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Status Update

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Well, I spent a day reformatting my computer and re-installing and tweaking everything. The only major problem I had was I couldn't get back online. I called Time Warner RoadRunner, my cable, phone and internet provider, and a very nice lady there worked with me for over and hour! Everything showed I was connected but I still couldn't access any website or email server.

I called my son's tech employee and he very nicely spent almost another hour with me on the phone - still no luck.

Then the TW woman called me back and said she found the problem. TW had quarantined my account due to a virus problem they detected. All fine and good, the virus is why I reformatted to begin with, but I can't believe they didn't FLAG my account so their own employees wouldn't waste so much time trying to resolve and issue that only TW could fix!

Also, if you pay for cable tv, phone and internet, you'd think they could send you an automated phone message if you've been quarantined!! You can believe I'll be writing a letter to them about that. So glad that's over.

You may remember, I decided to undergo a month of electronic impulse acupuncture in the hopes that it would help me with the chronic pain I've been living with for years. The result is - It DID! My back doesn't hurt, my shoulders and neck don't hurt, and all the general body aches I used to wake up with are gone. I feel so much better!

However................. It's like finding a miracle cure for pain and in the middle of it - breaking your leg!

I didn't break my leg, but I have a badly injured ligament in my right leg, up around where my leg joins my body. Every time I put weight on my leg I have excruciating PAIN.

I started with chiropractic, massage, ice and rest. I then went to my M.D. who gave me Ibuprofen and x-rayed my lower back and hip. I go back tomorrow to see him again and will ask him to refer me to an Orthopedic specialist. I have all the symptoms of a loose ligament - the ligament doesn't hold the bones tightly enough, so they move out of alignment. It's like your leg is out of joint. VERY painful.

I've gone from wearing a pedometer, trying to get in all the steps I can, to counting and planning every step so I don't have to take more than absolutely necessary. I limp.

Joe has been so sweet, picking up things for me at the store, waiting on me when I need it. I've tried to keep on living life the same, just a lot more slowly. I've learned from living with pain that if I just stop everything when I hurt, I'll never do anything at all. So I keep going.

Ever optimistic that improvement is just a day away.

Happy to be back here with my SparkFriends.


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BETTERCATHY 8/23/2009 6:52PM

    Do you think acupuncture could help you with this new pain? I started having treatments for migraines, which have improved tremendously. Now, she is working on other issues that I have...don't know what she does with those needles, but it seems to work! Hoping that you can find an answer!


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LADYNLI 8/20/2009 1:12PM

    Glad you are back. Hope you will be feeling better soon. Hopefully you will find something that helps the leg pain.

emoticon Nancy

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SERENITYSEL 8/19/2009 10:33PM

    I'm glad you are back too. emoticon emoticon

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BELTONWALKER67 8/19/2009 8:41AM

    Dear Karen,

So sorry you have gone from one pain to another. Glad you got your computer fixed and are back online with us. Knock on Wood, I haven't had any issues with TV other than the fact they keep raising their prices. Take care of yourself and I hope the doctor can take the pain away.



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Technical Difficulties

Monday, August 17, 2009

I'll be down a few days. As soon as I'm back online, you can be sure this is the first place I'll be!


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SERENITYSEL 8/17/2009 9:07PM

    We will see you soon. I will miss you lots. Hope all is well with you and your family. (((Huggs))) emoticon emoticon

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BETTERCATHY 8/17/2009 8:02PM

    Isn't it amazing how dependent we can become on our technology? If I can't get online, I feel like a part of me is missing! We will be looking forward to having you "whole" again!


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JORETTA2 8/17/2009 2:38PM

    See you soon. We will miss you.

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GOALIEGRANDMA3 8/17/2009 1:24PM

    Will miss you... still will walk

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LADYNLI 8/17/2009 12:42PM

    Thanks for letting us know. We will miss you!


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The Best Place is HERE!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Over the years I've participated in various on-line communities, both health and diet conscious.

I've met a lot of interesting and nice women in my age group along the way.

None of those groups compare to the Spark People teams here. I love all the interaction and advice, the support and sympathy when needed.

Most of all, I love the way that no one pressures you, demands an accounting of you, tells you when to weigh in and reports your loss or gain to the group, examines your food diary and critiques it.

In other words, no one is controlling or pushy. Gee, it feels like we're all grownups with a plan of our own helping others with their own plan.

I love it!

Thanks to all of you for friendship and kindness.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BETTERCATHY 8/15/2009 7:18PM

    This is a great blog, Karen! You are so right!

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SERENITYSEL 8/8/2009 4:06PM

    That is exactly why I have stayed here so long. I love the people I've met and the NO judging attitude. emoticon

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    Karen - You have it exactly right. emoticon

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MAYBELL75 8/8/2009 1:32PM

    Sparks is an addiction to good things, enjoy reading your blogs

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ROSILEIGH 8/8/2009 1:16PM

    I agree , i found sparkpeople by accident and i am so glad i did.


