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How well do you see COLOR? (a test)

Tuesday, July 09, 2013


I found this on an art site where I'm a member. We all think that when we see a blue flower, it's blue of course! And surely everyone can see that it's blue! Can't they?

Take this color test and then fill in your age and gender and see where you stand in that demographic. While you're lining up these blocks of color, notice how a color looks differently when it's next to another color. Fun and interesting.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ZEEDRA 7/12/2013 2:59PM

    54! I found it hard to see the nuances (obviously!)

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LADYRH 7/11/2013 4:59AM

    Thanks Karen that was very cool

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SAMMIESMOM13 7/10/2013 9:44PM

    Very cool. Thanks. Got a 4, but am very tired. If I can find the time I may try again tomorrow when I'm fresh. I also had the troubles in the turquoise area.

Comment edited on: 7/10/2013 9:47:15 PM

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SUSANNAH31 7/10/2013 8:56PM

    I'm saving the test for tomorrow, when I'm fresh again.


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PJSTIME 7/10/2013 5:26PM

    Well I guess I don't see color so well I got a 54 seemed like they kept changing colors as I was moving them. Very interesting

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XNANNY 7/10/2013 12:51AM

    I enjoyed that test and got a 4. I had thought I would do even better but the screen made it hard to see all the colors. I know that women have better color sense than men so Bob should be happy with his score.


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MAPLETREE5934 7/9/2013 10:56PM

    When I took the test, I thought that I did alright, but apparently not so. I scored a 66 which was not that great. I did start to get dizzy quite quickly, so I believe that it affected my ability to discern those that were different, but very close to each other.

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    I got a 12.

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ZEEDRA 7/9/2013 9:47PM

    Challenging! I'll try it when I'm not tired. Thanks, Karen.

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WILDKAT781 7/9/2013 8:27PM

    scored a 20 - that takes too long LOL

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AVONWITHJENN 7/9/2013 12:17PM

    Pretty cool. I got a 20 and before the score I thought I was doing pretty good. LOL!

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FISHINGLADY66 7/9/2013 12:10PM

    This was really neat Karen. I scored 9 on test. I guess I see things as they really are? Thanks for sharing this. ((Hugs))

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GABY1948 7/9/2013 9:45AM

    I did horribly! And I really had t strain while doing it...what a bizarre test!

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WOUBBIE 7/9/2013 8:19AM

    Funny, I was just talking to my DH about this over the weekend. Can't do the test at my work computer, but will definitely check it out at home. Thanks!

EDIT: 24 the first time, took more time a second time and came up with 12. interesting to see what part of the spectrum is more difficult for me to see. Looks to be in the blue-green and green-blue areas.

Comment edited on: 7/9/2013 10:27:24 PM

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FERRETLOVER1 7/9/2013 7:21AM

    I got a 4. That was a really cool test - thank you for sharing it! I sent the link to all my friends to try also.


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JOANOFSPARK 7/9/2013 7:12AM

    wow.......what an interesting test........actually did pretty well, I guess.......my score was 23.......and they say the lower it is the better......but honestly, there were some that I honestly did not see any difference in.....but arranged them as best as I could tell....the first and the third one was the section where I did the worst...thanks for the test.....it was very interesting.....to say the least....though I am not sure what I can do about it.....but still interesting.....and I did enjoy doing it. emoticon

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KAYYVAUGHN 7/9/2013 6:54AM

    I'm looking forward to doing the color test when I am home later.

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GRANNY - The Rest of the Story

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Continued from yesterday's blog now that I have more details.

What happened yesterday is –

She went to Walmart on the bus, bought her groceries and fried chicken, caught the bus home and about a mile down the road she realized she did not have her purse!

So she got off the bus and started walking back to Walmart – about a mile I think – while carrying two bags of groceries. (Remember she's almost 91, almost completely blind, very bent over and looks pretty frail) But the bus had been on a side street and there was a fence at the end (she probably went the wrong way) and she couldn’t find her way back.

She started trying doors, (I don't even want to go there). . . and finally found one that would open and stuck her head in and yelled “Somebody help me!” a couple of times.

