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Quick Track Fitness Counter

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I keep forgetting to post my exercise minutes on the tracker for the week. Makes it look like I've done a zillion minutes in one day....well, maybe not quite a zillion.

I don't post my cardio in the bottom breakout part, just in the quick track. Guess that is why I never know if I'm burning enough to match what I'm eating.

Someone said I can't post cardio in both quick track and at the bottom because it would be double posting so i pick the quick track as it is....quicker.

Hate to post strength at bottom as it takes so much time to put all the type of exercises in and I end up with a long line of strength moves that I don't use everyday. So, I post all in the quick tracker.

Oh well........

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SHIITAKE 8/22/2010 8:08AM


Keep up the good work, Courti.............................
.............. emoticon

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IRISH_AGUIRRE 8/14/2010 11:21AM

  Right after I started at SP, I decided to only use the quick tracker. It works for me! Just keep moving.

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MARLENE2995 8/14/2010 10:22AM

    I don't think it matters so much where or how you track it as long as you are doing it. Keep up the good work!

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Weekly Bunk Checklist

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Here is your Camper's Weekly Bunk Checklist!! Please Copy and Paste the following template...each week when you complete your checklist...Copy and paste with your current accomplishments....

Checklists are due by 9am EST time on Thursday so that we can award the weekly Badges!

Bed Check: 1 point per hour of sleep up to 9 per day = 63 max per week
Calorie Range: 10 points per day for staying in range = 70 max per week
Fitness: 2 point for every 20 minutes up to 12 points per day = 84 max per week
Participation: 5 points per day for posting = 35 max per week
SURPRISE Inspection: 10 points possible per week

With 262 possible points per week, 1018 possible over your 4 weeks at camp.....

Campers Weekly Bunk Checklist:

Weight last week: ......107.4 (from BCL-13)
Weight current: ..........108.2 (8/4)
Bed check Points: .......4-6
Calorie Range Points: ...40
Fitness Points: 6.5
Cabin Participation Points: 35
SURPRISE Inspection:
What I did in camp this week: Hiked App. Trial, Fitness Fan-atic, ate at Mess Hall, visit other cabins.

Week 1: Wednesday, August 4 - Tuesday, August 10

Bed Check: 1 point per hour of sleep up to 9 per day = 63 max per week
Wed: 6/ Thurs: 6 / Fri: 6 / Sat: 6 / Sun: 6 / Mon: 6 / Tues: 6 // Total: 42

Calorie Range: 10 points per day for staying in range = 70 max per week
Wed: 10 / Thurs: 10 / Fri: 10 / Sat: 10 / Sun: 10 / Mon:10 / Tues: 10 // Total: 70

Fitness: 1 point for every 20 minutes up to 12 points per day = 84 max per week
Wed: 4.5 / Thurs: 6 / Fri: 3 / Sat: 5/ Sun: 4 / Mon:5 / Tues: 7 // Total: 34.5

Participation: 5 points per day for posting = 35 max per week
Wed: 5 / Thurs: 5 / Fri: 5 / Sat: 5 / Sun: 5/ Mon: 5 / Tues: 5 // Total: 35

SURPRISE Inspection: 10 points possible per week = 0

TOTAL: 181.5
Week 2: Wednesday, August 11 - Tuesday, August 17

Weight last week: 108.2 (8/4)
Weight current:106.4 (8/11)

Bed Check: 1 point per hour of sleep up to 9 per day = 63 max per week
Wed: 6 / Thurs: 6 / Fri:6 / Sat: 6/ Sun: 6/ Mon: 6/ Tues: // Total: 42

Calorie Range: 10 points per day for staying in range = 70 max per week
Wed: 10 / Thurs: 0 / Fri:0 / Sat: 10/ Sun:10 / Mon: 10/ Tues:10 // Total: 60

Fitness: 1 point for every 20 minutes up to 12 points per day = 84 max per week
Wed: 9 / Thurs: 4/ Fri: 10/ Sat: 10/ Sun: 12/ Mon: 12/ Tues:12 // Total: 69

Participation: 5 points per day for posting = 35 max per week
Wed: 5 / Thurs: 5 / Fri: 5/ Sat: 5/ Sun: 5/ Mon:5 / Tues: 5// Total: 35 pts

SURPRISE Inspection: 10 points possible per week = 10

Total: 216

Checklists are due by 9am EST time on Thursday so that we can award the weekly Badges!

