Me when I was in the Navy. There was a time that I was young, skinny and could run lol.

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9/11/2013 4:03:56 PM

I was in the Navy too! Oh, how I now long for mandatory PT 3X a week..people looked at you funny if you DIDN'T work out. As soon as I retired my weight ballooned...between age and time to work I must find the time for myself...I'm worth it..

8/5/2013 10:56:52 PM

Oh, I'll have to scan my Marine Corps pic to post on my page. I was young, never really skinny and ran a lot because they made me. Now I'd only run if someone was chasing me with a butcher knife!

You come from a military family - bless you and yours for serving.

7/16/2013 11:36:15 AM

Thank you for your service!

You have an awesome family legacy in the military. Thanks for posted these pics!