A man and a woman came out and put her in their car and took her back to Walmart.

Not sure if they called the police or Walmart did? Anyway, she's definitely not afraid to ask for help. Actually, she's not afraid of ANYTHING!

So, this morning I called her and asked her if she still wanted me to come take her to Walmart – Yes, she forgot a few things. So I say I’ll be there in 20 minutes.

I arrive, walk in the front door – no one there. I go through the house, walk up and down in front of the house, calling MOTHER – nothing.

I walked all around and knocked on four doors of people I knew would know her – no one had seen her.

I started knocking on the doors of strangers – nothing.

After about 20 minutes, I see her – way down at the end of the road, purse in hand, coming towards me. But she misses the turn and walks over 3 more lanes and then starts heading my way. All the while I'm trying to flag her down.

I ask her WHERE she was going? She was going to wait at the bus stop so she could tell the bus driver to tell the other driver that she found her purse. She was breathing hard and looked hot and tired, so I put her in the car, turned up the a/c and took her shopping.

In the middle of that I texted my son Scott, told him she was missing again and to stay tuned. He said she was probably out hunting wild cats. But that’s another story. . .


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LADYRH 7/6/2013 5:29AM

    Karen what a trial glad everything worked out ok. emoticon

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SAMMIESMOM13 7/5/2013 8:27PM

    I thought this was a joke when I was reading Part 1, then decided... maybe not! Too funny, but scarey too. Goodness, what a handful she is! But what memories you must have! And I think more to come! LOL.

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    LOL! Oh my!! This is what I fear will happen to Dad. I wonder how much longer you can trust her to live alone. Maybe she needs one of those monitor devices that the elderly wear. My MIL had one. She could activate it if she needed help.

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KAYYVAUGHN 7/4/2013 8:50AM

    Your mother likes an adventure. She is an interesting person.

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DAZZEEDOO 7/4/2013 12:48AM

    Sounds like you need to get a tracker on that gal. At least then you'll have some sort of idea where to look. Sounds like your mother like to be active and waiting just isn't her thing. Glad she got today's shopping done. Looking forward to hearing about her next adventure! Better get a good night's sleep!

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ZEEDRA 7/3/2013 11:24PM

    Karen: You know this could be a book or TV series, right? And maybe you're the one to write it....who do you think should play your Mom?

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FLAMENM 7/3/2013 9:59PM

    Your mom should meet my Mom. My mom convinces bus drivers to go off their route because she needs a few errands run. And then bus drivers take her home and feed her. In foreigh countries.

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FISHINGLADY66 7/3/2013 7:26PM

    She is a very determined lady. Best wishes to you.

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NOMIS1 7/3/2013 6:31PM

    Karen - your mother sure is full of life, but what a handful for you. Was wondering what she was like while you were growing up.

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LINOVER 7/3/2013 4:53PM

    Glad she was okay! I hope that I will be that feisty if I make it to her age! emoticon

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JEANNE229 7/3/2013 4:16PM

    It was when my mom started doing this kind of thing we all had to put our heads together for a SAFE and ACCEPTABLE plan. My sister took her until she could no longer walk, then it was a nursing facility. Hard decisions come with aging parents. They are so like children but don't mind nearly as well.

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MADAMES 7/3/2013 3:26PM

    OMG, as everyone is saying. You couldn't make this up!

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GABY1948 7/3/2013 3:12PM

    OMG, Karen, HOW do you manage???? Ugh...your hair must be turning stark white! I am so glad that she seems to be so blessed to have good outcomes. I only wish that I had a bit of her courage...I am afraid of EVERYTHING!

Can't wait to hear the hunting wild cats story....someday emoticon

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PJSTIME 7/3/2013 2:24PM

    OMG I can't even imagine what you are going through. She is more than a handful. Blessings to you.

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RSHAID 7/3/2013 1:15PM

    I'm laughing so hard. Your mom reminds me of my grandmother. She sounds feisty and full of spirit.

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The Police Have Your Granny!