Bed Check: 1 point per hour of sleep up to 9 per day = 63 max per week
Calorie Range: 10 points per day for staying in range = 70 max per week
Fitness: 2 point for every 20 minutes up to 12 points per day = 84 max per week
Participation: 5 points per day for posting = 35 max per week
SURPRISE Inspection: 10 points possible per week

With 262 possible points per week, 1018 possible over your 4 weeks at camp.....

Campers Weekly Bunk Checklist:

Weight last week: 105.8 (8/18)
Weight current: 104.4
Bed check Points: W 6, T6, F6, S 6, Su6, M6, T 6 = 42
Calorie Range Points: W 10, T10, F10, S10, S 10, M 10, T10 = 70
Fitness Points: W5, T4, F8, S2, Su 4, M 2, T 6 = 31
Cabin Participation Points: W 5, T5, F 5, S 5, S 5, M 5, T 5 = 35
SURPRISE Inspection: 0
Total Points = 178
What I did in camp this week: played games at campfire, trekked Trails, trying to find treasure.

WEEK # 4

Weight last week: 104.4
Weight current:
Bed check Points: W6, Th6 , F6 , Sa6 , Su6 , M6 , Tu 6
Calorie Range Points: W10, Th10 , F10 , Sa10 , Su10 , M 10, Tu 10
Fitness Points: W8, Th 8, F8 , Sa12 , Su6 , M 8, Tu 10
Cabin Participation Points: W5, Th5 , F5 , Sa 5, Su5 , M5 , Tu5
SURPRISE Inspection: 10
What I did in camp this week: wrote home, trek App. Trail, ate freggies, gave gifts to other cabins (whether they wanted it or not). Wrote note to counselors etc in Camp Scrapbook.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SHIITAKE 8/12/2010 4:29AM


Sounds like you are doing fine !! emoticon

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IRISH_AGUIRRE 8/11/2010 3:45PM


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-COURT- 8/11/2010 8:40AM

    Yeah, but I lost 2 pounds since last Wed!

I'd gained a pound after BLC-13. I'm going to miss the Appalachian Trail and the pictures. Amazing! I definitely would love to go there.

I have to find out what to do about the badges. My Aspiring Fan-atic Fitness Badge was up yesterday. So many things on the other badges I know I can't do.

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-SEVEN- 8/11/2010 7:03AM

    Wow, they're running a tight ship in your Kabin! Good luck!!

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Dear Mom & Dad - I love camp.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dear Mom & Dad,
Having fun at camp. Caught poison ivy, but someone here had the 'pink stuff'.
Someone has a snake that got lose. Everyone was looking all over for it....can I have a snake?
Our cabin got TPd like twice! You won't have to buy any toilet paper for a while. I'll try to fit as much in my suitcase as I can.

We had popcorn fights, someone short sheeted the cabin counselor's bed and a friend named Krazy she and I met some boys from the boys camp down by the lake and played some strip po....I mean we played Rummy all night long. {{I knew I should have brought some white out}}

Well, someone just through a water balloon in our cabin so I'd better hang my clothes out to dry.


Willow (that's my new camp name) I kind of like it, can I keep it?

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SHIITAKE 8/12/2010 4:25AM


Sounds like a lot of fun.........enjoy ! emoticon

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-COURT- 8/11/2010 2:48PM

    Iloveroses, lets see, virtual camp or a trip around the UK and Turkey. Hmmmm....
I so envy you. Let me know how your trip goes. Have great fun and be safe.
I remember our camping last summer, I think it has bumped up more this time around so maybe you'll make it next summer.

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ILOVEROSES 8/11/2010 11:09AM

    The camp sounds like fun. Sorry I had to miss out because of travelling around UK and Turkey, lol.

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IRISH_AGUIRRE 8/10/2010 9:54PM

  LOL! This is great! Sounds like a lot of fun.

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NIMAWEYGH 8/10/2010 7:44PM

    Sounds like tons of fun............Go Campers Go!

*why am I cheering emoticon I was invited to camp......oh I must the *the skinny girl already* SHUCKS emoticon

I can here your Mom's thinking. NOT ON YOUR LIFE YOUNG LADY! NO SNAKES ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>*falls on floor laughing hysterically* oh can't breath* the tears*

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-COURT- 8/10/2010 3:41PM

    Oh, more 'Rummy'? Yeah, I'll be there Krazy.


