that are crowding around me and head off to start heating the cider.

Then I learn the quilts won't stay up with the tape, and we can't punch any holes in the walls.

OKAY......................rush to the four tall flannel covered design walls that belong to the club, fling them at Sharon, and yell out....Pin Away, Sista! She and Caroline are ON IT!

The quilters who are awaiting my return to my "place" get handled smoothly now that I know we are SOMEWHAT organized.

And here come more quilts, and food...lots and lots of FOOD! Where do I want them to put them all.......................by this time that is NOT an intelligent question. Women their age should already know that.

But I designate a place for quilts, then get the food tables set up. First table, salads. Second table, main course. Third table, desserts.

Then my musicians want to know where to set up. I hadn't thought about that one, so time to improvise.

This was all my idea to have an Oktoberfest and a quilt show using only the quilts that were made during in-house classes. The teachers are all members of the club for in-house, and that way I can keep the costs down for the membership. I even put a new spin on the potluck, telling folks they had to bring "Autumn Foods".

have any of you noticed the dramatic increase in out-side, or "professional" quilter's fees? Yowza!!! But that is getting off the topic.

Suddenly, as these things have a wont to do, everything is all set up, handled, in place. Just in time for the actual meeting to start at 10!

After I make all my announcements, I give Kitty her sample quilts....SO glad to get rid of them.......and then discover I have been given two quilts in various stages of finishing that I still have to hang!

Irene gave me hers (the blue one) and Carole gave me hers (the unfinished large one) to hang, even though they are not completed. Holy cow! where to hang THEM?? Dragging the ladder from the foyer into the big room, I scrape it along, get up one it, and a kind soul asks if I want her to hand the quilts and tape up to me. I mean, I am at the TOP of the ladder...........what kind of question is that??!!

Everything is ready. The announcements are all over, and it is time to start our show. First I ask all the quilters who had a quilt in our show to please come up and stand by their quilt so others can put a name to the art work.

There are two class projects I have authorized to show their quilts..............The Painted Leaves class and the Christmas Tree class.

As usual, not everyone "remembered" to bring their quilts because they aren't finished. But we sure had a terrific show!

So after "warming" the audience, I introduce our live entertainmnet. Robin volunteered to play the fiddle and Ilse offered her professional accordian playing. They didn't get together and practise, which I thought they would have done.

It is not until they begin that it becomes painfully obvious that Robin is a beginner on the fiddle, while Ilse is a seasoned professional.

But they managed to get through two songs, then Robin quit playing...........very humorously......and we had Ilse on the accordian.

The music was perfect for Oktoberfest. When she played a beautiful rendition of Adel Weiss, I took the microphone over to Barbara Huges, and she sang the song in her lovely soprano voice. Everyone was in tears over the beauty of it. And Barbara didn't even suspect I was going to have her sing it!

After the music, I, along with friends, got all the food out, then made an annoucement that surprised everyone. The members really rose to the Autumn Food challenge! The tables were groaning with sausage dishes, root vegetable dishes, Autumn salads, Heavily bbq'd chicken, corn chowder, and a wide variety of food in crockpots, baking dishes, and pretty serving dishes. The desserts weren't, surprisingly all pumpkin pies either! There was enough food there to feed several quilt clubs.

I told them that the showing artists were first in line, and everyone had to wait until they got their plates. I mean, after all, they are the ones who are truly presenting the show and talent.

We all ate too much, chatted too long, but had an absolutely STELLAR time. Surprisingly, not much food at all was left!

Even my Kugle was nearly gone....just a little 1/4 cup of it tucked into the corner of the pan. I do NOT like Kugel, but I had never had it before, but the recipe in Vegetarian magazine raved about it, so I gave it a try. Never again. Others liked it fine, or at least said they did, but when I tasted it, I knew it was curtains for that stuff in our house!

Most of the members already asked me to do this next year, and start a tradition. I agree to do this, as I love putting on parties for large groups. Next year I will be much better organized, having learned a lot this year.

We have quite a number of "Snow Birds" who go south for the winter, and because of that, they miss all the parties. The Oktoberfest was more than a quilt show and potluck; it was my way of sending our Snow Birds off safely, and surrounded by love. Everyone agreed that Oktoberfest is definetely the best way for us to show our appreciation to all they add to our club.

I encourage all you other quilters out there to give this a shot. No one got in any sewing, but everyone got in a whole lot of FUN!

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KAROUSELL46 10/9/2009 3:32PM

    Sounds like you really had a good time. All the preparation was worth it. I'll have to check it out next time...Karen

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LOULOUBELLE2 10/9/2009 1:39PM

    I still say you should write a book....your blogs are so picturesque, feels as if I'm right there struggling and partying with you.......Sure wish I had been.
Invite me next year, Please!!!!!!!

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DARCEYOH 10/9/2009 1:22PM

    What a fun autumn event! I'll have to look for it next year!

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TATTER3 10/9/2009 12:35PM

    What a wonderful story teller you are. Reading your blog was a breath of fresh air!!!! I'm a quilter and just love the mental images you gave to me. I'll be watching for you on site. Keep Sparkin'!!!

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Flu shots, 5K and Plans

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Yesterday I got a shingles shot in my left arm. I got a flu shot in my right arm. I had my knee x-rayed, and learned I will probably have to have surgery done on it.

I learned that my DH nor I need to get the H1N1 shot, because we are "too old to get it".

I also learned that I have Presby Esophagus. What is Presby Esophagus you may well ask? In layman's terms, it is "old esophagus".

