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Day 19 & 20: Missed a day of blogging

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I find myself with so much to say, but I'm lacking the ability to organize my thoughts and get it down on "paper."

I chose to eat far too much yesterday, and things that aren't terribly healthy, to boot. So there's some guilt, as well as some chalking things up to experience and learning from my mistakes.

Trying to pinpoint what sent me off the rails. I'm back on track today, but in analysis mode. So many different thoughts that I could go on and on for pages about. But all that doesn't need to be here on SP. I think I'll put it in a word processing document and try to sort things through.

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    It's great that you are back on track and analyzing it is good because that is how we learn. I have been there many times....

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SIOL55 9/20/2014 8:08PM


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Day 18: Popcorn and Late Nights

Thursday, September 18, 2014

This falls squarely into the category of "first world problems' - clearly not really a problem, but something that I feel like whining about anyway. Being a fan of a west-coast baseball team who might clinch a playoff spot is hard - was up super late waiting and then celebrating. And during that time, I basically ate popcorn and little else. Looking back, that explains why I felt a bit cruddy before finally getting to sleep.

There was no alcohol involved - just to clarify. But I did have yet another reminder of how what I eat translates directly into how I feel. I skipped a real (healthy) dinner and had a big bag of popcorn. It reminded me of a saying we used with out daughter - "Make Better Choices!" I needed to heed that reminder myself.

Each day dawns with the ability to start fresh, or to choose to start the day in a less-than-healthy way. I get up and consider this, and then end up with my go-to breakfast of protein and veggies. So each day has a good start. I find that I'm having the trouble at the end of the day. It's a combination of things - too tired (or lazy) to cook; wanting easy-to-grab things; wanting a "treat." But all those are obstacles that can be surmounted, if I stay focused.


Day 17: Cheese and White Pasta

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cheese is my favorite food, I think. Even more than chocolate, if that's possible. Annoyingly (especially after yesterday's post!), I chose to indulge in both yesterday, on Day 16.

Fancy cheese that is on sale is one of my favorite indulgences. I picked up a wedge of Asiago on Sunday, and somehow managed to not have any of it until Tuesday. I know that's only a day and a half, but for me, that is some real restraint.

Trouble is...once that fancy cheese is opened, I'm hard-pressed to not eat it all. Which means I really need to not buy fancy cheese for a while.

Eating too much cheese left me fewer calories for dinner, so I ate a small portion of what I cooked for the family, which included white pasta. It wasn't that much, so I didn't stress about it. But either the white flour or the lack of substantial food left me wanting more later (probably some of both). Which led to a little bit of chocolate, ice cream, and cake. I will remind myself (rationalize) that the amounts were small - much smaller than my norm. But nonetheless...

So, another thing to learn from. Aside from not buying the cheese, another thing I will try to do next time is to include a huge amount of veggies in my dinner. I have plenty in the fridge, and I could have easily made a big salad or roasted veg that would have added minimal calories, and kept me fuller, longer. I also needed the white-pasta reminder - that stuff really hits me and triggers extra hunger.

So, onward. Here's to a better Day 17!

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DOMINIC_Y 9/17/2014 1:55PM


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Day 16: The Pie Safe

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I am in control of everything that goes into my mouth. It doesn't matter where it comes from or how it gets in front of me...just because it's in front of me doesn't mean I have to eat it. I have a choice, and if I eat it, it's because I made the choice to do so.

That said, it's certainly easier to make healthy choices if the unhealthy stuff isn't right in front of you.

My family eats plenty of healthy stuff. We basically eat the same dinner (and often lunch), but with me having more vegetables and them having more junk like chips/cookies/white bread/white pasta. And when they request something specific, which they often do, I don't usually say "no." So whether I'm picking up mini oreos, nutter butters, Fritos, or pie, it usually doesn't bug me. Things in packages generally don't tempt me at all.

But alas, the peach pie from the bakery. More specifically, the remaining pieces of crust from that pie that my daughter didn't want. Right by the coffee maker this morning. Which I knew no one would eat, so it would go in the trash. Now, half of the same pie was also on the counter yesterday morning, but all I did then was break off a small chunk of crust for a taste, since I had none of the first half of the pie.

So I made the choice to eat it. It wasn't that much - just a bit more than half a piece, I would estimate. And I logged it; it was part of my breakfast. Not much different than 2 slices of toast with butter/jam. (Some rationalizing here, obviously.)

But I'm not happy with myself about it. We learn from our choices, and I have a few strategies to implement for avoiding this problem, recognizing that it's tied to my problem with wasting food.

1. If something is gone but for things like crust, I'll ask my family to toss it. If it's in the trash, I won't see it and won't be tempted. I did this last week with pizza, where I usually eat my daughter's crust. I asked her to toss it rather than leave it on the plate. She did, and I had none.

2. If something is around that might tempt me, I'll ask my family to put it out of sight. We have a counter-top pie safe that I always wonder what to use for, and am always tempted to take to Good Will. I just realized it is the perfect thing. I won't go in there, but they can stash stuff there - pie, oreos, etc.

I thought I had a third strategy, but I can't seem to remember it. Typical - my memory is doing that lately.

So, onward, pie-free.

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144AUTUMN 9/16/2014 3:34PM

  Keep up the good work!!

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Day 15: Two weeks down

Monday, September 15, 2014

Feeling great, with 2 weeks under my belt. Two weeks of eating well (with a few minor splurges), and within my calorie range (except for one day). My average calories are right in range, and I do feel smaller. It makes me want to try on my "measuring jacket" but I keep putting that off - I will do that on October 1st, when I start the next push.

I'm still not sure if I want to get on the scale at that point. If not, I have another clothing item that I can use as a measuring device in October. It's a skirt that at one point was getting pretty loose around the waist, and then later, it was tight again. When it reaches that loose point, I should be getting close to where I was before. I may wait until then to check the scale.

Regardless, by year end, I should be feeling really great.

My goals for the rest of this month are to keep the healthy eating going, and to hit 500 fitness minutes. Given that I didn't really start back with exercise until Saturday, that really should be doable.


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