Comment edited on: 8/10/2010 3:41:56 PM

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KRISTA-GIRL 8/10/2010 3:23PM

    You are SUCH a fun cabin-mate! I'm so glad we're gettin' Skinny together! Terrific letter home, btw ;-) You are a very creative Sparker!
- Krazy
p.s. - The boys are wantin' to meet up again tonight, you busy?

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JENS_DOIN_IT 8/10/2010 2:54PM

    Loving the Skinny Lattes Love!! What a blast we are ALL having!!

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BRINA421 8/10/2010 2:01PM

    Sounds like fun

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AIDELADE27 8/10/2010 1:35PM

    Sounds like tons fun, especially the strip.....well, you know.....um.....that part! You naughty girl you. emoticon

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LUCY_SHADOW 8/10/2010 12:23PM

    Sounds like a blast!

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SANDLADY48 8/10/2010 11:25AM

    How did I miss the strip po....I mean the Rummy?

Report Inappropriate Comment
NANCY-GIRL 8/10/2010 11:23AM

    Strip Poker?? -er- Rummy??? I knew I was playing hookie too long...
Camp's a blast. I ♥ Skinny Lattes!!

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LOVETOSNORKEL 8/10/2010 11:19AM

    Boy summer camp sure is fun! emoticon

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MRSSARAHPHALEN 8/10/2010 11:12AM

    LOL... I never wrote letters home to Mom and Dad like that... hahaha... I could never have been that truthful... go Skinny Lattes!!!!

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TEKRU1 8/10/2010 10:45AM

    I'm glad you're enjoying Camp! Making new friends and torching the weight loss - WOO-HOO! Keep up the good work!

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MDMNINA 8/10/2010 10:44AM

    LOL. Why weren't the camps that I went to like that?

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TERPSNMBR1 8/10/2010 9:56AM

    I want to go to this camp!

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-COURT- 8/10/2010 8:45AM

    Yes, camp is fun and I'm going to miss it when it is done. It's kept me moving. By weigh in tomorrow, I hope to have lost close to 2 pounds.

Buttercup, we should go into BLC-14 hootin' & hollerin' about what fun we've had. Glad you are enjoying it too.

Go Cabin Skinny Lattes!!!

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LOVESLIFE48 8/10/2010 8:30AM

    Sounds like a fun camp!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
MITECU 8/10/2010 8:29AM

    Thanks for the funny! What a great way to start the day.

Report Inappropriate Comment
HOPE2BE 8/10/2010 7:07AM

    That is so funny and cute.

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-SEVEN- 8/10/2010 7:04AM

    Isn't camp great?

Report Inappropriate Comment
KEELY128 8/10/2010 6:41AM

    Love it!Thanks for the chuckle this morning!

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Swollen Feet

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I sometimes wish I had studied to be a nurse. Mom's feet have been swollen for over a month. One doctor I took her to for her kidneys noticed and said to take two of her Lasix water pill. She has high potassium so has to drink around 1 qt of water a day.

She went to her lung doctor for the first time today suppose to do a 6-minute walk, but she had trouble getting on the scales so the treadmill was out. (she weighed in at a little over 200 lbs)

They had told me that she would walk up and down the hallway, but they didn't have the machine to hook up for the readout, which is what Medicare needs.

The one girl noticed mom's swollen feet and said to call our family doctor. Did that when I got home. "Sorry, he isn't in tomorrow'. I should have asked what about today, but I'm slow on the uptake. She said to fall the doctor who said to take the 2 water pills. Called his office, he's out, but calls in, she'll was him when he calls in. She called me back later to call my family doctor or whoever is taking his patients.

Well, by then they were closed. I wrapped her feet for a few hours, I think they might be a little less swollen, but not that much difference.

Anyone know what to do with swollen feet?

She sits and sleeps in a lift chair with a pillow under her feet. I don't think her feet are above her heart, but she isn't comfortable if I try to put the head of the chair down as much as needed.

I'll call the family doctor's office tomorrow to see if another doctor is filling in Friday, if not I'll call back Monday. Oh, wait, she goes back to the lung doctor. Maybe he'll have something to add.