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EARLYBIRDM 8/8/2009 9:32AM

    Amen to that, Karen!


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HIPPIEFREAK66 8/8/2009 9:20AM

  i checked this place out and stayed. i feel like here we all have similar goals and because of this we all want to help each other. we all want to help each other reach our goals.

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Do you belong to a cat?

Saturday, August 01, 2009

If you share a home with a cat, you know that you belong to the cat - not the other way around. At least from the cat's point of view.

Cats are very patient in trying to train their humans. After a while we know what it means when they sit in front of the door, or in front of their dish, patiently waiting for us the get the idea, lol.

Rosie sits in one certain spot every evening and gives me a buzzy twirping sound that means, "It's time for you to throw the mousies so I can chase them." If I don't do this, she refuses to come to bed with me unless I pick her up, carry her in there, and put her on the bed. Humph!

My good friend Joe is owned by Solomon. You can see their photo on my Spark Page. Solomon the King, runs to the counter in the dressing room in their house and jumps up there waiting to be brushed. He loves being brushed more than any cat I know and purrs really loudly during the whole procedure. He has patiently trained Joe, and later, me, to know just what we're supposed to do!

Neither Rosie nor Solomon thinks sitting on the sofa is acceptable, for some reason. Sitting in the recliner with their human is good, but never on the sofa. Joe and I accuse them of talking on the phone because they have never met, never been in the same house together, but have this thing about the sofa, lol.

I really started this blog because I need some thoughts and opinions about something. I often wonder if I should have another cat join me and Rosie in our home. Rosie is 3 yrs old and she's always been my only cat and is totally an indoor cat. Sometimes I wonder if she gets bored because I don't play with her enough. Or if she gets lonely for another of her own kind.

Have you ever BROUGHT IN A SECOND CAT to live with a cat who has always been an only child? Is it a good thing or not? Will Rosie adjust well? Should the second cat be a kitten?

I don't want to do anything to ruin Rosie's happy life, you know. She'd never forgive me.


I should also add that it's just Rosie and me living here. I wonder if it makes a difference, knowing that I am hers exclusively and not shared by any other critters - either the two legged or four legged ones.

Thanks for the comments so far!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SERENITYSEL 8/7/2009 6:17PM

    First, I loved your blog! I am a cat lover too. I had a cat named Onry. She was my one and only and she knew it. She too had me trained, but in all fairness I too had her trained.

I would have never thought about bringing another cat in to her home. I had to have her put down, because of an aggressive form of bone cancer. I had some of her toes removed, but the cancer spread anyway. I cried for months! I finally (after 3 years) got a kitten. I should have called this kitty "Diablo" instead of Lucky. But to be honest, I thought maybe she needs a friend. Well, the lady who fostered Lucky and her brothers and sisters (they were found in a trash dumpster), brought Lucky's brother over, and let me tell you, it was NOT pretty. Lucky hissed at him, smacked him and growled at him. So we thought maybe it was because he was a male, so Erica came back the next with with one of Lucky's sisters. Oh this was so much worse.

Lucky let me know she is queen of this place and there is NO room for any other animal.

My advice, try it first. Now remember these were brothers and sisters, and they seemed to forget that. Its only been 2 months since they saw each other.

Good luck and let me know okay? emoticon emoticon

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SHASTA11 8/5/2009 11:34PM

    I loved reading about Rosie and Solomon. Personally I wouldn't borrow a cat. It could go terribly wrong and one might get bitten or clawed.

Also, getting a kitten is iffy as you know it will be a bundle of energy and want to play all the time with Rosie. Of course any new cat you bring into the home is going to cause hurt feelings. I might try a male cat Rosie's age, but not a female.

Except when I was younger and my daughter or I was always bringing cats home, I always get 2 initially. I have two 8 yr old females now and even sometimes they get mad at each other and fight terribly. I get a "hormone" spray from the pet store and spray it in the hall between the two rooms the cats go into most often. It helps mellow them out. I have to use it 2 or more times a week. I"m going to Louisiana in Oct and am worried about what they will do. I have 3 ladies that will take care of them, but the cats don't like anybody but me and if one of them gets hurt the ladies will never know as they'll probably never see the cats. My last sitter didn't and I was gone 2 wks. I'll be gone longer this time.

I wish you the best if you do get another cat.

Hugs, Joan

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RUTHF73 8/1/2009 10:43AM

  I am owned by an 8 year old cat named Chance, and I have had him since he was a kitten. I recently brought in a new kitten named Bella, and so far Chance is not liking this new intruder into his domain. It has only been a couple of weeks, so I know it will be some time before he will tolerate her presence.