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Text I sent to my son Scott:

Belton PD has your granny. ( I always knew I was going to send you this message one day, lol. ) Call for details whenever you want. By the way a very nice officer whose name I could not understand is taking her home.

Email to follow.

Email I sent an hour later –

Granny is getting a ride in a Belton PD patrol car!

Returned home this morning and found a message from Belton Housing and from Belton Walmart.

Walmart says my mother told them to call and maybe I should call her when I get home.

I call. No answer. (Repeat that 5 times)

I call Belton Housing (where she lives) ; get voicemail; leave message. (Repeat that 3 times)

Finally, I talk to Sharon at Belton Housing who says my mother left her purse on the bench at the bus stop and some nice woman with her grandkids turned it in to them.

Belton Walmart calls again and a woman says my mother is there and needs to talk to me. She puts her on.

I immediately tell her that her purse is safe at the office because I know that’s what is worrying her right now.
She says ‘WONDERFUL’. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say that, lol.
She says the police are right there with her. I ask to speak to one.
Very nice, very young officer, whose name I never could understand, said he would take her home. I thought that would be the fastest way to get her there.

I told him she’s almost 91, is legally blind, lives alone, loves to ride the bus and we can’t keep her home. He said no problem, he’d take her home. Routine day for him.

I called her a little later and she’s home, eating her chicken that she bought at Walmart and really didn’t have time to talk because she was hungry!

She did say she got her purse back. The logistics are still a little confusing to me, and I may never get a logical timeline from her, but all’s well that ends well, I guess.

I always knew she’d be in a Belton PD car eventually, lol. Didn’t you?


I was going to take her to Wal-mart tomorrow. Lucy, her new in-home help provided by Medicaid could have gone with her yesterday. But of course, she MUST go when SHE wants to go and that was today! What else is new?

Just another day in the life of my mother.

I've learned to laugh a lot, as opposed to screaming and crying a lot. It's better for my blood pressure. (Of course I left out the in-between part when I couldn't figure out what was going on, located the purse but couldn't find my mother and was having a heart attack!)


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

BELTONWALKER67 7/4/2013 9:20AM

    Oh Wow! Amazing that you can keep your sense of humor. I went to my former grade school teacher's 96th birthday party a couple of weeks ago and she was more spry than I am but her daughter was following her around like she was just waiting for Mom to "act up". When you mentioned Belton, I did a double take and then realized there is a Belton, Texas too. My Mom & Step Dad use to live there on one of his construction jobs. Take care of yourself and remember that "this too will pass"! emoticon

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LADYRH 7/4/2013 7:00AM

    Karen your Mom sure keeps things interesting.

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NEWKATHYNOW 7/3/2013 8:17PM

    Boy do I know how you feel! My Dad will be 90 on the 27th of July. He's still working part time, still driving during daylight hours and works out at a gym with a trainer twice a week. He's very capable and independent but I worry when he's not back when I think he should have been. That had to be scary! Prayer and laughter are all we've got in defense! Thank God they are as good as they are - that in itself is a blessing!

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LINOVER 7/3/2013 4:55PM

    Your mom definitely has a mind of her own!

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SUSANNAH31 7/3/2013 3:52PM

    Stories with happy endings are the best kind!

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AKHEIDI 7/3/2013 12:57PM

    Although the way you put it made me snicker, and all's well that end's well- how scary for you.

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NOMIS1 7/3/2013 9:29AM

    This must have been so nerve racking for you and my heart does go out to you, but I must say I enjoyed the blog and it gave me a chuckle.

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NELLJONES 7/3/2013 8:27AM

    Remember when we were worried about the call from the police when our kids were teenagers? And how grateful we were when they outgrew that? I guess this is Round 2.