I think I should have called a week or two ago instead of waiting for the swelling to go down.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

-COURT- 8/1/2010 10:34AM

    The doctor, when they called back Fri, said she could wear the stockings. I called the pharmacy to see what info I needed, measurements. Lady said none, they come in Small Med Large. We go in later and find out we needed her ankle and calf size. Plus, they are closed today so can't get them until Monday. Mom goes back to her Lung doctor in the morning, I think for the walk down the hall since she couldn't do it last time (they didn't have the monitor hook up machine). Geesh! Now I have to haul her walker along on the community coach.
Mom had these hose when she lived up north, but the people helping her out said they couldn't get them on her. Maybe they didn't measure.

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SHIITAKE 8/1/2010 4:50AM


Compression stockings might be an option........if the doctor OK's it ! Hope
the swelling is subsiding by this time . emoticon

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MDMNINA 7/31/2010 1:37PM

    I hope Mom is feeling better today!

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-COURT- 7/30/2010 3:21PM

    I called the doctor's office back today and he was in. The girl said she'd check with the doctor and call me back. When she did, she said the doctor said he was prescribing a med to take for a couple days, to keep feet elevated, (which we have most of the time, but not as high as I'd like), to get a pair of support hose at Perkins. DJ, I suppose these are the same as the compression hose you menitoned.

Hopefully her swelling will be down by end of weekend. I called back to be sure she was still to walk, but they were closed. I'm sure she is, at least I'm going to try to make her walk around like suggested here.

Jackson, my husband is diabetec but only has to control with diet and exercise. He has one kidney. Evidentally something since birth, one didn't function much. The nurse didn't mention about drinking more. I kind of hinted that mom wasn't drinking a whole qt a day, when she asked and she didn't say anything. I've got to keep a stroke tally of her water. (if I can remember. I need a caregiver!)

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USERNAMEDD 7/30/2010 12:57AM

  Sure do hope you can get the info you need to help yourself and your mom to get the right advice for the foot swelling.

Does your doctor have an answering service that will give you some tips for her

the best to you and yours this day emoticon

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WILDRICE99 7/29/2010 6:56PM

    I realize it may be tough to do, but I agree with the exercise. Even once an hour for a minute or two to get the blood circulating again. Sitting all day except for bathroom breaks will cause anyone's legs to swell.

I sure hope your mom appreciates all that you are doing for her. It is very thoughtful and kind. I hope that I am as generous with my mom if the time ever comes.

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-COURT- 7/28/2010 11:36PM

    My mom lived up north and moved down a year ago May. Her doctor up there had mom get the compression stockings, but the people helping her out couldn't get them on her, too tight or something. I might ask her doctor down here about them. I tried wrapping her feet in those elastic bands but haven't done it much, maybe I should have been doing that more often too.

I haven't gotten loads of info. Thanks so much. This is great!
My Spark friends are emoticon

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DJ4HEALTH 7/28/2010 11:16PM

    Have you tried compression stockings? That is what I use for my ankles. I get the ones that go up to the knees but you can get ones that go up over the thighs. They have them at Walgreens and CVS. you can also get them online too.

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-COURT- 7/28/2010 10:57PM

    I had a whole thing typed and lost it.

Thanks for all your info. Let's see if I can remember what all I typed.

Mom is 93 yr old and can't raise her feet up high. Took 3 of us to get her on the scales and to let go of the walker. It was hard to get an exact but she is over 200 lbs. (I'm 108 and 4'8") She does hve kidney disease and high Potassium. I'll have to try the massage. Rae is the Pepperment a moisturizer lotion?

I'm not suppose to give her salt, but she keeps asking for it on her chicken, so I close off the top and shake it so she can't see the top of the skaker. Have to be sneaky sometimes.

She sits in her lift chair all day except when she has to go to the bathroom and she sleeps in a lift chair.

I'm going to copy parts your article Rae, and the messages here and show it to mom and use the info you all have given me .

I got more help from my SP friends than from the doctors. Thanks.

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NIMAWEYGH 7/28/2010 10:51PM

    I know that to much sitting is what helps cause me to swell and salt too. Also to much of a water pill can do the opposite. Oh how I wish your Dr's would have been available. I think all of Razzy's suggestions were spot on. But if she just walks in a circle around the living room that is great. If her feet are not above her heart then that really does not do much for the swelling but if she has to much fluid in her then it can be really uncomfortable. Will be praying and sure hope it gets taken care of soon.

