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Day Two Boot Camp

Monday, May 25, 2009

I haven't figured out how to use this site very well yet, but am doing a lot of trolling to find out. Like how do I know my fitness workouts are getting accredited to me?! Today was CARDIO BOOT CAMP TWO. Again, the lady in the video makes things look so easy...........I am sure she is not real, but a computer generated person. I get my ball against the wall, and then I am supposed to do these squat like things. Okay. I am doing pretty well, but then she decides to have me do one leg at a time. Sure. I try this, and then realize I have forgotten how to lift one leg and hold it up. I mean, I couldn't figure out how to hold that stupid leg up for the life of me! By the time I figured that one out, here she comes again, only now I have to remember how to do the other leg! I do a bit better this time, and am relieved when she says "now we are going to ......" and I do stretches and squats and all kinds of neat-o movements with the big ball. Only then do I realize I was supposed to have my weights in my hands during all this! They sit there on the floor, looking out the window, ignoring me. I finish doing the exercises without them, but then decide I will try some body strengthening. So up from the floor come the dumbells, and one exercise leads to another. I also put down the 5 pound dumbells and pick up the three pound balls. I do some lateral pick up thingy, but it does feel good. I only do 15 though, because I am just beginning to get back into shape. After I get all confused with how to get these workouts added to my daily points (I still don't think I was successful doing THAT), I do the recommended stretches. Even though my ego doesn't want me to admit this, I really liked doing this for myself. Of course, I noticed Bossy Daughter has a whole ton more points than I do, and I am sure she is going to check to see if I did the program today. HA! I beat her to it!! I did get a wonderful email today from a lady in Utah about a kid with cancer who needs a quilt! Now that always makes my day! Not that the kid has cancer; it is just that I get to make another quilt for a wonderful kid who needs love and prayers. Please! If you know of any kid between 6-18 with cancer, get the contact information to me, and into the sewing room I will go, and not stop until the quilt is ready for shipment. Oh, yeah. I also did some gardening yesterday until my wonderful friend, Sylvia came over and rescued me. I forgot to enter that little activity, too. Also, yesterday I kept at the low end of my allotted calorie count. Good on ME! Actually, this is fun.

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NOTFATCAT 5/25/2009 6:38PM

    You sound busy and motivated, both of which are good when trying to change your life in a positive way. Keep it up. It gets easier, well, more routine, as you go.

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Day One: Boot Camp

Saturday, May 23, 2009

So today I had one cup cheerios, one cup 2% milk and .5 oz raisins for breakfast. All nice and tidy. Then I did the Video One of Boot Camp; a ten minute cardio workout. I didn't realize how clumsy I have gotten until I tried to do those exercises! My body was moving, but not the way the girl in the video showed how it was supposed to be! I probably looked like an engineer dancing. But I stuck with it, and afterwards felt happier and fresher. My body liked doing that little bit, and my mind likes the idea that I am in a solution mode again. It really helps to have my bossy daughter doing this, too. When she gets it in her head that I need to do something, she doesn't let up. So, if I can't find any other motivation to do this on a daily basis, I can always call her and she will get me guilted into doing it. What a terrific kid!


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