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BIRDLEGS29 8/1/2009 10:39AM

    My daughter is owned by several cats and a dog. She brings in new cats often and at first it took some time for the "only child" to adjust but now they are all fine. She has had as many as four but is now down to two. They all get along fine.


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SUSMAX 8/1/2009 10:31AM

    I am owned by a bunch of animals, 2 of which are cats.
Ravioli is 9 years old. He was an only cat until 2 years ago when my daughter found a kitten at college and brought it home.
Pucki is the kitten, and our terror child. She gets into everything!!!
Ravioli accepted her quite well.(although she does think our dog is her mother). Ravi will play with her when the mood suits him, or just swat her away if he's not in the mood.
Can you "borrow" your friends cat to see if she is receptive to other cats?
Hope this helps. There are pictures of ravioli and pucki on my sparkpage,come visit!

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Adventures in the Concrete Pond

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I was at my son's house (Scott) yesterday for my water exercise.

When I first went out to the pool and stepped into the water, I heard a bird in the nearby trees. This bird was making lots of noise. Screaming! I stepped into the pool and started to paddle when I saw, at the other end near the drain you can reach from deck top, something floating.

Now my son has a cat, Luna, who is the Mother Hunter of the Earth, lol. She can catch anything and frequently does, bringing him rats and birds and anything that is unfortunate enough to cross his yard. Sometimes her prey escapes her, only to drown in his pool. He's told me of retrieving little bodies and cleaning the pool before I get there. So, I wrapped a towel around me and when into his house and told him something was DOA in his pool, lol. (I was rather afraid it was a rat.)

He came out and reached down into the drain and retrieved it. It was a bird and it was alive but very, very wet. It had a lot of life in it though, so he put it on the ground near the pool. His lawn slopes and is terraced so he sat the bird on the ledge above the pool and left it. I went on swimming quietly and watching.

Mama Bird never stopped squawking. Especially when Scott had her baby in his hand. After he left, she flew down from the tree, landing on the storage shed near her baby. Then she flew down to the fence. She would never fly to the ground, which, especially in the yard of Luna, Mother Hunter, is a very dangerous place for a bird. She kept on and on until I was exhausted from just watching her. The poor thing was trying to get her baby to fly up out of the yard. Baby had all his feathers, except on his head. Those are always the last feathers to fill in. He may have been on his maiden voyage, first flight, and just didn't make it across the Concrete Pond. I don' t think the cat had her claws in him because she was sleeping soundly somewhere and didn't come out during this entire fracas, lol. Besides, other than being really wet, he wasn't hurt.

After about 30 minutes, Mama Bird constantly squawking, Scott came back out and saw that the bird was dried somewhat. I suggested he pick it up again and put it in the fork of an old pear tree that had split. When he picked up Baby Bird, Mama AND Papa came after him! He sat Baby in the tree and left.

Another 15 min. went by and Baby jumped out of the tree onto the ground. Mama didn't like that either. About that time, Luna showed up, I called Scott and he took her inside the house. I went in and changed and when I came out, Mama, Papa and Baby were all gone. A Happy Ending, I assume, lol.

The Mama Bird never shut up the entire 45 min. I was in the pool. I think she has a sore throat this morning, but I also think she still has her baby!

Surely, there are millions of birds in the world, and it seems foolish to worry about just one. But it felt good to save one, especially since his Mama was so dedicated.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SERENITYSEL 8/7/2009 6:27PM

    ha ha ha ha

You really should write short stories! I give your son credit, I never would have touched the bird with Mommy & Daddy around.

I had a nest outside and everytime I went on the patio, I had a mommy dive bomb my head. The babies (3 of them) were up there and she didn't want me near them (heck I couldn't have reached them anyway). I was a sissy and would only "peek" outside at them, I watched them grow, and I never could figure how those birds fit in that little nest with mommy! I was watching when they spread their wings and flapping for about 15 minutes, testing them. They were hitting each other with their wings, and finally one had enough being hit and took off. Then the next one went and finally the last one left, with mommy behind him/her. They never came back to the nest.

You are one funny lady, I like a good sense of humor!!! thanks for sharing.

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CEGE210 7/31/2009 11:48AM

    Love the story too I watch the birds in my yard quite a bit. I have two cats and have fenced several portions to give the birds a chance to get away. The mother and fathers work together to help the babies learn to fly it is like you say. You get worn out just watching them. emoticon

Comment edited on: 7/31/2009 11:50:55 AM

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MAYBELL75 7/29/2009 7:53AM

    Love the story, I have cats so know what you are talking about, i have been given gifts of all sorts, that I have had to bury (LOL)

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CORKEY58 7/28/2009 7:05AM

    Such a beautiful(and funny) story. Sure glad the family is still together. I would have worried about the one little bird too. emoticon

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