Comparison photos. The ones in the pink shirt are August 30. the white short are October 14, 2012

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1/1/2013 3:24:06 PM

Great work! Progress photos are so motivationg!

10/17/2012 11:56:30 PM

Go Girl! This is fantastic. It's a great way to celebrate and memorialize your efforts thus far. You've come a long way, baby. It only gets better from here...sexier and sexier ;)

I can totally see a big difference, btw!

10/14/2012 4:26:34 AM

I think it's harder to see the differences for ourselves, but that bottom one I can tell amazing differences in it, you are doing outstanding!! :D

10/14/2012 4:14:12 AM

I can't really tell too much of a difference but there is some. I am trying to upload an older picture that was before I lost any. It is taking forever tho.