Where I am right now :( 135

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7/19/2014 10:40:24 AM

As of today, I am about 12 pounds heavier because I CHOOSE to lay around and not do anything! That was my choice. I have averaged about 10 pounds of weight gain a year because of poor choices. If I keep it going I will be a good 200 pounds in about 5 years! Is THAT what I want??? Note to self...next time I read this...mentally examine what choices were made. Are you happy with the result???

3/24/2013 9:34:29 PM

This is where I WAS! I am fitter, even though it appears I am right around the same weight, I am in a lot better shape then I was when this pic was taken. I feel better, and my inches are less in some places and just as plentiful in others! ;)