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PJSTIME 7/3/2013 7:15AM

    OMG what a day for you. I know it was much harder on you than on your mom. Glad it all turned out well in the end. You know you can scream if you want to. emoticon

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IKACEY 7/3/2013 6:39AM

    I agree with Woubbie that could be me some day. I hope someone does me a kindness like that nice officer. I would have been scared about her being missing at her age and mostly blind to boot. Its great you didn't completely panic and blow your BP out the door! I'm glad you have a good sense of humor too, it helps! And while I know you were a wreck when she was missing the whole story is a little humorous too from the outside listening in! emoticon
IKacey co-leader of the Chair Exercise Team

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PAMNANGEL 7/2/2013 11:29PM

    Parents! emoticon I take care of my mother & grandmother. Took care of my dad before he passed away too. I totally understand how you feel!

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DAZZEEDOO 7/2/2013 9:38PM

    Honestly, I was hoping that was a line for a joke.
You're Mother sounds awesome, and set in her ways. It has to be nice, and scary to have a mother whose so independant.
I'm sure she enjoyed the extra attention she got from her police escort.
Glad she got home safe and sound.
Hope your blood pressure settles before her next outing.
Thanks for sharing.

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WOUBBIE 7/2/2013 8:13PM

    Oh lord. That will (God willing) probably be me some day, driving my kids batty!

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FISHINGLADY66 7/2/2013 7:54PM

    Have you taken your BP lately? Your story almost made me feel like it was here in Belton, Mo. What a day it must have been for you. My heart beats for you. (((Hugs)))

By the way... How's mom doing? lol

Comment edited on: 7/2/2013 8:02:03 PM

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    My dad is a spring chicken at 83 but I think he and your mom might be compatible. Dad doesn't have any fear not does he let anything stop him. If it is a blizzard and they have told people to stay off the roads I know that dad will be 60 miles from home wondering why the antique store he heard about is not open. When I tell him, OMG, DAD, it's a blizzard and you should not be out as the troopers have said, "STAY HOME!" He will say, "I have 4 wheel drive." LOL.

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GABY1948 7/2/2013 7:19PM

    SO glad it turned out the way it did. I'm with you, I would have had a huge screaming heart attack! God Bless her for being okay enough to have a good day out of it!

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DANCINCAJUN1 7/2/2013 7:12PM

    can't make stuff like that up .... LOL ..... what a day you had .... My Mom used to live in Cameron .... spent a few days at the Walmart in Belton ... LOL Roc emoticon

Comment edited on: 7/2/2013 7:13:35 PM

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BERTAS_JOURNEY 7/2/2013 5:26PM

    Wow what a day!! Glad that everything turned ok. I can only the imagine the heart attack you were having. LOL I was like this lady sounds so calm, I would have been freaking out and then I get to the last part.

LOL good one. Again, I'm glad everyone & everything turned out ok. emoticon

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KAYYVAUGHN 7/2/2013 5:21PM

    What a day for you and your mother. You have a good attitude to just laugh it off. What else can you do?

emoticon -mother
emoticon -Karen

I know I have similar problems and am 5 hours away. My brothers can help if needed.

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Granddaughter's First Pageant (pix)

Monday, July 01, 2013

My granddaughter Megan, 14, is in the Jr. Teen Colorado state pageant this wkend - her Dad had to escort her for the formal wear - tomorrow night is the finale - she's not expecting much as some of these girls have been in pageants since birth, and this is her first.

My DIL says my son smiled right after she snapped the photo, but this is his "Don't touch my daughter" look for all the guys who are always around, lol. Years ago I bought him a DADD teeshirt - Dads Against Daughters Dating, lol.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

NEWKATHYNOW 7/3/2013 8:05PM

    What a beautiful young lady! I don't blame him for the look! My Dad had the same look when I was young.......must be in the genes! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment

    ROFLMBO!!! My dad was in the same club when I was young. LOL.

Your granddaughter is beautiful. She is definitely a winner!

Report Inappropriate Comment
SAMMIESMOM13 7/2/2013 10:32AM

    What a beautiful young lady. Hope she had a wonderful time.

Report Inappropriate Comment
IKACEY 7/2/2013 4:32AM

    She's a beauty. I can see where he's protective of her! I hope she had a great experience at the pageant. emoticon
IKacey co-leader of the Chair Exercise Team

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HONOURIA 7/1/2013 9:42PM

    Hee, hee. Yah, he looks severe.

