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Adventures in the Concrete Pond

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I was at my son's house (Scott) yesterday for my water exercise.

When I first went out to the pool and stepped into the water, I heard a bird in the nearby trees. This bird was making lots of noise. Screaming! I stepped into the pool and started to paddle when I saw, at the other end near the drain you can reach from deck top, something floating.

Now my son has a cat, Luna, who is the Mother Hunter of the Earth, lol. She can catch anything and frequently does, bringing him rats and birds and anything that is unfortunate enough to cross his yard. Sometimes her prey escapes her, only to drown in his pool. He's told me of retrieving little bodies and cleaning the pool before I get there. So, I wrapped a towel around me and when into his house and told him something was DOA in his pool, lol. (I was rather afraid it was a rat.)

He came out and reached down into the drain and retrieved it. It was a bird and it was alive but very, very wet. It had a lot of life in it though, so he put it on the ground near the pool. His lawn slopes and is terraced so he sat the bird on the ledge above the pool and left it. I went on swimming quietly and watching.

Mama Bird never stopped squawking. Especially when Scott had her baby in his hand. After he left, she flew down from the tree, landing on the storage shed near her baby. Then she flew down to the fence. She would never fly to the ground, which, especially in the yard of Luna, Mother Hunter, is a very dangerous place for a bird. She kept on and on until I was exhausted from just watching her. The poor thing was trying to get her baby to fly up out of the yard. Baby had all his feathers, except on his head. Those are always the last feathers to fill in. He may have been on his maiden voyage, first flight, and just didn't make it across the Concrete Pond. I don' t think the cat had her claws in him because she was sleeping soundly somewhere and didn't come out during this entire fracas, lol. Besides, other than being really wet, he wasn't hurt.

After about 30 minutes, Mama Bird constantly squawking, Scott came back out and saw that the bird was dried somewhat. I suggested he pick it up again and put it in the fork of an old pear tree that had split. When he picked up Baby Bird, Mama AND Papa came after him! He sat Baby in the tree and left.

Another 15 min. went by and Baby jumped out of the tree onto the ground. Mama didn't like that either. About that time, Luna showed up, I called Scott and he took her inside the house. I went in and changed and when I came out, Mama, Papa and Baby were all gone. A Happy Ending, I assume, lol.

The Mama Bird never shut up the entire 45 min. I was in the pool. I think she has a sore throat this morning, but I also think she still has her baby!

Surely, there are millions of birds in the world, and it seems foolish to worry about just one. But it felt good to save one, especially since his Mama was so dedicated.


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SERENITYSEL 8/7/2009 6:27PM

    ha ha ha ha

You really should write short stories! I give your son credit, I never would have touched the bird with Mommy & Daddy around.

I had a nest outside and everytime I went on the patio, I had a mommy dive bomb my head. The babies (3 of them) were up there and she didn't want me near them (heck I couldn't have reached them anyway). I was a sissy and would only "peek" outside at them, I watched them grow, and I never could figure how those birds fit in that little nest with mommy! I was watching when they spread their wings and flapping for about 15 minutes, testing them. They were hitting each other with their wings, and finally one had enough being hit and took off. Then the next one went and finally the last one left, with mommy behind him/her. They never came back to the nest.

You are one funny lady, I like a good sense of humor!!! thanks for sharing.

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CEGE210 7/31/2009 11:48AM

    Love the story too I watch the birds in my yard quite a bit. I have two cats and have fenced several portions to give the birds a chance to get away. The mother and fathers work together to help the babies learn to fly it is like you say. You get worn out just watching them. emoticon

Comment edited on: 7/31/2009 11:50:55 AM

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MAYBELL75 7/29/2009 7:53AM

    Love the story, I have cats so know what you are talking about, i have been given gifts of all sorts, that I have had to bury (LOL)

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CORKEY58 7/28/2009 7:05AM

    Such a beautiful(and funny) story. Sure glad the family is still together. I would have worried about the one little bird too. emoticon

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The cat sat on the remote!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Well, you know my cat is on a diet. I wrote a blog about that just recently. She weighs 15 lbs.

So, when she SITS on something, she really sits, lol.

You've seen a cable remote. 57 buttons and a zillion combinations required to get the cable, the tv, the dvd, all working together.

Now and then I press a few wrong buttons and it takes a while to straighten things out. Rosie did a BIG job of pressing buttons, stepping on the remote a couple of times as she walked cross the coffee table. Then when I raised my voice from across the room, she sat right down and looked at me - Yes, Mom? What's up?

Of course she sat on the remote and that was the final touch, lol. Haven't got things working again, yet. That will teach me to put my remotes in the fake book I have sitting on the coffee table, just for that purpose.

Oh well, Rosie loves me no matter what, and it's mutual!


