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Member Comments on this Photo:
8/2/2015 12:23:50 PM

I love those Willow Tree angels! My favorite one is the angel holding a cat; you can probably guess why by my user name, lol!

I am on the Question of the Day team with you; when I saw the Willow Tree angel in your profile pic, I had to stop by your page and get a closer look.


3/15/2014 11:27:46 AM

I have a number of Willow Tree pieces also. I really enjoy their quiet sophistication and simple beauty.

4/26/2013 5:29:23 PM

I have the same little angel, plus a few of her friends. I love Willow Tree!

1/3/2013 8:57:15 AM

It is a Willow Tree angel that I received as a gift - I have several from the collection, but this was the first and remains my favorite. It is titled "a tree, a prayer" - it is a reminder to me that living and growing go hand-in-hand. It is probably the most mobile piece of decor I own. It moves to where I need the inspiration most, it is currently sitting next to my computer screen in my office, but it has been all over my apartment and in several locations in the office.

1/2/2013 11:45:41 PM

Very lovely. Did you make this?