Report Inappropriate Comment
LGAR519 7/1/2013 4:07PM

    How proud you must be of them both!

Report Inappropriate Comment
FISHINGLADY66 7/1/2013 4:00PM

    I know that look. lol. Your grand daughter looks like a princess. She is very lovely and I love the dress. Best wishes to her in the pageant.

Report Inappropriate Comment
JOANNS4 7/1/2013 11:49AM

    She is so pretty. I love the dress, too.

Jo Ann

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GABY1948 7/1/2013 9:30AM

    She is BEAUTIFUL! She favors you, doesn't she? Thanks for sharing and keep us up on what she does now!

Report Inappropriate Comment
DEMETERSCO 7/1/2013 8:47AM

    She is beautiful!

Report Inappropriate Comment
PJSTIME 7/1/2013 7:42AM

    What a beautiful young lady. I love that gown and I know you are so proud of her and your son as you shoult be. I can see why your son has that look trying to keep the boys away

Report Inappropriate Comment
KAYYVAUGHN 7/1/2013 7:20AM

    She is beautiful! I really like the gown. It is perfect for her. Keep us updated.

Report Inappropriate Comment
KINEPS 7/1/2013 7:12AM

    What a beautiful young lady .... love the look on his face!!! Dads .... very protective of their little girls!

Can't wait to hear all about it!


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Vegetarian Advice?

Friday, June 28, 2013

Any vegetarians amongst us?

Joe has tried a vegetarian diet for the past month. Now let me tell you that about 1 1/2 yrs ago, his blood sugar and his cholesterol were over 300! About 3 months ago his blood sugar was 99 and cholesterol was 160! He made that change through diet alone. He gave up sugar, most starches, alcohol, junk food, etc. He changed to only "real" food, unprocessed food.

So now he wanted to give up meat and see what that did for him. To me, he has always eaten more fruit and vegetables than any man I know. Cooks healthy food on Sundays to take for his lunch at work all week long. So while giving up meat he continued to eat a wide variety of non-starchy veggies, whole wheat tortillas or bread, peanut butter, eggs, cheese, lentils, beans, and a variety of seeds and nuts. Sounds pretty good to me.

I sort of went along with him, but only cut down on meat, which wasn't hard for me to do, but I still had meat once or twice a week.

A week ago I told him he had really deep, dark circles under his eyes. Last night I told him his eyes were really blood shot and his dark circles were darker and he looked sick!

He said he has been tired and decided he was going back to eating meat to see if that made a difference. Obviously he was missing something important by giving up meat.

I have read that people following a vegetarian diet must eat protein foods that have complementary proteins so that the essential amino acids missing from one protein food can be supplied by another. But I did think he ate such a variety of foods that he'd get those benefits without making a science of it.

Also, about 1 1/2 yrs a go he was diagnosed with fatty liver, which sometimes runs in families. I wonder if this has something to do with it?

So I just thought I'd ask SP members if they've had similar experience or know something about adverse effects of a vegetarian diet.

Any constructive comments are welcome!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MAPLETREE5934 6/30/2013 10:56AM

    I've been a vegetarian for over 30 years without any serious side effects. However, I do get tired easily (no bags under my eyes as far as I know) and quite often find myself taking a nap in the afternoons on days that I don't have to work. Is Joe getting enough sleep? Perhaps the bags under his eyes are due to having trouble sleeping if he's now not getting enough calories in his body. I have never eaten as healthy as Joe which is probably why I gained 50 pounds when I first became a vegetarian. I probably wasn't getting enough protein, so I probably ended up eating more food to get that needed protein. My daughter, who is 24 years old, has been a vegetarian her whole life and has been a vegan for a year. She does eat healthier than me, has never had a weight problem, and takes care to get in the proper protein, but I do notice that she also often takes an afternoon nap on her days off from work.