The name comes from when the Presbyterian Church was first formed. They had their elders, who pretty much ran everything, and were old in age. They all sat together in an area specially built for them off to one side of the alter to make sure the rules were followed. Another name for "elder" is "Presby".

Therefore, elder esophagus = old tubing.

I have to see a specialist for my old tubing, and another one for my knee. Cripes!

I already KNEW I had old tubing. I mean, how can one NOT know, with the rest of the body getting old? I have arthritis, my fingers are doing the twist without the accompaniment of music, my hair is getting thinner and requires tons of mousse (don't get excited.....it's not the chocolate kind!). Clairol should give me free products by now.

I have vericose veins that look like a road map of Wisconsin, my bladder leaks, and my boobs are doing their best to move to Mexico because I refused to fill them up with silicone when that was all the rage. Come to that, I think it is still a rage, but I don't hear as well as I used to, and my bi-focals are getting a bit dim.

I joioned a SP challenge with the Port Angeles and Surrounding Areas team, which was to walk one mile a day for the month of September. Darcey, Kat, Shirley and the rest of the team have all been such strong supporters of me that I decided to take them up on the challenge during one of my senior moments.

I was not a walker until now. You can read my past blogs to learn more about my thoughts of walking anywhere. But I figured, what the heck........they've been good to me, so I might just try to get in 5 miles for September.

That turned my life around another corner. I put in 52 miles during the month of September, and learned to love the walk, the solitude, nature, the fresh feeling of getting stronger and stronger.

I began to play with the idea of doing a 5k walk. I mentioned this to my friend at quilt club last week, and she just happened to be signed up to register walkers this Saturday (now today) for the cancer clinic we have here in town!

Woo Hoo! This must be a "SIGN"! I would join those walkers!! Yippee!!! My other friend at quilt club, Sylvia (the wise one), reminded me of my knee and said "You KNOW of course, it won't do your KNEE any good!"

I ignore Sylvia and plan on doing the 5k.

The other plan I have been looking so very forward to is meeting my Spark team members live on Sunday. We plan on having a bag picnic lunch and go for a short hike. Now how much more fun do you need than THAT??!! I can't wait to meet my sisters in this "weight thing", as I call it, and give them all big hugs and have my picture taken with them all!!!!

Today I awoke to the sound of pitter patter outside. I do not have any toddlers, so the pitter patter can only mean one thing. Rain. Rain with Wind. Rain with Wind and Cold.

Scratch the plan for the 5K. I don't want to take any chances on not meeting my Spark team supporters tomorrow!

I go into the quilt room and start putting together an applique kit for a friend who has had some very serious heart problems, and is layed up. While she can't get on her machine, or do any fabric cutting, she has expressed a desire to do some applique.

I am listening to soothing music, going through my stash and cutting fabric for her. I have the pattern all opened up, so I know what is required for her kit.

My scraps baskets are scattered about on the table and around my feet, and I am having a good time thinking how much Donna will enjoy the quilt kit I am putting together for her, when I realize I am not feeling too well.

I shrug it off to standing too long, plop on the stool and continue with the kit. And continue with the not feeling well.

My chest is hurting very badly, my throat is sore, and I am developing a monstrous headache. I take some Aleve and Milanta, and continue with the kit.

I also continue with the increasing aches. DH comes in, takes one look at me, and says "Are you okay? You're white as a ghost." He gets the thermomenter, and sure enough, I have fever.

I am instructed to go directly to bed. I don't protest a lot, because I am really feeling pretty awful.

I hope it is just a bit of reaction to the shots on Friday. I sometimes get a reaction to flu shots, but it is not all that bad.

I want to go see my friends tomorrow so very much!! I have been looking forward to this for weeks. What a huge disappointment it will be if I can't go!!

Flu, flu, go away.............don't come back another day!!

I need to sign off and get back in bed.


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LOVESCAMPING 10/4/2009 2:01PM

    It's Sunday morning and I sure hope you didn't get the flu from the shot and that the reaction was short-lived. But we'll understand if you're still unwell and can't make it today. Sure will miss you though.

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WEKIMER 10/3/2009 8:58PM

    Oh I hope you don't get the flu from the shot. Sorry to hear that you are feeling bad already from it. I always get very sick from it so i have learned its better for me to skip it. thanks for your comments on my blog.
Hope you get to meet your spark friends in person tomorrow. I have also been planning to start training for a 5K real soon. i already walk 3 miles most of the time, well at least a couple times a week so I just have to train to run it. There's a big 5K here tomorrow I may just walk it with my sister and then plain to run it next year.
Gives us something to work for doesn't it?! Good luck tomorrow! kim


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KAROUSELL46 10/3/2009 7:22PM

    Oh I hope you get better and get to meet the team tomorrow. That will be awful if you can't. Rest up and fell better real soon. Enjoy a cup of emoticon....Karen

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SERENEMOM71 10/3/2009 6:48PM

  I'm so sorry that you aren't feeling well. I also had a flu shot and felt fine. Last year however; i had a terrible reaction as you are describing and was really sick.
I don't know if it was from the shot or a coincidence. Either way, I felt awful. Sympathies your way! I hope that you are feeling well soon and back to walking.
Good for you for walking that much!! emoticon

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LORNALARSON1 10/3/2009 6:39PM

    Feel better soon! It's the pits to feel sick like that. I had the regular flu shot last week and fortunately have had no reaction. I hope you get back on your feet soon and can enjoy the season with friends!

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