Yikes, this puts a new perspective on it:) Thank you dear spark sister GOPINTOS for sharing this!!

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4/18/2013 7:03:50 PM

Oh, I forgot to add my thanks to you for posting this picture. It really is a wake up call.

Thank you. emoticon

4/18/2013 7:02:46 PM

Yes, it does. I just hope people don't use this image to hate themselves or others, but instead, to see their own body as their slave who is struggling to faithfully serve them under very harsh conditions. Once I saw my own body as my faithful slave who served me every day of my life under horrible conditions, I began to have compassion on myself and to love myself so that, for the first time ever, I am able to lose weight without a lot of emotional struggle.

2/19/2013 10:33:51 AM

Yes it does! Man! It's so great when your thighs don't rub together anymore! NSV!