Comment edited on: 6/30/2013 11:03:08 AM

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XNANNY 6/29/2013 11:04PM

    Bean and rice or corn makes a complete protein. One of my brothers is a vegetarian and was a vegan for a while. He has not eaten meat since he was 18 years old. I have two nieces that are vegetarians also with no problems so far. Most cultures pair beans with rice or beans with cornbread so it is easy to eat a complete protein. One of my sisters lived with some people who where vegetarians but the man needed to have meat about once a month to keep his health good, this made it easier for my sister as she wanted meat in her diet.

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HONOURIA 6/29/2013 12:11AM

    Hm...I have never succeeded well as a vegetarian, so I can't comment. I do enjoy meat. He should see someone about it though. It doesn't sound ok.

Report Inappropriate Comment
MORTICIAADDAMS 6/28/2013 10:04PM

    I am probably the wrong person to ask. lol. I was a vegetarian in high school right up until the time I was hospitalized. Had several severe vitamin deficiencies and had to take vitamin k shots for years to deal with the resulting coagulation problems. Not a fan of vegetarian. Man was meant to eat meat. He's a carnivore.

Report Inappropriate Comment
GABY1948 6/28/2013 4:31PM

    Wow, interesting questions and many answers, interested in seeing where this all leads to. Thanks for sharing this as always!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LADYRH 6/28/2013 2:21PM

    Karen my son was his idea of being a vegetarian for 5 years, he also had the dark circles etc at the I thought it was because of his other habits. After he got clean and sober he bought a book Diet for A Small Planet and followed what was recommended with in a few months he look and felt so much better. I will ask him on Sunday what he recommends. He has since added fish a couple of times a week from Pikes Market so he knows it is fresh.

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LETHA_ 6/28/2013 2:15PM

    I'm an on again off again vegetarian. As you do more research you'll learn a couple of things. First of all, the complimentary protein advice originates from a book written in the 1970's called "Diet for a small planet" by Frances Moore Lappe. This theory has been debunked and the author of the book has herself written that she no longer follows that advice. However, in the 1980's, this theory made it into many nutrition books and many doctors were taught this and you still see it popping up in internet discussion. Second, the need for protein is generally over emphasized in the American diet. Again, do your own research on the subject and look for the source for the recommendations. Many of the recommendations for more protein can be traced back to the meat and dairy council who have a financial interest in perpetuating misinformation on the topic. Best wishes to you and yours.

Comment edited on: 6/28/2013 2:16:34 PM

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KNYAGENYA 6/28/2013 10:56AM

    You need to make sure you get enough protein. Peanut butter and tofu are some suggestions that I use. I also went out and purchased some vegetarian cookbooks to help. Good luck.

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NELLJONES 6/28/2013 8:32AM

    I spent 12 years as a vegetarian. I started cooking Indian food because I wanted an authentic vegetarian tradition, not just an American plate with the meat missing. It was delicious, but carb heavy. Beans, dairy, starchy vegetables, grains and fruits are loaded with carbs. When my husband got his diabetes diagnosis I had to put meat back in because even "good carbs" are carbs from a diabetic's point of view. We older folks don't eat as much food as we used to, so I have to mix it up and measure it out for him for diabetes, as well as for me for weight control.

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KAYYVAUGHN 6/28/2013 8:19AM

    It's interesting. But from all the articles that I have read protein is essential. I am like you as far as meat goes in my diet. I do eat meat about 3 times a week. I eat chicken and seafood.
Once in a while I will eat a hamburger somewhere or a barbecue sandwich. I am not a pork eater. Once in a while, we will grill steaks, and I will eat half of a fillet.
The Special K protein shakes are good and reasonable at Wal-Mart. Also the pure protein bars have 10 grams of protein. They have baked ones, but I haven't found them yet.
Good luck to Joe!

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FISHINGLADY66 6/28/2013 7:12AM

    Very interesting Karen. My sister started going to a 7th Day Adventist church a few months back and she says everyone there is a vegetarian. They have a luncheon every Saturday after church and everyone brings a vegetable dish. I'll have to ask her about how they get their protein in their diet.

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ELRIDDICK 6/28/2013 7:07AM

  Thanks for sharing

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