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Left Behind

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A while back I read an interesting book by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, titled 'Left Behind'. It is a fiction book, but based on events in the bible. It was very interesting with lots of action, adventure, love and tears. What I thought was going to be maybe a 2 or 3 book series, ended up being 16 books.

They wrote a series set of 40 books for children, which I read too.

The library had a book with a collection of letters from people who had read the books and how they changed their lives.

Besides the Left Behind series Tim has co-authored other books.


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STLOUISWOMAN 5/19/2013 11:20PM

    The 'Left Behind' series has been very popular for a long time. Glad you enjoyed them.

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DJ4HEALTH 5/19/2013 9:00PM

    I got them too and got them for the kids but they are now bigger. Left Behind also has a three part one that breaks the books into three parts but you don't get the excitement of having all the books.

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1MIN17SECB412PM 5/19/2013 8:26PM

    I really wanted to get to the library today and pick up some of these books, Courti, but it's gonna have to wait. Clint's been sick all weekend, so I've tried to keep the errands down to nothin' so he can recoup. I'm going to find this l.o.n.g. series and read it though. Thanks for sharing!! emoticon

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    I read many of the adult ones. Very well done.

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5 Tips to Sound Smarter When You Talk

Saturday, May 18, 2013

This was on the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda show


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1MIN17SECB412PM 5/24/2013 3:38PM

    I'm just gonna say... "start from A to Z." emoticon

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KACAR51 5/19/2013 9:13AM

    Interesting! emoticon

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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 5/19/2013 12:05AM

    So true and very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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AMARILYNH 5/18/2013 5:55PM


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FLORIDAGHOST 5/18/2013 2:22PM

    Thanks for sharing. I was right on two out of three, so good for me.

Have a great one!

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LINDA! 5/18/2013 1:19PM

    Very interesting.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

On my JE team we get points for blogging so here is today's blog:

I used to do Flylady (wesbsite for organize house cleaning ‘Flylady.net) I was proud of my home and didn’t have to worry about anyone stopping by….as long as they stayed to the main rooms, but still I was proud. (our bedroom is a lost cause, as long as DH is messy)

Since then, I have fallen off the wagon. Yes, I have gone the way of the sloppy housewife. I‘ve got dust bunnies under the bed, dirty windows, dust on TV screen, loose papers all over the computer desk, corner chair piled high……{{heavy sigh}}. Now and then while passing the TV, I’ll grab a duster and clean it; I’ll get in the mood to clean and maybe dry and wet swiff the floors. (kitchen and dining/living room).

What I really need to do is the whole 9 yards of Flylady. Room by room…zone by zone.

What I really need is a Flylady Task Master who will say…”Get it there and do a 27 Fling” or "Today we're in Zone so & so, get it there and do so & so".

DH isn’t any better so he can’t be a task master and my willpower has gotten up and left the house.

I might be laying it on a little too thick. I can see most of the coffee table and newspapers do have a home in the magazine rack. I do put them in daily order. Glasses in the cupboard have to be in largest to smallest. Things in the dishwasher have to go in a specific way……what is this called? OCD for certain areas??

I need cleaning accountability. I need a Flylady coach like a personal trainer......could stand to have that as well, get in there and do 20 min ST or 20 min on the treadmill. Do abs..legs.

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    Wonderful ideas one and all! See what sparks fly when you put your ideas out there? Many "hands" make light work!

Now on to the workout encouragement portion.... emoticon

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HHB4181 5/13/2013 12:43PM

    OOOOoooo I want one too!

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    Wish FlyLady would just come take care of things here without me needing to do anything!

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STLOUISWOMAN 5/12/2013 8:10PM

    Court, as you can see, you have a lot of company in the SP family. Just in case you're interested, there is a Flylady team at SP.

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TIZSLIM 5/12/2013 7:39PM

  I'd never heard of flylady. Just had a look. May well give it a go - I have got to do something!

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REMEMBER2BME 5/12/2013 6:01PM

    I am so in your boat. :)

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GLMOM2 5/12/2013 4:46PM


I was just thinking to myself I needed to get back to FlyLady too! My house has got little hot spots around that need to be put out! I did find a book at the library about organizing too. I was reading up on that this morning, of course I haven't put anything in order yet!


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LOPEYP 5/12/2013 3:40PM

    I hate cleaning and organizing. As I get older, I do less and less. emoticon

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-COURT- 5/12/2013 2:34PM

    I signed up for the lite e-mail, but still get the other...I think I should have stopped other mail I guess. Have to check into that. My problem is I delete insted of reading them all. Need to motivate and do it.

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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 5/12/2013 2:26PM

    In the same boat as you with the house.

Flylady came out with flylady light so you just get one email a day. Hope you find a solution that works for you.

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-SEVEN- 5/12/2013 1:27PM

    I am no help.... I do a massive clean-up about twice a year and also when I have company over.... that's about it. My DH is in charge of vacuuming and does some dusting. I get to rescue the vacuum from imminent death a few times a year since he clogs it up so bad. I believe he's under the impression that if it makes noise it's working. Last time I used it the belt was broken!! I need Annie's system. Sounds like a good plan. But, yeah, I do live a lot in survival mode too.... oh well, keep trying!

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AZURE-SKY 5/12/2013 1:14PM

  I know what you mean. I have a habit of leaving things on the kitchen table, so half of it is covered with junk and the other half is cleared for eating.

