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Friday, June 01, 2012


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3016DEBRA 6/4/2012 6:36PM

  That's emoticon emoticon

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QUILTINGB52 6/3/2012 11:17PM

    Awesome and fun way to get in some exercise!!!

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ROCKYCPA 6/3/2012 10:35PM

    Flash mobs are great!!!

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_CYNDY55_ 6/2/2012 9:12PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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  Is it wrong that I learned the dance because it looks so fun? Yeah, didn't think so. Funnest flash mob ever!

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ESMERELDA1220 6/1/2012 10:43PM

    fantastic....wicked! emoticon

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JDUBLANKO 6/1/2012 10:25PM


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IRISHMUM3 6/1/2012 10:09PM

    Fun! My oldest son was part of a flash mob at lunch in junior high one day. One of the girls in his p.e. class organized it.

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PAZUZURISES 6/1/2012 9:58PM

    i love flash mobs

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exploring life: blog

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Exploring life: write a blog on how you will maintain your success when you reach goal.

I was there, at my goal. Yes, I was at my skinniest ever and a few pounds below. I was svelte!

I tracked my food and stayed in range, I did about an hour of cardio a day as well as exercising, body parts alternately. That was my thing, my hobby.

I followed the sp challenges, including 5 freggies a day and I don’t care for many veggies. But I accomplished the challenge.

Life has a way of intruding on the best laid plans. It all fell apart when I had to move back home for a month.

Now I weigh more and …don’t even want to go into the inches I gained…everywhere.

I know it is mind over matter…or something like that, but I can’t get back into that frame of mind.

Wearing my fat pants doesn’t motivate me to get back ‘there’. it’s depressing to try to find something to wear when you only have a couple pairs of shorts or jeans to wear.

Question: "What can I do TODAY that will help me to create or enhance the healthy habits the "future me" will need to have?"

Answer: reprogram my mind to do the things I need to do.

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-SEVEN- 5/18/2012 10:15PM

    That's definitely 1 thing we have to work on. How to avoid disaster (letting it all go) in times of high stress. I need a good period of smooth sailing to make any progress. We'll have to figure that out.
Thanks for participating!

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IRISHMUM3 5/18/2012 12:08PM

    I get it - I feel like it is so much harder to lose the weight this time since being at and maintaining my goal weight a few years ago. But, as the others said, baby steps - We know what we need to do. We know what we did in the past that worked well. We can both do it again! Hugs!

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DOOBRIE 5/18/2012 6:08AM

    Take baby steps - try two veggies a day for a week or two, then three, etc. Do 10 minutes of exercise a day - you'll soon find you want to do more. That's how I've started back.

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TRACYZABELLE 5/18/2012 2:41AM

    We all slip back and forth and you will get back there I know you will! You inspire me!

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PINKHOPE 5/17/2012 11:01PM

    You have had some detours, but that's all they are. This journey to "Health & Fitness" is not an optional trip but a LIFE destination. You WILL get there. The key is to persevere. Each day get up and decide you will make progress.

Sure there will be detours, refueling, rest stops and sometimes even repairs, but step by step you WILL make progress - just don't give up!

You can do it!

Press On!

P.S. LOVE your map! I'm part Cherokee - Bagstring Clan of Central Kentucky.

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STLOUISWOMAN 5/17/2012 10:55PM


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KIBAISREADY 5/17/2012 10:32PM



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ESMERELDA1220 5/17/2012 8:38PM

    I've been there and stayed there for a while...I had my weight watchers group and a rigid routine I worked three to four 3-11 shifts a week and off on Weds when my group met. I didn't eat big dinners or was near "hot" foods because I worked...no time for going to the bathroom sometimes...
Then we moved to Florida and my routine fell apart...and I spiraled out of control...and when I started working at Boca Regional Hospital ( a high income area) the chocolates and donuts flowed and the cafeteria was loaded with goodies...after I was diagnosed with MS and I sat at home, I hit my highest...finally I'm moving, but still having difficulty...I know how hard it is to get your head back in that place it needs to be, but Courti, I know it can be done...You have to get into your head....and meditate about what you can do for yourself....It has to be YOU who wants it...only you...you CAN do it... emoticon

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LEITEIT 5/17/2012 7:39PM

    Exactly... Imagine yourself in a couple of years... Do you want to be what you are becoming... Or something completly different?!? Make the change necessary and make it happen! I gained 20kg in the past couple of years and in one month of a new lifestyle I just lost 7kg (almost half of it). Now I am feeling much better, motivated and happy! My life already changed completly and I am not even back in shape again... but I know I am on my way and already made the changes that will make me get there!

Can I tell you the truth? The changes were so simple I feel stupid for not having done it before and feeling bad with my body for so long.

