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What To Say When You Talk To Your Self

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I made mention, in my blog about binging, the topic of self-talk.

The Bible says ‘As a man thinketh, so is he.’

A book I really like is the title of this blog, written by Shad Helmstetter.

‘What we think is what we become.’
This same book also goes on to say, ‘Whatever ‘thoughts’ you have programmed into yourself, or have allowed others to program into you are affecting, directing, or controlling everything about you.’

The human brain is like your personal computer, ‘give it the right directions, it will do the right thing--it will work for you in the right way. But if you give your mental computer the wrong directions it will act on those wrong directions; it will continue to respond to the negative programming that you and the rest of the world have been giving it without even being aware of it.’

Talk in the present tense, not future.

Don‘t say, I will eat healthy; say I do eat healthy.

Some examples of positive self-talk:

Worry: *My mind is constantly in tune with the positive. It is bright, cheerful, enthusiastic, and full of good, positive thoughts and ideas.

*I do not worry. I am in control of my own thinking and I think only those thoughts which create and fulfill the best in me.

Self-Esteem: *I like how I feel and I like how I think and I like how I do things. I approve of me and I approve of who I am.

*I really am very special. I like who I am and I feel good about myself.

Eating and in control: *When I sit down to eat, at no time do I allow anyone else to influence, tempt, or discourage me in any negative way.

*I am in control of myself in every way--at all times and in all situations.

If you are an impatient type, especially when driving, you can do self-talk at a stop light:

*I enjoy relaxing while I am driving in the car:

*Slow-moving or standing traffic is not a problem to me. I now enjoy the time I have to organize my thoughts and think about those things which are beneficial to me. I will get there when I get there.

Instead of saying that you are tired when you get out of bed, tell your self that you have plenty of energy and enthusiasm.

Shock your subconscious with your new way of thinking.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SHIITAKE 6/16/2011 1:58PM


Think good thoughts.....This is an awesome blog, Courti ! Thanks 4 sharing !

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FITLIKENIC 6/16/2011 12:00AM

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing...

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NIMAWEYGH 6/15/2011 11:37PM

    I love this Courti. Such a wonderful and positive way of thinking and doing.

Yep we are the masters of our own ship *or Geeks at our own computer*...............LOL

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LJR4HEALTH 6/15/2011 9:47PM

    emoticon post so true we do become what we think we are negative talk does bring us down where positive always uplifts and encourages us to move forward

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THINBUCKEYE 6/15/2011 8:14PM

    Great thoughts! Thanks for sharing.

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LINDA! 6/15/2011 4:53PM

    I like this!!

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-COURT- 6/15/2011 4:14PM

    I get impatient in traffic sometimes, but I use to try to memorize the 9 Fruits of the Spirit, took my mind off the slow red light or backed up traffic and I learned something from the Bible.
Glad some of it worked for you.

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MACKANDME 6/15/2011 3:58PM

    okay...I ran in to problems with the traffic! Otherwise I can apply everything you said to deter my own self talk. Thank you~!

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-COURT- 6/15/2011 1:34PM

    I'm glad you are interested and willing to try this. Good luck, let me know how it goes.

The book has a lot more affirmations to use. I can write out more if you want. Just let me know. Or you can get the book, it is a good read and really helped me in my negativity, self-esteem, etc.

Comment edited on: 6/15/2011 1:35:36 PM

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3016DEBRA 6/15/2011 1:30PM

  Good thoughts! I'm gonna give this a try... emoticon

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-FAIRYDANCER 6/15/2011 1:28PM

    Great idea! I never thought about that. I can't wait to try it!

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Oh what a bingeful life we lead, when we first practice to deceive

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We deceive ourselves that what we are eating is really healthy. Hey, that fig cookie does have fruit in it; doesn’t that danish have apple in the middle?

We can talk ourselves into believing anything we want, but what we want isn’t necessarily good for us. We need to take the reins and turn our habits around and go back to the basics of healthy eating.

So much controls our binging: worry, stress, boredom, etc, etc, etc. Sometimes our problems are beyond our control, so we must work on what is within our control.

‘Self Talk’ is a good way to strive to take control of our lives. It helped me a long time ago when I thought I had to worry about every situation in order for it to turn out right. How stupid was that? But, that was my theory and it seemed to work, but boy what stress. (Of course, things would have probably worked out okay even if I didn’t worry, but try to tell me that back then. ’My days of stupid.’)

