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that TOM

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oh how I hate that TOM. I feel very bloated. I'm having lower abdominal pain and I just don't feel as good as I usually do after a good 40 minute workout. I'm usually feeling great, ready to take a shower and eat some lunch.

I thought feeling really down yesterday was because of other reasons, but now I think it's all that TOM's fault.

Instead of my usual exercise energy boost? That ugly word "fatigue."

I refuse to weigh myself during this time because I find it utterly pointless to watch the scale go up just to watch it go back down when it's over.

So I'll just be listing my food and exercise and just chilling. Right now I'm going to go eat some lunch and watch a movie.

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MADESPECIAL 7/26/2007 9:15PM

    I'm with you, it's the worst time ever and I refuse to look too! Actually, I just curl up on the couch and don't even try to keep up with SP for the week. Good for you for keeping it up!

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My theory proved right

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Alright, so the last two days I have been eating more since I was exercising more. Well somehow my scale went from saying 206.5 to saying 203! So does that mean my theory of exercising a bit less and eating a bit more worked?

I'm hoping so. It's not about cutting exercise out of my life. It's about taking a reality check and realizing you need to EAT when you burn that many calories a day!

The scale did say 203.5 this morning, possibly due to the fact that I just didn't feel like eating more than 1900 calories yesterday, even though I burned 1050. I might have done better if I had just eaten a bit more, but I'll certainly take 203.5 over 206.5!

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AURORA.BELLA 7/22/2007 4:38AM

    I read this blog earlier and then i read a post I thought might be relevant. Look up johnson up day down day on the message boards.

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WANT2LUVMEAGAIN 7/20/2007 3:41PM

    hello amber. just stopping by your blog and decided to respond. i think you theory was right on target. you were putting your body into starvation by exercising so much. now that it knows you will be feeding it, it is letting go of some of the stored fat. so many people think that cutting calories very low will help, but it only stops the body==it wont let go of what it has because its afraid nothing more is comeing. starvation puts a real stress on the body in lots of ways. great job on figuring this out. you are doing great and i am proud of you. keep it up. andra

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DNJEN471 7/19/2007 11:22AM

    Congrats on your loss! Good job solving the problem too!

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MEANDMY3MUTTS 7/18/2007 10:36PM

    I dont know about your theory but the same thing happened to me today. Weird huh? Weight LOSS! WHat a concept!

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More exercise = eat more food for energy!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Ok, I think I really overdid it. I felt SO GOOD burning 1000+ calories at the gym each day, but I wasn't eating as though I was burning that much! I was trying to still stay within my range. Which is good if I only burned the 600 a day my goal is, but just plain not enough food if I'm burning this 900, 1000, 1300 streak I've got going.

I don't want my body to go into starvation mode. I don't want to overexert myself!

I got the silly idea in my head that by burning a lot more I will just lose faster. Well let me tell you, that is NOT always true! I somehow put on 2 pounds because of it. (which still doesn't make sense because I was certainly not eating enough with the calories I was burning to GAIN weight, but whatever....)

The last time I was losing the weight really well I noticed I ate an average of 1700-1800 a day and burned about 500 calories. So today I'm going to burn 700 and I'm eating 1850. Hopefully that will be a winning combo!

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MADESPECIAL 7/18/2007 8:47PM

    Thanks for sharing that, I have recently started to wonder if I should be eating more or not, because I am burning more calories most days than I am supposed to . I may try what you are saying and see if it works. Thanks!

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DNJEN471 7/17/2007 8:17PM

    Funny how we think we need to burn just as much cals as we eat. Your body knows better! At least you have solved the problem- wishing you luck on your next weigh in!

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BETTSI 7/16/2007 7:59PM

    How funny! I'm going through almost the same experience! We just gotta remember our friend, the tortoise- "slow and steady wins the race!"

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MARYNC 7/16/2007 7:32PM

  I'm with you on this one. I get in a mode that if I eat less and work out more I will lose faster. That just isn't so. I find myself stuck at the moment from falling into this trap. Working on fixing it. Good luck

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Today is a new day

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I have decided to say that to myself. Maybe not every day. Maybe not even every week. But every now and then I have to remember "today is a new day."

Forget about yesterday. Forget about mistakes. Forget about misunderstandings.

I want to live my life. It sounds like such a simple thing. LIVE YOUR LIFE! That's what it's for! It's for enjoying and living.

