My latest addition to my collection, a Singer treadle from 1891. I think this makes 71 machines.

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11/15/2012 9:17:15 AM

I've added a White Rotary in a Martha Washington cabinet and a Wheeler & Wilson D9 treadle since I posted this :) This one is from 1891, but I do have a Domestic treadle from 1873. It's my oldest currently. It's the one you see as the background on my spark page. I have modern machines too. I got a Viking Designer Ruby embroidery machine brand new in May. It's the first brand new machine I've ever bought. I also have a Bernina from the 1990s, a Babylock Quilter's Choice Pro mid-arm machine (still in the box, it was given to me by my mom who hated it) and a New Joy frame for that, a serger that I'm still trying to figure out, and a singer from about 1985. Singers aren't what they used to be. Once machines started being made from plastic they kinda started going downhill. All my vintage and antique machines are still kicking and I know 140 years from now there's no way these modern ones will still be functioning. I'll add some more photos of my other machines :)

11/15/2012 12:00:36 AM

Lovely Treadle! I have nto worked on oen of these sicne Iw as a kid! When Iw as older Iw as given one thatw as coverted to electric and loved it but when I took it to Canada, I was not able to bring it back. I practically gave it away! Would love to be able to own one again! This one looks like its in very good condition. Did I see a date 1871? Man I love it! I own an odler model of Singer but nto that old! Singers are still the best and I have quite a efw machiens.... Husqvarna, singer and a Singer newer nodel and a Embroidery ( Babylock) machine. But no antiques!