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Day 56--Computer Problems and English Speaking Service Men

Monday, August 08, 2011

Ok, so this morning a shut my computer down because it said that I need to restart my computer so that my updates could take effect. Well, to my horror and fustration emoticon, when I rebooted my computer there was a strange chirping noise emoticon and then a blue screen that supposedly they call the death screen emoticon and no computer. I went through this process probably a dozen times (no I'm really serious)--I think I was in denial emoticon, but my dissapointment soon turned into panic emoticon and anger emoticon. First of all my computer is just over a year old, so I called Best Buy and asked them to help me after I ran diagonistics on my computer (I have a comuter geek for a dad and brother emoticon so I know how to run diagnostics on my computer in MSDOS) and had found a error message! emoticon Hoping that they would look up the error message and tell me what was wrong and practically begging them to help me so that I wouldn't have to drive in the stormy, rainy wet weather all the way to Springfield (45-60 min drive) emoticon, they assured me that they couldn't help me over the phone emoticon and they said they were sorry and that I'd have to bring the computer in and it would take a week to fix.... emoticon! What?!!! A WEEK!!! emoticon It's a brand new computer practically!!! AND>......I'm in the middle of studying for an insurance exam that requires me to be able to use the computer!!! emoticon So I hung up! And finally my dad woke up (problem started at 6:48am to be exact) at around 9:30am!! emoticon However, he also was not able to help me! SOooooo I decided to call Dell...Yes Dell...and explained to them that I had purchased extra warrenty and everything and that my computer should still be working.... emoticon So they transfered me to Sanket (I still honestly don't know if I spelled his name right or wrong, but we tried communicating back and forth for almost an hour. Only to find that when it was all said and done (after he'd taken control through the internet to supposedly fix my computer and then completely lost all my connections to my dad's network, internet, and audio, and video) he said that it I would have to purchase the ONE HUNDRED, SIXTY-NINE DOLLAR AND NINETY-NINE CENT Service protection in order for him to be able to fix my computer!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon A wave of confusion, fear, sadness, overwhelming, anger, fustration, and irritation came over me. I told that there was no way I was able to pay something like that! And he out and out told me that I was going to have to purchase that from him because otherwise I was going to have to pay to have someone else come out for $120/hr to service my computer. I told him that I'd have to think about it because I really did not have the money to pay for that right now. He said in very broken english, "ma'am your computer is in very bad shape and there is no other way but to purchase the year contract of service for $169." I told him that I was very sorry, but that I was going to have to find someone else to help me fix my computer for less. He was impertinent and said that he would be expecting a phone call back because I wouldn't find anyone but them to fix the computer. THE NERVE OF HIM!!!! emoticon Well, after hanging up my dad and I started searching around on my computer to try to get the internet and network set back up and after about another 30 minutes later we found it. But the bad thing is that....somewhere in there I had gone upstairs and indulged in about 5 cookies. And then after the ordeal I had about 4 more. Comfort food...because I also had a piece of leftover pizza. But that wasn't the end this afternoon after running every update, scan, and anything I could think of to make sure my computer was working....I found out that Norton wasn't working.... emoticon I could have just cried! So I called there tech support, after supidly trying to converse with a virtual technician...yeah that was a joke emoticon, and once again had the pleasure of conversing with a non-native speaking english person---named something like Rhantakatahn....or something very similiar emoticon. Anyways, at least after some english speaking language barrier he was able to actually help me solve the problem emoticon!!! The problem was actually caused by the first guy would actually turned off and disabled every extra driver (like audio, network, video card) and something called shadow copy which disabled virtually my whole working computer and made it into basically nothing. If my dad hadn't been so knowledgeable and myself accustomed to navigating around my computer...I probably would have spent hundreds of dollars paying to get my computer fix. I really think that that first guy sabatoged my computer so I would have to buy his service package. I bet he was surprised when I didn't call him back. So fustrating!!! But I am happy to say that after spending from 6:48am to 3:30pm....my computer is as far as I know in complete working order. However, I am once again behind in my self-inflicted schedule for taking the insurance exam!!!

Thank you for letting me vent!! I'm doing much better mood wise tonight! emoticon

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DEBBIEG8S 8/9/2011 1:04PM

    Yes, it sounds like Monday was just a challenging day for a lot of people. emoticon

Glad you got your computer back in order, I had to wait 2 years before I could afford to buy another one when mine crashed.

Good luck on your insurance exam.

Hope the rest of the week goes smoother.


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Day 55-107 to 74 in 1 hr

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Hey don't have much time, but there was a huge weather change today! In less than 1 hr....the temperature went from 107 to 74!!! Gorgeous!!! I think were in for some rocky weather though!


Day 54--A Beautiful Day

Saturday, August 06, 2011

O what a beautiful morning!!! It was like a normal summer morning this morning as I mowed the lawn!! Thank goodness for a break in the extreme heat! It was so good to have a breeze blowing and the clouds in the sky floating by!

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SWEETMOMMY41 8/6/2011 2:51PM

  i'm glad to hear that you are enjoying a beautiful day! have a fabulous weekend!

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Day 53--Sleep Deprived by Choice and Ready for a nap

Friday, August 05, 2011

Ok, so I'm thinking that one of the reasons I'm at a stand still with my weight is that I haven't been getting my regular amount of sleep. I get up at 5am every morning and I usually try to be turning the lights out at 10pm...that's only 7 hours of sleep usually a little less because I get up a few minutes early and go to bed somewhere between 10:15 and 10pm. And some weeks like this week have been completely thrown off because I stay up even later. For example, last night I'm almost finished making a Granny Square Rainbow Popcorn Afghan and I really wanted to finish it last night, so I stayed up till midnight, and even then I forgot a row and have to go back and crochet the missing squares, but I was still up at 5am to exercise...but it's just now turning 7am and I'm already for a nap!!!!


Day 52--RAIN AT LAST!!!!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

What a beautiful thing to wake up to! This morning at 4:24am I woke up to the sound of thunder and rain beating against my window! You may think I'm sarcastic when I say, I couldn't have been more thankful!!!! We haven't had rain since the beginning of July and everythings been during brown and dying!! It's been extremely hot here and I'm so grateful to God for sending us the rain! And...it's been raining for about 2 hours now!!!! In fact, I just heard the sump pump go on!!!! It's still extremely hot outside making it feel more like sauna, but who cares....it's raining!!!!! Thank you God for the rain! emoticon


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