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LADYNLI 7/24/2009 2:11PM

    My cat is so much like yours that they must have been related in a past life. Crissie loves to jump up on the desk while I am on on the computer and walk across the keyboard before I have a chance to stop her. I think she plans it. She has sent unfinished e-mails and changed web sites. When I got her 10 years ago, she was a year old and so delicate looking. Now she is 11, has a delicate face and is heavy 11 pounds. She also rules the roost!!! Oh well, I do love her, but sometimes???

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--KREN 7/23/2009 9:52AM

    LOL, Judy. The cat KNOWS she does no wrong. Ever! lol - No self esteem as high as a cat's! - Karen

Comment edited on: 7/23/2009 9:59:38 AM

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JUDY1676 7/23/2009 9:45AM

    How frustrationg that little remote can be! Onewrongpush and I can spendforever (or so it seems) trying to undo that push! If the cat could only know what a problem she caused! emoticon

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Take out box Up Front.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Last night was dinner at Cheddars with the Girlfriend Group. I placed my order for a salad - they have WONDERFUL salads and I had planned my calories that day so I could also eat the croissant that comes with it.

The salads are huge, though, so when the waiter asked "Would you like anything else with that?" I answered, "Yes. A take out box". He laughed a little but sure enough, he brought it with the food.

In went half of my huge, wonderful salad. I ate the rest with the croissant, with no guilt. The other half is in my fridge, waiting for lunch today.

This technique is working well for me. No temptation to continue to nibble on the food in front of me when I've eaten all I need to satisfy me. Nibbling is a sneaky, unconscious little twitch that happens before you know it, lol. And ruins the best laid plans of dieting women!

I hope this works for you, too!


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SERENITYSEL 8/8/2009 4:22PM

    I just read this and I couldn't believe it. My aunt and I went to Bob Evans for lunch today (Linda and I are only 9 months apart in age). Well being very vigalent, I ordered the chicken salad platter, which came with pecans and seasonal fruit on a bed of romaine. Well when the waitress came out with it, both Linda and gasped. It had at least 50 grapes, 20 chunks of pineapple, cantaloupe, and watermelon plus two whole sliced bananas, one on each side of the plate and about 30 strawberry halves. Yes there was about 2 tablespoons of chicken salad.

The waitress said the same as yours "will there be anything else?" And I replied the same as you "yes, a take-out box please." She said the cook doesnt usually make them so large, but he got carried away. Linda and I ended up switching the strawberries for the cantaloupe. She doesn't like cantaloupe and I don't like strawberries. I tried one and must have made a horrible face, as Linda was laughing so hard!!

Oh by the way, if there are any spelliung errors its Lucky's fault. She is in my arms purring away and I am typing one handed. emoticon emoticon

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Dining Out

Monday, July 20, 2009

Joe and I spent some time at the local Barnes and Nobles yesterday, then went out for lunch.

I ordered what I wanted and asked for a take out box to be brought with the food.

Then I divided everything in half and put one half in the box, leaving half on my plate.

I ate. We talked and laughed and enjoyed ourselves. I didn't miss the other half of the meal at all, so it came home with me to be my lunch for another day.

It's like having money taken directly out of your check and put into savings. Doesn't seem to hurt as much to do without it as if you had it in your checkbook but knew you shouldn't spend it.

Works for me, lol.


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SUSIEMILO 1/21/2010 11:41PM

    Yes, that works very well. I've done that too. And you're right -- you never even miss the extra portion. You get two meals for the price of one, AND you don't go over on your Nutrition for the day! Win-Win situation, huh?

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LAINYE 7/20/2009 9:03AM

    Great job! This is something I should be doing on a regular basis. When I do eat out, I try to only eat half, but then as the conversation gets more lively, I sometimes forget and all of the sudden I am part of the empty plate club! I am going to start asking for the take out box at the beginning.

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The Tide

Friday, July 17, 2009

My favorite quote from William Shakespeare:

"THERE IS A TIDE in the affairs of men which taken at the flood leads on to fortune; omitted, all the voyage of their lives, is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea, are we now afloat, and we must take the current when it serves, or lose our fortunes."

I had a little bird in a cage. A cardinal that someone had trapped and kept locked up all his life. They hadn't taken very good care of him, and I was his rescuer.

I fed him and took care of him as best I could and one day I took his cage out into the yard and opened the door. Nothing happened. I left him there all day with the cage door open. Nothing.

Finally, I took him out of the cage and put him in a tree. He flew to the top branch.

Hours later, I went around the back of the house, where I had left the cage. It was laying on it's side in some weeds. The door was open and the little bird was inside.

He had been in his cage so long, he couldn't leave it. He died in it.

Is there something in your life you're waiting to do? Waiting until you're thinner, richer, or braver?

Remember, "There is a tide..." If you let opportunity pass you by too often, you will be like the little caged bird.



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