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Monday, January 20, 2014

I am an avid runner and Holy Yogi. I don't spend much time on SP these days, except to log my nutrition and fitness (beginning again with the New Year in 2014, since I am finally facing up to the fact that "you can't outrun a bad diet."). I am a leader of the Holy Yoga team and am glad to answer any questions you may have about that. There isn't a ton of activity on the team, but I want to make sure that there continues to be some information here about Holy Yoga. It is a life-changing practice. Please also check out www.holyyoga.net if you are interested in classes, dvds or teacher training.

As a Masters runner, I am also finally admitting to myself that strength training is critical. I have dusted off my kettlebells.

Life is difficult. Running and Holy Yoga make it easier. Strength training makes running easier. My goals are to keep running, get stronger (and faster!) and put some good out into the world.

"Oh! May the God of green hope fill you up with joy, fill you up with peace, so that your believing lives, filled with the life-giving energy of the Holy Spirit, will brim over with hope!" Romans 15:13 The Message

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MOMALONG 2/4/2014 8:43PM

    I am not a runner but I am trying to get in the habit of holy yoga.

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Summer Goals

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I really, really hate logging my food. I do need to do it, though. Ugh.

Other goals:

Run 25-30 miles per week (4 days, incl one day of hill/speed training)
Physical Therapy/Strength training 2-3 days per week.
Yoga 2-3+ days per week.

I am considering a few races, including a 5k and 2-10ks. I hate 5ks because I find it much harder to run that fast, even for a shorter time period. I would love to run a 5k under 25 minutes (PR is 25:35, but that was last summer and I was 10 pounds lighter then). My 10k PR is 54:42 (again with the last year and thinner). I'd love to run one under 54 minutes. Those times aren't really goals for the summer, but I sure would be happy if I hit them! I hope a side-effect of the four goals above will be losing that extra 10 pounds. I have been self-medicating with really crappy food.

My half PR is 2:01:18. I would like to run a sub-2 half in the fall. I am still waffling on when to do another marathon. Fall is a possibility. Not sure if I want to focus on the sub-2 half or on the marathon. If I go for the half PR plan, I will schedule a spring marathon.

One more week of school!!

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PDQ1203 5/31/2012 7:06AM


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Marathon Report

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Well, I finished!! It rained pretty much the entire time, and since the race was on trail, we had lots of mud and puddles (oh yeah, and slick trestles). In the beginning we could go around the puddles, but by the end they pretty much took up the trail. The first half felt great, then my knee hurt from mile 14 on. My splits averaged 9:44 in the first half, and 11:11-ish in the second. My lungs never gave out on me, just my knee. I stopped to stretch that quad several times which helped, and also put on my runner's knee strap (and took it off, and put it back on). Knees were kinesiotaped from the beginning. Not sure if it was the muddy terrain or a couple of rough hills that did it to me. I did not have this kind of knee pain in any of my training runs, many of which were well over that 14 mile mark (incl three 20-milers).

I think I fueled fine (6 GU packets, plus Gatorade). May have paced a little too quickly in first half.

The big question then becomes - will I ever want to do this again? That day I said no way, but now that my knee is feeling better I think, maybe? If I can get a handle on the knee issue, I do think I might want to do it again. It would also be nice to run in better weather conditions.

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PDQ1203 3/27/2012 9:49AM


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Final few days before marathon

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh boy. Here we go. I have one more run (an easy three miler) today, then my first marathon on Sunday. I have done pretty much everything my plan called for, plus many a trip to the chiropractor to try to help my tight right hip/tight and sometimes painful left hamstring issue - and the occasional flare-up of my SI joint. It seems to have mostly helped. Hip is great, hamstring is, well, there. Not painful, just noticeable.

Anyway, I am still not set on a race strategy. All of the apps and calculators put me as capable of running anywhere from a 4:02:30 (holy crap! don't want to work that hard!) to a 4:18:11 (do-able maybe?) based on my recent bests in half marathon and 10-mile races. Hal Higdon and Jeff Galloway tell me to add 10-30 minutes to the predictors so that I enjoy myself during the race, and that has been my plan for most of the way. The idea is that I focus on finishing this time, and then next time will be a certain PR as well.

Well, I am not sure I am remotely interested in a next time. I have enjoyed the structure of training, but it is hard to get the miles in. I am looking forward to getting back into half-marathon training mode, and maybe working on improving my 10-mile time as well.

If I only do this once, I really want to do my very best. I am running in memory of my nephew, and I want to do him proud. My sister has to work so hard just to get out of bed, so running 26.2 is a small feat compared to what she faces every day.

I also don't want to crash and burn and not finish.

So I waffle on about how to pace - while checking the weather reports. I am hoping for about a 20 degree drop in temperature (63 is the expected high), and no rain (50% chance right now). Overcast would be nice.

Ack! Prayers appreciated!


Las Vegas Half Marathon Race Report

Monday, December 12, 2011

Google the RocknRoll Las Vegas Half and you will find lots of complaints. People even say they got sick from the water (I didn't). My only complaints were that it was really crowded. I just don't think it is possible to organize 44,000 people. People literally could not get to the proper corrals, so there were lots of walkers up front and lots of weaving in an out. I even saw a guy trip, tuck and roll and get back up to keep running. It was very hard to keep any sort of pace with so many people. My splits were all over the place. So glad that my marathon will be a small race.

That said, I was just there for a fun training run since I happened to be in Vegas at the time. I just started training for a marathon and didn't want to set myself back by needing rest after a race effort. So, I accomplished my goal for the day. It was also fun to see the lights and people dressed as Elvis. I took my kids to the Expo and we enjoyed that - I got to meet the authors or Run Like a Mother and get my Badass Mother Runner Shirt and visor :).

I took 2 days off just because of the travel schedule, and now am on to marathon training. My first long, long run was this past Saturday. A nice and slow 15 miles. I ran with friends and really enjoyed it (for anyone who is curious, I do take walk breaks). Still thinking about a tune-up half in January, and will also have to rein in the pace for that one. My sub-2 Half will have to wait til summer or fall.

The one thing I do notice with my Halfs and this long run is that my legs definitely go before my lungs do. I need to step up the strength training during this base-building phase. The truth is, I do not love strength training! Thinking about dusting off the kettlebells but wish I could get away with just yoga. The problem with that is that I don't want to work hard and long enough at yoga to have it function for strength training. I like my yoga as balance to my running - to work out the kinks and help me to relax. I do some additional bodyweight strength training but am not doing enough to get me ready to go 26.2.


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