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New Rules of Lifting for Women

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I read this book and am giving the exercise plan a try beginning tomorrow. It is a 7 stage, 6 month long weightlifting plan. The gist that I got from it is stop lifting light weights and isolating small muscles. Heavy, full-body workouts are the way to go. I had already been leaning in this direction (Calves? Do I really need to work my calves?) in the weight room. I am excited to have some guidance and direction.

The book also has a food plan section that focuses on eating enough calories and plenty of protein so that your body has the fuel that it needs to build muscle. I was not a big fan of protein shakes, but after reading this book am giving them a go as well.

I'll do my best to come back and give an update.


(I wouldn't recommend the Kindle version. The charts for the workouts are difficult to read.)

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JACKIEWALKS4FUN 9/21/2014 12:15PM

    Thank you, great info emoticon

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Long time, no blog!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hello friends! I've been creeping around sparkpeople, but not blogging. Thought I would take a few minutes and post an update.

Weight - After hitting my maintenance weight in August of 2012, I maintained for about a year. The last year I have been peeking over the top of my maintenance range by as much as 4 lbs. That's almost 10 lbs over goal. Not cool. Pleased to announce that the last three weeks I have been laser focused and am back in range!

Exercise - I joined a gym in May and love it. I generally go at 5:30 a.m. and also to an evening spin class. I am a social exerciser. Love being around other people at the gym.

Nutrition - Three weeks ago, I started using an app called Two Grand. It is basically food tracking with pictures. It has been so motivating! I find myself not going back for seconds because I don't want to post a picture of it. I'll add more veggies for a better looking plate. You follow each other and like/comment on their meals. If you join, I'm amanda79. Here are a couple screen shots.

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    I just joined Two Grand a few days ago myself. I am Coffee_On_My_Mind there also. Love it, makes me think twice before eating anything, so good for a person who frequently indulges in mindless eating!

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KOFFEENUT 8/16/2014 10:23PM

    Hadn't heard of this app before; thanks for sharing what could be a GREAT motivational tool!

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Slow Cooker Honey Mustard Chicken

Saturday, May 17, 2014

I revived the What's Cookin' Good Lookin' recipe game on the maintainers team this month. We pick a new recipe, make it, and blog about it. Here is the link to the discussion thread if you are interested.


This month I decided to make Slow Cooker Honey Mustard Chicken. It is very popular at sparkrecipes. Here's the link.


I doubled this recipe and made it in my Ninja slow cooker. If you haven't heard of a Ninja slow cooker, the thing that makes it special is the metal insert and the stove top setting. You can sear your meat before you cook it. With this recipe, after it had cooked for six or seven hours, the sauce was still really thin. I took the lid off and turned it up to stove top high setting for a few minutes and the sauce thickened right up!

Kids and adults enjoyed this recipe. It had a really great flavor. I served it with uncle ben's long grain and wild rice and creamed spinach.

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JULIAOAK 5/20/2014 3:34PM

    looks yummy!

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KIMBERLY_Y 5/18/2014 10:00PM

    Going to have to try this one. Would probably be a hit in my house. Thanks!

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TINAJANE76 5/18/2014 9:31AM

    Looks delish! Thanks for sharing the recipe and your review.

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MTN_KITTEN 5/17/2014 10:55AM

    mmmmmmmm ... keep sharing.

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-BLESSINGS- 5/17/2014 10:19AM

    oooo YUM YUM... thanks for sharing with us...

~Wishing you a SPARKtacular Saturday~
~BLESSings ALLways ~Deby

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Hamburger Noodle Casserole - delicious!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I was browsing through my Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook and came across this recipe. What caught my attention was the use of cream cheese. Very similar to Million Dollar Spaghetti recipe that is floating around the net, but way easier on the calories. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that someone had already entered it into the recipe calculator. Here is the link to the recipe here on spark.


Hamburger Noodle Casserole

This photo is from the taste of home website. I forgot to take a picture of mine.

I can't say enough about this easy, delicious, healthy meal! I made it in two 8x8 casseroles and froze one for later. The kids loved it. The husband loved it. I loved it. The cream cheese mixture tempted me to lick my plate. Yes, it's that good. I may sub jarred marinara for the tomato sauce next time for a little more flavor, but it is great as written.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KIMBERLY_Y 1/14/2014 12:49PM

    My mouth is watering. I am going to add it to my grocery list.

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JULIAOAK 1/13/2014 1:33PM

    looks v.tasty! emoticon

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KAYOTIC 1/12/2014 8:52PM

    Looks good, my boyfriend doesn't like hamburger, so when I make these things I usually sub cooked chicken breast...I would like it with the burger though! emoticon

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KRITTEN1 1/12/2014 12:37PM


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Taco Spaghetti - YUM!!

Monday, December 02, 2013

Taco Spaghetti Recipe Review

Recipe Link

This is a Taste of Home recipe. We all liked it so much that I wanted to know the calorie count and share it with you all!

The combination of ground beef and black beans makes this recipe high in protein and inexpensive. I made this into two 8x8 casseroles and put one in the freezer for an easy meal on another night.

Everyone in my family loved this! Give it a try!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TINAJANE76 12/15/2013 10:39PM

    Ooh, this looks super yummy! I'll definitely be trying this over my long Christmas break.

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RUTHXG 12/5/2013 4:27PM

    Looks yummy & super-easy! I have some beef in my freezer, which is rare--I don't normally stock it, but there was an opportunity to buy some free-range beef from a trusted source this fall, so I got 5 lbs. About 3 lb is ground, so maybe I'll use part of it for this recipe!

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ADARKARA 12/5/2013 11:27AM

    it looks delicious, thanks!

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MOTHEPRO 12/5/2013 10:37AM


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JSTETSER 12/5/2013 10:17AM

    I just might give it a try!

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JULIAOAK 12/3/2013 2:13PM

    emoticon emoticon

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DELIA38961 12/2/2013 9:16PM

    sounds yummy emoticon

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EVIE4NOW 12/2/2013 8:52PM

  Sounds good. Thank you.

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NEPTUNE1939 12/2/2013 8:19PM


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