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AIDELADE27 7/28/2010 9:59PM

    I see that everyone else posted what I was going to suggest so all I will say is hope your mother gets better soon!

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MAGNOLIARAYNE 7/28/2010 9:47PM

    I have edema in my feet, ankles and calves(Peripheral Edema). I take Lasix 40mg tablets. With edema and taking the Lasix there is a couple of things to know. Lasix depletes great amounts of potassium. With the loss of potassium healthy heart functions can decreased along with calcium.

I also follow a low sodium regimen and even on such I still have problems. So it is not the salt/sodium always.

Sitting in one position or staying in one position and prolong standing can also cause an edema flare up. Water naturally gets pulled down into your legs and feet, thus the result of gravity when constantly doing such.

Also certain diseases can cause or make it worse (e.g.; congestive heart failure, lung, liver, kidney, and thyroid diseases). Hormones like estrogen can also cause edema. (I had a hysterectomy so know about this too.)

Wearing support stockings can help out tremendously. They put pressure on your legs, ankles feet and keeps them from retaining fluids.

Also heat can cause a flare. It helps to keep out of direct sun, keep house moderately cool, etc.

Moving the feet and legs occasionally even if in a sitting position can help as it pumps fluid back away from the area.

You also mentioned she has emphysema. Edema may also be caused by chronic lung disease. This may restrict blood flow through the vessels in the lungs. With restricted blood flow can back up in the rest of the circulatory system. It creates a pressure that can possibly cause fluid leakage into tissues.

Does she also have varicose veins? That can also cause edema.

I hope this helps. I do what I can too and sometimes still have flare ups.

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JACKSONROSE58 7/28/2010 8:53PM

  Be watchful of dehydration when increasing the Lasix. I just spent 24 hrs in the hospital with elevated potassium, improper kidney function and low blood pressure. I am a diabetic so any involvement with the kidneys is frightful.
I was told all this was caused by the dehydration. I was taking 2 Lasix daily but apparently had stopped pushing the liquids. They took me off the Lasix and my feet became so swollen it was very uncomfortable to walk around. All is well again and I am back on the Lasix.

I will be praying for your mom and you as well. She is blessed to have such a loving, caring daughter.

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1MIN17SECB412PM 7/28/2010 8:29PM

    Too much salt!! At least, for me, it's way too much salt. That, and being way overweight. Just think: legs/feet elevated, then placed on floor to support an enormous amount of weight. I'm weighing in with yer' mom. Exercise is imperative, but because the weight nearly prevents it... do you have a stationary bicycle or rowing machine? Can you get her signed up for the pool at yer' local "Y" because swimming is gr8. It takes a tremendous stress off the already abused legs, etc., and if there's any walking, it's short & sweet. NO long hauls, but lots and lots of shorts & sweets. Set your kitchen timer to go off every hour, or... if you're lucky enough to own a chiming grandfather clock, get up and move around for 5 to 10 minutes, every 1 to 2 hours. Even lifting up the legs in the air and taking an AIR *bike ride* is very good for her/me. Certain estrogen pills, blood pressure meds, steroids, and antidepressants can contribute, but... it's certainly SALT and too much weight.


Also, have her use the soles of her bare feet to roll a rubber ball or tennis ball in circular movements. This encourages circulation and strengthen muscles.

::runs back in:: Oh, and massage stimulates lymphatic circulation, which decreases swelling. Massage her feet and lower legs with peppermint lotion, from toes to calves, with gentle fingertips. This works water out of the tissues.

Comment edited on: 7/28/2010 8:33:22 PM

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-COURT- 7/28/2010 8:25PM

    Barbara, we do have a foot bath thing. I try to soak her feet once a week, but I could do it more. Maybe it will help. Thanks.

Becky, Yeah, sometimes I feel like I just get the run around from her doctors. Her family doctor never had her get a chest x-ray even though we told him mom has emphysema. She never smoked, but my dad, grandada did and she worked in a box factory where they made boxes, all that dust.

We posted at the same time Ben. Thanks for the reinforcement.