Whatever we tell ourselves is what our brain believes is true.

A quote by Ken Gaub:
‘We form good or bad thoughts in our minds because of many things; our past experiences, our knowledge of God’s Word, how we feel abut ourselves, our general physical and emotional health and even our dreams and goals all effect our thinking.’

Or take what Dale Carnegie said in ‘How to Stop Worrying and Start Living’
“Our life is what our thoughts make it.”

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SHIITAKE 6/16/2011 1:53PM


We must think about the good things to keep positive ! emoticon

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MDMNINA 6/15/2011 12:32PM

    Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones!

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HARRINGTON5 6/15/2011 12:28PM

    Very true. I stopped having expectations of others and that way I am never disappointed.

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God in the small stuff:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Motivation can fade. Habits prevail.

Your dreams won't come true if you are sleeping.

The first step on the path to commitment is making up your mind.

You can plan to succeed or you can plan to fail. The choice is yours.

Motivation increases when we assume large responsibilities with a short deadline.

Develop a cause for your life. Whatever it is, dedicate yourself to it daily.

Don't be good at making excuses.

Before diving into anything, step back and view the big picture.

Acquire good habits; abandon bad habits.

Move from involvement to commitment.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SHIITAKE 6/16/2011 1:50PM


These are great......I am making a copy for myself, hope you don't mind !
Good for motivation, Courti !!! emoticon

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FITLIKENIC 6/15/2011 11:55PM

    Love these!

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-COURT- 6/15/2011 11:48PM

    Love it Nimsy. If you want more I have some I can give you. My husband's nephew gave it to me for one of my birthday presents a few years ago.

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NIMAWEYGH 6/15/2011 11:39PM

    Oh I love this one to Courti and I think I might borrow a couple of them as well if you do not mind.

So positive and motivational.....just what I need in my life right now.

Thank you Lyssa. And the first one should be.
Motivation can fade. Hobbits prevail! LOL

Comment edited on: 6/15/2011 11:40:28 PM

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-COURT- 6/15/2011 9:10PM

    Your welcome, glad you can use them. I can give you more from the book if you want.

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-SEVEN- 6/15/2011 8:42PM

    Hope you don't mind... I'm going to "borrow" these for my page to re-read often!

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-SEVEN- 6/15/2011 8:17PM

    I like these Courti! Great pearls of wisdom for life!

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Monday, June 13, 2011


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SHIITAKE 6/14/2011 11:22AM


Cute indeed, Courti !! emoticon

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    LOL...this was adorable!!!

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DOROTHYBERO 6/13/2011 5:59AM

    Cute - thanks for sharing!

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KIN59VARA 6/13/2011 4:13AM

    emoticon emoticon

Happy Birthday Kat!

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Yo is back!! It's back to the norm, but Spice up your routine

Friday, June 10, 2011

Welcome back Yolanda and other admins. It was a fun challenge. A nice change of pace. Thanks Kat and all involved.

The chaos challenge has been over now and we have our Yo back in the ranks of BLC.

Okay, for those not on BLC, that was a special week for our Biggest Loser Challenge team. Stop the Chaos!

Now it's back to the norm.

It's sometimes nice to take a break from the norm and just be crazy. Don't let eating healthy and exercise take over our life. Take a break to just get down and freak out with fun.

I don't mean to pig out and get lazy, but have fun.

You can do your regular routine, but now and then add a little spice to the act.
Go to a swimming pool if you don't have one; take a hike with friends or family instead of walking on the treadmill; work in the yard pulling weeds or gardening instead of doing weights.

Just examples, but do your own thing that can spice up your routine now and then.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SHIITAKE 6/14/2011 11:13AM


You are right there, Courti...we all do need some variety in our exercise
program. Makes exercising more fun, and easier to continue doing each week !
Variety is the spice of life....they do say !!! emoticon

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THINBUCKEYE 6/11/2011 2:44PM

    Thanks for the nice blog. You're right about the variety. I need to change up my routine a little. No time like the present!

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KRISTA-GIRL 6/10/2011 12:25PM

    Very nice blog, Courti :-)

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MDMNINA 6/10/2011 11:38AM

    They do say "Variety is the spice of life". And it adds no calories.

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