I can't believe I've already lost 40 pounds. The 40 pounds that crept up on me after having surgery 4.5 years ago! Now I'm finally back down to the weight I was then! Apparently I'm losing the weight differently than I gained it, because my pants from back then still don't fit yet. But I'm getting there! I'm getting closer!

And no one can stop me.

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DNJEN471 7/16/2007 9:21AM

    Congratulations! You have come a long way!

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    You are so determined. I love it!

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OWLWHO 7/10/2007 1:57PM

    Amber, you've done a great job! And thanks for the reminder that healthy eating is not only about what we put in our mouths. Sometimes it's about why we put the food in our mouths. It's something that we learned a long time ago and could take a long time to un-learn. Moving forward into each day is better than dwelling on what we could have done differently yesterday. Today IS a new day!

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Emotional Eating is not my friend!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I definitely agree that I could be in a much better place with my weight loss if I didn't succumb to emotional eating once in awhile. If I were able to "just say no" sometimes, I wouldn't even have gotten fat in the first place!

My triggers are definitely things like my family, boredom, and worry that I will always be fat no matter what.

Sometimes I wish that I could have just started on a healthy lifestyle since I was a kid. But slowly, I just became more and more unhealthy. My husband and I have been discussing ways to show our future children how to live a healthy lifestyle, without it negatively impacting them.

We don't want them to have to worry about gaining weight or counting calories. We don't want them to get eating disorders. We just want them (and us!) to be happy, healthy people.

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CAPITALC 7/9/2007 8:24PM

    I definitely feel you on the emotional eating. It's the same thing for me. Some days I can just say no, but others it's like, I'll just have one bowl of cereal... and then one becomes two, and so on. It sucks, but I'm trying to go cold turkey. It went well with quitting smoking and quitting pop. But, we'll see. I've been doing it all my life and I think if I just put my mind to it and find other things to do in place of it, it will work itself out. I think we should just be aware of what were doing and how we feel when we get that feeling to eat. And when we start to feel that way or are doing that certain thing, we just get up and go for a walk, maybe go read or take a bath, listen to music. Hopefully that will take that feeling away. Good luck!

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SUMMERONE1 7/6/2007 4:58PM

    Amazing...words right out of my mind and now it is not my children but my grandchildren and great grandchildren that need to know a healthy lifestyle. I think perhaps it is even greater in this day and age than ever. Fast food places, tiredness, emotional rollercoasters that seem to crop up in the most unusual times. My downfall is holidays. Holidays are like an interruption to my lifestyle, a free "anything can be eaten" and in "any quantity" time. But, I know it is emotional eating and that day can be a "just say no" day too. I have similar triggers just in a different manner that I am trying to conquer . When I read your blog I realized that I have to learn how to deal with interruptions to my day: That the hour I spend at a doctors office or when a friend drops by does NOT constitute a crisis...it is merely and hour or so out of a day. I have finally figured out interruptions to what I have programmed in my mind for the day is the problem. It appears we both know the problem...now, we only need to concentrate on a solution. From your blog it seems that you are well on your way to conquering this, and from your blog I thought: WE CAN SOLVE THIS AND KEEP A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FOR OURSELVES AND AS EXAMPLES FOR OUR LOVED ONES.

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BL0NDX3BELLA1 7/5/2007 4:21PM

  I agree so much! I do the exact same thing.

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MADESPECIAL 7/1/2007 11:47AM

    Wow, I hear you! My triggers are the same. It was really hard when I would give in to the temptation to "fill" myself with feel goods. For me, I give myself 1 bite and let it go. ie. if I see ice cream and really need it, I take one spoonful, say that's enough and let it go. But I only do that if I just can't say no. (Not everytime I see something I want). I feel like, in reallity, for anyone living a healthy lifestyle, occassionally, we splurge in moderation. Since I feel like this is supposed to be a lifestyle change, I ask myself if it fits in the lifestyle not just my diet plan today. That said, I do log it and still make sure my calories are under.

I don't know what you are succumbing to, but I thought maybe this might help. I understand regretting what could have been, or as a child, what should have been. Just remember, regret is the mother of depression and depression definately leads to unhealthy eating. You weren't in control then, you are now. You can do it as long as you focus on the future and the fact that you control it. Hope this was helpful

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