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CoHP: How am I doing today?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I didn't do as much as I expected to do. I didn't get on the treadmill. I did some strength though. I weighed in and up another pound. Ugh!

I've got to get my rear in gear and start back on my routine.


CoHP: How I'm Doing Today

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

For this week's challenge in Challenge of Harry Potter, we had choices of which classes to take. One of mine was Charms, which is to blog about how I'm doing.

Okay...No, make that frustrated.

I'm waiting for the Comcast guy to come. I've had 2 Toll Free calls come in that I didn't answer. Dh always says don't answer just telemarketeers. Well, I'm glad I answered the third call as it was from Comcast. A recording. I think I click to keep the appt between 5-7, but called back to be sure I didn't screw up. (why is it always recordings?). It said we still had an appt between 5 - 7, so I guess it is okay.


Lazy and update with the Skin Bleacher

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sorry teams, I've been in a lazy slump this weekend. Didn't do much any exercises yesterday. Was suppose to usher at church but had to call off. Plus I feel so ugly. No, I won't be posting any pix of my face, unless I have a stupid moment.

I think I'm allergic to the new skin cleanser as well as the skin Bleacher. I quite taking the bleacher Thu and the cleanser Fri. Still red around the mouth/chin and left side around ear. My mouth still feels tight and can't open wide. Chin is rough, red and raw and flaky. I think the face swelling has gone down some. The other day around my eyes felt like it was a little swollen but looks better now.

I put sunscreen on and wear a hat outside. Except it stings around the mouth an chin when I use it.

I'm 61 so can't count the wrinkles as they were already there....but I think I did find a couple new ones. emoticon

I'm going to call the place back tomorrow and see if I can talk to Mila (the skin specialist) Wonder if I can get a refund on the skin bleacher? My dh isn't having a problem with the cleanser. (he doesn't use the skin bleacher)

Now I afraid to use the Rosacea med when it comes in. Metrogel. I used it all the time before.

My dh gave me an ice pack to put on my face, I should have done this when he first mentioned it. Hope it helps with the tightness.

The things I get myself into. Sheesh!!!


Skin Bleaching

Friday, July 29, 2011

Okay, I'm vain. I have some brown blotches on my face that I've been self-conscious of forever...or for as long as I've had them.

I went to the skin doctor (not dermatologist) for my Rosacea, but we got to talking about my blotches. DH was with me as he has Rosacea too.

I ended up getting the foaming gel to wash my face and the skin bleaching
Nu-Derm by Obagi.

It's been 3 days I started out putting the Nu-derm on everyday, but as my face red-blotched, feels tight and chin stings and I'm pealing, I'm only putting it on the brown spots now.

My mil asked why my bottom lip looked like Angelina Jolie? Looks a little swollen a little out. Hey, I look like Angelina Jolie...even if it is just my lower lip.

This morning my eyes felt tight and I thought swollen but feels better.

My dh isn't great at telling when things look different so I don't know if my face is really swollen or just feels like it.

I know this is the normal after affects, but I don't think I can take however long it takes to make a big difference. It also cost too much to just stop using it, I'd never hear the end of it by dh.

We still have to get the meds for the Rosacea as she didn't have it in stock.

Has anyone out there done the skin bleaching? How did it go?

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1MIN17SECB412PM 7/30/2011 1:25PM

    Dangers of Skin Lightening Creams

Hydroquinone is one of the active ingredients in the Obagi skin care line. Studies show it has some carcinogenic effects & hydroquinone turns toxic when exposed to sunlight. Because of these risks, it's banned in many countries in Europe & Asia, but still available *here* in the states via prescription.

Try using natural KEFIR on your skin instead, Courti. It tightens your face & lightens your skin PLUS it devours all sorts of ugly skin problems!! Just rinse your face with warm water, pat the kefir ALL over your face, neck, ears... & let it dry. Leave it on as long as you'd like, then rinse with warm water.

SHEESH, bathe in kefur, girlfriend (I put about 2 gallons of room temperature kefir in the tub & add warm water- scooping up the mixture in my cloth & wringing it all over my body... over & over again... adding more warm water when the water begins to feel cool... then step out after your luxurious soak, with no rinse... it's the ***B*E*S*T*** beauty treatment EVER & it'll SPOIL YOU ROTTEN) & don't forget to drink kefir too!!

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-COURT- 7/29/2011 10:53PM

    That's a good idea Funky. Never thought of that. I have a spot on my arm. Wish I had thought of this a few days ago.

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MACKANDME 7/29/2011 10:18PM

    No I never have. But just like anything else you gotta take the good with the bad. it is the same as getting one of those chemical peels which can leave your face not so pretty for a while. I am assuming your brown spots are on your face?
If you have a brown spot anywhere else I would try it there first and only there to see if the outcome is worth all that you are going through. If the result is crummy then you have saved face...literally. If the outcome is good..then you have wasted no money and can then apply it to your face knowing the end is worth the beginning.

Good luck!

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STLOUISWOMAN 7/29/2011 7:07PM

    Maybe you should contact the doctor to see if these reactions are normal & how long you can expect them to last.

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SEYSARAH 7/29/2011 4:40PM

    Good luck, hope it works and I can read how you feel about it a week or two from now!

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DOOBRIE 7/29/2011 3:48PM

    Sounds scary - take care! I'm sure you look beautiful just the way you are.


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CoHP - History of Magic

Thursday, July 28, 2011

For this challenge, we have to write about our time before Spark, so not to make the same mistakes now that I'm on SP.

I had to look back to my diary for this and it looks like I was doing okay. I was exercising everyday.

I thought I had kept my team from round #7 for my Biggest Loser Challenge team, but can't find it, I must have deleted it by mistake. I like to look back from time to time. Now I don't remember what I weighed back then.

At any rate, I don't think I was doing poorly before SP, I just have people to help support and motivate me now. I've learned a lot more exercise routines too, plus keeping accountable...even if I do fall off the wagon from time to time.

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DISPATCH91 7/29/2011 10:30AM

    the good thing about you is that you may fall off but you get back on


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AIDELADE27 7/28/2011 11:56PM

    Courti, it's people like you who keep me here! I love that we have known each other here for a long time and you constantly motivate me to do better and cheer me up when I feel blue. emoticon emoticon

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