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Feeling Sparkier...

Thursday, May 09, 2013

I already feel better about pulling out of the blue funk and recommitting to myself! Spending time Sparking makes me feel better so why was it I let myself stop?? Oh yeah - woe is me got the better of me. Well I am going to beat woe is me and I am going to beat it with my sparkiness! (Is that a word?) LOL Happy Sparking!

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DEBIGENE 5/9/2013 8:55PM

    I love Sparking too. I'm here everyday ... perhaps I should spend some of my SPARKING time doing exercise instead, LOL !!!!

Participating keeps me motivated, that's why I'm here.

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FISHER011 5/9/2013 6:51PM

    Good for you! After reading your blog, I decided I needed to do the same- pull out of this blue funk!
Sparking always helps to keep me going!
Happy Sparking Renea! emoticon
Yes- I believe Sparkiness is a special word!

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Mother's Day... Really??

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

So obviously Mother's Day is this weekend. As a mom I should be looking forward to it but I'm not - for a variety of reasons...
With my hubby not here I kinda hate holidays but that's ignorable.
My friend is coming into town to see her daughter and wants to get together with me and my daughter - nice but her daughter has to work at 11 on Sunday. They want to go to breakfast and shopping...Out to breakfast on Mother's Day? Yuck! Too many people.
Then I get to go see my mom - not a bad thing and then my MIL - Ugh. Somehow I am not seeing the celebration of me as Mom...
Selfish, I know, and I HATE feeling that way but there you have it. Another reason for me to not want to deal with it... I know I will do it and I know it will be fine but it just irks me... emoticon Just keep swimming, right?

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CJBAGGINS 5/9/2013 9:36PM

    My mother is so sweet. She will mention that on Mothers Day, that I shouldn't clean up or whatever when I visit her, as it is my day as well.

I sometimes feel like you do, but then I think, I guess my mother and MIL might not be around forever, I would rather honour them while I can. This especially hits home this year, as my MIL has been seriously ill.

I hope you get a chance to celebrate at least a bit as you would like to!


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DEBIGENE 5/9/2013 8:52PM

    I've never been one for "Hallmark" holidays !!! I choose to acknowledge through out the year.

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FISHER011 5/9/2013 7:31PM

    Happy early Mother's Day! Look forward to spending time with Mom!
You are worth it...this day comes once a year...in honor of Mothers everywhere...
Enjoy! emoticon

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FELINEBETTER 5/8/2013 4:57PM

    Hi there!
I enjoyed your blog but I can't help feeling bad that it's YOU that's missing in the equation! You are a Mom and it's your day - -and yet you're doing what everyone else wants to do.

How about factoring in something that is just for YOU? I don't think you're selfish. I think you're realistic.

Btw -- Happy Mother's Day to you! emoticon

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Digging out of the Blue Funk...

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

So I have been burried under a blue funk...again...between that and work - No social interaction. But I had a talk with my son and gsave him the advice that sometimes you just have to "fake it til you make it". Time to turn the tables and take my own advice right? So I am commiting to at least 2 blogs a week and 2 visits to some of my teams. Hopefully saying it here - in writing - will hold me accountable. Hopefully this will help me stay out of the mire that is the blue funk... emoticon

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    I hope you feel better! emoticon

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10 Minute workouts

Thursday, April 18, 2013

So I feel like I have been buried in work! I have beeen trying to keep up with my food tracking but have not spent much time sparking lately EXCEPT for my 10 Minute Lunchtime workouts! I have been picking different 10 minutes workouts from Spark and doing them on my lunch hour. I have always been a skeptic when it comes to "10 minutes will start to make a difference". Stupid... I know... but that was where I was at. Well for the last week and a half I have done these little lunch time workouts and guess what?? My pants fit better! Plus it makes me feel like I accomplished something. So for those skeptics like me...get on it! What have you got to lose? It's 10 minutes out of your day! Go for it!!

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    So awesome. Yes - it's like me thinking what can 10,000 steps a day accomplish. I actually get worried later in the day when I'm not there yet. However, I have lost a bit of weight - slowly - and my clothes are starting to fit better.

I may be the turtle - but that doesn't mean I can't win the race!

You go!


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DLBROWN93 4/18/2013 11:57AM

    10 minute workouts, 3 times a day have worked for me also. It's amazing how much better you feel after 10 minutes.

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What's in a dream?

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

So last night I had a dream wherein I was much thinner and definitely fitter! Normally I dream of myself as I am now - not thin, not fit... LOL I was so excited to see myself like this that it has renewed my commitment to the healthier me! Funny how one little thing will do that isn't it? I'm so happy its spring!

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    What a wonderful dream, I happy to see that it has motivated you in the right direction

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    What a nice dream - perhaps it is showing your attitude towards your future. Here's to making your dreams come true - you can do it!


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BRERRABBIT1 4/3/2013 12:12PM

    :) Pleasant dreams, RENEAT!


**I faced my fear, my fear I faced
I boldly tempted fate.
This last frontier I dared to cross,
I tried the veggie plate. --Lola**

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BRENDA_G50 4/3/2013 11:23AM


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