34 weeks pregnant!!!

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1/15/2013 11:07:18 PM

You look amazing. What a wonderful feeling it must be to know how well you've handled the pregnancy. Such a big deal, such a great success story. Thanks for sharing your story here. You give me so much hope!

11/29/2012 8:09:20 AM

I forgot the boobs. I've gone from a small B to a super large C in the last 8 months.
Thanks by the way. I just am happy I look pregnant instead of just really fat. Lol. Only thing is when ever I go out everyone I come in contact comments on my belly... : when are you due? What are you having? Ect ect... When I was fat everyone was too scared I think to comment because they feared maybe I was just really fat and if they asked when was I due I would yell at them "I'm not pregnant!!!"

Lol people are so funny

11/29/2012 7:28:43 AM

Jess you look great! I am going to be over the standard mark, as I'm already at 30 gained and have 7 weeks to go! But like you, it's in the butt & belly! Oh, and the other b, boobs! Yes, the butt helps us so we don't tip over!
You will do great with losing...we can do this together!!

11/29/2012 7:19:21 AM

not a very good picture but you get the idea. I think I have done pretty well as far as weight gain has gone. I am over the standard 30 - 35 lb mark but the only things on me that have really gained any weight is my stomach and my butt. I am assuming all the butt weight is to counter the weight in my stomach. lol. Im thinking that it will not be too hard to get back where I was before though.