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10/13/2012 12:00:38 PM

Fat images AreSuccess Images.

Image Two:
Still upset you only lost a pound. The question I ask myself is "Why did I eat it in the first place!" Try picturing anything processed, or anything you place in your mouth when you are not hungry, like a blob of yellow fat, even packaged in a wrapper topped with icing! Yum, right? Does that do the trick for you?

Image Three:
Try imagining the blob of fat clinging to the outside of you're stomach, thighs, or plushy tushy. They peek through your clothing setting up all your interactions with colleagues, future business partners and friends like an advance team for a politician as they wave and shake hands.

Image Four:
We are what we eat declares something entirely new. You are more than that. So eat what once grew, eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full. Start enjoying life like the person you are. The outside will follow what is within.

And you, my sparky, just wrote my next blog! Thanks!