Comment edited on: 7/28/2010 8:27:29 PM

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BENSNANA2 7/28/2010 8:25PM

    When my mothers feet did that we went through the same thing. There are so many things that could be causing it, but it seems to me you are doing just about all you can. I will be praying for you and your mom that you get the answers you need. emoticon

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ARKPLE 7/28/2010 7:33PM

    I don't know if soaking in epson salts helps or not, or if it's the right thing to do.

Report Inappropriate Comment
IRISH_AGUIRRE 7/28/2010 7:11PM

  I'm so sorry that you didn't get answers to this dilemma from your mom's doctors. I hope more will be coming soon.

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Life in the slow lane

Friday, July 16, 2010

I guess I didn't realize how slow my mom was going until my girlfriend came to sit with her yesterday. She came to give my husband and me a break. She said she noticed that mom was moving a lot slower from just two weeks before, when she came to sit with her.

I measured 23 feet from her chair in the living room to her potty chair in her bedroom (which is 3 feet from her bed (which is another lift chair) It took her a little over 4 minutes to get there. Now I wished I had measured the distance weeks ago.

My friend brought it to mind that all her laying around and barely doing any exercise, mom could get pneumonia. She already has a cough. (I have an appt with the lung doctor later in the month.

It just gets so frustrating to try to get her to do her leg exercises (sitting down exercises) when she just wants to put her chair back and sleep (or is she just pretending?).

We're both stubborn, headstrong, obstinate (whatever you want to call us) which doesn't make for a good mix.

She can't even pull her sleeve up on her shoulder when it slips down or hold her cup without help.

I guess I'm lucky that she can feed herself with fork and spoon. I make her do some of her own wash up, but I do 95% of it and dress her.

She used to cut her own toast and I need to get her back to doing that. I shouldn't have started doing more things for her.

I used to write children short stories just for fun. One was a little girl who found a secret fantasy land through a door in her closet. Boy, do I wish I had one of those. But then, I just hear her calling for me to change the tv channel or cover her up, or give he a cough drop (which is on a stand next to her chair), or I have to go to the bathroom.

Some of this is my fault. If you have a loved one who is slowing down...don't start doing things for them. Make them do as much as they can or you will be sorry.

Just one of THOSE days.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BREAESSEX 7/16/2010 10:11PM

    This must be so hard for you. I think it's wonderful that you're taking care of her yourself, rather than just shoving her in a home and forgetting about her like so many people to. I would love to read some of your stories sometime!

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AIDELADE27 7/16/2010 7:29PM

    I'm sure this is very tough for you. My grandmother was such a vibrant person and now she can't walk and refuses to help herself. My mother isn't ready to give up just yet and always tells my grandmother to keep on going. It really takes such patience and loving care to do this. You are doing such an amazing job!

Report Inappropriate Comment
-SEVEN- 7/16/2010 7:17PM

    Sorry to hear that Courti- it can't be easy caring for her, I'm sure. Hugs & patience to you!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SHIITAKE 7/16/2010 5:27PM


You are a wonderful person for bringing your mom to your home, and taking
care of her. But sometimes doing too much is just as harmful as not doing
enough...if she can ask for help to do every little thing, then you should have
no qualms in making her do those leg exercises and walk some down that
hallway. The more she can do for herself, the better it will be for her......and
more importantly the more help it will be for you ! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
-COURT- 7/16/2010 4:31PM

    Pottergurl, I'll have to see if I copied the stories off the other computer. We got a virus and long story short, had to buy a new PC. I think I did copy a lot of my stories though. I'll have to re type them onto this pc. Thanks for the interest. They're not that good as I'm not a writer, it was just for fun. When I was inspired to write. When my grammar was better. lol

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IRISH_AGUIRRE 7/16/2010 4:02PM

  Hugs for comfort! Thanks for the advice. Don't be too hard on yourself, though, please.

Report Inappropriate Comment
JESPAH 7/16/2010 3:43PM

    Good to know. And I'm sorry this is happening.

The Long Good-bye. God, I don't think it's easy for anyone.

Report Inappropriate Comment
POTTERGURL 7/16/2010 3:17PM

    emoticon O sweetie, it's in our NATURE to want to take care of those we love when we think they can't do it themselves. But you're right! We shouldn't let the slow down while we take on more. Thanks for sharing!

O and I want to read some of your stories. PUH-LEASE!!! emoticon

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