Cleaning is my least favorite thing, but I do try to minimize the clutter as much as possible - here's what I did:

I stopped the daily newspaper delivery and switched to an online subscription. That eliminates 9 newspapers a week - I get a daily/Sunday paper and a local 2x a week paper. So, that's a lot of paper I don't have to handle anymore. Before I went to the paperless versions of the newspapers, once I read them, they immediately went into the recycle bin - no hanging around for days collecting dust. I never read them again, so there was no point in keeping them.

I have customer cards with the supermarkets, so I can load coupons directly onto the cards & that eliminates coupon clipping from the newspapers. I also signed up for email ads from the local stores, so I don't need the sales flyers that came with the newspapers.

I went to paperless billing for all my accounts, so that eliminates even more paper, and ensures the bills are paid as soon as they come in.

I contacted catalog companies and asked to be removed from those I don't want anymore, so I don't have stray catalogs cluttering up the house.

Even my craft magazines have electronic versions, so I download them onto my computer. I think I've eliminated about 20 pounds of paper or more each month.

In my home office, I keep a recycle bin under the desk - just a plastic bin that's big enough to hold folded newspapers. I also have a shred basket on the desk. When I pick up the mail, I open it in the office, and the recyclables immediately go into the recycle bin, the shredding goes into the shred basket. My recycling is picked up once a week, so that bin gets emptied regularly, and I use the shredder when the basket is full.

I do a lot of knitting, and have numerous projects going on. When I shop at the thrift store, I pick up inexpensive tote bags to keep my projects in. So, when I'm working on one, I just have that bag out, the rest are in the closet.

I used to belong to Flylady before I retired, but I found that I was wasting a lot of time reading all those reminders - and I didn't even get to read them until I got home from work. I figured if I stopped getting those emails, I'd have a lot more time to actually do something. I also didn't like being nagged by them, so I cancelled my subscription.

The other thing I did which was a lot more drastic was to replace all the carpeting in my house with tile floors (I live in Arizona). I can now clean all my floors in about 30 minutes - a quick vacuum, then mop with vinegar & water. No more 2-hour rug-shampooing for me!

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1MIN17SECB412PM 5/12/2013 12:55PM

    Or... 20 minutes every other day doin' Peak8, Courti. emoticon

The day before New Year's I set up a 'loose' plan to help me get/keep my house in order. I actually got the idea through Heather's room-by-room plan:

Monday - I chose laundry and bathrooms - choosing what needed to be done (besides basics) in each area of those places and doing what I could.

Tuesday - I chose my bedroom - choosing what needed to be done (besides basics) and doing what I could.

Wednesday - I chose the kitchen - besides what needed to be done daily - what else could I do there - and then, doing what I could.

Thursday - I chose the living room - choosing what needed to be done (besides basics) and doing what I could.

Friday - I chose the dining room - choosing what needed to be done (besides basics) and doing what I could.

Saturday - I chose the 2 spare bedrooms - choosing what needed to be done and doing what I could.

Sunday - I chose the bonus room - choosing what needed to be done and doing what I could.

Not everything fell into place at once, but little by little, each week began to show my efforts and made me feel wonderful for dividing and conquering.

Then, I got SICK 2 days before Easter and it threw me into an over 2 week survival mode for recovery. I dropped out of my routine, but still have 'done' things to keep up. With spring/summer here, I have the yard to focus on too, so now... I'm going to set my kitchen timer each day (for 15 minutes) and do something out in the yard. I may weed an area, or plant a 'something' but this gives me my 15 minutes of sunshine and a daily maintenance on the yard.

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Saturday: Yesterday's Rely 4 Life

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Well, I did go with my friends to Relay. Didn't walk much, but did see wome intertainment and got a hotdog before the wind picked up, so they decided to leave early. We didn't have a team. What was strange wa I didn't see any tents set up where they would sleep. ONly the kind of tent that provided roof cover. Not sure what you call those. I hope they had good weather and made lots of money.

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AMARILYNH 5/11/2013 4:13PM

    Courti, were you there for the survivors walk? Or when they lit the torches? Its quite impressive - there are a LOT of survivors which is truly wonderful!!

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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 5/11/2013 3:02PM

    Sorry the day didn't pan out like you hoped it would. Glad you got to see some good entertainment though before having to leave. I have no idea where they would set up sleeping arrangements out of the elements.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Not doing so well in the way of exercise today. We took MIL to lunch and I'm going out to Relay For Life with friends shortly...already rained. {sighed} wearing my old shoes and jeans.

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-COURT- 5/11/2013 5:02PM

    Didn't get too much walking in. Watched some of the enterainment and had a hotdog from one tent. Wind kicked up and looked like rain so we left. I wasn't on a team so wasn't stahying over night. In fact, I didn't see any tents up for over night. ??? I'll have to ask about that. Curious emoticon

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4-1HEALTHYCYNDI 5/11/2013 3:01PM

    Some days are meant to be restful. Hope you had a great time w/MIL.

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-SEVEN- 5/11/2013 9:35AM

    The weather doesn't tend to cooperate with those Relays that often! Did you walk some laps at the Relay?

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KPACE7 5/10/2013 10:32PM

    Some days are just busy. Your MIL and friends appreciate you spending your time with them. I didn't get much exercise today also. Tomorrow, I plan go to the gym first thing. emoticon

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1MIN17SECB412PM 5/10/2013 7:05PM

    emoticon I know how it is to have the old shoes and clothes on my back, Courti, but look at it this way (if you can) they're comfortable and won't impress anyone, but... functional. Hope you got some nice visiting done, sweetie!!

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