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Member Comments on this Photo:
6/24/2013 1:41:58 AM

Love all of the colors!

4/24/2013 1:52:39 PM

What a beautiful picture!

I love this picture of the flowers. They bring me happiness and joy!

I have an African Violet that I've been taking care of for my daughter. It keeps on blooming. I've never seen an African Violet do that before. I just water and give it filtered sun and it stays happy. I'm not much of a flower grower. Most of my experience has been with plants. But I certainly don't knock it. May it bloom and bloom. :)

Thanks so much!

4/15/2013 12:04:46 AM

Stunning! I so hated missing our Gardenscape, a break from the onslaught of cold and snow, so these are a real treat to see!! Thanks for posting!