I just put a stationary bike in front of my Tv and watch movies or videogames while using it (1-3 hours daily - I do not even feel time go by). I just have no junk food at home, but just healthy stuff! After the first week you get used to it and eating and counting calories gets soooo simple. If I fail on my calorie intake one day, I just get back to track the next day and by the end of the week the scale responds in a good way!
I also try to hit the gym daily, for 40min to 1 hour, just to gain and keep the muscles... In reality I only really manage to go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week... But I am already stronger and leaner!

Sounds hard??? I assure you, it is soooo easy, simple and worth it. Once you change your lifestyle and feel great again... You will look back and see how stupid you were for not doing it before!!!


Have a good life change!

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medicine do your thing!

Monday, May 07, 2012

i have been having a bad time with my hand therapy. really painful (the wrist mostly). i told him that my dh talked me in to going back, because i'd already resigned myself of not having the use of my hand. he went a little easier today. said he wants me to come back.

finally went to the doctor and got prednosolone (i think for the swelling)and something else for pain. i don't go back to therapy until wed, so i'll practice tomorrow to see what side affects i may have to look forward to.

better find out where the bathroon is there, but hope it doesn't make me nauseous. i'd hate to thow up on the therapist. emoticon

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DOOBRIE 5/12/2012 3:25PM

    Courti, I'm so sorry to hear you are still having a lot of pain and problems with your hand. I do hope it will get better soon.


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DUSTYPRAIRIE 5/10/2012 4:56PM

    (((angel hugs)))

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ESMERELDA1220 5/9/2012 6:27PM

    The prednisone is for inflamation and swelling and the Percocet is for pain. Take colace if you become constipated on the Percocet...good luck with the therapy

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-SEVEN- 5/8/2012 3:12PM

    Good luck Courti! Keep trying. Hope the medications help. Some might keep you up at night. But the pain pills will probably make you tired.

Comment edited on: 5/8/2012 9:41:29 PM

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IRISHMUM3 5/7/2012 11:07PM

    Good luck! I hope it helps you feel better, not worse. Hugs!

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

i made thisd a while back. suppose to make a collage for one of my teams. i made one but can't scan it into computer since scanner won't work.

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1MIN17SECB412PM 5/10/2012 10:26AM

    This is the ***B*E*S*T*** collage EVER!! What a CLEVER idea, my friend & I just emoticon kinetic art- anything that MOVES. This is brilliant!!

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3016DEBRA 5/7/2012 2:14PM

  That's such a neat idea!!! Thanks for sharing emoticon

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NIMAWEYGH 4/30/2012 8:48PM

    I just love it Courti, I never thought to do one this way. So creative.

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-SEVEN- 4/30/2012 4:16PM

    Oh that's cute!! I like it! emoticon

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TWINKS55 4/29/2012 11:42PM

What a unique way to display your collage!
This is great!! emoticon


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BUSYMOM911 4/29/2012 11:18PM

    That's a cute idea to make a collage into a mobile. I might do that, too. And maybe reasons to go on vacation, or vacation destinations. Or one with skinny people and hang it near the refrigerator. LOL.

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got stitches out!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

yeah and now the therapy begins. it's all do to my stupidity. it hurt hand when moving fingers. i was afraid i'd break stitches, now i can't use my fingers at all.
babied them a little to much. eventually have to learn to lay my hand flat and make a fist...i just want to be able to button my own jeans. i can button my fat shorts!!!
hand and fingers still swallen they said something about scare tissue causing something. i forget what she said.

dh is going to be a tough task master. brought me my ice pack and advile. and reminds me to do self therapy. guess he's tired of buttoning my jeans. haha

what is depressing is i fit into my fat stretch jeans, which i started wearing. no buttons.

pain also from the nerves waking up, which is what they told me caused the spasms from before.

if i don't really work at it, they said i could lose the use of my hand...which is what it is like now...ugh!! i miss tpying w/two hands and making capital letters to start a sentence. haha

gads, all from my stupid undoing. thought it was all tindenitis and didn't go into doc until after i hurt thumb...okay, a month after i hurt thumb..total of two months before i saw a doctor.

hangs head in shame.

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-SEVEN- 4/27/2012 11:00PM

    Awww, don't feel so bad about what happened, Courti- just try and focus on what you can do now to help yourself. You can't change the past, right? I am glad DH will help "motivate" you to do the exercises. It'll be tough, and probably painful emoticon but try your best and get those fingers back in motion. I will pray for your healing.
Remember, we JUST started BLC19- get yourself OUT of those fat jeans as soon as you can! emoticon

Love, Seven emoticon

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THINAGIN2 4/26/2012 4:29PM

    Work hard, you can do it! Sure hope that you get better soon.

Are you of American Indian decent or are you just interested in their culture? I am Cherokee/French. Have a great day.

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IRISHMUM3 4/26/2012 1:41PM

    You can do it! Keep your eye on the prize - the function and independence/freedom that you will regain - and that should help you push on through. Hugs!

Comment edited on: 4/26/2012 1:41:53 PM

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